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IGN UK Podcast #255: Masrani Madness

In this week's episode Daniel, Rich & Gav have a go at studios for releasing broken games & discuss getting jobs with Jurassic World's Masrani Global.

Podcast Unlocked Episode 171: Dreaming of Half-Life 3

Old friend and current Ubisoft community developer Dan Amrich sits in for the whole show and talks a bit about Rocksmith 2014, now for Xbox One.

Radio Destructoid 049: AssCreedBroHo

Radio Destructoid is our official community-focused podcast! Join Aaron "Mxy" Yost (Forums Admin), (US Community Manager), Beccy Caine (EU Community Manager), Kyle MacGregor (Contributor), and Mr Andy Dixon as they talk...Show More Summary

Massively Speaking Episode 322: WarStar

Call it the Week of Expansions. This past week we saw three major expansions release as well as huge news swirling around one of this year's newest MMOs. It's almost too much discussion to cram into a mere hour, but somehow Justin and Bree will make it fit. Show More Summary

Hardline 36: The land of broken games

This week on Hardline, Steven, Brett, and I spoke about Avalanche finally confirming Just Cause 3 after all those leaks, Brett's review of Assassin's Creed Rogue, and funny faceless and infinite-jump glitches in Assassin's Creed Unity...Show More Summary

Podcast Beyond: Our Uncharted 4 Desires

Greg, Colin, and Marty talk about their Uncharted 4 desires, and they answer viewer questions on the fly.

IGN Arena Episode 16: Our Most Memorable MOBA Moments

Ever ruin a match with one horrible move? So have we! Come share your stories with the IGN Arena crew.

Massively Speaking Episode 321: From Titan's ashes

When an MMO dies and a game is born out of its ashes, wouldn't the appropriate name for that game be Phoenix? On this week's podcast, Bree and Justin talk about BlizzCon's reveals, a really rough week for a recently released game, and...Show More Summary

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 482

Plenty to talk about this week! A Nintendo Direct came along and gave us some interesting tidbits to discuss. The GN warehouse also got its hands on Smash Bros. Wii U and some amiibo, so we share all we can on those. Watch the video of this show to get a sneak peek at these amiibo, as well as the Smash Bros. Wii U GameCube controller. Download the show here

Hardline 35: Majora's Mask 3DS, plural amiibo, and Paris smells like candy

[This episode of Hardline is sponsored by The Crew. We're giving away a silly amount of codes for this weekend's beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One right now. Claim yours here.] It's been a while since Brett, Steven, and I have beenShow More Summary

PlayStation Blogcast 142: Of Dragons and Density

Oh hi there, PlayStation people! Today, we hear from the executive producer of Dragon Age: Inquisition and learn about geometric density. Also, The Binding of Isaac, pasta sauce, and How Justin Almost Burned His Apartment Down. Yes, these are all real topics, and yes, you'll love them (we hope)!

Podcast Unlocked: Xbox One's Genius Price Cut

Discussing the Xbox One's big price drop, Destiny 2, Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One's crazy first-person mode, an Xbox One Slim, and...cheeseburgers.

Massively Speaking Episode 320: Bears vs. dragons

In one corner, we have an irritated bear with the face-ripping power of an industrial shredder. In the other corner, a mythological dragon that can belch at temperatures hotter than the sun. Once the bell rings, they will have it out in the MMO industry. Show More Summary

Podcast Beyond: PlayStation's Fall Stumble?

A listener Phil thinks PlayStation's screwing up this autumn; does the No. 1 PlayStation podcast agree?

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 481

I said there would be a new podcast member for this show...but it didn't happen. I sincerely apologize for that snafu. What we DO have is a show chock-full of Nintendo news! Plenty of financial data to scrutinize, which all amounts to Nintendo being back in the black. Show More Summary

Radio Dtoid 048: Nerd Herding

Radio Destructoid is our official community-focused podcast! Join Aaron "Mxy" Yost (Forums Admin), (US Community Manager), Beccy Caine (EU Community Manager), Kyle MacGregor (Contributor), and Mr Andy Dixon as they talk...Show More Summary

PlayStation Blogcast 141: Late to the Pickaxe

Y'all hear about this "Minecraft" the kids are talking about? That's right, we start mining years late and gush about it. And we cover updates on PlayStation Experience, the November Plus lineup, and more.

Hardline 34: Creepy games and crappy people

Happy (early) Halloween! For this week's Hardline, Bill, Brett, and I reminisced about unintentionally scary games that bothered us as kids while Steven was off on the other side of the world throwing bread down a hole. Hope you like your podcasts full of tangents. For the audio-only episode, you can subscribe on iTunes and RSS or download directly.

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