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E3 website adds Xbox One virtual reality filter, multiple companies register

The ESA recently added the ability to search E3 2016's official website for the category 'Xbox One virtual reality' and it appears as though multiple companies have registered under said category, including: Maximum Games, Rebellion,...Show More Summary

Face-Off: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PC

PC is already home to superb renditions of the Final Fantasy series' back catalogue, but the arrival of Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remaster marks a very special moment. This PC release is the first time this entry has become available outside Sony's ecosystem, with a port that's once again tidily handled by Chinese developer, Virtuos. Show More Summary


How many of you had the AIM screen name "SSJVegeta12" or some derivative thereof, or did the Fusion Dance in the comfort of your own home in front of a mirror? It's ok to admit it, you're among friends here. If you're one of those people,...Show More Summary

Just when you thought the Mega Man cartoon couldn't get any weirder

So, that Mega Man cartoon. It's a thing. It's coming next year, and it follows Mega Man's alter-go "Aki Light" as he...attends school and moonlights as the Blue Bomber. It', you know, whatever. But new details from IGN have brought me to new highs (Rush is in!), and subsequently, new lows. Show More Summary

So how good is Pokemon, really?

[A lot of us have been in a very Pokémon mood lately. But are we being blinded by nostalgia and cute critters? Voltech wrote an Aerial Ace blog on the matter, go read it with ExtremeSpeed. ~ Shade] Not to start this off with a tangent,...Show More Summary

Yomawari: Night Alone Comes to PS Vita October 25

Hello there, dood! This is Judith from NIS America here to bring everyone some thrilling news! Yomawari: Night Alone will be arriving on PS Vita October 25, 2016! As an added bonus, the retail edition will be bundled with htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary, for the ultimate 2-in-1 spine-chilling experience. Show More Summary

Overwatch: these are the Ultimates Genji can deflect

Just how well can Genji deflect other Overwatch characters with his abilities beyond the obvious projectiles? Rather well it seems. Overwatch: these are the Ultimates Genji can deflect Genji uses arrows, bullets and Shuriken as his main arsenal, and he is also able to block the majority of the other Heroes’ Ultimates. In the video […]

Does The Witcher 3 expansion fulfil the original graphics promise?

The upcoming Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3 has some of the most striking areas seen running on REDengine 3, and for those who felt The Witcher 3 fell short of its ambitious E3 showings, it marks a strong comeback. Set around...Show More Summary

Mighty No. 9's new trailer isn't going down well

Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune's spiritual successor to the Blue Bomber, Mighty No. 9, has received a new trailer and the reaction hasn't been good. The latest trailer (below) currently has 5234 downvotes and only 583 upvotes on YouTube. Show More Summary

The Division Predator’s Mark Gear Set review – is it any good?

The Division 1.2 update includes four new gear sets, one of which is the Predator’s Mark. Let’s have a look at it. The Division Predator’s Mark Gear Set review – is it any good? According to the video review from Arekkz above, the Predator’s Mark set provides the player with increased optimal range, a boost […]

Rumor: two new Xbox consoles in development, one to be revealed at E3

Brad Sams, a blogger concentrated on all things Microsoft, teased big console reveals coming in the future. Now Sams is getting into specifics: per his YouTube livestream titled The Sams Report, the company will unveil a slimmer Xbox...Show More Summary

Gears of War nearly shipped without multiplayer

Gears of War is arguably most famous for popularizing cover-based shooting and gun/chainsaw hybrids, but the franchise owes its longevity to the inaugural chapter's multiplayer—a vital component that almost didn't ship with the game in 2006. You may remember that Gears of War was one of the Xbox 360's early marquee titles. Show More Summary

Uh, Hello Kitty is coming to Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker's free DLC went from "oh cool homage" to "who will show up next?" pretty damn quick. Outside of a bunch of Nintendo characters we're also getting a ton of third-party additions, including Hello Kitty herself, who will...Show More Summary

There’s a lot of talk about a Prey 2 revival at E3 2016

2016 may be the year that sees the return of Prey 2. There’s a lot of talk about a Prey 2 revival at E3 2016 Thanks to a recent update to a couple of Prey domains, the internet started has once again started talking about the long lost shooter. and were both recently […]

A Broken Embargo Reveals ‘Warcraft’ May Not Be Ending The Video Game Movie Curse

Early review for the Warcraft movie are in, and many of them are not positive. But some fans are pushing back, saying the film lived up to their expectations and more.

The Division update 1.2: how to beat the Clear Sky Incursion on Hard Mode

Today’s update 1.2 for The Division includes a new Incursion called Clear Sky. Below you will find a guide giving you a few pointers. The Division update 1.2: how to beat the Clear Sky Incursion on Hard Mode Since Challenge Mode for the new Incursion won’t arrive until next week, Arekkz walks you through Hard […]

Shot standing behind a wall: why isn't Overwatch's tick rate higher?

The Overwatch launch, in terms of server performance, is going very well. But there's an issue the community feels is being ignored and they would like to see changed. It's the game's tick rate. The tick rate is how often a server updates every second. Show More Summary

Explore Total War: Warhammer in new 4K, 360° trailer

I am enjoying this trailer trend. Explore Total War: Warhammer in new 4K, 360° trailer Total War: Warhammer is upon us. The blend of Games Workshop lore and Total War mechanics works really well, apparently, and as ever the latest Total War release is a big day on the PC calendar. If you’re not sold […]

About that Sombra Overwatch character, and other things besides

Blizzard didn't unveil a new Overwatch hero in its Soldier 76 'Hero' animated short yesterday - didn't do anything of the sort. I wasn't the only one fairly convinced Blizzard would throw back the curtain on a character called Sombra who would turn out to be Pharah's mother Ana Amari, an original Overwatch member and whose whereabouts are unknown. Show More Summary

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