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Game Scoop!: Is The Witness a Stealth Metroidvania?

This week on IGN's video game talk show: The Witness, Hearthstone, Far Cry Primal, and more.

Game Scoop!: Is The Witness a Stealth Metroidvania?

This week on IGN's video game talk show: The Witness, Hearthstone, Far Cry Primal, and more.

PlayStation Blogcast 195: Stranger in a Strange Land

On today's show, the crew retells their unusual encounters with strangers on PSN. Plus, what defines a "gaming masterpiece?" And what games in the past 10, 20, and 30 years could be given such a powerful title?

What Could Be Coming To Bethesda's E3 Conference?

The Vault crew talks about the uocoming Electronic Entertainment Expo, DLC, mods, and companions.

Xbox Exec Talks Xbox 2016 Lineup, Past Stories, and More

Longtime Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg sits down for over an hour to share Xbox stories, talk about Xbox's 2016 games, and more.

PlayStation Blogcast 194: Firewatch the Skies

On today's episode, we ever-so-briefly discuss our spoiler-free impressions of The Witness, Ryan talks to Ubisoft Montreal about Far Cry Primal (okay, we couldn't go a whole week without the Powerhouse), and top off the show with a meaty, 45-minute talk about Firewatch with the creative crew from Campo Santo. Show More Summary

Chattycast 80: Villain, Us

On Chattycast 64 we talked about how games can craft a compelling hero, and promised that eventually we'd flip the coin and chat about the badguys as well. Now in the dead of winter, the time has come! This week, the Chattycast takes a sinister turn. Show More Summary

Unlocked: Burnout Returns...As a Golf Game...Sort of...

Our Xbox crew discusses the new Burnout creators' new Crash mode-esque golf game, give a couple of new game recommendations, and more!

The Fallout 4 Spoilercast

At long last, Vault takes on The Commonwealth's endings, twists, big surprises, and much more.

Game Scoop!: The Best & Worst Console Codenames

From Katana to Windows Entertainment Project, we've cracked the codes to your favorite consoles.

Why Netflix is Going to Dominate 2016

With more Daredevil and Jessica Jones, plus a load of new shows coming this year, the IGN UK Podcast crew couldn't be more excited.

PlayStation Blogcast 193: Witness Protection Program

After many years of development, hard work, and passion, The Witness is out next week on PS4. The crew discusses this ambitious open-world puzzler -- a game that Nick has worked on since he started at PlayStation!

Chattycast 79: Let's Role-Play

If the end of the year belongs to big-budget spectacle, the beginning of it tends to be the place for smaller projects. As a result, the once massive RPG genre has been largely pushed into the first half of the year, and on top of that, mostly appears on handhelds. Show More Summary

Unlocked: Predicting Call of Duty's Next Setting

Infinity Ward's been staffing up, so our Xbox show discusses where they might take Call of Duty this year.

Making Your Own Story in Fallout 4

This week on Vault, we talk haiku, role playing, Nuka Cola, radiant quests, and more.

The Best of Bowie Onscreen

The UK podcast crew is excited about the Deadwood movie and a bunch of Japanese games, while the guys pay tribute to The Thin White Duke.

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