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I drew this on a plane. On my new iPad. With an iPad pencil.

News Post: Hideocalypse

Tycho: I am mostly Kojima adjacent as a gamer. I feel strongly that I need to be aware of his movement and current location, like when you see a spider in the house; it’s worthwhile to reserve a few cycles to store this data. I love to watch other people play them, and the strangeness - whatever might be said in the strip - is important. Show More Summary

News Post: PAX West Q&A Submission Form

Tycho: I know you have them - Qs that burn for our unrelenting, precision As. If only there were some kind of form you could put those in. Hmm. Hmmmm. (CW)TB

News Post: HoloLens

Gabe: I finally had the opportunity to try out the Microsoft HoloLens. I’ve played around in pretty much every consumer virtual reality rig available (with the exception of the PSVR) and I love the idea of VR but they all make me a little sick. Show More Summary

News Post: Come for the cats, stay for the belts

Brian: I am the sort of person who tries to match the cheese I am serving to the movie I’m showing when I have friends over. Or when I watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother alone. So it should come as no surprise that, on the rare week that we’ve released two new products at the same time, they’d share something in common. Show More Summary


My friend Becky does the adorable all ages comic Little Vampires.

News Post: The Realest

Tycho: I did my best, people. I did my best! I don’t develop things, really; not games, in any case. I develop film occasionally. But even with my rudimentary knowledge of the form, I can establish with clarity that city simulation is not a talent housed primarily in the neck. Show More Summary

News Post: Acquisitions Incorporated: Episode 3

Tycho: Here’s the third Episode, which has the best promo ever. Thanks, Pat: Of course, you’ll want to pore over the first two also, and they are here for you. When friends fail you, when the light is at its end, five men in a basement will pretend for hours and hours. And you can join them. (CW)TB

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