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Nintendo merch returning to Tesco stores

As we reported years ago, Nintendo's space allocation at Tesco retailers had all but disappeared. It seemed that the Big N moved out of Tesco and it's been that way for awhile. Now we see that the reverse is happening, as spotted in the picture above. Show More Summary

Analyst calls Wii U a 'car crash', says Switch needs strong launch lineup to succeed

Coming from Paul Jackson of the Ovum consultancy... "The Wii U was a car crash, basically. They fudged the communication and confused everybody with the controller and what the screen was for. As a result it sold about a tenth of what the original Wii sold." While I may not have used the colorful language that Mr. Show More Summary

Mass Effect: Andromeda producer says the game isn't coming to Switch

@Flickamatuta @MarieBrisebois @AarynFlynn PC, PS4, Neo, X1 — Michael Gamble (@GambleMike) October 20, 2016 Here's one case where I can't really blame the devs. They didn't know about Switch specs early enough to warrant creation of a version for that platform. Now a release later in the system's life would certainly be nice, but it doesn't sound like it's on the cards.

Hex Heroes devs considering bringing the game to Switch

We’ve had this update ready to discuss Hex Heroes’ place on the NX (Now the Switch) for a while now, and while we will be guaranteeing Hex Heroes on Wii U, it’s fun to speculate about the future. It’s also one of the questions we get the most, so let’s dive in! First off, Unity support is promised, which is critical. Show More Summary

Mario Party: Star Rush - pre-load live

If you're eager to get in on the Mario Party: Star Rush action, you can hop on the 3DS eShop and preload the game now. Remember, this means you'll download most of the game now, and then a little bit on launch night in order to play right away. The full game will take up 3,011 blocks of space.

Monster Hunter Generations gets 'Trick or Treat' item pack

Look out for some free special goodies in the "Trick or Treat" item pack for #MHGen! — Monster Hunter (@monsterhunter) October 21, 2016 This free Item Pack includes: 10x Psychoserum 10x Demondrug 10x Poisoned Meat 50x Spider Webs — Monster Hunter (@monsterhunter) October 21, 2016

Interesting find on the Switch's right Joy-Con

@GameXplain Not sure if you guys noticed this but there appears to be a black glossy panel or button on the bottom of the right joycon. — Chris ?('?') ? (@_chrisro) October 22, 2016 There's definitely something up there. Show More Summary

Squid Sisters performing at Niconico Cho Party 2016

- being held in the second largest indoor arena in the world, the Saitama Super Arena - takes place on November 3rd

Japan - eShop sales for Oct. 22nd, 2016

Mebius Autumn Price Reduction Campaign (26 October - 9 November) – Steel Empire (¥864 ? ¥648) 3DS – Maison de MAOU (¥864 ? ¥648) 3DS – Kisekae Ningyou: Atelier Deco la Doll Collection (¥864 ? ¥525) 3DS – Elminage Gothic 3D Remix: Ulm...Show More Summary

Oceanhorn publisher bringing two games to Switch in the first half of 2017

#NintendoSwitch is awesome! We can't wait to support it with our games. Two games planned in first half of 2017. — FDG Entertainment (@FDG_Games) October 22, 2016 I mean, it's no real surprise that Oceanhorn is coming to Switch. Show More Summary

Jelly Deals roundup: Win a free copy of Civ 6, GeForce 1060 for £200, and more

A note from the editor: Jelly Deals is a new deals site launched by our parent company, Gamer Network, with a mission to find the best bargains out there. (It also has the best name.) We've invited the Jelly Deals team to share a weekly roundup of (mostly) gaming-related bargains with us, so we can pass their tips on to you. Show More Summary

Razer's Blade Stealth and 'Core' add up to the gaming laptop I always wanted

For as long as I can remember, I've dreamed of a computer that didn't exist: something that could get me through the work day but also transform into a gaming powerhouse at home. It's taken decades, but that old fantasy is finally starting to coalesce into reality. Show More Summary

iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus review

It apparently took "courage" to remove the 3.5mm audio jack from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, according to Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller. The company's less kind critics have voiced the opinion...Show More Summary

Watch: Five real cowboys Red Dead Redemption 2 could learn from

If you ignore the lawlessness, the poor irrigation, the ubiquity of dysentery, the backward attitudes on race and oh yes, the abominable treatment of the indigenous population, the wild west was great. Red Dead Redemption was my game of the last generation and I am very much looking forward to revisiting that world when the sequel launches next year. Show More Summary

SeaFall: is the legacy format heralding a new era of board games?

After the success of Pandemic Legacy, designer Rob Daviau is back with a seafaring adventure. But is everyone ready for board games you throw away at the end? Rob Daviau thought Cluedo was flawed. It was around the end of 2008, while...Show More Summary

How games helped me finish my master's

Before you ask, no, I'm not happy to have 'finished' my master's dissertation. But if you'd like to ask 'hey, aren't you just glad you were too tired to read the shameful stream of word incontinence you sent in one minute before theShow More Summary

GoNintendo Video - The internet's reaction to the Nintendo Switch

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