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To Waaaaaar.

Usually by this time of the week, I’m frantically trying to get everything off my todo list, so that by the time Monday rolls back around, I’m starting with a clean slate. Trying is the operative word there. That said, this afternoon I’m frantically cleaning and packing my paintball stuff as the boys and I […]


2 weeks agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Gabe: I have never been this excited to announce a new round of pins! So I’m just going to get right to it! PARTNER PINS Pit People Pins [The Behemoth] Available at The Behemoth Booth #3004 Portal 2 Pins [We Love Fine] Available at the...Show More Summary

News Post: Freaks And Beaks

2 weeks agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Tycho: How HBO has remained a thing of value from cable to VHS through the digital age is a topic worth investigating. By, like, a smart person. I’m not gonna do that. I sure as shit never had HBO. In the same way that paying for Cable is starting to seem kinda of weird, there was a period before where paying for Cable was weird. Show More Summary

And the Twelfth

Did I mention that we’re working on a new site? In days past, I always aimed to redo this site every year. Unfortunately, the last few years have been a blur of work and children, so I got somewhat behind. That said, expect a new site here within a couple of months, one that […]

A Look at the Eleventh

It’s fairly amazing what one can accomplish when one is not travelling the continent to sell great big books of dick jokes (in alternate universe, that’s the name LICD should’ve had). Halfway through the week, and though most of it has been spent prepping for Monday’s Kickstarter launch, I have also managed to- Complete the […]

News Post: Very Similitude

2 weeks agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Tycho: Writing about depression isn’t like dancing about architecture, as the saying goes; it’s more like dancing about dancing inside a hologram derived from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. Two people being depressed have as much in common as any other two people. Show More Summary

News Post: Two things

2 weeks agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Gabe: - THING ONE - I’d like to thank everyone who supported the Automata Kickstarter that just wrapped up. It was a huge success and ended up bringing in $473,494 which I believe will make a pretty fucking bad ass Automata show. I got...Show More Summary

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