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Layers of Fear: Legacy - footage, file size, icon

Layers of Fear: Legacy | File Size & icon on #NintendoSwitch ???? First 40 Minutes ???? Inheritance DLC @GoNintendoTweet @japanese3ds @albertomillan96 @Ninten_mau5 @BlooberTeam #LayersofFear — ContraNetwork (@ContraNetwork_) February 20, 2018

Happy Hour: Rocket League Shenanigans

Welcome to Happy Hour, our brand new Twitch gaming talk show. The show usually airs on Mondays and can be viewed in a VOD after we go offline. This week, the gang chats about games and the latest news while playing Rocket League. Join the Shacknews TeamSpeak server if you'd like to get in on the action. Show More Summary

Total War: Rome 2's Desert Kingdoms expansion launches next month, brings four new factions

Creative Assembly has announced that Total War: Rome 2 will receive a Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack on March 8th, bringing with it four new playable factions. A free Female Leaders update will be made available to all players on the same day. Show More Summary

The Latest Humble Bundle Is A Cracker For RPG Fans

If you like getting a lot of good games for bugger all (and RPGs are your thing), you'll be very happy with the latest Humble Bundle. More »      

Comments of the Week 38: But the comment is a saddening bore

Hello my little Palicoes. It is I, FakePlasticTree, once again here to bring you our weekly feature. Is it just me or has gaming news been rather slow lately? It's hard to forget the first months of 2017, but a lot of those big releases back then were generally games that were delayed into said period. Show More Summary

PUBG: New PC Content Delayed to Deal With Cheaters, Next Map Coming in First Half of 2018

New content, including a development roadmap, has been delayed due to the team's work against cheating.

Harvest Moon Light of Hope Special Edition - cover art (small image)

Looking for a fresh start and some new surroundings, you set off on a voyage to begin your new life! Unfortunately, the weather has different plans, as your ship is hit by a storm, and goes down! You drift into a small harbor town, now in shambles from the storm, where a young doctor named Jeanne saves your life. Show More Summary

Southwest Airlines Partners With Nintendo To Launch Promotion With Super Mario Odyssey For Switch

DALLAS, Feb. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV) is celebrating upcoming adventures of spring and summer travel with a giveaway like no other. Now through 11:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on March 16, 2018, eligible...Show More Summary

Emulators for legacy games already up-and-running on Switch through homebrew

Here we go, the floodgates are starting to open. While there's no way to play Switch games outside of actually purchasing them, that hasn't stopped the Switch homebrew scene from running legacy games through emulators on the platform. I wonder if Nintendo is going to start firing back on this stuff.

AI learning to play Super Mario 64 grabs its first star

The future is now, my friends. The days of watching Twitch streamers play games for us is coming to an end. We'll all be watching a computer AI play games to perfection! Case in point, the test above, in which a computer AI is learning how to play Super Mario 64. Yes, this is a small step to an AI that can play the game from start to finish, but an important one nonetheless!

What Faction to Choose in Destiny 2 for February 20, 2018

Rarely is there an objective answer when you’re hoping to figure out what the best gun is in a game, or with whom you should choose to align yourself. Such is the case with Destiny 2 and each faction rally. It is nearly impossible to choose a best, since each Guardian that steps into the Tower does so for different reasons. Show More Summary

A tribute to the woefully underrepresented robot wizards of MMOs

MMOs are a wonderful medium for expression, especially as you create your own character. Customizing an avatar that represents yourself as a unique individual in a world of hundreds, thousands, millions of others invites us to explore...Show More Summary

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Ginger in a Pickle Guide

Following the main Kingdom Come: Deliverance mission titled The Hunt Begins, players will find themselves wrapped up in the amusingly titled quest known as Ginger in a Pickle. To successfully complete this quest, the hero must track down the stablehand named Ginger following an unfortunate and violent outbreak at the horse farm where he's employed. Show More Summary

Review: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

I've played a great deal of role-playing games in my time, whether they be Japanese or Western, from your various Final Fantasy titles to the vast and open world Elder Scrolls games, and all things in-between. As great as these games...Show More Summary

GTA Online’s newest car looks like a 280Z, players can earn double goodies on Smuggler’s Run Sell missions

The Karin 190z is now available at Legendary Motorsport in GTA Online, along with double the goods in Smuggler’s Run sell missions. GTA Online players were not only given the opportunity to day to purchase the Karin 190z, but if they are in the marlet for a new boat, some are on sale. Show More Summary

Kirby macaroon cushions releasing in Japan tomorrow

The Kirby macaroon cushions will be available as UFO catcher prizes tomorrow in Japan! — Team Pupupu Kirby Star Allies (@teamkirby92) February 20, 2018 Finally, something we've all been waiting for. Who hasn't...Show More Summary

Nintendo shares details on how the Switch news section was created

Nintendo decided today was the day to share some insight into how the Switch News section was created via post on their official Japanese website. Details from the feature can be found below. - the section was created by 4 to 5 people -...Show More Summary

More Pokemon-themed Mega Construx coming out this year

Journey into the Alola region with 6 buildable Pokémon figures from series 5! This Fall, choose your favorite Pokémon including Stufful, Bounsweet, Carvanha, Staryu, Charjabug, and an all-new Pikachu! #Pokemon #BuildBeyond #MegaConstrux...Show More Summary

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