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GameSpot's The Lobby - Titanfall 2: Does it need a campaign? video - CNET

The original Titanfall sold pretty well without including a single-player campaign, which makes us ask: Does the sequel need more than multiplayer?

Valve's VR technology now works with the Unity game engine

For many gaming platforms, the litmus test these days is whether or not they get official support in Unity's game engine -- land that and many developers (and by extension, gamers) are likely to give them a closer look. Valve just got a big credibility boost, then, as Unity is introducing native SteamVR support. Show More Summary

Sonic the Hedgehog movie still in the works

Sammy Corporation founder and SEGA boss Hajime Satomi says to expect a Sonic the Hedgehog film to be released in theaters during 2018. As previously reported, a CGI-live action Sonic film was announced back in 2014, but it’s unknown at present whether this is the same film or not. Satomi wouldn’t elaborate further in the […]

The meaning of The Witness (Part 2 of 3)

Assuming you're all caught up with Part 1, Part 2 of this analysis brings up how the way we discuss and perceive The Witness has been warped by its hype, and the media portrayal of both it and the primary game designer, Jonathan Blow. I'm...Show More Summary

The Walking Dead: Michonne Launch Date Announced By Telltale Games, Get The Details

Telltale Games has finally announced a release date for The Walking Dead: Michonne utilizing the ancient art of ?teaser trailer.? We get a brief look at the upcoming adventure game in action and, yep, even a release date.Click To Continue Reading

The Flame in the Flood Gets a Release Date

The Southern survival sim from ex-BioShock devs is coming soon to PC and Xbox One.

Unity and Unreal will support development within virtual reality

Both Unity and Unreal have been used to create virtual reality games, but today, both have officially moved closer into the VR space as the companies will now make it possible for developers to create content within virtual reality. The...Show More Summary

Descent creators launch Kickstarter for spiritual successor Overload

Descent's original creators at Revival Productions have launched a Kickstarter for a spiritual successor to their six-degrees-of-freedom shooter called Overload. But isn't Descent already getting a reboot, you ask? Well, it is, but that's by a different group of developers who acquired the series' rights, but didn't actually create the franchise. Show More Summary

Shooter classic 'Descent' gets a second crowdfunded revival

Apparently, there are a lot of gamers (and game developers) who are still fond of Descent's mind-breaking, 6-degrees-of-freedom shooting action. Just months after the success of Descent: Underground, the aptly-named Revival Productions is crowdfunding its own take on the formula, Overload. Show More Summary

Don't even bother booting up Destiny for the Crimson Days event

When Bungie announced the Crimson Days event for Destiny, my heart sunk a bit. I mean the notion is nice, but really, we all know that the Tower makeover is basically just an excuse to sell more microtransactions. "But you can get the Drake Dance" now. Should I just...uninstall it now, or? Read more...

Here's All The Docket Codes For Dying Light: The Following

Whether you're playing standard Dying Light or this week's The Following DLC, chances are you wouldn't turn down a hefty pile of new weapons to use on the undead masses. Luckily for you, the reddit community has pulled together a huge list of codes that will give you a bunch of standard, premium and community weapons to take for a spin. Click To Continue Reading

Destiny’s Newest Farming Trick: Valentine’s Day Suicide

This week, everyone gets to celebrate Valentine’s Day festivities in Destiny, the video game version of the myth of Icarus. Read more...

Here's What's Changing For The Division's Second Beta

Patch notes for Ubisoft’s open beta for the company’s early-March shooter The Division have some good news for those who tried the game’s recent closed beta and saw some flaws in its promising quasi-player-vs-player Dark Zone section. Read more...

Kyodai reveals Project Elea

Kyodai has unveiled Project Elea, an Unreal Egnine 4-powered interactive storytelling adventure game. Inspired by scifi classics, the title follows Elea Catherine Jones, alone on the Pilgrimage II station with other passangers evacuated and the A.I host offline. Targeted for PC with an Oculus Rift compatibility. More details, screens and teaser trailer after the jump.

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution video sees red with Rage Attacks

When discussing the upcoming update slated to hit Tekken 7: Fated Retribution's arcade edition in Japan last week, Bandai Namco went into detail on some changes from previous games. That included some refinements to the Rage system. So with characters able to build Rage faster, that means more of a chance to unleash those powerful Rage Arts attacks. Show More Summary

More Time Periods We Want to Play Far Cry In

This week on IGN's video game talk show: Far Cry Primal, Titanfall 2, Oculus Rift, and more!

SteamVR will offer native support for Unity

Valve CEO Gabe Newell announced via a pre-recorded video at Vision Summit 2016 Unity will gain native support for SteamVR, thus allowing developers to signficnatly expand what they’re capable of. “Valve and Unity are both dedicated to creating the highest quality VR experiences possible,” said John Riccitiello, CEO Unity Technologies. Show More Summary

Don't use Hearthstone hacks if you value your privacy and Bitcoin [Update]

Update: In a statement submitted to Shacknews, Symantec clarified that it unintentionally displayed Hearthbuddy as a malicious add-on. The company only intended to display its image as an example, but says the software isn't inherently malicious. Show More Summary

"Nuclear family" management game Sheltered confirmed for PS4

Post-apocalyptic family management game Sheltered is coming to PS4, developer Unicube Studios has announced. The grim survival game lets players customise a family - you choose their sex, appearance and names - then make tough decisions about whose well-being you want to risk, and for what. Show More Summary

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