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Das Tal: Live Stream Sunday

We’ve got some Das Tal fun coming up! I reached out to Fairytale Distillery, and they responded with an enthusiasm that I love to see in game designers! On Sunday, May 31st, starting by 3PM PST, iTZKooPA will be streaming a portion of the upcoming Das Tal playtest preview on the LoreHound Twitch channel. I’m hoping [&hellip

6 Guides Every League Of Legends Player Needs

League of Legends has a long, long learning curve. There's a lot of information to digest and a lot of skills to master before you can feel comfortable facing off against other players in ranked matches.Click To Continue Reading

The developers of horror classic Amnesia: The Dark Descent will release their new game, SOMA, on Sep

The developers of horror classic Amnesia: The Dark Descent will release their new game, SOMA, on September 22. Set underwater, it’s coming to both PlayStation 4 and PC. There’s a new gameplay trailer, too. Read more...

Pictures of Revamped Xbox One Controller Leak

The revamped model will apparently be available starting June 8.

Today's Best Gaming Deals: New 3DS XL Bundle, Wave 4 Amiibo, More

Pick up the New Nintendo 3DS XL (Black or Red) today along with Smash Bros. (or a game of your choice) and a Mario Amiibo and get the bundle for around $219 (price varies slightly depending on your choices). [New 3DS XL Bundle, $219] Read more...

Horror title SOMA has a release date and a 10 minute gameplay trailer

A release date for SOMA, the new horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent developers Frictional Games, has been announced for PlayStation 4. The digital-only release is also coming to PC so we’re going to assume it will release on the same day. We’re checking now, so don’t fret. SOMA will be released on September 22, […]

Lords of the Fallen 2 to launch in 2017

Lords of the Fallen 2 won't be released until 2017, and German developer Deck 13 - co-developer of the original - will not be involved. CI Games boss Marek Tyminski also told me at Digital Dragons in Poland that sales of Lords of the Fallen 1 had passed 900,000. Show More Summary

Review: Adventures of Pip

I've always been fascinated by games that tackle evolution. Not necessarily the scientific principle, but the mechanic -- though a few titles like the brilliant E.V.O.: Search for Eden have managed to address both. Adventures of Pip which features a tiny pixel that turns into a real boy, and then a hero, isn't quite as groundbreaking, but it's still fun to play. Read more...

Apply for a Legend of Zelda college scholarship

Are you a college student who embodies the virtues of the Triforce and needs five hundred bucks for school?

Summer School Starts Tuesday: Class of Heroes 2G Comes to PS3

Just when you thought it was time to ditch the books and kick back for some lazy summer days, school will be starting right back up. The digital version of Class of Heroes 2G for the PlayStation 3 will be accepting new students June 2, 2015.

The producer of 'Splatoon' on how to make a Nintendo original

If you're a fan of Nintendo, chances are you're also a fan of Splatoon producer Hisashi Nogami, although you may not know it. Nogami joined the famed Japanese video game giant in 1994 and has been an essential member of EAD, the first-party development studio responsible for some of Nintendo's most beloved games, ever since. Show More Summary

Battlefield Hardline Tournament Sign-ups Start Tomorrow

The upcoming Hardline tournament will run from June 21 to July 12.

Need for Speed Reboot Will Need an Online Connection

A tweet from the official Need for Speed account has revealed that you will need an online connection to play the upcoming game.

Konami Sends Out PR Statement, Addresses Nothing

After weeks of silence over rumors about Hideo Kojima’s employment and the deletion of P.T. from the Internet, Konami’s spoken up. But if you were hoping for answers, keep hoping. Read more...

LEGO Jurassic World trailer invites you to take a VIP tour of the park

A new LEGO Jurassic World video has invited viewers to take a VIP tour of the park facilities, and get to know dinosaurs such as Indominus Rex and Mosasaurus a bit better. They will also get a look at the Creation Lab. It looks like a fun place, you know, because it’s a “completely safe […]

Soma release date revealed in extended gameplay footage

Soma, the upcoming survival horror from Amnesia: The Dark Descent developer Frictional Games, launches on 22nd September. Soma is headed to PC, Mac plus Linux via Steam, and also to PlayStation 4 as a digital-only title. The game's story is set in a dilapidated deep sea research facility - think BioShock meets Dead Space. Read more…

Fifa 16: it is not scandalous to include women's football

EA Sports has spent development time making its Fifa games more inclusive and representational – predictably, there has been an online backlash You might not be aware of this, but there are currently two Fifa scandals going on. One is an astonishing tale of corruption, bribery and cover-up over many years. Continue reading...

Witcher 3 Experience Bug Is Being Addressed

Some users have expressed problems with leveling up in The Witcher 3: they aren't getting any experience for completing quests. This issue caused quite a bit of lamenting in forums and discussion boards across the internet. After hearing about the issues CD Projekt Red has decided to address the issue.Click To Continue Reading

Ultra Street Fighter 4 PS4 will miss 2015 Capcom Tour due to bugs

Ultra Street Fighter 4’s PlayStation 4 launch went on with several hitches as users reported a number of issues with the game, such as input lag and delays and some severe bugs. Today, Capcom has announced they’re working on patching...Show More Summary

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