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Here We Go Again

Blame my age, blame my family or blame the million projects I have going on at any given moment, but it’s become clear to me over the last few years that I’m unable to complete an LICD book without a hard deadline. So, once again, I’m going to force it by doing a Kickstarter for […]

News: Update on Dad

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Scott R. Kurtz: Dad gets out of the hospital on Thursday. At that point, his in-patient rehab stops and his outpatient rehab starts. I won't have a daily 30 minute drive each way to see him and my shedule can hopefully return to some semblance of normal. Show More Summary

News Post: Quality Time

Tycho: I’d heard that the new stress test for Sea of Thieves was gonna be an actual stress test. As in, they were gonna let us come in and try to break it while they were actively trying to break the backend as well. Giving people an...Show More Summary

News Post: Posers

Tycho: I first saw the Wyrmwood crew out at PAX South, which was essentially “the tabletop focused show” before there was such a thing as PAX Unplugged. “Wood nerds” are real. I know about this from my stepfather: he was showing me some...Show More Summary

Important Notice

We need to have a chat, you and I. It’s come to my attention recently, that not enough people have been watching ‘Altered Carbon’ on Netflix. Now, I know this, based on research and gut feeling, but mostly because not everyone I know is running through the street yelling ‘HAVE YOU SEEN ALTERED CARBON’ yet. […]

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