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IGN UK Podcast #347: Strange Things From Sweden

The UK team take on Stranger Things series 2, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping and some very cosmopolitan games.

Game Scoop!: Another Crazy PS4 Neo Fan Theory

This week on IGN's video game talk show: PS4 Neo, really hard games, great JRPGs, and more.

Chattycast 106: Trippin' Fall

The outdoors is not as oppressively hot, footballs are not as motionless, Halloween decorations are out oddly early at grocery stores, and the skies darken before 9 PM. It must be almost autumn, the season of a rich video game bounty. This week, the Chattycast commences its annual fall video games preview. Show More Summary

Unlocked: Titanfall 2 Tech Test Impressions

We give our Titanfall 2 Tech Test impressions, wonder which single developers are most valuable to their studios, and more!

PlayStation Blogcast 221: Alone With Clements

A doomed space colony, a strange artificial intelligence, a lonely podcast host... it all leads to this! Enjoy the show!

A Chat With EA Chief Competition Officer Peter Moore

EA boss Peter Moore shares Dreamcast stories from his days as a Sega executive, Xbox stories from his time at Microsoft, and what he's up to at EA now.

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 576

Time for another podcast, boys and girls. Nicky Hill joins us this show and makes it a blast, as usual. Plenty of Nintendo news to talk about, lots of stupid jokes and a music trivia section I don't even want to talk about! Download the show here!

Chattycast 105: Real It In

Madden NFL 17 launches this week, serving as the unofficial christening of the fall video game season. As always, EA Sports promises this is the most realistic the series has ever been, as it continues to refine itself towards perfect verisimilitude. Show More Summary

What are some of the best console revisions of all-time?

Have you heard tell of this new PlayStation 4? It's slimmer and, uh, not as good looking. That's all according to the many many leaks that have hit the Internet this week. It won't be officially announced until September 7 -- two weeks from now. Sony would probably prefer if we didn't talk about the PS4 Slim but we're going to anyway. Show More Summary

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 575

I don't know what happened with today's show, but it ended up being quite a long one. I guess we had a lot to talk about! With all the new changes for My Parents Play, the craziness surrounding Metroid Prime: Federation Force reviews and all the regular news, we were kept super busy! Hopefully you find this jam-packed show extra entertaining! Download the show here!

PlayStation Blogcast 220: I Left my Drone in San Francisco

When I say we have a packed show, I mean we have a packed show! Today, we talk with the creative director of Watch Dogs 2 about how the upcoming open world improves on the original. Plus, let's hear the second part of Justin's detailed Titanfall 2 interview on the game's white-knuckle multiplayer modes. Show More Summary

What minigames are better than the games they're in?

We had a fabulous question this week that ended up comprising the bulk of our conversation in this, the slow season for games, and that is: which minigames actually surpass the game they're housed within, like an 8 ball hidden within a matryoshka. That's why Podtoid 352 is called Masterful Minigames. Show More Summary

Chattycast 104: Patchwork Guilt

In the last week or so, we've seen radically different approaches to patches. No Man's Sky shipped with a day-one patch still pending, leading to problems with coverage when media and players found early copies. Shortly after, Square...Show More Summary

Unlocked: Metal Gear Survive Breaks Our Hearts

This week, the crew talks about the lackluster Metal Gear Survive debut, Miranda's awesome Gears of War 4 visit, and a possible Mass Effect remaster.

Alright, let's talk about No Man's Sky

Well, shit. Everyone's talking about No Man's Sky. Every website has a million No Man's Sky articles up (including us, admittedly), all the social media sites are filled with interesting No Man's Sky pictures and videos -- so many people have No Man's Sky on the brain. Show More Summary

Chattycast 103: Sky Pirates

No Man's Sky launched this week, but not without a very strange weekend preceding it. With a dearth of official reviews, the Internet turned toward a community member who had obtained an early copy from a store that broke its street date agreement. Show More Summary

Let's get wet with the Abzu Podtoid

Last week, I reviewed Abzu and wasn't completely taken with it. However, much of the games press seems to have loved it, so Brett Makedonski, Steven Hansen, and I dedicated a small Podtoid to it. By listening, you can better understand...Show More Summary

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