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News: Sumo bag review

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Scott R. Kurtz: Over the last couple of years, the good people at Sumo Lounge have sent us more of their product than we have square footage for. I actually started offering these things to friends and family because I just didn't have...Show More Summary

News Post: Aftermarket

Tycho: I have had tons of Star Wars ships for awhile, but nobody to play with really; they sit beautifully on the shelf, LIKE MY DREAMS. Is that too much? Is it the capitalization, or the twee sentiment? In any case, X-Wing is a neat game with robust genes - so robust, in fact, that its systemic brood is multitudinous. Show More Summary


This is the dress that I ended up getting. The dark side had pockets!!!

News Post: Optimal

Tycho: This is only for the comic! I play Roadhog or Torbjörn, unless we’re doing well and I feel comfortable experimenting - Soldier 76 and Reinhardt are both robust ships of the line type champs, or heroes I guess, everybody has to have their name for it; I’m partial to Brutals, myself. Show More Summary

News Post: Instagram

Gabe: A little while back I started using Instagram again. I’ve been posting lots of sketches and WIP stuff. If you like seeing the behind the scenes stuff and watching comics come together then you should check it out. -Gabe out

News Post: First 15: RE6

Gabe: I think this First 15 was one of my favorites. Check out Tycho and I playing the first bit of Resident Evil 6 HD. Also I decided to get into the X-Wing miniatures game on Saturday. I have already been to the hobby store twice since then. I’m in real trouble here folks. -Gabe out

News Post: Invasive Species

Tycho: I want to emphasize from the outset that I bear these birds no ill will. I am a friend to birds. And I completely understand why they might love my fucking vent: I live in a what is functionally a giant tree, of comparatively cavernous internal volume, and it has a little hole in it which occasionally emits warm, fragrant air. Show More Summary

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