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How Shitty Is Each Of These Destiny Moves?

Anonymous Destiny teammates come and go. They’re here for a game or two, gone forever afterward. Some of them are cool, valued companions. Some are total assholes. Read more...

The First Five Diablo-riffic Minutes Of Victor Vran

As an isometric fantasy action role-playing game, Victor Vran does a lot of the same things Diablo does. It also does several things Diablo doesn’t, which is what makes it awesome. Read more...

Six Healthy Snacks You Can Eat While Gaming

Pizza rolls, potato chips, and Hot Pockets washed down with Mountain Dew may silence that grumbling stomach, but these foods probably don’t do you any favors for your waistline (or your brain, for that matter). Instead, trade in the typical gamer grub with these healthier-but-still-delicious snack swaps. Read more...

Street Fighter 5 beta down for good

Street Fighter 5 is going back in the oven until it can produce a fully-baked beta test. A Street Fighter 5 beta test kicked off late last week, and almost immediately fell right over. After a troubled few days of servers going up and down fast enough to make us seasick, Capcom has elected to […]

Super Mario Maker Is A Combination Of Nostalgia And State-Sanctioned Insanity

Super Mario Maker is a potent combination. Imagine a world where your need for nostalgia — your need to ignore the pains of adulthood — is indulged. And not just indulged, but augmented with a sense of insanity. Fueled by the chaos of...Show More Summary

Review: Niko: Through The Dream

First-person puzzle adventure gaming was reinvigorated with the release of Portal, and the genre has since become one of my favorites. The surreal Antichamber showed us how to think outside the box. The Unfinished Swan taught us not to fear the unknown. Show More Summary

GameSpot's top 5 reasons to return to Star Wars: The Old Republic

October's Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion gets our sister site GameSpot wondering if it's time to go back to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Fallout 4's Boston location was decided before Skyrim launched

Bethesda's head of marketing told GameSpot that Fallout 4's Boston setting was set many years ago.

GTA 5: How to earn double GTA$ and RP this week

Earn extra bonuses this week by completing GTA Online's "Series A Funding" Heist or participating in various activities.

Witcher 3's final free DLC is New Game Plus

It's not coming this week, but CD Projekt Red starts to tease the RPG's New Game Plus with cryptic image.

Your Destiny character will stay with you for 10 years

No need to make a new character for upcoming expansions or sequels, Bungie confirms.

While You Were Sleeping

The Witcher 3 Is Getting A New Game Plus Mode I need to finish the game first… In Brazil, Sega Won The Video Game Console Wars Of The 1990s. It was pretty close here in Australia too. Yet Another Japan TV English Fail Japan gonna Japan. Stack The Pikachus. Show More Summary

Why Halo 5 has no split-screen at all

343 explains the difficult decision to drop split-screen, saying it might have "compromised" the game.

The Fallout 4 Special Edition Was Way Too Popular And Now That's A Problem

If you didn't nab one of the special editions of Fallout 4 during its very small release window, then you may well be finding yourself without one of your very own. Click To Continue Reading

Five Nights At Freddy's 4 Arrives, Already

Remember that first time you played, or just watched, Five Nights at Freddy's, and Chica or Bonnie--probably not Freddy at first--jumped out of nowhere and waggled their collective anatomy in your face? Remember jumping in your seat?...Show More Summary

Capcom is sorry about the Street Fighter V beta

The first Street Fighter V beta didn't go over so well. Despite Capcom's best efforts, error messages were a frequent sight among participants. Players struggled to get into matches all weekend. "After three days of testing, while we...Show More Summary

My Five Favorite Kotaku Stories From Last Week

It’s supposed to be the slow season now, but last week was crazy. We got some really good stories on the site, thank goodness. Here are my top five... Read more...

New Doom Combines Old And New, With Mixed Results

I played a couple matches of the new Doom over the weekend at QuakeCon. I come to you bearing Thoughts. Read more...

Dota 2: Watch The International 5 on IGN

TI5's Main Event begins on August 3, but you can watch every match on IGN starting now.

Find Out How You'll 'Terminate' The Opposition in WWE 2K16

After the startling news broke that WWE was removing Hulk Hogan from WWE 2K16 it seemed fitting that they at least replace the Hulkster with someone as equally iconic. Well, they are. WWE has announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be in the game as pre-order DLC.Click To Continue Reading

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