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Fate/Grand Order celebrates ensnaring 2 million innocents

Fate/Grand Order might be one of the crueler varieties of mobile gacha game, but that hasn't stopped it from achieving some measure of popularity, if the game's latest announcement is to be believed. The FGO website has announced that...Show More Summary

Oh hell yes, there's a Saw-like escape the room game

Escape the room, a genre of games about tricky and often obtuse solutions for leaving a place, has never been done better than in the original Saw film. It's the purest distillation of what these games try to accomplish. Hack your own leg off and then you get to escape the room. Show More Summary

Destiny 2’s Latest Faction Rally Is A Total Disaster

Destiny 2's Faction Rally has arrived with a number of issues, either purposeful bad decisions, or some unfortunate bugs.

GTA Online players can grab the Grotti GT500 from today, take to the skies in new Adversary Mode

GTA Online players can now add a new Sports Classic to their garage, and also participate in the newest Adversary Mode. The snazzy Grotti GT500 Sports Classic has arrived in GTA Online, and those in the mood for sky battles might be interested in the latest Adversary Mode. It’s not the fastest Sports Classic available […]

The galactic tussle at the heart of Star Control: Origins

Is there something about space games in particular that causes developers to fall out with one another to the extent that it's deemed necessary to dispatch a squadron of legal vipers to sort things out? They've darted between David Braben...Show More Summary

‘Scribblenauts’ returns with a party game for consoles

Innovative wordplay-based game Scribblenauts debuted on the Nintendo DS at the end of the last decade, but we haven't heard from the franchise since it headed to mobile for a semi-sequel in 2015. But today we got news that a new entry...Show More Summary

WWE 2K18 showcases latest DLC pack 'Enduring Icons'

This new DLC pack for WWE 2K18 celebrates the illustrious careers of five of Vince McMahon's big sweaty house of hard knock “superstars” of yesteryear! First up, “The Glamazon” herself, Beth Phoenix, who is easily one of the mid to late 2000s best female in-ring workers. Show More Summary

Square Enix to host Japanese Secret of Mana live stream tomorrow

Square Enix have announced a live stream, to be held tomorrow, featuring new news and video for Secret of Mana, the upcoming remake of the 1993 SNES classic.The live stream will feature interviews with key developers from both the original release and the new edition of the action-RPG title, which launches next month. Show More Summary

The next weird 3DS game includes a tiny fishing reel

Japan's fondness for games with highly specialized controllers frequently produces wonderfully weird results. If you need proof, you just need to look at Bandai Namco's upcoming Baku Tsuri Bar Hunter for the 3DS. The manga-linked augmented...Show More Summary

Forza Horizon 3 rolls out 4K update for Xbox One X

Forza Motorsport 7 might've been an impressive-looking showcase title for Xbox One X at launch, but I get the feeling that plenty of folks would just as well stick with 2016's Forza Horizon 3 if given the choice. Today, the game hasShow More Summary

We explore the story of Outpost Games & SOS in Gameumentary's next documentary

Hey Destructoid fans, it's almost time for a new video game documentary from your friends at Gameumentary. Maybe you forgot because it's been a while, but Destructoid's parent company, Enthusiast Gaming, helped fund our Kickstarter campaign...Show More Summary

A new House of the Dead is heading to arcades

House of the Dead, Sega's outstanding campy on-rails shooter, is returning to the arcades after an absence of over a decade with this year's Scarlet Dawn. The cabinet - a gloriously large number - is heading to Akihabara's Club Sega later this month for a location test. Show More Summary

Masters of the Remaster: Inside Bluepoint Games

Bluepoint Games is a studio known for their consistently excellent results in the realm of remastering, refurbishing, and remaking classic games. So, you'd expect their headquarters to be bit flashier than the outwardly unremarkable building they share in Austin, Texas. Show More Summary

Life is Strange: Before the Storm review – an inessential choice ends an essential addition to a complex story

Have you played Life is Strange: Before the Storm? Let’s talk about that ending. Spoilers for both Life is Strange games ahead. The final episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm arrived just as I was clocking off for the year, but that just means I’ve had plenty of time to get really angry […]

‘Dark Souls’ and 'Mario Tennis' join Switch's 2018 lineup

Nintendo revealed another slew of titles that will come to the Switch, from old favorites and cult classics to, uh, Dark Souls. In today's Nintendo Direct video, the company announced new Kirby and Mario Tennis games headed to the console, plus a couple indie games and re-releases. Show More Summary

Towerfall Developer’s Next Game Launches Later This Month

Celeste is a platformer that plays like a mix of Towerfall and Super Meat Boy, coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch.

Strikers Edge is Top-Down Pixel-Art Dodgeball With Medieval Weaponry

Strikers Edge was originally born from a “game development marathon” hosted at the Lisbon Global Game Jam back in 2014. It was raw, unpolished and ugly, but the main mechanic was there: shooting weapons at each other to take down your opponent.

Battlefield 1 Operations to be playable outside of Premium going forward

It appears DICE is starting to remove some of the content behind the Premium paywall of Battlefield 1. Alongside today’s Fire & Ice Operation Campaigns update, all players are able to access DLC Operations which were initially Battlefield 1 Premium content. According to a post written on the Battlefield forums by lead designer Alex Sulman, […]

Nintendo sues mobile developer Colopl for a hefty sum over a joystick patent

Nintendo has a lot of patent cases to sift through at any given time, which makes sense as they patent a lot of new technology. They also need to protect and enforce those patents, and they're making the case once again in a lawsuitShow More Summary

Sting is the narrator in 'Where the Water Tastes Like Wine'

When the story trailer for Where the Water Tastes Like Wine dropped in August, it featured the voice of one of the most prolific and famous singers of the past forty years -- and no one noticed. Sting, the lead singer and bassist ofShow More Summary

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