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Watch the nostalgic trailer for Spielberg's 'Ready Player One'

After no shortage of hype, Warner Bros. is finally ready to show what Steven Spielberg's take on Ready Player One is all about. The studio has released the first trailer for the adaptation of Ernest Cline's novel, and it's clear that...Show More Summary

Keep the dream for Midnight Club 5 alive with this hot fan-made trailer

After watching this fan-made video for Midnight Club, we really want Rockstar, get started on another one. After it releases Red Dead Redemption 2 obviously because we need our cowboy fix first. Created by RavenwestR1 using a ton of GTA 5 mods, the trailer is definitely a worthy homage to the Midnight Club franchise. RavenwestR1 […]

Splatoon 2: the first post-launch weapon will release later today and it’s the Inkbrush

Splatoon 2 players are being handed a new weapon. Nintendo announced the new weapon would be handed to Splatoon 2 players starting today. The first new, downloadable weapon is the Inkbrush and it’s Special Weapon is Splashdown and the Sub Weapon is Splat Bombs. It’s all part of Nintendo’s post-launch support for the game, and […]

Spider-Man and Frank West join latest ‘Marvel vs. Capcom’ roster

Like comic books, fighting games are ripe for the crossover treatment. Nintendo has done it with good success in the Super Smash Bros. series, bringing characters from disparate franchises like Street Fighter and Fire Emblem together to brawl on the Wii U and 3DS. Show More Summary

Destiny 2 beta guide: All Exotics, weapons and armour, and how to get your hands on them

A guide to all of the weapons, Exotics, and armour – and how to get them – in the Destiny 2 beta. The Destiny 2 beta kicked off last night for early access PS4 pre-orders, with Xbox One pre-order early access tonight, before it opens up to everyone this weekend. You can check exactly when […]

Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta for Ghost War PvP mode coming later this summer

An open beta will be held for Ghost War, the PvP mode for Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Ubisoft announced today Ghost Recon: Wildlands the PvP mode Ghost War will go into open beta on all platforms. It will happen later this summer, and once testing concludes Ghost War is released, it will be a free update […]

Destiny 2’s open beta social space The Farm will only be live for an hour. Here’s when you can get in and what to expect

Destiny 2’s open beta social space is only going to be live for an hour. Don’t miss your window. The Destiny 2 beta opens up for everyone this weekend on the tail end of the early access period for PS4 and Xbox One pre-order players, or those who had early access codes. If you’re wondering […]

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Switch footage surfaces

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was announced for the Nintendo Switch way back at the start of the year. But now, footage of the game in action has surfaced out of San Diego Comic-Con.The dude responsible for the clip is Youtuber FILIP, who shot the footage off-screen due to The Big N's "No direct capture" rule. Show More Summary

Does Xbox One get the full-fat Destiny 2 experience?

Bungie set out to achieve cross-platform parity with the first Destiny three years ago and to a great extent, it fully achieved that: 1080p on both systems, an identical visual feature set and very similar performance levels. The question...Show More Summary

Gigantic All in on Original Gameplay Decisions

We’ve been following Gigantic for ages. Not the “it’s been delayed forever to make it the best game ever” like Zelda, Gran Turismo or Warcraft 4. No, Gigantic has taken [...]

Sonic Forces' new villain is Infinite, watch him kick Sonic's ass

Sonic doesn't come out of the new Sonic Forces trailer looking too capable. Dr. Robotnik has a new henchman on his side, and that villainous figure spends the one-minute clip kicking Sonic into walls and confusing Tails with his speed. Show More Summary

'Call of Duty: WWII' takes zombies back to the front lines

Of course zombie mode is back for Call of Duty: WWII, and developer Sledgehammer Games just dropped a trailer for the undead nightmare mode. Of course, you and pals are tasked with eradicating the Nazi zombie scourge. The trailer's YouTube description is as follows: Source: Call of Duty (YouTube)

The Evil Within 2 Trailer Is All About Survival ... Duh!

The Evil Within 2 was a welcome sight at E3 this year, given the popularity and success of the original from Tango Gameworks and developer Shinji Mikami. In a new "Survive" trailer for the game, leading father Sebastian Castellanos must...Show More Summary

Pokémon GO’s Legendary Reveal Trailer Contains A Ton Of Important Info

Niantic has come out and confirmed the existence and arrival of Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO with a new trailer. And there's a lot of information to extract from it.

GoNintendo Video - What the HELL are Pearl & Marina saying?! A Splatoon 2 lyric video!

Remember a couple years ago when I teamed up with Austin (of Eggbusters fame) to create a lyric video for a Splatoon song? Well we're back with a new lyric video for a song in Splatoon 2! I hope you enjoy this absolutely stupid video. If you like what you see, we'd love to have you subscribe!

DOOM is free this weekend and all its multiplayer DLC is free forever

This DOOM update is a little bit evil. The latest DOOM patch brings the shooter to version 6.66, which in the words of the immortal (?) Salmon Hater is 1/100th of The Number of the Beast. That makes it 1% evil, probably, and the evil is easy to pinpoint: the update wipes DOOM’s multiplayer progression, […]

Survival looks tough in The Evil Within 2's latest gameplay trailer

I'm looking forward to The Evil Within 2. The first game had plenty of issues, but I dug the way it blended a bunch of horror influences to make a batshit crazy story that never stopped to see if the player was paying attention. Plus,...Show More Summary

ESPN had an EVO finalist change Cammy's revealing outfit for broadcast

This past weekend was the Evolution Championship Series tournament where fighting game players from all over the world showed how cool fighting games can be at a high level. But, in that same breath, it also showed off how skimpy some...Show More Summary

Microsoft's first self-published Xbox indie games are here

Microsoft has quietly launched the Xbox Creators Program on Xbox One. Finding it and its wares on the Xbox Store may prove tough, however. Back in March, Microsoft said the self-publishing program would exist in its own subsection of the marketplace, but that's only gone live for Alpha ring Xbox Insiders according to Windows Central. Show More Summary

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