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News Post: Belial, Baphomet, Etc

2 weeks agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Tycho: Grob’s review of the new TMNT is that it was “non-toxic,” which seems… Generally that’s a good property in things you consume. Right? My primary mode of interface with Mutant Ninja Turtles - specifically, Mutant Ninja TurtlesShow More Summary

News Post: The family that plays together

2 weeks agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Gabe: I tweeted out over the weekend that my son was voting for his mother at the end of our Overwatch rounds rather than for me. I had a few folks ask how we managed to all play together and it’s true that we have three PS4’s in the house. Show More Summary

News Post: Values And Values

2 weeks agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Tycho: The sucker in this strip is actually me; I can’t go to shit like this anymore because if I see an earnest motherfucker operating a micro-cidery from inside of a haunted-ass dumpster, I’m going to buy as many reclaimed cat skulls full of cider as they have on hand. Show More Summary


Next time that you cosplay Delirium, I’ve got your fish.

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