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News Post: PAX Dev Tickets And Infoburst

Tycho: PAX Dev still has tickets available, so come get ‘em. August 31st and September 1st, come learn from and with industry peers at the Westin. Learn what, you may ask? We have a full schedule available for your perusal. Suffice it to say: good stuff. Show More Summary

News Post: Titanfail

Tycho: There’s more story in the Tutorial of Titanfall 2 than there was in Titanfall, and I love the personality they’ve brought to the bots themselves. I really liked the Titanfall 2 test as a generality; I also liked Tribes 2, and Gabriel and I were the only ones. Show More Summary

News Post: Thornwatch on BoardGameGeek

Gabe: Thornwatch is so close to finally becoming a real thing. It’s coming together so fast now that it has literally been improving every day for the last couple weeks. We took a prototype to Gencon a few weeks ago and while we were there we sat down and played the game with folks from BoardGameGeek. Show More Summary

News Post: Rocket League Got Some PA Goodies!

Gabe: PAX is just around the corner and the folks over at Rocket League have added some cool Penny Arcade/PAX items to their game! Hopefully you’ve been watching the Acquisitions Inc. series on YouTube. If not you should catch up on it now because the live game we play at PAX will pick up right where this series leaves off. Show More Summary

By the Power, for the Power

As promised, we’ve got another episode for you folks today, this one starring my favorite character of LICD. Similar to my plea from Tuesday, please subscribe, subscribe, subscribe. Or else. (please don’t ask me to justify that threat. I got nothing). -Because I Can. Quote of the Day “The nation which can prefer disgrace to […]

News Post: Gears of War 4 the watch!

Gabe: I haven’t had the watch long but it’s already time to defend my title. I plan on practicing by trying to cut Jerry in half with a real chainsaw. Perhaps the watch will change wrists this #pax. Only time, and a very bloody Gears of War 4 match between Gabe and Tycho will tell. Show More Summary

News Post: Party In The Front

Tycho: I will buy Deus Ex and play it as soon as I get five fucking minutes to rub together. I’ve been spinning fucking gold over here on Google Docs and when I say fucking gold I mean bronze at best or even tin but weirdly enough it all takes the same amount of time to make. Show More Summary

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