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Is Far Harbor Better Than Fallout 4?

Vault IGN is back and playing the new Fallout DLC. Is it even better than the main campaign?

Chattycast 94: There Are No Small Parts

We've talked about heroes. We've talked about villains. This week, we talk about everyone else! Without a big release to pick apart, and in an effort to temporarily distract Bryan from Overwatch Watch 2016, this week we tackle the topic of supporting casts. Show More Summary

PlayStation Blogcast Episode 210: Doom Generation

Today, there's just no time. With Ryan and Nick out of touch, artificial gravity on the fritz and oxygen supplies running perilously low, Justin and I drift helplessly towards a planetoid bearing a familiar sign. Stuff We Talked About Doom Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Dark Souls 3 Downwell Those new releases

IGN UK Podcast #332 - Review Scores, Judged

A new member joined the team. As is traditional, we had a long and semi-furious rant about the problems of review scores in the modern games industry as a result.

PlayStation Blogcast Episode 209: Thief’s Paradise

We understand that you're probably playing Uncharted 4 right now, but once you're finished we'd love for you to come back and listen to this week's PlayStation Blogcast. As always, we've got next week's new games lineup, but we've also got plenty to say about Nathan Drake's final adventure. Show More Summary

Chattycast 93: DOOM ED

Doom is due out this week, marking the first attempt at a franchise revival since Doom Resurrection. The franchise helped popularize the FPS genre, but this reboot appears to be taking some notes from its descendants. This week, the Chattycast takes a retrospective look at the Doom franchise, as well as a look forward to this new installment. Show More Summary

Unlocked 245: EA's Big 2017 Plans

Ryan's out, but the crew holds down the fort and chats about Battlefield 1, Battlefront 2, probably something with a 3, and Fable 4.

Beyond #443: Resident Evil 7 Hopes and Dreams

This week, the crew talk about Uncharted 4, Persona 5, Battlefield 1, Resident Evil 7, and probably several other things that end in a number.

Game Scoop!: Updates on All Those EA Star Wars Games

Welcome back to Game Scoop!, IGN's weekly video game talk show. This week we're discussing EA's Star Wars lineup and your 2016 Summer game and movie preview.

IGN UK Podcast #330 - Overwatch Is Accidentally Our New Obsession

To use the parlance of our times, Blizzard's shooter has emerged out of a jungle of MOBA-infused FPS games and ganked us right in the excitement buttons.

PlayStation Blogcast 208: A MOBA He Can’t Refuse

Welcome back, dear listener! We heard you like video games, so we put together an extra-special episode for you this week where we basically just count down how many more minutes we have to wait for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. We may...Show More Summary

Beyond #422: Uncharted 4 Hype is Off the Charts

This week, the crew talks about Naughty Dog’s epic finale, hype around the new Call of Duty, and a rumor we all want to be true.

IGN Unfiltered Episode 06: No Man's Sky's Sean Murray

No Man's Sky programmer and mastermind Sean Murray sits down for over an hour to discuss the game, his early days on Burnout 3, and much more!

IGN UK Podcast #329 - Is Game of Thrones Worth Going Back To?

Looper-face. Mr. Zurkon. Bill Murray vs. Daniel Radcliffe. Just some of the discussions that won't improve your life this week.

PlayStation Blogcast Episode 207: PlayStation Fore!

Fore! Today on the show we talk with No Goblin, the team behind 100ft Robot Golf! Plus, our continued commitment to Risk of Rain and a discussion on games that bring tears to our eyes. Enjoy the show!

Unlocked: Gears of War 4's Statue and Season Pass

Gears of War 4 unleashes a pricey season pass and an even pricier collector's edition. We evaluate the pluses and minuses of both. Plus: Mirror's Edge and more!

PlayStation Blogcast Episode 206: Risky Business

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a rather intimate discussion on Risk of Rain -- the challenging and ever so rewarding experience that now dominates Sid and Ryan's digital palate. Today the pair chat about the new releases, big news items, Ratchet & Clank, and hands-on impressions with Mafia III. Tune in, and enjoy!

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