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GoNintendo Video - Is March 3rd a soft launch for Switch?

The Switch is coming out March 3rd and we couldn't be more excited. With that said, some people are thinking this might be just the first step for a BIG Switch push come more towards the holiday season. Let's look at some Switch elements that might indicate this soft launch as a possibility. If you like what you see, we'd love to have you subscribe!

Splatoon 2 - details on weapon changes

Heavy Splatling - mounting angle of its distinctive barrel component and its parts configuration have changed, - basic weapon characteristics do not seem to have changed Slosher - change in the weapon’s handle and suspension parts

The Great Ace Attorney 2 - Development 35% complete, new gameplay details

- follows Ryunosuke Naruhodo in late 19th century Japan and London - he pursues the truth behind a mysterious case - Sherlock Holmes and other fascinating characters will also appear - will feature cases and mysteries not discussed in...Show More Summary

Megami Meguri - new promotional event detailed

Check out more screens here - will run until February 28th - get special costumes when visiting specific train stations with your IC Card, then scanning the card in-game - unique conversations with Tsukumo as well

Monster Hunter Stories - Puzzle & Dragons X DLC details, screens

More screens and art here - special tournament: PazuDora X Cup - if you manage to win, you will get some special Otomon eggs - eggs are for Kurenai Goukami, a special monster from Puzzle & Dragons X - Special Attack is called Inferno Blast - Kizuna Move is Goukami Impac - also get a special background for your Rider Card, as well as special titles

Cube Creator DX announced for 3DS

- coming from Arc System Works - sandbox title - three game modes

Swedish retailer says Switch preorders have surpassed those of PS4

The following comes from Webhallen Sverige, a Swedish electronics retailer. It is a Google translation. We're just inside in January but 2017 looks to be Nintendo's year. Already now we see that the Nintendo switch has more advancedShow More Summary

Pokemon Bank - Generation 1 transfer details

- Pokémon will likely have 3 max IVs - their nature will be random - there is a chance that the Pokémon will have their Hidden Ability - they will have a unique GameBoy mark - the National Pokédex will sync up with the games you useShow More Summary

Amazon UK - Switch Pro Controller dropped to £64.99

@GoNintendoTweet The same just happened for the (UK) Switch Pro Controller, it was listed at £99 before — Smash Highlights (@SmashHighlights) January 24, 2017 Thanks to Smash Highlights for the heads up!

Puyo Puyo Tetris - physical preorder bonus revealed

Get the best of both worlds with #PuyoPuyoTetris! Pre-order physically on the Nintendo Switch and receive these Puyo & Tetrimino keychains! — Puyo Puyo Official (@PuyoOfficial) January 23, 2017

Pokemon Shuffle - content update for Jan. 24th, 2017

- special stage for Totodile (Winking) that runs for a week until January 31st 2017 - stage for the Wailord has begun and will run until February 7th 2017 - returning Pokémon Safari with new Pokémon has begun - Safari has got Shellder,...Show More Summary

Ultra Street Fighter II - online details, more screens

More screens here ? Arcade Standby Feature In Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers‘s “Arcade Mode,” in which you battle CPU characters with the goal of reaching the ending, an “arcade standby” feature has been implemented. By...Show More Summary

We Play The First Hour of Resident Evil 7

The first hour of Resident Evil 7 finds you traversing what may be some familiar territory if you played the demos available or attended any of the RE7 VR events during the RV tour earlier this year. But there's also a whole smattering of decadently gory footage you probably haven't seen, either. Show More Summary

Resident Evil 7: How to Get Your First Gun

Resident Evil 7’s Baker Estate is a dangerous place, and you’ll want to get your hands on a gun as soon as possible. Firearms are a big part of RE7’s gameplay, but you’ll only stumble upon them every once in awhile. Usually, you’ll get a weapon after a puzzle, or when facing a new enemy, but your first gun in Resident Evil 7 is not hard to get. Show More Summary

Resident Evil 7 Boss Fight: How to Beat Mia

Ethan and Mia’s relationship is central to the plot of Resident Evil 7; unfortunately, it’s a dysfunctional one. The first boss fight in the game pits Ethan against his wife, and she’s quite a bit stronger than she looks. In this guide,...Show More Summary

Resident Evil 7 Boss Fight: How to Beat Jack Baker

Jack Baker is the first of the Baker family you’ll have to face in Resident Evil 7. Unlike the fight with Mia, fighting Jack is a challenging proposition, and you’ll have to stay on your toes to keep from dying. You’ll be forced into a fight with Jack Baker three times during the game. Show More Summary

Microsoft's VR Plan May Hit GDC

One of the first major game conferences in a typical year is the Game Developers Conference (GDC) event, running February 27 to March 3 at San Francisco's Moscone Center. This isn't always as exciting as E3 tends to be, but it can still deliver insight. Show More Summary

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