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News Post: Peep This

26 minutes agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Tycho: I always have a good time working with my friend Kris Straub; we’ve been working for years to find a project to do together, and it happened sort of without us realizing it - with AcqInc: The “C” Team. I didn’t realize that’sShow More Summary


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GenCon; Booth #2129

Oh man, oh man, it is almost that time of year again. In a few short hours, at the crack ass of stupid, I will be boarding a plane to Philadelphia and then another, smaller, less agile plane to Indianapolis for GenCon. Lar, Randy, Moss, Will, Shayna, Greg, Krystal, Costello, Tom and myself will be […] The post GenCon; Booth #2129 appeared first on Least I Could Do.


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News Post: Sniperclips

Tycho: I had mentioned on the Twitch thing that I like hobbies that have a lot of custom language, that is to say Jargon; most hobbies are like this, but some are more dense than others. Someone bellowing from the depths of Twitor, The...Show More Summary


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I grew up in the woods with a bunch of outside dogs. When they found a dead animal they would roll in it like it was Channel #5.


For $5 a month you get access to the Bonus Booty site that has all my sketches and extra content. $10 a month and you can vote on which comic idea becomes a full fledged Devil’s Panties post. Or, just go check out Patreon because I post something every week day.


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I’ll be at Gencon in Indianapolis next week at booth 1751.

News Post: Pokémon NO Fest, Part 3

Tycho: Like any subterranean cloister, our people have tooled a lot of custom language to depict our mysteries. Jargon serves many purposes, as a shibboleth it excels, but it’s also a form of linguistic compression that saves an incredible amount of time. Show More Summary

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