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Republicans embrace fair use (and Taylor Swift) to hit Obama

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

Many Republicans like to take a hard line against perceived pirates who use copyright without permission  - but what if those people included their own staff members? In the case of…

Striking a balance: How YouTube reinvented its TV app

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

Here’s a little secret about YouTube’s new TV app, which just launched on Roku streaming devices this week: It’s using the wrong shade of red. YouTube user experience designer Henry Benjamin…

Is running old content a social hack, a handy feature or a trick?

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

Vox recently ran an experiment in which it got writers to update or re-write old posts and then published them again, and pulled in many new readers -- but should it…

PlayOn gets ready to launch a desktop app with ad skipping

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

Video streaming underdog PlayOn is getting ready to launch a desktop client for Windows in the coming months, which will allow users to play and record web videos from over 100…

Dish and Fox News end carriage dispute

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

The blackout of Fox News and Fox Business News on Dish is coming to an end: Dish and Fox "have agreed to the major terms of a new long term agreement"…

Gawker Media merging Gizmodo and io9 teams into a tech super-hub

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

As the tech-media market becomes more competitive thanks to aggressive expansion by both Vox Media and BuzzFeed, Gawker Media is merging its tech blogs into a single unit as part of…

Could MySpace make a mini comeback?

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

Today the question heard around the (tech) world: MySpace is still a thing? The Wall Street Journal reported that MySpace's user numbers are actually growing, years after it became the overlooked stepsister of…

All you need to know about Dish’s new Sling TV service

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

Dish's Sling TV online streaming service, which the company plans to launch in the coming weeks, made waves at CES earlier this month, but a few questions were left unanswered. Sling…

Apple: 1 million new iBooks customers each week since iOS 8 launch

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

Apple's iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, which launched to the public this fall, come with iBooks pre-installed. That decision has paid off: iBooks has averaged one million new customers every…

Google fight over Mosley orgy shows censorship creep in Europe

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

A rich, powerful man won a series of court victories in France and Germany that arguably helped pave the way for Europe's controversial "right to be forgotten", which has helped people erase…

The Adoption Of 4K Streaming Will Be Stalled By Bandwidth, Not Hardware & Devices

With all the talk of 4K that took place at CES, some within the industry are making statements and assumptions about 4K streaming bitrates that simply aren’t accurate. Many are under the impression that 4K streaming will be delivered at around 10-12Mbps using HEVC and are also quoting data from Akamai incorrectly. If you look […]

Microsoft In Partnership With Verizon For Azure Cloud CDN Service

In the second half of last year, Microsoft made the decision not to continue the build out of their own CDN for their Azure cloud platform and instead, struck a deal with Verizon to white label Verizon’s EdgeCast CDN. While no partnership deal was ever officially announced, Microsoft has confirmed the deal to me saying, […]

Nick Denton says the traffic game is over, and BuzzFeed has won

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

In a memo to staff, Gawker Media founder Nick Denton says the site will no longer judge the value of posts purely on how much traffic they generate, and that when…

Lyve now works with Seagate drives, hints at more partnerships

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

Lyve, the personal media startup that introduced its own $300 photo-centric backup device last year, is getting a lot more affordable: Any Seagate drive that has at least 500GB capacity can…

CES is finally over. Here’s everything you missed

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

We expected CES this year to be about connecting everything from watches to toothbrushes to virtual worlds. We did see a lot of connected, crazy gadgetry and more: the FCC's Tom…

Good vibrations: this bracelet lets you communicate without words

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

What if apps didn’t need a display to send you messages? Or what if you could talk to someone across the room without raising your voice? French wearable startup Novitact wants…

David Cross launches his new movie as pay-what-you-want download

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

Filmmaker and comedian David Cross premiered his new movie at Sundance, but didn't like any of the distribution deals offered by major studios, so he decided to give the film directly…

Facebook’s new acquisition should make its videos look better

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

Facebook is doubling down on video. After publishing its latest video metrics Wednesday, which show staggering growth, the company announced its purchase of QuickFire Networks Thursday. QuickFire, not exactly a household name,…

Neil Young: Pono won’t be a hardware company for long (video interview)

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

Neil Young’s high-definition audio startup Pono just started selling its Pono player, but the music legend told me during an interview at CES in Las Vegas Wednesday that he sees Pono…

Deezer buys mobile-focused Muve Music from Cricket / AT&T

2 months agoWeb / Web Videos : NewTeeVee

Paris-based music streaming service Deezer has acquired Muve Music, the mobile-focused music service from Leap Wireless. Leap is a virtual mobile operator better known for its Cricket service, which was itself…

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