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News Post: Streem

Tycho: 2:00pm is becoming the usual time, it seems like; let’s stick with it. We’ll be in the air for Australia next Wednesday, so this’ll be the last regular one for a bit. After Aus, let’s get this streaming thing codified into a fully operational battlestation. (CW)TB

News Post: Youth Adjacent

Tycho: I really like the Nintendo Switch commercial, which places me at odds with Mr. Gob Dobolina, who derives from it only shame and the sense, the unavoidable sense, that the meat in his chest keeping him alive has a shelf date, like all other meat. Show More Summary

News Post: The Surface Studio!

Gabe: If you have not heard already, Microsoft just announced a new device called the Surface Studio. It’s essentially a Surface computer for your desktop. From what I understand, you can go to any Microsoft store today and actually play with one. Show More Summary

News Post: The Road Most Travelled

Tycho: There is a quote from George R. R. Martin on the cover of Dinosaur Knights, which is the second volume of what may or may not be called the Dinosaur Lords trilogy. Here is the quote: It’s like a cross between Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones. Show More Summary

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