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No Trace looks like slick low-poly stealth action

I will always have an extra-soft spot for quality pixel art, but we could surely use more low-poly independent games, especially ones that bring something like Hitman to mind. This is No Trace, an upcoming top-down stealth-action game...Show More Summary

What Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 And 2 Will Look Like On Next-Gen Systems

The spiffy new versions of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games are available this week, allowing players to battle with a dream team of superheroes and villains across a pair of beloved games that are, at this point, about a decade old. Before you dive in, though, why not check out the...

'Second Life' removes support for Oculus Rift

When Second Life patched in support for the Oculus Rift, Linden Lab was cautious to pitch its online world as a haven for virtual reality. "We're trying not to make too big of a deal out of it," Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg said in 2014. Show More Summary

What were some of the most underrated games of the last generation?

Against our better judgment, the Podtoid crew can sometimes be capable of talking about video games. Sometimes. It's kind of hard to talk about current games right now because of this dang summer drought that we're stuck in. So, we decided...Show More Summary

Woman Cosplays To Work To Beat Stupid Dress Code

Cosplayer June Rivas was told by her boss that her work attire was “unprofessional”. Good thing she had a fix for that. Read more...

The Binding of Isaac dev teases new game

The Binding of Isaac creative lead Edmund McMillen has teased a new project that he's working on with Closure programmer Tyler Glaiel. Revealed on the Binding of Isaac blog, this upcoming project looks like a platforming shooter set inside a giant rotating cylinder. Show More Summary

Every game is better with God Hand in it

God Hand. You've played it right? Otherwise known as Clover's (RIP) best game (which is hard to do when you made Viewtiful Joe and Okami), it's pretty much the quintessential brawler. It had it all -- customization, a deep combat system...Show More Summary

Apple Reports Another Decline in iPhone Sales, Stock Rallies Anyway

Peak Apple? Probably not yet. The Apple Inc. third quarter earnings release reported another year over year decline in earnings and revenues after the closing bell today. The company posted quarterly revenue of $42.4 billion and quarterly net income of $7.8 billion, or $1.42 per diluted share. Show More Summary

Tim Cook praises Pokemon Go and reaffirms that Apple will 'continue to invest' in AR

During his rundown of Apple's Q3 earnings in today's conference call, CEO Tim Cook praised Pokemon Go and reaffirmed the company's investment in the burgeoning AR space. Cook, who adorably mispronounced the game as "Pokey-man," referred...Show More Summary

Watch Doom merged with God Hand in glorious mod video

Modder Edy Pagaza is working on a Doom mod that merges it with Capcom's 2006 PS2 classic beat-'em-up God Hand. While not yet available to download, Pagaza released a video showing a character (based on an early model of Dante apparently) blazing through a Doom level pummeling demons with their fists and feet like Gene in God Hand. Show More Summary

While You Were Sleeping

Report: Nintendo NX Is A Portable Console With Detachable Controllers I really love this idea. The Newest One Piece Film Is Huge In Japan I was never really able to get into One Piece for some reason. Get Pokemon GO Alerts On Your Phone...Show More Summary

A Very Good Pokémon Go Story

I have heard some good Pokémon Go stories over the past few weeks, but in terms of truly tapping into the spirit of times we are living through, I like this one the best. Read more...

The Nintendo NX Will Use Cartridges, According To A Report

A recent report makes it sound like many of the rumors circulating around Nintendo's next console, known as the NX, might actually be accurate. Here's a surprise, though: It sounds like the device will go back to the cartridge forma...

Vince, Steph, and Shane McMahon are all playable in WWE 2K17

The net value of WWE 2K17's roster just increased by a lot. WWE owner Vince McMahon and his two children, Shane and Stephanie, have all been added to the game as playable characters. Shane's entrance music puts it best: Here comes the money. Steph first broke the news via Twitter, and IGN followed up as part of an on-going exclusive reveal series. Show More Summary

How To Get Alerted When Pokemon Are Nearby In Pokemon Go

One of the biggest complaints about _Pokemon Go _(other than the servers not always being up) is that you always have to keep the phone up and out in order to receive alerts. Well, a new app could definitely help with that problem... but there's one major catch.

Nice meme, Blizzard.

Nice meme, Blizzard. This is the newly updated World of Warcraft site’s server error page (via Musely). It might look familiar if you’ve literally ever used the Internet before. Read more...

Overwatch Update Buffs Ana, Nerfs McCree

Fans: “BUFF ANA! NERF MCCREE (AGAIN)!” Blizzard: “OK.” McCree: “Does this mean it is no longer high noon?” Read more...

Microsoft is doing Madden and Halo bundles for Xbox One S

With the slimmed-down Xbox One S debuting soon, Microsoft has announced some bundles. The first is a Madden NFL 17 bundle, which comes with a 1TB Xbox One S, a digital copy of the game, seven Madden Ultimate Team Pro Packs, and a month of EA Access for $349 USD and $449 CAD. Show More Summary

Destiny's Last Xbox 360 And PS3 Patch Deploys Today

Bungie's final scheduled update for legacy consoles roles out in preparation for Rise of Iron.

No, Sega Doesn't Have Its Own Mini-Genesis

Despite reports circulating to the contrary, the Nintendo/Sega console rivalry isn’t flaring back up in miniature form. Nintendo’s upcoming mini-NES is a brand new device. AtGames’ Sega-branded mini-Mega Drive is a shoddy emulation box that’s been around for years. Read more...

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