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The Eight Games You'd Bring To A Desert Island

Hypothetical situation. You’re about to be sent to a deserted island, where you’ll be stranded, cut off from all human contact for the rest of your life. What eight games do you bring? Read more...

The Newest One Piece Film Is Huge In Japan

One Piece Film Gold, the 13th feature film based on the world’s bestselling manga, hit Japanese theaters last Saturday, grossing nearly 11 million dollars in its first two days. The movie appeared on a reported 743 screens, the largest for any Japanese movie ever. Show More Summary

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Developer Gives Insight Into The Game's Enemy, Get The Details

During the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Comic Con panel at this year's San Diego convention, the developers from Infinity Ward talked about the enemy, their motivations and why they want the main character dead.

3 Reasons The Blair Witch Project Would Make A Terrifying Next-Gen Horror Game

It was recently learned that the upcoming movie, The Woods, is actually going to be a sequel to the ground-breaking horror film, The Blair Witch Project. With the...

When The Marvel Ultimate Alliance Bundle Will Be Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

While there's plenty of info coming out this weekend concerning upcoming Marvel movies and TV shows, we're finally getting a little love in the video game department, too. As it turns out, a bundle containing the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games will be available on current gen platforms...

It's OK, Richard Garriott is protected by spells from harmful use of his blood

Bit weird, wasn't it, when Richard Garriott and Starr Long tried to sell their blood on eBay for $5000? I wouldn't do that. Imagine someone owning your blood: they could make black pudding with it. That's disgusting. Or they could use...Show More Summary

Upcoming mini-Mega Drive means the Sega vs Nintendo console wars are back, and fun-sized

Remember that cute little miniature NES that Nintendo announced two weeks ago? Well Sega fans (or at least those of you in Europe), your memories are about to get snack-sized too

New Lara Croft Alicia Vikander says the Tomb Raider movie "feels more like an origins story"

After Angelina Jolie's stint as Lara Croft it was always going to be hard to fill the adventurer's boots but Alicia Vikander seems perfect in the role of our favourite tomb plundering explorer

Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive gets a new trailer and release date

Plus if you’re in the U.S., here’s a list of theatres where you can watch it. Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive is the feature-length CGI film releasing ahead of Final Fantasy 15. Set in the same world as Final Fantasy 15 and based on the characters in the game, the movie is Square Enix’s third foray into […]

See the first screenshots from the Dead Rising remasters

The studios creating the remastered Dead Rising ports and a whole bunch of new screenshots. Having officially announced the Dead Rising remasters recently, Capcom has not revealed much in the way of details since. Thanks to the Xbox Store listings for all three games, we learned of a possible release date and the existence of […]

You now have to sign in every five years into Xbox Live, or risk losing your Gamertag

Microsoft has changed some parts of its account service agreement, requiring Xbox users to sign in every five years or potentially lose their Gamertag. The Microsoft service agreement that spans the company’s various products, including Skype and Xbox, has been amended to add an interesting requirement for Xbox users. According to the new service agreement, […]

No Man’s Sky devs meeting with Dutch company to discuss patent claims

Hello Games will talk to the company accusing them of using their Superformula in the game. Last week, No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games was under fire for potentially using a patented Superformula to create the unique procedural generation system that’s at the core of the game. They haven’t threatened legal action and have no […]

Heroes of the Storm's Auriel looks to be the most technical support yet

I had a chance to sit with Blizzard and chat about Heroes of the Storm's upcoming Auriel, and she seems to be in really good hands. Although Medivh is technically a support, a true healer hasn't been added in since October (Morales) -- you could say it's been a while. Show More Summary

The Internet Reacts To Pokémon Go's Team Leaders

We don’t actually know much about Pokémon Go’s team captains, but it doesn’t matter. Players have run with the newly revealed team leader artwork , and are now creating all sorts of personality quirks, backstories, and hilarious jokes. Read more...

Pro Gamers Come Together for 24-Hour Gaming Marathon for Macmillan Cancer Support

In just under 2 weeks time on August 6th, a group of Pro Gamers will be coming together in order to do a live 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for the brilliant Macmillan Cancer Support charity. This is down to the charity’s ‘Game Changers’ fundraiser. Show More Summary

No, you don't need PlayStation Plus for No Man's Sky

Universe-spanning exploration game No Man's Sky does not require a PlayStation Plus subscription to play. Not to disappoint you, but the chances of meeting another player in the game are so small - and the likelihood you'll meet anyone you know so infinitesimal - that the game is technically classed as single-player. Show More Summary

No Man's Sky will not need PS Plus membership to play

Usually to play with friends on console, you need to sign up for the associated membership with its usual monthly fees. Even though No Man's Sky for PlayStation 4 will let you play with friends, it appears that the vast space sim won't...Show More Summary

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on July 26

It’s been nearly seven years since we were able to team up with Earth’s mightiest heroes, and while fans of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance still wait for Activision to release another sequel, at least they can enjoy both games on current...Show More Summary

Pokemon Go roadmap involves more than new creatures

We all know how popular Pokemon Go is right now, even with the server issues and bugs. But in addition to making those issues a priority, developer Niantic has revealed a few more details on what it plans for the future of the game. John...Show More Summary

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