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never mind. look away. eyes on your own paper.

from me: this sober girl got up at 6:15 and wrote some on the new sober fiction writing project. it’s day 6 of 100 days in a row. remember when i said it was 100 days until christmas? yeah, that. there are so many ways that writing is like being sober. you show up and […]

chocolate with cranberries from Frankfurt, Germany

last year we did some fundraising for a homeless shelter that accepts men and women, couples, and dogs. When my step-father was sick (he’s the one i call Mr. Cinnamon Toast in podcasts), he asked that his clothes be donated to a few charities, and this special homeless shelter was one. he also had a […]

I don't got this...

It’s been a full day out here in the country. Nurses come and go. The aide comes and goes. My daughter comes and goes. The pastor comes by and also the social worker. They go into Riley’s room and check on how he is doing. When each returns to the living room, I ask if he responded. Show More Summary

His dying breath

I’m sitting here tonight at my computer wearing my little rosebud jammies (a Christmas gift from my grandkids last year), a scotch on the rocks (yes, you read right – a scotch), and a box of tissue. In the background my dog, Jade, emits as soft snore while sleeping on the coach which is forbidden to her. Show More Summary

Audio: Snake or Starfish

This is an audio clip from Sober Podcast #212 sent to sober podcast members. Are you a snake or a starfish? A snake presents only part of their story. You might talk about your husband, but not about over-drinking. You maybe tell your doctor about menopause and not the two bottles of wine. Whereas really, […]

Misery – what’s in it for me?

Sorry for the rhyme. Wondering here why I hang on to misery. Thought writing about it might give me some insight. So yeah; heads-up; this can either be a brilliant post on finding a way out or another boring post … Continue reading ...

Read the Signs: Turbulent Water! Violent Waves!

The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead When the skies of November turn gloomy… Gordon Lightfoot It would not have been a trip to Marquette without thinking of the time my brother almost got swept off a break wall there, during a storm. A couple of days ago I said the UP […] The post Read the Signs: Turbulent Water! Violent Waves! appeared first on Waking Up The Ghost.

Went to see the GP

Went to see the GP. Things aren’t going all too well. Darkness surrounds me during the day and during the night my dreams take me to revisit abuse in the past. It is not that I ever really forgot what … Continue reading ?

Healthy Chicken Chilli

If you’ve stopped by for a recipe, I’m SO glad to have you! Today I’m sharing my Healthy Chicken Chilli recipe which will is a great staple for anyone doing Keto, Paleo, Whole 30 or any kind of clean, healthy eating regime. This is a flavourful dish that is super easy to throw together. When... The post Healthy Chicken Chilli appeared first on Sober Julie.

5 Rules for Success at the Gym

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Fit4Less. The opinions and text are all mine. Fall is setting in and many of us are thinking about a gym membership to help us keep up our level of exercise from the summer months. I am a firm believer that I do well... The post 5 Rules for Success at the Gym appeared first on Sober Julie.

cold, rainy, and the soup apparently will not cook itself.

from me: this sober girl slept in this morning, it’s cold and rainy. I had a large pot of decaf. I am wearing orange Ernie socks, plaid pyjama bottoms, a Roots t-shirt, a zip up jacket. It’s colder than it should be. I open my inbox and it looks like this: celebration of 100 days, […]

regular. normal. predictable. 

omm256.monday.regular.normal.predictable I have a new Monday update message ready for you. This is omm256. This message summarizes what’s coming up this week including the photography project. To hear this Monday message, play below....Show More Summary

Weathering the Storms…

I am on vacation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula while most of my loved ones and all my most memorable stomping grounds are in the eye of a storm. My son Jonathan has been chased by Irma from Tampa to Blue Ridge, Georgia. Kim is laid-up in Jacksonville while several of her roofs lifted off their […] The post Weathering the Storms… appeared first on Waking Up The Ghost.

Free online summit on Self-acceptance / dealing with the inner critic

Hi, I ‘spammed’ this in here before but I want to mention that the free online summit on self-acceptance has started today. Self acceptance leads to less projections and less critical behaviour towards others (hence my interest :-/, much to … Continue reading ?

Audio: Behind the Scenes with the BBC

Below i’ve uploaded a clip from Sober Podcast #216 that will go out to sober podcast members. This is a special behind-the-scenes audio recorded February 2017. I was contacted by Hannah Smith, freelance journalist with the BBC and she wanted some background information before I did some live, on-air interviews for the BBC in May. […]

Sober Photography (or Art) Project: Assignment #28

Time for a new sober photography project! to participate, you can be a photographer, or a painter or a artist of some kind … Time to dust off the camera, and get ready to photograph, draw or paint something lovely… If you’re new to the blog, you can learn more about the idea of having […]

The World’s First Whiskey-Powered Car Just Aced Its Test Drive

You’ve probably watched this scene in a movie or on TV: Someone runs out of gas, but manages to get on the road again by pouring alcohol in the tank. But is this realistic? Could a person really find a potable potent enough to turn over an engine? Some moonshine, maybe? Actually, the gasoline used...

Outside the box

Since October 2010, I’ve been writing this blog offering support, explanation, resources and even a bit of humor. The blog has won awards and even led to participation in an HBO documentary. There has been heartbreak and heartache, frustration and accomplishment. Show More Summary

Curing Alcoholism: We’re Finally Putting MDMA to the Test

It seems ironic that one of the first drugs I used on my way to full-blown addiction is now being used in a study to cure alcoholism. Last week, UK researchers from Imperial College of London broke the news they were about to begin the world’s first clinical trial using MDMA (the active ingredient in...

Clock Out: It’s Time to Stop Ignoring Workplace Addiction

Years ago, one of my bosses had a substance abuse problem – one that was well-known around the office. She didn’t just party a little too hard at work functions; she’d also miss meetings entirely, lash out unnecessarily at her subordinates, and pour vodka into her coffee every morning. Unfortunately she wasn’t the only person...

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