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Zebra Crossing the Mighty River

Go read my new blog? Here. You know what you wantyou know everythingwhat to eat where to exercise where to live how to quit boozethe career or business you wantthe partner you wantyour relationship status Yet you still don't take action?...Show More Summary

Wednesday Workshop Webinar

Live Workshop Webinar - Invitation Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one's self-esteem. That is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance, learn so easily. Thomas Szasz Crossing the line into personal coach from recovery advocate is a subtle change. Show More Summary

Standing Bird of Paradise

Back at the end of 2013, I sat down and wrote out some goals. I had let go of the rope in my tug of war with alcohol, and accepted that I would no longer see drinking in terms of struggle. Standing Bird of Paradise (imagine a 41 year old man doing it - or maybe not...) It was over and I was moving on. Show More Summary

Comments, and your Links Welcome

Bren Murphy - Sober in 100 Days Author and Speaker. H umble beginnings... [MEDIA RELEASE MAY 2016] W hen I started writing this blog back in 2010, my life was at a crossroads. I had given up on my authentic life, and was living a shadow life of paying bills, doing what I others expected of me. Show More Summary

Sober Coach Live Workshop

[MEDIA RELEASE APRIL 2016 ] FREE Live Workshop Break free from alcohol with the one to one support, encouragement and experience of Bren Murphy Sober Coaching. Personal Coach Right now I am in the final semester of my personal coaching...Show More Summary

Meditation, Kindness and Personal Coaching

Kindness - Setting an Intention for Kindness visit Kindness Australia Meditation - Meditation Retreat Experiences Visit Meditate Australia Personal Coaching - Confidence, Comparison and Competitiveness Visit Personal Coach Bren Murphy Mood Diary Tuesday April 5 2016 5AM 5am - Woke up. Show More Summary

Meditation Retreat

Meditation Retreat [Booked - paid - 2 nights - 10+ hours meditation - beachside - rainforest walks - vegetarian food - sleeping in a "dorm" - no tech - no digital - just my watercolours - maybe a kindle...] "Last time I spent a night away from my wife and kids it was in a psych hospital." Funny - but true.Now here's me three and a half years later. Show More Summary

Fulfilment Seekers

Too often we let our life choices be dictated by popular opinions - or what everyone else is doing. So we might send our kids to school we can't afford, or we move to a new suburb for a bigger or flatter backyard, or we go on holiday to the place that everyone seems to be going to... Show More Summary

Serious Face

New Year's Day, 2016. I ran three 5km park runs one after the other, from 7am to 10am. Lots of tall lean people, chunky mesomorphs and mums with pink gym gear. The last three k's were particularly poignant as I faced the old existential dilemma whilst my knees throbbed, my head pulsed and I barely stayed the course. Show More Summary

duck pond video

if you’d like a sober pause, something to help change the channel, i invite you to listen/watch. you can come with me for a few minutes. I often record one-minute audio messages from the duck pond, but yesterday when i was there, i filmed a few seconds of it for you ???? video here [click […]

Free online summit: World Tapping event

Ooh, a bit late but you could get a view of all the vids in the last days of the 10th Annual World Tapping Summit. Register here. Enjoy! I am happy that I quit. Going through a difficult spot in … Continue reading ?

Higher Power

NEW! I think I understand the concept of the Higher Power. What?! Yay! Just read the post of Mike and it came to me; to me addiction is not living along the healthy bio-logically along which the Universe operates. To … Continue reading ?

Only as sick as your secrets

I have found peace in informing some friends and family that things are not going well and that I can not do things on my own. “Only as sick as your secrets” does not only apply to drinking – I … Continue reading ?

Audio: I’m a guest on Lee Davy’s Alcohol & Addiction Podcast

In January 2018, I was a guest on Lee Davy’s Alcohol & Addiction Podcast. More about Lee here > The Truth About Alcohol We talked for 1.5 hrs (no kidding!) about language, metaphors, starting a sober journey with a trial/challenge. We also examined the differences between group support (which he offers) and the kind of […]

Rock the boat

2 Posts ago I wrote about me feeling like I am on a boat in a sea of nothingness when it comes to thinking about new work.Thing is, the whole picture is not about the boat, it is about not … Continue reading ?

3 years 6 months – feeling I am enough

NEW! Well, not really new, more than a week old I think, but NEW is the feeling of being enough. Looking inside and not shrinking away for my own gaze. Meeting people and being able to accept that they like … Continue reading ?

Learning to bend dark thoughts

Just to inform you and write this down for future references. Ever since the energetic healing which I wrote about in the last post, I have been practicing to bend dark thoughts. Coooooool! It is sort of like not drinking: … Continue reading ?

Eat, Drink, Binge, Guzzle..

I think it makes sense that 50% of people who have eating disorders also have a co-occurring substance use disorder. I used to fall asleep with the remains of my wine glass on my night stand. Now, it’s often a cute little bin of ICE CUBES gum, or the remains of my soupçon of TV […]

Feeling comfortable to be me

My last post was about darkness, I have been introduced to light and am liking it! A lot has happened since. This starts of dark but hang in there. ???? A while ago I was totally submerged in the horror … Continue reading ?

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