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PlayStation Blogcast 140: Extra Credit

A late-night podcasting session nearly ends in uproarious disaster for our plucky heroes! Or something, I'm tired. Anywho, on today's show we race through next week's new releases, share Nidhogg notes and trade barbs like old friends. Enjoy!

Massively Speaking Episode 318: Technoscrabble

You want the good news first or the bad news on this week's podcast? How about we sandwich the bad news in between some good news to make it easier to swallow? No matter how we present it, we are all going to have to work through the joys of content announcements, the sorrow of layoffs, and the technobabble of more Star Trek. Show More Summary

Podcast Beyond: Driveclub Can't Catch a Break

What's Driveclub's problem?! Greg, Colin, and Jared discuss on the Internet's No. 1 PlayStation podcast.

Massively Speaking Episode 317: Jiggery pokery

On this week's podcast, we've got all of the answers to the industry's most critical questions. Will WildStar's plans be enough to turn this title around? Will Final Fantasy XIV soon be infested with so many Ninja that they will blot...Show More Summary

Podcast Beyond's NYCC 2014 Show

Greg, Colin, and Marty went to the Big Apple to see everything New York Comic-Con had to offer and to answer listener questions.

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 478

I'm proud to say that we pulled off a good music section this time. We were in a bit of a rut, but things go much better this time. We also have a lot of fun talking about all sorts of games, both old and new. Have a listen and hopefully enjoy! Download the show here (thanks Jim!)

Hardline 32: Alien: Isolation finally gets it right

For this week's podcast, Bill and Brett spoke with me about the first few hours of Alien: Isolation and how its hulking Xenomorph is among the scariest videogame enemies ever conceived. Lot of Alien talk this episode, including an obligatory nod to Colonial Marines' crappiness. Show More Summary

PlayStation Blogcast 138: Ripley, Believe It or Not

Today on the blogcast: hands-on impressions with Resident Evil, Vib-Ribbon, Alien: Isolation, and a heated discussion about spoiler culture. Plus new releases, listener letters, and more. Enjoy!

Podcast Unlocked: Assassin's Creed Unity (of Resolutions)

Ubisoft stirs up the "p" debate again...but this time they won't get much sympathy from us. Plus: Halo 5, Kingdom Hearts 3, and more!

Podcast Beyond: Ryan's Alien Isolation

Ryan McCaffrey reviewed Alien: Isolation, and the Internet was totally level-headed about it. Or not.

Massively Speaking Episode 316: A life of consequence

MMO worlds talk big about change and consequence but rarely deliver. Is this all set to change? On this week's podcast, the crew tackles the LEGO Minifigures Online stealth launch, an unfortunate expansion delay, surprising sales from...Show More Summary

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 477

Another solo show for the podcast this week. A hectic schedule meant the show had to be shifted to a new time, and it also meant that I was the only one that could attend. I hope you don't mind listening to just me for about an hour. All I can tell you is, I had a fun time! Download the show here (thanks MoldyClay!)

Radio Destructoid 046: Seppukumon

Radio Destructoid is our official community-focused podcast! Join Aaron "Mxy" Yost (Forums Admin), (US Community Manager), Beccy Caine (EU Community Manager), Kyle MacGregor (Contributor), and Mr Andy Dixon as they talk...Show More Summary

PlayStation Blogcast Episode 137: Woah Talion!

How can we possibly hold ourselves over until DRIVECLUB launches next week?! How about an interview with the team behind Woah Dave! And Sid continues to rave about Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Enjoy the show.

Hardline 31: Smash Bros. hype, Driveclub expertise, and the surprising goodness of Mordor

At long last, Steven has returned from his grocery shopping and he brought Dale with him! This week's Hardline covers Super Smash Bros. 3DS, Shadow of Mordor, Driveclub, and visiting Japan. Lots of tangents, too. It's good to have a full cast again. For the audio-only episode, you can subscribe on iTunes and RSS or download directly.

Nintendo Voice Chat: The Metroid Episode

It's been four years since Nintendo has released a new Metroid game. Listen to us talk about why the series is so special.

Podcast Unlocked: The Destiny Story

Was Destiny's story altered? The world's #1 Xbox podcast discusses. Plus: love for Screamride and Thomas Was Alone, and we pour one out for Burnout.

Podcast Beyond: The Evil Within and the Return of Survival Horror

Could The Evil Within be a return to survival horror greatness? Colin thinks there's a shot, but Greg isn't sold.

Massively Speaking Episode 315: Signs of the apocalypse

MMOs coming back from the dead after 30 years? It's one of the sure signs of the end times! What's next, Richard Garriott returning to Ultima Online? Derek Smart stepping into a big pile of "oopsie?" A second Global Agenda? Preposterous! Get...Show More Summary

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