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The free story mode for 'Street Fighter V' arrives this Friday

Earlier this month, we had a chance to try the first story mode Capcom has ever put into a Street Fighter game. It's a free update for Street Fighter V owners, but there was one detail missing: a release date. Now, we know that the update...Show More Summary

The Banner Saga 2 console versions to launch one month ahead of schedule

Viking strategy sequel The Banner Saga 2 wasn't going to launch on consoles until 26th July, but porting team Shiny Shoe was remarkably ahead of schedule so we're now getting it in the next few days. The Xbox One version will arrive as early as this Friday, where it will be free for Xbox Live Gold members. Show More Summary

Blizzard has announced that Overwatch’s competitive mode is launching on PC today.

Blizzard has announced that Overwatch’s competitive mode is launching on PC today. Due to the launch’s timing, the first competitive season will only be 1.5 months long. The mode will undergo some big changes before the fall season. Competitive mode’s console launch will happen sometime next week. Read more...

Takashi Murakami's New Godzilla Vs. Evangelion Promo Art Is A Wonderful Fever Dream

Famed Japanese artist Takashi Murakami just lent his signature psychedelic visuals to the latest Godzilla film, Godzilla Resurgence, according to Crunchyroll. Co-directed by Hideaki Anno (Neon Genesis Evangelion) and Shinji Hugichi (Attack on Titan), the 29th Godzilla movie has been promoted with Evangelion vs. Show More Summary

The best reason to own a Kinect is coming in July

It's no secret that the Kinect has been a colossal failure on Xbox One with very few developers implementing the motion-tracking peripheral in any notable way. That's about to change on 13th July with puzzle/platformer Fru, an Xbox One Kinect-exclusive that requires players to contort their body in tandem with more conventional gamepad controls. Show More Summary

Level Up Your Battle Station With a $28 Dual Monitor Mount

Dual monitors are great, but if you don’t have the desk space to spare, this dual monitor arm can lift them up off your workspace for just $28. It should clamp onto basically any desk, and the arms can support any 27" or smaller VESA -compatible screens. Read more...

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: I’m Glad I Lost My Fallout 4 Save

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: I’m Glad I Lost My Fallout 4 Save • The Best RPG Of All Time. Ever. Really • Discussion: What Are Video Games To You? • How I Learned To Appreciate The Sport Games Genre Read more...

Futuristic robo-shooter Hawken mechs its way to Xbox One and PS4 in July

PS4 and Xbox One owners, you won't have to wait until October's Titanfall 2 for a fast-paced mech game with plenty of hot metal-on-metal action and explosions

Naughty Dog on Uncharted 4's single-player DLC: 'It will be a while.'

Naughty Dog held one of its semi-regular Twitch broadcasts to discuss Uncharted 4. The long and short: one developer put it bluntly when he said that "it will be a while" before you'll get your hands on Uncharted 4's single-player DLC (via GameSpot). The prospect of a single-player expansion for Uncharted 4 is exciting for a couple of reasons. Show More Summary

Game of Thrones showrunners says there's only about 13 episodes left of the WHOLE SERIES

After a low-key season five Game of Thrones came back stronger than ever for one hell of a season six that rocked out its killer send-off on Sunday

E3 2016: Monique Chatterjee from Xbox Design Lab talks Xbox One Controller Design

Shacknews' coverage of day 2 of E3 2016 continued with an interview with Monique Chatterjee, from Xbox Design Lab. It was great to have Monique stop by our booth on the show floor of E3 to show us the new Xbox One controllers and talk...Show More Summary

Turns out Xbox One Elite Controllers are still doing quite well, thank you

If you offer folks a high-end version of an everyday gaming object, a whole bunch of them will take you up on it - even if that means paying a significant premium

GTA 5 easter egg hunt concludes with an epic showdown between Bigfoot and a werewolf

GTA 5 is a game where you eat some peyote, wake up as a sasquatch, and hunt and kill a werewolf

EA pays retired NFL star Jim Brown $600,000 for using his likeness in Madden without permission

Electronic Arts has agreed to pay retired NFL player Jim Brown a settlement of $600,000 in response to his allegations that the publisher/developer used his likeness in Madden NFL without permission. Brown, who played for the Cleveland...Show More Summary

Official PS Plus Uncharted 4 tournament has a €1,000 cash prize

A tournament to find the best Uncharted 4 player is underway in Europe, and if that player is you, prepare to take home a €1,000 cash grand prize

Power Rangers' Bryan Cranston on what we can expect from Zordon

It was recently announced that Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston will be the one who mentors the Power Rangers as Zordon in the 2017 reboot

Director of The Last Guardian won't play his game until 'maybe after a year.'

Fingers crossed and knock on wood: at E3, Sony announced a worldwide release date of October 25, 2016, for The Last Guardian, the beleaguered title developed under the auspices of director Fumito Ueda of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus fame. Show More Summary

Destiny: Rise of Iron means the end for special Crucible events on 360 and PS3

Destiny already has some mild discrepancies between its current-gen and last-gen versions, but after August they'll split for good

Justice League concept art shows off The Flash and Cyborg's costumes

The Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition hit digital shelves this week, delivering on Zack Snyder's promise of an R-rated, 30 minute extended version that includes a bunch of characters axed from the theatrical cut

E3 2016: Sea of Thieves Gameplay and Interview with Mike Chapman from Rare Studios

Shacknews Day 2 coverage of E3 2016 continued with an interview with Mike Chapman, from Rare Studios. It was great to have Mike stop by our booth on the show floor of E3 to show us the Sea of Thieves gameplay and talk about the game. For...Show More Summary

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