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Lil Peep’s Overdose Sparks Xanax Discussion

On November 16, Gustav Åhr, a promising young rapper known as Lil Peep, passed away from a suspected accidental Xanax overdose. Reports show the rapper took a nap in his tour bus prior to a scheduled performance and never woke up. He was only 21. The tragic passing of Lil Peep, who was open about … Continued

Reducing the Amount of Opioids in Homes

  Opioid abuse and addiction can start in different ways, and one of these is the temptation that leftover opioids present. With roughly billions of unused opioid prescriptions left in American medicine cabinets and sock drawers, individuals have easy access to these addictive drugs. Even holiday party attendees can raid these hiding places and get [...]

Managing concerning behaviors when opioids are taken for chronic pain

Patients receiving long-term opioid therapy for chronic pain sometimes demonstrate challenging and concerning behaviors, such as using more opioid medication than prescribed or concomitant alcohol or drug use. A new study establishes expert consensus about treatment approaches that should be implemented when these behaviors arise.

SGR Ep162 - Rehab Scams; What You Need to Know With Joelle Jacobson

Joelle Jacobson is a Neurofeedback Clinician at Betty Ford Center, Los Angeles, and a highly sought after Addiction Specialist. She’s been working in the mental health field for over twenty years as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice, a School Counselor, and also working with substance use disorder and eating disorders. Show More Summary

How Do You Incorporate Meditation into Your Daily Life?

Introducing meditation into your life can not only reduce your stress and anxiety levels, but it can also help strengthen your sobriety. In this short video, Mark Gerow, Wellness Program Senior Coordinator at Mountainside, shares tips on how to seamlessly incorporate meditation into your daily routine.  

The Mothers of Addiction

When my son was a toddler, a resourceful mother bird built a nest in the tree outside his bedroom window. It was stressful for both of us to watch. The sparrows built their nest during a Florida wind storm. And because they took up residence in our tree, we felt responsible. We’d sit on the […]

Safer opioid drugs could treat pain and save lives

Opioid drugs are the most widely prescribed and effective type of pain medication. But they are highly addictive and have some unpleasant and potentially deadly side effects. Now a group of researchers may have found a way to make opioids...Show More Summary

Opioid crisis: Criminal justice referrals miss treatment opportunities, study suggests

Under 5 percent of those referred for opioid treatment from the criminal justice system were directed to medication-assisted programs to treat their disorder, new research has found.

Lithium chloride blunts brain damage linked to fetal alcohol syndrom, study shows

A single dose of lithium chloride, a drug used to treat bipolar disease and aggression, blocks the sleep disturbances, memory loss, and learning problems tied to fetal alcohol syndrome, new experiments in mice show.

Audio: Social Worker

THIS IS CRITICAL. Stop what you’re doing. I want to share with you this full-length episode from my sober podcast series. It’s called “Social Worker” (SP217) and it’s about 40 minutes long. I originally thought I’d interview a social worker who works as an addictions specialist. Sounds like a good idea, right? And our talk […]

Choosing Your Friends Wisely in Recovery

When you returned from addiction treatment, you most likely made it a point to rid your new lifestyle of any and all things that would influence you to use again, including certain friends. Aside from their potential to cause danger to your recovery, old friends  may not have much in common with you anymore. So, … Continued

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