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Expect “some good news” on Final Fantasy 15 during gamescom in August

Final Fantasy 15 players can look forward to some announcements pertaining to the game in August, says Square. According to information out of the latest Active Time Report posted by Games Talk, “good news” regarding Final Fantasy 15 will be provided at gamescom 2017 by Square Enix. In the livestream (thanks, Gematsu), Square Enix marketing […]

Pokemon Sun and Moon’s latest distribution code hands you five Mega Stones

A new distribution event has started for Pokemon Sun and Moon players which hands out five Mega Stones. All you have to do to grab the stones for Pokemon Sun and Moon is enter the code MATSUBUSA. The stones will all the player to evolve the following Pokemon into their Mega form: Banettite, Blaziken, Cameruptite, […]

Paradox to roll back price increases on current titles, but is unable to for games included in the Steam Summer Sale

After quite a bit of push back, Paradox Interactive has rolled back price increases which went into effect starting in May. The price increases kicked off in various parts of Europe, while pricing for some regions wasn’t severe, residents in Russia and Western Europe, for example, were hit rather hard. Paradox was accused of gouging […]

Hitman Season 1’s penultimate Elusive Target takes you to Hokkaido

The first season of live service for Hitman is nearly at an end. Hitman developer IO Interactive has announced the next Elusive Target for this season of the game. This is the 25th target, leaving only one to go. Called the Fugitive, this one will be in the Hokkaido map starting today. The target should […]

The Biggest Missing Games from E3 2017

Some of these games have been at E3 in the past, so why are they being so shy now?

Sony is losing its grip on the indie market

Here we go again. In 2011, Microsoft was the indie king. The industry was just blossoming thanks to services like Steam and Xbox Live Arcade, which introduced independent games to huge, hungry audiences. Indie Game: The Movie was about to debut, giving fans a deep, behind-the-scenes look at the perils and triumphs of small-scale development. Show More Summary

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Release Date

The Beyond Good and Evil 2 release date has been hinted at by Ubisoft Spain on PC, PS4, Xbox One & Switch as Fall 2019, development delays notwithstanding. What follows below is an overview of the sources that best indicate the Beyond Good and Evil 2 launch time… Beyond Good and Evil 2 Release Date...

The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to the weekend. We have Galaxy Note 8 rumors, and information about an Amazon beehive -- we'll explain.

Nintendo New 2DS XL review

Six years since the 3DS first launched, Nintendo's New 2DS XL lets the handheld go out on a high. Forget the standard 2DS - a heavily stripped back version of the console released at a budget price - the 2DS XL is a very different beast. Show More Summary

LINE app gets set of pixel Sonic stickers/sounds

With Sonic Mania on the way out, SEGA wants to make sure they promote old-school Sonic as much as possible. That includes a new set of 24 Sonic pixel stickers for the LINE mobile app. These stickers event include old-school sound effects to go with them!

Nintendo's demo booth at the Kansai International Airport - more pics

We've already given you a look at this special booth, but you can check out another photo gallery right here.

Monster Hunter Stories - EU box lacks amiibo branding

When we shared the Monster Hunter Stories North American box with you, we noted that the amiibo logo was in place. That not only indicated amiibo support, but it gave fans hope that Capcom's line of gorgeous Monster Hunter Stories amiibo...Show More Summary

Japan - More details on ARMS' first week of sales

- sold roughly 100,000 copies in its first three days on the Japanese market - this is roughtly 70 percent of its initial shipment - 10.5 percent of the Switch userbase bought ARMS

UK - Top 20 best-selling titles for May 2017

Definitely a good showing for Nintendo titles. They're hanging on the charts for a good amount of time, especially Breath of the Wild. Let's see if it can stick around for all of June!

Jelly Deals roundup: Steam Summer Sale, Xbox Live Gold, free Overwatch loot boxes, and more

A note from the editor: Jelly Deals is a deals site launched by our parent company, Gamer Network, with a mission to find the best bargains out there. Look out for the Jelly Deals roundup of reduced-price games and kit every Saturday...Show More Summary

ARMS - Famitsu print advert

This is actually the fourth print advert Famitsu has had for ARMS. Have we seen any other print ads for magazines here in the states?

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