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Pokemon intro recreated in GTA 5 is rather hilarious

That Pikachu! Oh my. YouTube user Merfish has re-created the opening scene to the Pokemon series in GTA 5. You can see the side-by-side comparison below, and the list of mods he used can be found through the YouTube link.

Fallout 4 fan song is going nuclear and lighting up the town

YouTuber and songwriter Miracle of Sound is really excited for Fallout 4. The tune, Going Nuclear, is reminiscent of mid-to-late 60’s country-pop quartet style. That’s the only way I can describe it. It reminds me of the what my grandmother listened to. Anyway, enjoy it. Fallout 4 is out in November. Thanks, GamesRadar.

How Waiting For The Opponent In Hearthstone Actually Feels

In Hearthstone (or basically in every turn-based game), a few seconds of waiting, while it’s the opponent’s turn to act, can be frustrating. Markytecht on YouTube found an interesting way to show how frustrating. Read more...

A Metal Gear Solid Restaurant, It Can't Be 

Dubbed “Metal Gear Cafe,” this temporary restaurant recently opened in Paris. Besides “Le Big Boss Burger,” there are also Phantom cocktails and Mother Base themed desserts (above). And yes, it’s serving up “hot Diamond Dogs.” Read more...

Funcom Announces New Horror Game The Park

"Something special started to take shape, and The Park became something we are eager to share with the rest of the world."

GTA 5 meets Skyrim in this video for upcoming PC mod

The video you see below is a recreation of Skyrim’s CGI trailer only set in GTA 5. It was created using various mods for the PC version of Rockstar’s hit. According to Adam Pinkman, speaking with Polygon, the dragon in the video is CGI, but the rest was created in-game using the Chaos Mod and […]

Review: Party Hard

“I get wet when I know that you're dying,” sang Andrew W.K. on his debut album closer, I Get Wet. It’s actually a fine anthem for the terrible things you get away with in Party Hard, far more than the phenomenal single it takes its name from. Show More Summary

Luigi Tries To Beat Mario In A Live-Action Mario Kart Short

Luigi on an electric longboard and a city turned into a Mario Kart course full of dangerous elements. The folks at CorridorDigital made a pretty neat live-action short film about Luigi trying to beat Mario’s time trial score. Read more...

NBA 2K16's latest trailer is predicated on a four-year-old hashtag

"Winning!" That's what some marketer with tiger blood in his veins thought when he saw this NBA 2K16 trailer. "This is bi-winning. It wins here, and it wins there. This, now this makes all other trailers look like droopy-eyed armless children." He was wrong. Show More Summary

All the US Navy combat jets in history

To celebrate the ingenuity of flying beast machines, we created this awesome video that catalogs all of the US Navy’s combat jets. You’ll see modern jets like the Harrier and F-18 and F-35 along with old school, bad ass planes with names like Banshee and Phantom and Panther and Skynight. Read more...

The 'Uncharted' PS4 collection isn't just a quick-and-dirty port

There's no doubt that Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is an attempt to rekindle interest in the franchise (and score some extra sales) ahead of Uncharted 4's release next year. However, that doesn't mean that Bluepoint Games' PlayStation 4 port of the first three Uncharted games is a simple cash-in. Show More Summary

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain reviews – all the scores

The Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain review embargo is up, and critics have had their say on what may be the biggest Hideo Kojima game yet. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain had a whopping budget and was in the works for so long that Kojima productions released a prologue and tutorial […]

River City Ransom: Underground comes to Steam Greenlight with new trailers

It has been nearly two years since River City Ransom: Underground was funded on Kickstarter, and the game has just recently went up for voting on Steam Greenlight with the above new trailer in tow. While you're giving it a watch be sure...Show More Summary

Metroid’s Samus looks glorious in this Unreal Engine 4 tech demo

Metroid fan CryZENx has created an Unreal Engine 4 tech demo showing how the series and its protagonist Samus would look in HD using current-gen tech. If your system utilizes DX12 you can try the Sun Temple Demo out yourself through here.

The Debt: Director’s Cut is one of the darkest GTA 5 videos we’ve seen yet – and it’s pretty great

As we’ve said before, we’re constantly amazed at the creativity oozing from the gaming community, and this GTA 5 video is no exception. Created by The Game Mechanics, the video isn’t the usual silliness we tend to find to lighten your Saturday up a bit. The subject matter is rather dark. And it’s pretty damn […]

Metroid fan realises HD Samus in Unreal Engine 4 tech demo

Ever wonder what Samus would look like in HD? Well wonder no more, as YouTuber CryZENx has made a small tech demo depicting Nintendo's beloved series in Unreal Engine 4. Utilising DX12, this fancy demo shows us Samus from both a first...Show More Summary

Dota 2's Rick and Morty announcer pack out now

Dota 2's latest announcer pack brings Adult Swims' Rick and Morty on board as narrators for the popular MOBA. Priced at £5.35 / $7.99 on Dota 2's official site, we get to hear surly scientist Rick and his terrified grandson Morty frantically comment on everything that's happening. Show More Summary

Heroes of the Storm has a neat little Duck Hunt homage

Whenever you have time, boot up Heroes of the Storm and check out this cute new Easter egg. It takes place in the Monk's splash screen following the latest patch, and allows you to play a small little game of Duck Hunt. As uncoveredShow More Summary

Check out the The Docks map from Battlefield Hardline’s Robbery DLC

A new video giving you a look at the upcoming Robbery DLC Battlefield Hardline is posted below for your viewing pleasure. In the video, Battlefield expert Westie gives you a look a The Docks map which is located at the Oakland Port in San Francisco. It’s a homage to the Noshahr Canals from Battlefield 3. […]

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