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Rare shows the 'Conker' game that never was

If you know your Rare history, you probably know that Conker's Bad Fur Day began life as a tame, kid-friendly game and evolved into the foul-mouthed 'mature' title that reached your Nintendo 64. Have you wondered what that original squirrel adventure looked like in action, however? Rare is happy to help. Show More Summary

GTA 5: a semi-truck using the trailer as a plow makes for a fun rush hour

YouTuber Blacksmoke Billy, known for his GTA 5 stunt videos, returns again with some more truck and trailer craziness. According to the video description, Blacksmoke Billy used sjaak327’s Simple Trainer mod to make the ramps and his own handling mod so the cars would fly higher into the air. Just think how quick one could […]

Street Racquetball is a real game coming to PSN

Street Racquetball, one of the more obscure titles in D3 Publisher's budget-priced Simple series, is coming to PlayStation Network next Tuesday, October 6, as a PSone Classic. Mmm, yes, classic. In Japan, Street Racquetball is knownShow More Summary

Ubisoft walked me through The Division, and I'm still unsure about it

The demo for Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division was one of the weirdest experiences I had at EGX. Ever since it was announced, I have been cynical that what we've seen of the game so far has been very controlled and carefully constructed...Show More Summary

Tri Force Heroes' new tell-all trailer brings the puns and tears

I really wish I hadn't seen this new tell-all trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes because now I'm both incredibly pumped and disappointed. I'm pumped because I didn't realize the game has online matchmaking, 32 dungeons, and a competitive coliseum that rewards winners with items to create new magical clothing. Show More Summary

GTA 5 meets Friday the 13th in this rather creepy video

Halloween will be here before we know it, so let’s start things off a bit early with a slightly disturbing user-created GTA 5 video. Poor woman. Jumping to her death like that. Then again, it’s better than being chopped up by a machete-wielding maniac like Jason Voorhees. The video project started off as Code name […]

Watch: Uncharted - The Nathan Drake Collection live at 5pm

Last month, Aoife and I had the great pleasure of meeting veteran video game voice actor Nolan North. We filmed a lovely interview about the reality of video game voice acting, and I managed to rope him into taking part in one of the most incredible Dad-Jokes of all-time. Show More Summary

The World's Smallest Car Is Perfect For GTA V

The Peel P50 three-wheeled microcar, which is the smallest production automobile in the world, certainly won’t stop the GTA V train, but it’s pretty much good for everything else. Read more...

Goku And Frieza Are Having A Rematch In The Living Room

It’s an amazingly choreographed battle scene of two hands... dressed as Goku and Frieza from Dragon Ball Z by HigaTV. Read more...

PS1 at 20: Fluid's symphony of drugs, dolphins and drum'n'bass

If there's a more ubiquitous cliché about PlayStation's impact on the gaming landscape than they-put-Wipeout-in-clubs-and-made-games-cool, then I've temporarily forgotten it. A couple of things about that cliché, though. One: it's a cliché for a reason, because it really was a moment. Show More Summary

Check out Just Cause 3's 400 square mile map

The latest Just Cause 3 developer diary reveals the game's immense, 400 square mile map. The video details the game's expansive territory of the Mediterranean island of Medici and offers sneeky peeks across the landscape in which Rico...Show More Summary

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 review

In 2014, four years after its original release, Skate 3, the third and most chaotic entry in EA's series of skateboarding video games, was reprinted. The game had become an unexpected hit on YouTube. A bevy of bugs and glitches madeShow More Summary

Minecraft's story mode means more action, less dirt farming

Back in December, Telltale Games hinted that there was a narrative-driven installment of the Minecraft franchise on the way. Now in the newly released trailer, we get to see the story behind the first episode dubbed "The Order of the...Show More Summary

Home Free, A Game Where You're A Dog Lost In The Big City

Why aren’t there more games where you play as dogs? Dogs are awesome. Dog’s Life on PS2 is awesome. Humans are OK, I guess, but come on, more dog games please. Like this one! Read more...

NHL 16 pegs Anaheim Ducks as Stanley Cup champs

It's not exactly a leap of faith, but NHL 16 has used its magical season simulating video game powers to predict that the Anaheim Ducks will win the 2016 Stanley Cup. By most accounts, Anaheim enters the season as the Western Conference...Show More Summary

Watch: Ian try not to cry while playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

We all had a sneaky feeling that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 was going to be a disappointment, but I don't think anyone could have guessed it would turn out quite as bad as it has. If our glitch compilation wasn't enough to convince you...Show More Summary

Meet the cast of Minecraft: Story Mode with this trailer

Minecraft: Story Mode officially kicks off on October 13 with its first episode The Order of the Stone. Though we previewed it recently at PAX Prime, there haven't been any trailers for it since the teaser back in July. With the release...Show More Summary

Top 10 moments from Destiny: The Taken King

Let's skip all the critical stuff and just yammer away about the coolest bits in Destiny: The Taken King.

Don't forget to nab your free Xbox Live games

You might not think of us as civil servants, but we do. We're here to inform and to remind and to prevent you from forgetting to download free video games. It's a tough gig, but we're always up for a challenge. As such, we'd like to dutifully remind you that today's the last day to pick up some free Xbox games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Show More Summary

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