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Despite a Delay, October 27 Remains the Year's Craziest Day in Pop Culture

While one film is now releasing next year, October 27 is still packed with some of the year's biggest releases.

How to Increase Your Power Level in Fortnite

Your power level in Fortnite, Epic Games' new survival-combat game, represents the level of your account. Raising your power level must be done a certain way, and symbolizes your status in the game. Our guide will help you understand...Show More Summary

Destiny 2 Group Founders can now start prepping for migration by converting over to the new Clan structure

If the Group you founded in Destiny wants to become a Clan in Destiny 2, now’s the time to decide. Bungie said today it’s time for Founding members of Groups to “rally the troops” and begin planning the migration to a Clan in Destiny 2. The Founder of each Group will need to convert over […]

Chicken Wiggle - Level 2-5 footage, release date info soon

Getting close to having a release date for Chicken Wiggle on 3DS! EXCITE! Here's a snippet of level 2-5, featuring some nifty teamwork. ???? — Jools Watsham (@JoolsWatsham) July 26, 2017 I need this game, and I need it now. I just want to get in on my chicken and worm platforming. Don't make me wait any longer, Atooi!

Nintendo Switch Has Sold 4.7 Million Units; Supply Remains Constrained

Since the Nintendo Switch launched on March 3, 2017, it has been a difficult system to find on store shelves and there has been speculation about how that shortage would impact the hardware’s chances of reaching consumers in meaningful numbers. Show More Summary

Watch how Need for Speed Payback will let you turn a clunker into a supercar

Need for Speed Payback is focusing pretty heavily on letting you customize your ride, from the hubcaps to the transmission and everything between

(Update) Once the portable versions are delivered, the Mighty No. 9 saga can come to a close

[Update: A representative for Fangamer has responded on the oversized manual situation: " The English manuals fit the NES-style boxes correctly. Unfortunately, the Japanese manuals were printed at the same size as the English manuals, which don’t fit the Famicom-style boxes. Show More Summary

Walmart just canceled all the SNES Classic pre-orders

Last Friday, a lot of people felt a rush of relief when they locked down an SNES Classic pre-order through Walmart's website. Now they're feeling a pang of panic. Walmart just canceled all those pre-orders. In an email to everyone who ordered an SNES Classic, Walmart explained that the page went live on accident. Show More Summary

The Sims 4 Confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One

The console versions come with the base game plus most of the DLC released for the PC version.

Australia - McDonald's giving out Pokemon Sun/Moon toys in Happy Meals

Not exactly the most timely release, but that's okay. I'm sure there are plenty of fans who would like to grab some of these toys! They're available for our Aussie friends who hit up a McDonald's and grab a Happy Meal.

Seems Walmart is officially cancelling all SNES Classic Edition preorders

This is some bad, bad news. Looks like Walmart made a very big mistake, and they are going to have quite a few angry customers on their hands. If you managed to place a preorder, keep an eye on your email! Thanks to FangztheWolf for the heads up!

Dimension Drive coming to Switch

Indie Dungeon, The Netherlands – July 26th 2017 – 2Awesome Studio is proud to announce the launch of Dimension Drive on Nintendo Switch™ and Steam® this fall. Dimension Drive development has been a long journey that has brought us aShow More Summary

GungHo on their upcoming original Switch game, chances of Puzzle & Dragons/Let It Die on Switch

A portion of an NWR interview with head of GungHo, Kazuki Morishita... NWR: We’ve heard that you may have a game in development for Switch. Can you please tell us a little bit about it? Kazuki Morishita: So there isn’t anything we can officially say at the moment for a lot of it, but there are a few things moving forward in regards for Switch. Show More Summary

These hand-drawn Pokemon card recreations are so weird, yet so right

You ever get nostalgic for the good old days of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, but are unable to play because you've long since parted ways with your old collection? That happened to Dutch game maker Tijmen Tio and friends recently, but they didn't let the thought go with a wistful sigh and nothing more

Comparing Hyperkin's Hyper Click SNES mouse to the original Mario Paint mouse

Chances are, your hands have grown since you first played Mario Paint. If you're still feeling the need to play Mario Paint, you might find that your original mouse is a bit tiny, and a bit out-of-whack. That's why Hyperkin has come in to release the Hyper Click mouse for SNES. If you want some hands-on impressions, check out this feature right here.

The Nubians are coming to Civilization VI

It has been almost half a year since the last DLC pack for Civilization VI was released, but the wait is finally over. The Nubian kingdom of Kush will be coming to the game with Amanitore leading the cause. She's here to walk like an...Show More Summary

Getting Started in Fortnite: A Beginner's Guide

Finding success in Epic Games' Fortnite requires you to master a number of skills: forage for supplies, check off mission objectives, aid in the construction of your base, and fend off waves of enemy husks that exist just to slow your progress. Show More Summary

Archangel PSVR Review: Me And My Mech

Growing up on a healthy diet of sci-fi and anime, it's no surprise that one of my lifelong dreams is to one day pilot a mech. Since I don't see any governments starting a proper Jaeger program anytime soon, I realize that video games are likely the only place where this fantasy can become a...

Mighty No. 9 Has Found A New Way To Screw Up

Despite the fact that the infamous Mighty No. 9 came out over a year ago, fans are only just now receiving the physical goodies that were part of higher tier crowdfunding options. On top of being super late to the party, it looks like those physical items also have a major issue that's...

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