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Six Weeks Until Christmas - Chapter 11

Six Weeks Until Christmas by Simon Tait Chapter 11: Living and Learning When I reached one month of sobriety I felt a sense of achievement akin to graduating from university. Since fifteen, I had never been sober for more than two weeks,...Show More Summary

Six Weeks Until Christmas - Chapter 10

Six Weeks Until Christmas by Simon Tait Chapter 10: Relapse I continued my baby steps through IOP, reading, making new friends, getting back to work and, in general, applying myself. But relapse struck faster than it took me to build...Show More Summary

Recovery: How we talk about our experience matters

If you are like me, I learned how to share my story of addiction and recovery in 12-step rooms. I learned how to sprinkle my story with quotes and funny sayings from listening to others sharing their story. The first few times I shared my experience to a group of like-minded individuals, it was exhilarating. I … Continued

Six Weeks Until Christmas - Chapter 9

Six Weeks Until Christmas by Simon Tait Chapter 9: Recovery Sandwiched in between the weekends in New Orleans and Las Vegas, I began intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), a new experience on my recovery road. An information brochureShow More Summary

Addiction Treatment Loses When Insurance Companies Get Cheap

Insurance payments are a major source of the problems with addiction treatment - from low reimbursement rates leading to terrible treatment practices to abuse by greedy providers.

How Can a Person Safely Detox from Painkiller Addiction?

Overcoming an addiction takes more than just setting one’s mind to it and having the desire to do so. Individuals who are battling painkiller addiction are trying to overcome a chronic disease that has affected their brain and left them dependent upon their drug of choice. Once they understand the process that their bodies need … Continued

Six Weeks Until Christmas - Chapter 8

Six Weeks Until Christmas by Simon Tait Chapter 8: One night in Vegas My second, pre-detox booked trip arrived two weeks after New Orleans - a night of boxing in Las Vegas for the fourth fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. Show More Summary


Maintaining a balanced diet and keeping active are the highly emphasized aspects of addiction recovery that help keep you on the right track. However, making sure you get enough sleep every night is just as important to your health and to the prevention of any potential relapse. DANGERS OF LACK OF QUALITY SLEEP Research has … Continued

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