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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon video takes a look at items, dungeons, Pokemon

This Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon video is in Japanese, but Pokemon fans will still know what’s going on. The video provides a look at the Lapis items which will be used to “power up your moves,” according to Siliconera. It also shows the introduction again, a look at some of the dungeons, four moves you […]

Watch where you drop your supplies in Metal Gear Solid V

That horse, post clonking, is how I feel all the time. This mistake (or, let's be real, I'm sure this was intentional) is still better than when I tried to be cheeky and knock out an enemy like this, only to have him casually walk away at the last second. Show More Summary

CBS will stream some NFL regular season and playoff games

In addition to streaming the Super Bowl in February, CBS will stream both regular season and playoff action from the NFL. What's more, access is free so you won't be required to input cable subscription info or other credentials to watch.The slate of seven games includes the Jets vs. Show More Summary

Inner Chains announced

Polish studio Telepaths' Tree have revealed Inner Chains, an Unreal Engine 4-powered FPS horror game set in a dark, mystical and biomechanical world. Earth is not what is used to be, leaving nature and technology in symbiosis. Players will have to fight for survival and the discovery of secrets from this surreal world. More detailsn first screens and a short teaser inside.

SoulCalibur Lost Swords to shut down in November

SoulCalibur Lost Swords shuts down on 30th November 2015 - a year-and-a-half after it launched. The free-to-play single-player PlayStation 3 weapon-based fighting game saw just over 2m downloads since its February 2014 Japan release....Show More Summary

Meddle in the affairs of others, control their minds in Randall

Clerks has a scene where Randal Graves, an irresponsible and indifferent video store employee, tells a customer that he finds it best to stay out of other people's affairs. The laissez-faire approach isn't a noble attempt to keep from...Show More Summary

I Did My Best In Heroes of the Storm And Still Got Last Place

Late last night, Heroes of the Storm reached into my chest, tore out my heart, and began to vigorously stomp on it. It cackled maniacally while doing this. And all I could do was sit back and watch in a blind daze. Read more...

How To Keep Everyone Alive In Until Dawn

Almost everyone was dead by the time I saw the credits in Until Dawn, but you can do better! Read more...

FTC Slams YouTube Group For 'Deceptive' Xbox Marketing Campaign

Around the launch of the Xbox One, the YouTube network Machinima held a special campaign for its clients: Make a positive video about Microsoft’s newest console, and you’ll get paid extra. Also, you’re not allowed to talk about any of this. Read more...

Transformers: Devastation new trailer

Activision has released a new trailer for PlatinumGames' Transformers: Devastation which shows the playable characters, plus a behind-the-scenes video with Peter Cullen. The game will be out on October 6.

Shadows: Heretic Kingdom returns

Isometric action-RPG Shadows: Heretic Kingdom released a year ago but now developer Games Farm announced they acquired the rights to the game from fallen publisher bitComposer.

The last Destiny: The Taken King livestream takes place today – watch here

Bungie’s final livestream on Destiny: The Taken King takes place today and you can watch it right here. It kicks off at 11am PT/2pm ET/7pm UK. As with the first and second livestream, we’ll post all the news fit to print out of it. Today’s stream will focus on the Court of Oryx, public events […]

Video: Stasis sends point-and-click horror into space

Stasis has an intriguing concept; it's an isometric, Dead Space-esque point-and-click with shades of Alien, Event Horizon and Pandorum. The graphics are gorgeous, too - we've already featured an article on the site about artist Chris Bischoff's amazing talent for giving modern games an isometric twist. Show More Summary

Smite gets Chinese god Xing Tian on PC today

Hi-Rez Studios has announced the PC version of SMITE has received a new Chinese god today called Xing Tian. Xing Tian, The Relentless, uses his massive axe to inflict damage to his enemies, while using the voice from the mouth on his chest to intimidate. Show More Summary

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain: All the Blueprint Locations

You can acquire new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain equipment and upgrades by collecting all the blueprints. They can be found in some of the game's large maps or by completing specific dispatch missions. AM MRS-71 Rifle This sniper...Show More Summary

Grab Tom Clancy's best games for a $10 donation to charity

Tom Clancy is gone, but Ubisoft definitely hasn't forgotten the military-centric author or his legacy of branded video games. Neither have the folks at Humble Bundle for that matter. Pledging at least $1 will get you Rainbow Six, Rainbow...Show More Summary

Act of Aggression is now available

Act of Aggression, the real-time strategy game from Eugen Systems and Focus is now available for PC. The traditional launch trailer can be found inside.

It's the big one: PlayStation 4 firmware 3.0 detailed

The PS3 firmware 3.0 was probably amazing, the PS Vita 3.0 firmware changed your life, and now it's time for the PlayStation 4 to hit the big three oh (same) as detailed in the PlayStation Blog. Taking the piss with respect to Sony firmware...Show More Summary

Five Minutes Inside The Mind Of A Goddess

Red Goddess: Inner World is one of those games that shows up on PSN or Steam and you just don’t know. You just don’t. Perhaps the first five minutes of nonlinear platforming action will help? Read more...

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: Sound!

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: Sound! Euphonium: The Ani-TAY Review • Tales of... Rankings • CospLAZY: Duct Tape Pattern Like a Pro • Light Novel Reviews: The Devil is a Part-Timer Vol. 2, Spice & Wolf: Part 3, Vol. 14 • Shantae: Risky’s Revenge: The TAY Review Read more...

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