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Free online summit on blogging

Guess what? There’s bloggers out there that make six figures every year–six figures! Could you imagine that? For those who want to blog for a living, they have to figure out how to do that themselves. It’s not easy to … Continue reading ?

The New Mental Health Parity: Women Surge in ADHD, Binges

Women are changing in the frequency with which they display behavioral disorders, or at least in the ways and types of substances they consume.

Let's Commend Fact-Based Thinking: Except With Alcohol

Kurt Andersen hates irrationality, except when it comes to alcohol.

Taking Drugs on Christmas: A Reverse Temperance Tale

Drugs can be consumed in positive ways in positive surroundings with positive people.

Today the Disease Theory Is Argued in Court

The Massachusetts Supreme Court commences today deciding whether addiction is a disease that removes the capacity to choose. What would be its implications for decriminalization?

How to Interrogate a Criminal Suspect, a la Dostoyevsky

Law enforcement officers assaulting violent criminals, as Donald Trump suggests they do, is exactly the opposite of the best interrogation techniques for convicting criminals.

Now I am allowed to exist, what is next?

A few weeks ago I wrote about having found a, well, basic believe that I have a right to exist. Feeling that. Not only knowing it but really feeling it. And that is GOOD. The rest is a long post … Continue reading ?

Biology of Caring

The brain is wired to react empathetically to someone in pain in order to warn others of danger and elicit help.

Present Day Relationships

 You have choices about who you invite into your life and how you interact. 

The Power of Secrets

 By admitting the reality of what is, you deflate the power of secrets.

The Emotional Injury of Distorted Boundaries

 We must understand that our abandonment experiences and boundary violations were in no way indictment of our innate goodness and value.

Deceived: Denial and Minimizing

 Denying, minimizing, and rationalizing are the most natural responses to living with someone acting out an addictive disorder.

Children of Addiction

Children living with addiction in their family need to know that the addiction and the resulting behavior is not their fault.

Why Brad Pitt's Alcoholism Is NOT New

Why it was surprising to read the title of the New York Post article "Brad Pitt and the New Alcoholism."

What Type of Addiction Services Do I Need?

There is an endless and overwhelming amount of information on the Web about addiction treatment options. Many people have no idea where to begin...

Caron Study Reveals "Top 5 Reasons" Mothers Turn to Alcohol

It's important not to blame external circumstances solely for leading mothers to drink heavily — there are also biological and physiological factors at play.

Addiction Treatment Loses When Insurance Companies Get Cheap

Insurance payments are a major source of the problems with addiction treatment—from low reimbursement rates leading to terrible treatment practices to abuse by greedy providers.

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