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Did you know there’s a Destiny reddit sub dedicated to Guardian fashion?

Well, there is, so take some screencaps of your Guardian and go walk the virtual runway. It seems to have been a thing for a while, but we just noticed it today when members of the Destiny sub-reddit were reminded today to post images of their fashion sense in the sub-reddit devoted to it. Over […]

Weekend Gaming – Renowned Explorers: International Society

Last week I posted the idea of a more moderate and thoughtful approach to the Steam summer sale. Instead of scooping up mounds of discounted games I proposed that you piecemeal your purchases based on the type of game it is rather than the discounted price. Doing so would thus encourage wise spending and keep […]

Are We Really Supposed To Believe The Nintendo NX Is Coming Out In Nine Months?

Nintendo is still not talking about the NX, six months into 2016, and nine months away from its alleged launch. They claim they're keeping their tech a secret, but fans are growing anxious to hear about the console.

Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma is out now on PC

Sci-fi thriller Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma has appeared on Steam, a mere two days after its Vita and 3DS launch earlier this week. This third and final entry in the Zero Escape franchise (which includes 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons,...Show More Summary

Watch: System Shock reboot vs Enhanced Edition graphics comparison

Classic sci-fi horror adventure System Shock is getting a reboot by Nightdive Studios. Though it's currently in its embryonic pre-alpha phase and still raising money on Kickstarter, there's a demo of the remake available so we decided...Show More Summary

Watch: Aoife and Johnny return to Rapture for a Bioshock Let's Play

Yeah alright, cards on the table. We couldn't find anyone in the office who hadn't played the original Bioshock. Which is hardly surprising when you're talking about a group of games journalists (incidentally, what would the collective...Show More Summary

Majora's Mask fan-film teaser trailer looks excellent

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is being adapted into a short film by animation studio Ember Lab and the teaser is very pretty indeed. The short's music is composed by Theophany, an artist who already released an album of Zelda cover tunes called Time's End: Majora's Mask Remixed. Show More Summary

Don't get too excited about the new Katamari that's out today

Hey, there's a new Katamari game out today in the UK! But... Yeah, you already know the punchline. Tap My Katamari is a mobile game that takes the vibrant characters and universe created by Keita Takahashi way back in 2004 (!) and wears it like a shabby skin for a mobile clicker game that's deathly dull. Show More Summary

China's Government Must Now Approve Every Mobile Game

As of today, July 1, all mobile games must be pre-approved by the Chinese government at least 20 days before they’re released. It’s part of sweeping new regulations to curb when, what, and how media is distributed in China. Read mor...

Seven Changes Nintendo Could Make To Splatoon Instead Of Killing Splatfest

Splatoon’s Splatfest, its eight-player inky turf war, is ending on July 24th, Nintendo announced yesterday . And it’s the ultimate battle: Callie vs. Marie, Splatoon’s two spunky mascots. Inklings are riled up over #waifuwars, as it’s being called, and already picking sides — or bemoaning Splatfest’s end: Read more...

Asemblance Player Discovers The Game's Biggest Secret, Has An Adorable Meltdown

ImTheBlueRanger on YouTube has spent week or so obsessing over Asemblance, a puzzle thriller designed to screw with your head . It’s also full of secrets! And thanks to modern video capture devices, we get to watch what it’s like for a superfan to discover one in real-time. It’s awesome. Read more...

Gran Turismo maker calls PlayStation 3 development a “nightmare”

Cell processor's unique architecture hindered progress on the racing series.

Don't Invade Russia, Boba Fett

Giorgio Baroni is an Italian artist who has worked in video games and tabletop/card games. Read more...

FrightFest London's August line up is a terrifying selection of horror

Want to be scared for five days straight? What do you mean no? Of course you do

Prey's storyline leaked years ago - everyone just forgot

One of the most enticing teases from E3 2016 was Bethesda's re-reveal of Prey

NX doesn't exist yet but here's your chance to win one autographed by Shigeru Miyamoto

Nintendo and Uniqlo are partnering up for the clothing company's annual T-shirt design competition, and part of their grand prize is a Nintendo NX autographed by Shigeru Miyamoto himself

The Dark Tower set photos reveal Matthew McConaughey as the Man in Black

The latest shots from the set of The Dark Tower adaptation have arrived online, giving us our first look at the film's villainous Man In Black played by Matthew McConaughey

Doom photo mode gives you a distressingly good look at demon head holes

Doom has a photo mode as of yesterday, and thanks in no small part to the gorgeously unsettling designs of the game's demonic foes, the results have been spectacular

Titanfall 2’s single player will be a “free-form experience” playing with AI themes

While Titanfall 2’s big reveal was at E3 its new single player campaign, Respawn sure is trying to not let too much slip out

Rock Band 4 DLC for July 5 includes Hinder and the Pixies

With a new month upon us, that means new DLC tracks for Rock Band 4, with the first up being song from the Pixies and Hinder. Coming July 5, Hinder's "Lips of an Angel" and the Pixies' "Where is My Mind?" will be avaiulable for download for $1.99 each. Show More Summary

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