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2K’s Advent Teaser Sight Reveals New XCOM Game

2K Games special Advent site has slowly been getting “hacked”, revealing more and more clues to a new game. At first due to the clues surrounding gene therepy some assumed a new Bioshock game was imminent, however new clues have turned up and users on Reddit have determined […]

Highly anticipated horror game 'SOMA' hits PC and PS4 in September

Acclaimed developer Frictional Games has fully taken the wraps off SOMA, it's super-hyped new sci-fi horror title. The company, which built it reputation on terrifying first-person games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Penumbra, that focus on atmosphere, exploration and hiding (a lot of hiding). Show More Summary

It looks like Mighty Switch Force is heading to PC

First on the 3DS, then the Wii U, Mighty Switch Force! is an amazing puzzle-platformer that I'd recommend to anyone -- especially on a Steam sale. Wait, Steam sale? Yep, WayForward has announced that next month, the Hyper Drive Edition of the game (which includes more levels and a sharper visual style, albeit sans-3D) will arrive on Steam. Show More Summary

Silent Hills Reportedly Coming to Xbox One

According to an anonymous source, Microsoft wants to buy the game before E3 this year.

Overwatch Gameplay Video Gets Speedy With Tracer

Blizzard Entertainment recently released a new video featuring the gameplay antics of the run-and-gun character, Tracer. She's not hard-hitting with her attacks by a long shot, but boy oh boy is she really hard to hit. You can see the speedster in action with the latest gameplay video.Click To Continue Reading

Fans Welcome at E3 This Year, But There's a Catch

For the first time in its 20 year history, a significant number of fans will be able to attend E3.

Deadspin Falcons LB Prince Shembo Accused Of Killing Girlfriend’s Dog | Gizmodo Uh Oh, GIFs Finally

Deadspin Falcons LB Prince Shembo Accused Of Killing Girlfriend’s Dog | Gizmodo Uh Oh, GIFs Finally Work on Facebook | io9 Carbon Nanotubes Were An Ancient Superweapon | Jezebel Shade Court: Drake’s Revenge, Rude Lyrics and the Cool Carters | Kinja Popular Posts Read more...

Xbox boss: We have just as much in store for gamescom as E3

Everyone knows that E3 is the crème de la crème of shows for publishers. They want to put their best foot forward, as it's the biggest event of the year for them. That's especially true for platform-holders like Sony, Microsoft, andShow More Summary

Dolby Digital Plus surround sound plugs into Microsoft's Edge

Windows 10 won't have Media Center included but this week Microsoft revealed that it will have support for surround sound in some new ways, and it could make Netflix streaming even better. Beyond supporting Dolby Digital Plus in theShow More Summary

A Hilarious Game Where You Can Date...Dogs

As game narratives expand into new territories, some are bound to make us feel uncomfortable. Read more...

Friday Night Fights - Skynet is Coming

The things happening at MIT are scary. Above is a picture from their robotics lab, and have you heard about the cheetah? Way to create our own destruction folks. Fucking hell. Moving along from our imminent doom, how is everyone? Grill...Show More Summary

Need For Speed Reboot Requires Internet Connection

Always-on DRM is a two-fold mechanic that first allows publishers to accurately measure who all is playing the game and for how long, as well as prevent illegally copied versions of the game from being used online. The newest Need For Speed reboot will utilize this always-on internet measure.Click To Continue Reading

New English Translation Coming for Hollow Fragment on PS4

Bandai Namco has heard the complaints of Western fans about Sword Art Online's localization.

Concept Art for Boss Key's Project BlueStreak Revealed

A fresh batch of concept art from Boss Key Productions provides an early look at what's in store for shooter fans.

The Frag Dolls, a group of women who promoted Ubisoft games and gender diversity in gaming, have off

The Frag Dolls, a group of women who promoted Ubisoft games and gender diversity in gaming, have officially disbanded. You can read their goodbye letter here. Read more...

Marvel’s Latest Big Superhero Crossover Is Way Better Than DC’s

You know the drill: Worlds will live! Worlds will die! Lots of spin-offs! Marvel and DC Comics are pretty much doing the same universe-changing story in almost the same way at almost the same time. One of them is good. One of them isn’t. Read more...

Lords of the Fallen 2 will be released sometime during 2017

CI Games has said to expect Lords of the Fallen 2 to arrive sometime during 2017. Speaking in an interview with Eurogamer, studio lead Marek Tyminski also revealed that is not working with Lords of the Fallen co-developer Deck 13 on the sequel. “We are starting the project, we start from the concepting, but we […]

Would you play this 8-bit Shawshank Redemption game?

Who doesn't like The Shawshank Redemption? It's one of those films where the mere mention of it will light up a room -- before you get to chatting about some of the more somber parts, of course. Thanks to CineFix, you can get an idea...Show More Summary

A Game About The Complicated World of Dick Pics

It’s rare for a video game to hang dong. Cobra Club, the newest game by developer Robert Yang, doesn’t just feature dicks: the game is fundamentally about dicks, how they look, and the many ways people try to make them look good. (NSFW warning!) Read more...

Calling all League of Legends players: what do you think of Ekko?

Calling all League of Legends players: what do you think of Ekko? Cool? OP? Too many similarities to Transistor, or just enough? The time-traveling champ came out this week, and players seem divided on him. So let me know what you think! You can leave a comment, or send me an email at Read more...

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