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Devil’s Panties Volume 3 on comiXology!

For those of you who are all about the comiXology, DP Volume 3 is now available. The rest of the series will be trickling onto comiXology slowly but surely, so you’ll never have a boring poop ever again. -obby

News Post: Further Kicks

Tycho: Don’t forget that KATIE RICE, winner of STRIP SEARCH and creator of CAMP WEEDONWANTCHA, is running a Kickstarter to get the first volume of Camp Weedonwantcha printed up. She’s probably over in her office worrying about it, right now. Let’s see what we can do about that. (CW)TB

News Post: Proclivities

Tycho: I should hit up Reddit maybe, but I am fairly certain my co-conspirator is the only person willing to go on record as saying that The Order: 1886 is anything approaching a videogame. He wants me to play it very much, presumably...Show More Summary

News Post: My Thoughts On The Order: 1886

Gabe: I finished the Order: 1886 yesterday and I actually really liked the game. All told I think it took me about eight hours which is certainly on the short side but not criminally so. I tend to play games for the art more than the story and the Order is jam packed with beautiful art and smart design. Show More Summary

News Post: Convenience Itself

Tycho: We have to entertain, at least for a moment, the idea that he just wanted to draw Samus Aran. But he had also played Pokemon Shuffle in this new era of torrid, Nintendo lust inaugurated by the refresh to the 3DS hardware, and he was surprised to see the more or less “traditional” F2P grotesqueries on display. Show More Summary

News Post: Monday Sketchdump!

Gabe: This is the digital sketch for today’s comic: And a big version of the final panel. Just give it a click for the full res: -Gabe out

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