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News Post: I’m gonna start off with the bad news

Tycho: I will not be able to attend PAX Australia this year. It sucks. Now let me tell you why. I’ve been pretty sick for the last month or so. I’ve lost about 30 pounds which would be rad, except I didn’t really have 30 pounds to lose and I lost it in a pretty unpleasant way. Show More Summary

News Post: Acquisitors, Part One

Tycho: The original plan was to start running these next week, when were en route/at/leaving PAX Aus, but something came up that I’ll let him tell you about. Long story short, getting ahead on the strip turned out to be a pretty Goddamn good idea. Show More Summary

News Post: Showtime

Tycho: In The Taken King, you can jump into a “Strike Playlist.” For the uninitiated, it means that you strap into a kind of electronic ride where you are slotted with your team into a functionally endless string of mini-raids. This roster isn’t super deep, but there are a few different ways for them to go down so it’s mostly okay. Show More Summary

Happy birthday to me!

Hey children! Unca Lar here. I know I know. I’ve been neglecting the whole posting thing but I still love you all. Well most of you. Don’t think I don’t see you shamefully touching yourself there Bob. Anyhow as many of you know my birthday is coming up on Hallowe’en! What’s that? I hear you […]

News Post: PAX AUS(tralia)!

Tycho: This thing is coming up quick, which means I got to get some information out there. It’s like this: - Friday and Sunday badges are both running low on our end. Saturday passes no longer exist! Well, they exist, but people have bought them all. Show More Summary


I’m going to do a livestream on Thursday October 22nd at 9pm EST, 6pm PST

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