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Fan-made Pokemon AR game is super cool, and you can try it for yourself right now if you have a HoloLens

Pokemon battles in the real world, through the power of AR. PokeLens is a fan-made Pokemon battler for HoloLens, which brings your real-world Pokemon hunting and battling dreams to life in a way Pokemon Go can’t really rival. Since the video above was released in early November, PokeLens has been updated with voice commands, making […]

10 Big Missing Games of PSX 2016

A lot of news came out of last weekend's PlayStation Experience, but some big games we've been waiting for didn't make an appearance.

GoNintendo Video - Today's BIG story (12/7/16): Switch getting GameCube VC, Melee incoming?

Welcome to Today's Big Story for Dec. 7th, 2016. Rumors continue to swirl about the Switch. Could Switch finally bring us a GameCube Virtual Console? It seems so, and Smash Bros. Melee is on the way! Direct link and subscribe here!

Review: The Pokemon Cookbook

If 2013 was the Year of Luigi, 2016 has to be the Year of Pokémon. From that kick-ass Super Bowl commercial last February to the release of Pokkén Tournament and through the record-breaking launches of Pokémon Go and Pokémon Sun & Moon, it feels as though everyone has been talking about Pokémon non-stop for the past 11 months. Show More Summary

Some maniac walked all the way across Steep's map

Those who wish to explore Steep's vast open world will find themselves traveling in one general direction: down. That's the general goal when it comes to winter mountain sports. Just get to the bottom and make it look cool while you do it. One Steep player took a decidedly more arduous approach to traversing the in-game Alps. Show More Summary

Oh boy, Will Ferrell will star as a pro gamer in eSports movie

Ever see Talladega Nights and think "I'd love to see a version of this with major league gaming?" Someone did. ESPN reports that Will Ferrell will take on the role as a professional gamer in the not yet named esports film produced by...Show More Summary

Watch: Do Pokémon Sun and Moon prove a 20-year-old Pokéfan theory once and for all?

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, don't they. Well, everyone except for maybe Buzz Aldrin. There are plenty of game theories knocking around the net, but one of the first and probably one of the most well known has to be about the relationship between the Pokémon, Cubone and Kangaskhan. Show More Summary

'Skyrim' and 'Fallout' immortalized as virtual pinball machines

Xbox One and PC owners can now get their hands on Bethesda's all-new Skyrim, Fallout and Doom... themed pinball machines. Available today as DLC for the free game Pinball FX 2, Microsoft gamers can trial these new tables for a limited time at no extra cost. Show More Summary

Palutena teaches Smash how to Pole Dance

In an apparent sequel to the Bayonetta video we showed you a few months ago, YouTuber MasterofHyrule has put together a video showing each of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U's characters performing Palutena's pole dancing taunt. As in the...Show More Summary

Soulcalibur's 20th anniversary video gives glimmer of hope for 6th title

Has it been 20 years? The original Soul Edge released in Japanese arcades back in 1995, making this the 21st anniversary. It came to PlayStation in Japan in 1996, which is probably where they are counting from, but not until the following year in America and Europe. Show More Summary

Been a while since we've seen Rain World's good ol' slugcat

Rain World met its Kickstarter funding goal almost three years ago, and it has been largely out of the spotlight since then. Heck, the last time we wrote anything about the oppressive, waterlogged world was like a year and a half ago. But...Show More Summary

Even Dunkey Likes Final Fantasy XV

“All they do is kill shit and eat spaghetti” - perhaps the most fitting description of Final Fantasy XV, as described by YouTube funnyman videogamedunkey. The usually negative dunkey was charmed by Square Enix’s latest, mostly because of Gilgamesh. Read more...

If you want to play The Last Guardian at a reasonably stable framerate, you'll need a PS4 Pro

When rumours first started surfacing about the prospect of a new and more powerful PlayStation 4 console, I couldn't help but be a little concerned. Despite the fact that this is a tactic that's been employed by Nintendo in the pastShow More Summary

GoNintendo Video - Today's Big Story (12/5/16) - THQ Nordic's big Switch support

Welcome to Today's Big Story for Dec. 5th, 2016. Let's talk about THQ Nordic and their commitment to the Switch. Direct link and subscribe here!

The Last Guardian PS4 Pro vs PS4 gameplay comparison

Take a peek at how the game measures up on the two consoles. The Last Guardian is releasing this week and if you’re curious about how it’s reviewing, you can check out our review round-up here or Matt Martin’s thoughts on the game here. If you’re more interested in how the graphics stack up, […]

Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour Demo PSVR+PS4 Pro Gameplay

If you're looking for a definitive PSVR experience, the upcoming Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is looking like a wonderful candidate. Watch us explore the demo using the PlayStation VR on a PlayStation 4 Pro. For more great videos, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews on YouTube.

Norman Reedus and the ghost from P.T. have a freaky reunion in MGS5

If you thought P.T. was terrifying, wait until you get a load of this. P.T. has been thoroughly datamined and the result is a super weird Metal Gear Solid 5 scene starring none other than the spooky ghost as Quiet and Norman Reedus as Big Boss. Oh, and that gross fetus makes an appearance too, […]

Final Fantasy 15 Japanese Cup Noodle commercial is all kinds of crazy

Cup Noodle product placement on a whole new level. If you’ve started playing Final Fantasy 15, you may have noticed the very real Nisshin Cup Noodles popping up on a billboard or – more likely – in conversation with Gladio, who can’t get enough of the things. There’s even a tie-in quest – be warned, […]

Survival smash 'The Flame in the Flood' comes to PS4 in January

The Flame in the Flood's distinctive approach to wilderness survival gaming was well-received when it reached PCs and the Xbox One earlier this year, so it's only natural that the game come to PlayStation gamers, right? Right. The Molasses Flood and Curve Digital have revealed that the game will reach the PS4 sometime in January. Show More Summary

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