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Why Netflix is Going to Dominate 2016

With more Daredevil and Jessica Jones, plus a load of new shows coming this year, the IGN UK Podcast crew couldn't be more excited.

PlayStation Blogcast 193: Witness Protection Program

After many years of development, hard work, and passion, The Witness is out next week on PS4. The crew discusses this ambitious open-world puzzler -- a game that Nick has worked on since he started at PlayStation!

Chattycast 79: Let's Role-Play

If the end of the year belongs to big-budget spectacle, the beginning of it tends to be the place for smaller projects. As a result, the once massive RPG genre has been largely pushed into the first half of the year, and on top of that, mostly appears on handhelds. Show More Summary

Unlocked: Predicting Call of Duty's Next Setting

Infinity Ward's been staffing up, so our Xbox show discusses where they might take Call of Duty this year.

Making Your Own Story in Fallout 4

This week on Vault, we talk haiku, role playing, Nuka Cola, radiant quests, and more.

The Best of Bowie Onscreen

The UK podcast crew is excited about the Deadwood movie and a bunch of Japanese games, while the guys pay tribute to The Thin White Duke.

Game Scoop!: The Assassin's Creed Roller Coaster Continues

This week on IGN's video game talk show: AC backpedals again, and Homefront sets a date for the revolution.

Chattycast 78: State of the Virtual Union

The industry went into 2016 declaring it the year of virtual reality. But is that still the case? The widely surprised reaction to the Oculus Rift price announcement may mean it's destined to be the realm of enthusiasts for the timeShow More Summary

Unlocked: Congratulating our GOTY Winners

Our Xbox show discusses our Game of the Year votes, lament the end of an era with one of the key creators of Grand Theft Auto, and more!

Beyond: The Sleazy Side of VR

If you've ever wanted magic goggles that let you see very naughty things, 2016 will be a fun year for you.

Game Scoop!: The Big 2016 Gaming Preview

Mark your calendars -- it's time to take a look ahead at the big games to come in the next 12 months.

Chattycast 77: My New Year's Resolution is 1080p

A new year is upon us, and that means it's time to make those ill-fated New Year's Resolutions. But what about resolutions for the game industry? Maybe this is the year game companies should cut down on DLC (and keep it off!) or spend a little more time testing games. Show More Summary

Chattycast Game of the Year 2015 Special

We're preparing to say goodbye to the year that was 2015, but not before one more Chattycast! In this special extra-long edition, the staff gathers together to review the top ten (or is it eleven?) and talk about what made each entry so special to us. Listen up, and remember to sip a cup of kindness for auld lang syne. RSS | iTunes | Download this episode

Chattycast 76: You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid

The holidays are a magical time of year love and joy and being kind to your fellow man, and also you get presents. Let's talk about that last one. Many of us grew up playing video games, and we all have fond memories of excitedly opening that special game or piece of hardware like it's a Red Rider B.B. Show More Summary

Beyond: A Special Holiday Beyonza

Why Bully was rad, dinosaurs, why Altano is terrified of Australia, PaRappa VR, the most disappointing Christmas presents ever, and more on this special episode of Beyond.

Unlocked: All Our Nonsensical 2015 Outtakes

A year's worth of nonsensical, completely out-of-context outtakes, all packaged together in one garbage pile of an episode. Enjoy!

Game Scoop!: The 15 Worst Games of 2015

This week on IGN's video game talk show, we're discussing the year's biggest gaming disasters.

Chattycast 75: Indie Jones

We are awash with video games. Steam alone adds an average 55 new games per week, many of them smaller indie titles. No one could possibly be expected to keep up with such a glut of games, so what is there to do? How does one find the...Show More Summary

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