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My friend from Little Vampires pointed out that Teletubbies was created based on child language development theories.  There was debate over whether it actually aided development. But the show was certainly meant to.

News Post: Best Practices

Tycho: So, did sitting up for the amount of time it took to draw the strip feel good, or bad? Some combination? Good enough for the Gabriel doesn’t like Let It Die, and I understand why that would be. You have to read a ton of words, which has historically been my domain. Show More Summary

News Post: Nintendo Switch And More At PAX South

Tycho: Did you find yourself fascinated by the Switch presentation last night? It’s going to be at PAX South! There are still some tickets available for Saturday and Sunday. You know what else is at PAX South? The Southern Debut of Acquisitions Incorporated - featuring the return of the elven archer Morgaen. Show More Summary


Now I’m sure everyone is all very confused and concerned because hey, it’s a Friday the 13th and aren’t we supposed to be superstitious? Well I’ve always taken the viewpoint of ‘screw that noise’. Besides, today marks the fourteenth anniversary of Trogdor the Burninator (from the Strongbad series). If you don’t know what that means […]

News Post: Bulge-Play

Tycho: I’ll be calling Mike Krahulik here in a sec to write new strips; my suspicion is that he will like having something else to do besides writhe on the couch. Or, at least something to do while he writhes, just to leaven the anguish. Show More Summary

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