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My friend Becky does the adorable all ages comic Little Vampires.

News Post: The Realest

Tycho: I did my best, people. I did my best! I don’t develop things, really; not games, in any case. I develop film occasionally. But even with my rudimentary knowledge of the form, I can establish with clarity that city simulation is not a talent housed primarily in the neck. Show More Summary

News Post: Acquisitions Incorporated: Episode 3

Tycho: Here’s the third Episode, which has the best promo ever. Thanks, Pat: Of course, you’ll want to pore over the first two also, and they are here for you. When friends fail you, when the light is at its end, five men in a basement will pretend for hours and hours. And you can join them. (CW)TB


1. That was his costume. 2. banner says ‘the devil’s distracting hip crevice’ 3. I was directly under the AC vent in Dallas Texas and they were BLASTING cold air the whole time. 4. I’m especially proud of my 1990’s Cyclops lasers. 5. Two Lumps have awesome t-shirts.


Someone in the exhibit hall asked for police assistance and they couldn’t find who had called. I was staring at them pretty intently wondering if they were there to shut down the satanic porn. They assumed I was the one who called. This was in Dallas Texas. They were lovely.

News Post: View To A Kill

Tycho: It never occurred to me that I should turn the deathcam thing off, but I guess it’s not surprising that you can; there’s far more granular options clanking around in there. Just for my own purpose, to track this over time, I will...Show More Summary

News Post: Child’s Play Ping Pong Tourney

Gabe: In past years we’ve hosted a Child’s Play golf tournament, but this year we’ve decided to switch it up. Instead of golf we’ve got a Ping Pong tournament planned with all the proceeds going to CP. Here are the details: When andShow More Summary


Actually, White Russian at a Hotel bar is about $12. At most conventions the exhibitors don’t have much time between close of the exhibit hall and a full nights sleep before you pull another 12 hour shift at your table so the hotel bar is as far as we get.


I’m in Phoenix Arizona new weekend at LepreCon!

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