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App Store Update: December 18

Cut the Rope's cute mascot Om Nom is yours to care for as a virtual pet while the Brothers in Arms series gets a new sequel.

Advanced Warfare Now Has Daily Missions

Score yourself some unique gear by completing these unique objectives in Call of Duty.

Duck Hunt Coming to Wii U This Month

The NES classic is coming soon, along with a variety of eShop and Virtual Console sales.

GTA V debut coincides with weekly PS4 sales quadrupling in Japan

While retailers in some countries have already committed to taking Grand Theft Auto V off shelves, Japan's just now getting the current-gen remake. For a country that has famously gotten away from console gaming, this game's performing pretty well. Show More Summary

Camelot Unchained prepares to cross $3M in fundraising

As of the writing of this post, Camelot Unchained is on the verge of hitting $3M in fundraising donations at $2,952,875. City State Entertainment said that when that already-impressive sum climbs to $3,025,000, the team will sign onShow More Summary

Swifter, Not Safer: Bloodborne trades Dark Souls' creep for speed

Bloodborne bummed me right out when it was announced back in June. Gothic action RPG from From Software, Japan's premiere purveyors of supremely weird, deeply punishing action games? Should be awesome. Unlike many of the converted, though, I've never...

Dex - 'High Life' trailer

Placed after the jump due to autoplay... Read the rest of the story...

Bloodborne Multiplayer Chalice Dungeons Detailed

As we discovered a couple of weeks ago, Bloodborne is going to offer some cooperative monster hunting action in the form of ?Chalice Dungeons.? Now we?ve got even more details as to what these challenging new missions will offer, including a handful of the dangerous creatures you?ll be going toe-to-toe with when the game launches on March 24.Click To Continue Reading

Assassin's Creed Unity's New Patch: Wait, There's A Difference?

There's no doubt that Assassin's Creed Unity had technical problems, otherwise Ubisoft wouldn't have apologized for the game's performance and issued a series of ever-larger patches. So what's it mean if the graphics, then and now, seem to in many ways be the same? Read more...

GTA 5 'Festive Surprise' brings Christmas fear to Los Santas

As the snow drifted quietly this wintry morn, Rockstar Games offered a new "Festive Surprise" update for Grand Theft Auto 5. Players will now be able to use proximity mines and a homing missile launcher in the game, which will feature occasional snow...

Firmament Trailer

Learn about one of the three major factions in this new trailer for Petroglyph's RTS.

Halfbrick makes some good games, and now all the iOS ones are free

Ah, the holiday season. That awkward time of year when you're expected to be in the same room as your extended family, talking to your great aunt that you barely remember about how no, you're not in school anymore; you graduated five years ago. Show More Summary

NoE - Nintendo eShop developer discussion: Talking Swords & Soldiers II with Ronimo Games

Nintendo of Europe: Please introduce yourself for our readers, and explain your role on the team for Swords & Soldiers II. Robin Meijer: My name is Robin Meijer, I’m a producer at Ronimo Games and I work on Swords & Soldiers II. That basically means I arrange a lot of stuff; I prepare things, talk to press and so on. Show More Summary

Black Desert is officially in open beta... in Korea

Still pinning hopes and dreams on Daum's breathtaking sandbox MMORPG Black Desert? If you're in South Korea, those hopes and dreams are a reality this week, as the game officially entered open beta in that region yesterday. Blogger Steparu has already posted one video from the event, a snapshot of progress on a mid-level Sorceress. Show More Summary


What Dead State lacks in polish it at least largely makes up for in personality, even with glitches and rough edges as far as the eye can see.

NoE - It's time for adventure at our Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker website!

Strap on your backpack, slip on your headlamp and get ready to track down some treasure! Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on Wii U launches in Europe on January 2nd 2015, so now’s the perfect time to unearth plenty of information about...Show More Summary

Destiny: The Dark Below Review

The Dark Below is a huge missed opportunity, a mish-mash of recycled ideas and content that fails to reinvigorate Destiny or address any of its biggest problems.

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