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Hatred: The Kotaku Review

Last fall, a producer for CBS This Morning called me to talk about the video game Hatred. I had been on CBS a year earlier to teach co-anchor Gayle King how to play Grand Theft Auto V, the biggest entertainment property in the human-discovered universe. Show More Summary

Splatoon ties end in seemingly arbitrary wins

In many ways Splatoon offers the third-person multiplayer shooter a fresh coat of paint with its focus on territory control over killing. But there's one peculiar flaw players have unearthed in Nintendo's fastest-selling new Wii U franchise: its ties are won arbitrarily. Show More Summary

Nintendo reveals a flood of new games ahead of E3 2015

The NX console isn't the only product Nintendo's working on behind the scenes, naturally. Via a Direct Micro video session, the company has now shared an outlook of its game plan for this year and beyond -- though we're sure it's not telling us everything. Show More Summary

World of Warcraft's Elwynn Forest Polished Up In Unreal Engine 4

Modder Daniel Luchau decided to use his skills and the Unreal Engine 4’s power on World of Warcraft. Elwynn Forest needs no introduction: it’s a 10-year old map, and while you can argue if the original graphics are dated or not, it definitely still has its charm. Here, it looks fantastic. Read more...

Did NewEgg just leak Windows 10 pricing and release date?

Why did OEM prices for Windows just quietly go up by $10? Because 7 8 9 herpa derp. Windows 10, the long-awaited update to make Windows 8 as useable as Windows 7 looks to be arriving before Labor Day weekend, and it looks like you can pre-order it on NewEgg. Show More Summary

Chibi Robo gets a 2D action platformer on 3DS and an amiibo

Love 'em or hate 'em, the power of amiibo is undeniable.CAse in point, I spoke to several people this last Friday that had just happily picked up the newly released Splatoon amiibo, but were planning to pass on the game itself, at least for the time being. Show More Summary

Debut footage of Katamari Damacy creator’s PS4 title Wattam surfaces

Footage of Wattam has surfaced, and it provides the viewer with the first in-game look at the PS4 game from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi. Wattam by AGB-Media The game was announced during Sony’s PlayStation Experience event last year, and is in development at Funomena, which was formed by former thatgamecompany vets Robin Hunicke and […]

Rumor that Microsoft is buying Silent Hills for billions is ridiculous

There is a rumor getting posted on basically every gaming website saying Microsoft is buying Silent Hills from Konami for billions of dollars, and it sounds like complete bullshit. An anonymous source has told Rooster Teeth's The Know that Microsoft is hoping to have the game as an Xbox One exclusive. Show More Summary

Rumor: Microsoft resurrecting Silent Hills as an Xbox One exclusive

Rumors are circulating that Microsoft is in negotiations with Konami to revive Silent Hills. The game was officially canceled in April and the teaser, P.T., was pulled from the PlayStation Store shortly after. The rumor comes from the...Show More Summary

Silent Hills Reportedly Coming to Xbox One

According to an anonymous source, Microsoft wants to buy the game before E3 this year.

These text games are strange, beautiful and essential

Porpentine's dystopian interactive fiction gets collected in a bundle called Eczema Orifice Angel.

Battlefield Hardline video discusses whether PC and console balance should be treated differently

When it comes to Battlefield Hardline, or any title for that matter, should console and PC games be treated any differently in terms of game balance? That’s the question our resident Battlefield expert Westie poses in his latest video posted below. According to Westie, many PC players are finding the game much easier to play […]

Surprise! Adventures of Pip bumped up to June 4, 2015

Breaking News! I just received a top secret communique via the World Wide Web that reads as follows ~ "Due to popular demand & the magic of @NintendoAmerica, Adventures of Pip will launch on #WiiU early: June 4!" Destructoid is the first...Show More Summary

Review: Hatred

When Hatred debuted, I pretty much kept quiet. No one can really win in that situation, when the explosion of opposing viewpoints was at its loudest. I decided to wait until the finished product was out and play it for myself, to see...Show More Summary

Xbox One looks like it's getting a better, newer controller after E3

It seems as if there's a subtle but big change on the horizon for the Xbox One controller. The current model features a proprietary audio jack that requires an adapter (sold separately for $25) to use with normal headphones. Microsoft...Show More Summary

Here’s how to beat Destiny’s level 34 boss Qodron in the Prison of Elders

Having issues bringing down Destiny boss Qodron in the Prison of Elders? There’s a video guide for that below. Qodron is this week’s level 34 boss, and there are a couple different strategies you can use: shoot him with rockets till he’s dead which can be done in about 30 seconds; or there are various […]

Grand Theft Auto V As An 80s TV Show

YouTuber Dolce’s filters, use of an 4:3 ratio, and dated music make Grand Theft Auto V look like it came in a box of old, damaged VHS tapes. Read more...

The Shawshank Redemption Looks Cool As An Adventure Game

These graphics might have been a bit simple for 1994, but everything else makes sense in Cinefix’s video re-imagining of The Shawshank Redemption as a point and click game. Read more...

Ultra Street Fighter 4 port on PS4 has some serious problems

Ultra Street Fighter 4 hit arcades, PC, PS3 and Xbox last year and yesterday the PS4 port dropped. Unfortunately, it’s riddled with issues. Problems range from lag (demonstrated by RSP TV), glitches (like this Juri video uploaded by nsb5024) and weird sound bugs (thanks Stovenven!) In a statement issued by Capcom yesterday, they said they […]

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