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The Division – here’s more on leveling, skills, perks and some gameplay

Following up on yesterday’s super quick glimpse of character customization and progression in The Division, today, more information on the subject has dropped. A new post from Massive on the game’s official website touches upon character levels in the game, specifically on how each will have its own level or rank in the Dark Zones […]

The best deals this Black Friday

Every November, people in the US (and other parts of the world) spend millions of dollars during the biggest shopping day of the year: Black Friday. This tradition is only growing too, as retailers broaden their limited-time deals from the physical world to the internet. Show More Summary

Here's a first look at the Disney Infinity Force Awakens campaign

Disney Infinity 3.0 is still chugging, thanks to the upcoming Force Awakens film tie-in Play Set that will launch next month. This is the second to last set that we know of that will be launching for Infinity. The next planned project...Show More Summary

Kentucky Route Zero Act 4 is 'almost done'

Hey, quick question. Do you pronounce the word 'route' as "R-out" or "root"? I'm in the latter camp, myself. Anyway, independent developers Cardboard Computer released another 140-character progress update on the much-anticipated fourth act of their superb bourbon-tinged 'Phantom Tollbooth by way of Johnny Cash' adventure game Kentucky Route Zero. Show More Summary

Xbox 360 at 10: Gaming's golden age

We called it method gaming, though really it was just a new way of arsing about. The success of Sony's PlayStation may have been built upon it piggy-backing on the counter-culture cool of the mid-90s, but I could only pretend to understand...Show More Summary

Legit or not, these Star Wars Battlefront mod screenies are gorgeous

Star Wars Battlefront takes on something of the aesthetic of the original trilogy in a new graphics mod. Modder Martin Bergman is back with another Toddyhancer suite, this time for Star Wars Battlefront. The mod looks almost photo-realistic in stills, but the creator admits it cuts frame rate by as much as 40fps, which means […]

Look like a wasteland warrior when Fallout 4 invades Rock Band 4

If you fancy yourself a living room faux-musician, this is probably the closest you'll ever get to looking like a Fall Out Boy. Harmonix has collaborated with Bethesda to add free Fallout 4 Vault-111 jumpsuits to the Rock Band 4 wardrobe. The...Show More Summary

Here's nine minutes of new Unravel gameplay

IGN have released nine whole minutes of brand new gameplay footage for the utterly lovely Unravel. It feels weird seeing Yarny without his nervous, friendly creator Martin Sahlin gently guiding us through it, but it’s also nice to have...Show More Summary

Noby Noby Boy has finally reached Pluto

It's been nearly seven years (2468 days in total) since February 19, 2009, the day Bandai Namco unleashed Keita Takahashi's demented brainchild Noby Noby Boy upon the world. Since then a dedicated community has been ardently stretching...Show More Summary

Make your 'Halo 5' Spartan into a 3D-printed trophy

Halo 5's campaign is hot garbage if you're playing through it solo, but the multiplayer suite is pretty much the opposite if you're into competitive shooters. It's a likely reason why Microsoft is shifting its latest ad and PR focus around the mode -- pre-release hype centered on the game's flaccid story. Show More Summary

A Stormtrooper smacking his head is one of Star Wars Battlefront's best easter eggs

Stormtroopers are kind of a clumsy lot. For supposedly elite soldiers, they sure do miss often with their blasters. Oh yeah, a bunch of Ewoks outsmarted and defeated them, too. It seems like if Darth Vader wants something done right,...Show More Summary

Take a fateful trip beyond the sun in Last Horizon

Last Horizon is a space exploration game on Steam, Android, and iTunes where it's up to you to find a new home for the entire human race. It has the underlying sense of loneliness and dread that you might find in films like Sunshine or Frownhunters, but with controls and problems reminiscent of Asteroids and Lunar Lander. Show More Summary

League of Legends promotes new Champion with a browser game

Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess, is the newest Champion on the block for League of Legends. Riot Games is allowing players to get acquainted with her tough love personality by way of a minigame, which is playable in your browser. Basically,...Show More Summary

Watch: Tips for mastering Star Wars Battlefront's Fighter Squadron mode

Some people reckon Return of the Jedi is the weakest of the original Star Wars trilogy, but the space battle above Endor is one of my favourite sequences from the entire series. That's why I bloody love Star Wars Battlefront's Fighter Squadron mode. Show More Summary

Minecraft Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition finally have redstone

Redstone is one of the most important things in Minecraft. It lets people build incredibly impressive things such as self-performing songs and fully-functioning computers. Seriously, the kind of stuff some people can do with redstone...Show More Summary

Mark Cuban: League of Legends is 'a real sport'

If you're like me, you know the name and face of Mark Cuban, but you probably don't know a whole lot about him. I put on my detective coat and hat and did some digging (read: Wikipedia) and found that he is a businessman, investor, film...Show More Summary

Hahahaha: Tidus shows his stuff in Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade

Tidus (Teedus) is kind of an awkward protagonist. X was the first fully-voiced Final Fantasy game, and Square really tried to force in some strange subplots and scenes meant to evoke emotion -- instead, they ended up being weird in an uncanny valley-esque way. But the game? Man do I love myself some Final Fantasy X. Show More Summary

Does it matter if Link is a boy or a girl?

Linkle's debut as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors Legends seems to mean something big to a lot of people, but I guess that's par for course. Regardless of how long it's been since you actually played a Legend of Zelda game, chances...Show More Summary

I’ve never heard of Hollow Knight before today, but the trailer is hot as hell.

I’ve never heard of Hollow Knight before today, but the trailer is hot as hell. It’s on my radar now, and it’s apparently coming to PC, Mac, and Wii U next year. Read more...

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