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News Post: Holiday Merch Preview

Kiko Villasenor: Brian is gearing up hard down in the warehouse. He asked me to post this, and I agreed, because he had the look of a deranged and dangerous animal:Tomorrow kicks off the so-called “Holiday Season.” A period of noted commerce and great savings. Show More Summary

A Friday

Before you folks hop off the web to gobble down some turkey, or whatever your strange custom may be, allow me to point out how; like the sheep we are, we’ll be joining the black Friday bandwagon as well. That’s right, on Thursday night/Friday morning at 12:01 AM EST, we’ll kick off the shenanigans with […]

News Post: Intervention

Tycho: I think it’s fair to say that, on certain axes, my companion has exceeded me in his affection for Fallout. Specifically, I would say his obsession with Jangles The Moon Monkey. Also, uh, his bottomless appetite for chems. I’ve tended to avoid chems in general, if I can get away with it. Show More Summary

News Post: Fallout 4

Gabe: Fallout 4 is the very first Fallout game I’ve ever played. I’ve talked a bit before about how these open world games tend to paralyze me. I wander around feeling like I’m missing tons of stuff. I worry that I’m missing some important thing because I went left instead of right. Show More Summary

News Post: Lifelikeness

Tycho: I’ve never been able to get Gabriel on board for earlier Fallout games, even the first Bethesda one, and I’ve never been able to bring him along on anything contained somewhere within an Elder Scroll, so from a nuts and bolts perspective Fallout 4 was always gonna be a rough fuckin’ climb. Show More Summary


I did a video of the creation of todays comic. The colors were a spur of the moment thing.

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