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The schoolboy who ran up a £3,000 bill through Google Play

Penny Wrinch handed her debit card details to her ‘technically savvy’ son Nick, but an error left her with financial difficulties Continue reading...

Til Morning's Light, Skullgirls, and Sailor Moon actresses stream tonight

[Til Morning's Light is a new horror adventure title from WayForward and Amazon Game Studios, bringing together talent from titles such as Aliens: Infestation, Skullgirls, and... Sailor Moon? We've got a variety of exclusive articles and interviews about the game coming this week, so stay tuned. Show More Summary

RPG Deals: Witcher 3 and Shadow of Mordor up to 60% off

Need some RPG love this Memorial Day Weekend? On PC, both Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have some impressive discounts at GMG this weekend. In the case of Mordor, the game is instantly 50% off, dropping from $50 to only $24.99. Show More Summary

Splatoon features Nintendo's best use of amiibo yet

Day one DLC is a tricky thing. If it's too good, people will howl that it should have been in the stand alone game at launch. If it sucks, then you can bet your sweet bippy that dogs will hunt. All of that goes triple for anything amiibo related. Show More Summary

Neon Struct Is The Stealth Game I've Been Waiting For

Should I care about Neon Struct? Absolutely. What it lacks in complexity, it makes up for with pure stealthy satisfaction. It’s the original Deus Ex meets the original Thief. I’ve been wanting to play another stealth game like this for years. Read more...

Persona 4: Dancing All Night cross-dressing DLC trailer

Sad that this has to be DLC -- Marilyn Monroe Kanji for all -- but better than nothing. Maybe for us it will be all packed in. Also, Seaweed Kanji tease at the end.

The Witcher 3: Oculus Porn feat. Pac-Man, Bowser, ZeRo and Newt Gingrich! Newstoid #1

The moment you've all been waiting for that has been months in the making, Newstoid is finally officially here! We have all the hot scoops, hot hosts, and side-splitting laughter you could ask for. Not to mention the hot beats from community...Show More Summary

Destiny's New Secret Area Is Very Exclusive

Destiny’s new mode, Trials of Osiris, went live today. With it comes a new social hub that only the best of the best can visit. Read more...

Shack Reels: Top 10 Robots in Video Games

The robot revolution has begun, and Greg sorts through the scrap to find the top 10 video game robots with the best artificial personalities.

Crossy Road developer working on Pac-Man 256

In its ongoing celebration of Pac-Man's 35th anniversary, Bandai Namco has said that Pac-Man will show up in unexpected places. The first concrete piece of information about where the hungry yellow pie chart was that he would be found on mobile devices. Show More Summary

UFC Stars Hate How Much They're Spending On Clash of Clans

We can hone our bodies and minds until they’re razor sharp—perfect tools of fistic destruction—but in the end we all fall to the same foe: mobile game microtransactions. Read more...

Bloodborne patch 1.04 set to release Monday

Almost a month after its last update, From Software is releasing patch 1.04 for the action RPG, Bloodborne. From Software’s game producer, Masaaki Yamagiwa said the new patch will be coming Monday, May 25, but he did not reveal any details...Show More Summary

Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 supports PS3 fight sticks

If you thought that the announcement of Street Fighter V meant that, finally, Capcom couldn't squeeze out another Street Fighter IV release, you were wrong. Ultra Street Fighter IV is coming to PS4 May 26 packed in with all the DLC the 7 year old game and its re-releases has seen. Show More Summary

Little Devil Inside mixes Wind Waker with Bloodborne and Mad Max

Little Devil Inside, a stylish action-adventure game that merges Wind Waker's cartoony character design with Bloodborne's steampunk setting, has achieved its Kickstarter goal. Currently tallied at $201,059, Little Devil Inside is described...Show More Summary

Destiny: Our Initial Thoughts on House of Wolves

Destin Legarie, Jose Otero and Fran Mirabella are back and discussing their thoughts on all the new House of Wolves content in Destiny.

Six months later, Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign comes to Europe

Things are going your way right now, Europe. That whole Eurovision thing is going on and you're finally getting Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign, which Chris totally loved when it came out in the US back in December. Plus, you have adequate social safety nets, healthcare, various forms of paid and parental time off, your money is a cool color. Show More Summary

Bloodborne patch 1.04 set to release Monday May 25

Almost a month after their last update, From Software is releasing patch 1.04 for the action RPG, Bloodborne. The last patch addressed the long load times that our review said took away from being fully immersed in the game. From Software’s...Show More Summary

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