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it can’t be that important

if you work in a place with a boozy culture, it can’t be that important to ‘fit in’ that you’ll do something that isn’t what’s best for you.     It can’t be so important to fit in. It just can’t. So you have three choices: you either attend the events and don’t drink, or […]

When the BIG Decision is Prompted By Something Small

In the end, the reason I decided to move was because of a shower curtain rod. There were lots of reasons I can list, now that the decision is made, for leaving my apartment. It was expensive. Especially given its (admittedly groovy) industrial, proletariat vibe. Show More Summary

Free online Chakra workshop with Anodea Judith

Just got posted a message on a free, online workshop on Chakras with Anodea Judith on Saturday, August 5. You can sign up here if you are interested. ???? Enjoy! I am happy that I quit. ???? xx, Feeling

thanks for the judgment [fiction]

quote from the new fiction writing project. this is fiction. this isn’t me, and it isn’t an email from a subscriber ???? it’s the internal dialogue of the main character as they imagine what speaking with their boss will be like … What, quit drinking? Are you high? Drinking is the only thing that’s holding me together […]

Change is in the air

There’s a big change going on out here in Rileyville. Good changes are knocking at my front door. I was informed that I would have an aide for at least 30 hours a week and respite time. Evidently the Medicaid application was approved however I wasn’t notified until yesterday. Show More Summary

Tuesday Celebration Roundup

Happy Day 50 to Rory! Happy Day 50 to Wanderlust! Happy Day 50 to NMD! Happy Day 50 to Annikki! Happy Day 50 to Maggie Mo! Happy Day 50 to lmichel! Happy Day 100 to SDBKatz! Happy Day 100 to Auntimame! Happy Day 100 to Renne in Rochester! Happy Day 100 to Rehc! Happy Day […]

Audio: BBC Interview “Is Drinking Required?”

On May 4th, i was interviewed by BBC Three Counties Radio, on the JVS Show (with Jonathan Vernon-Smith). I had no idea who the presenter was, had no time to do research, and was pretty surprised at how this went. when i listen back to this now, i feel tense! like i can’t tell how […]

the boozing you is a liar

if you drink, it creates a whole, different version of you, and it’s not the real you.     If you drink, you change the trajectory of your life in a large way. So when we stop drinking, it’s like there’s two people – the old us (the boozer) and the new us (the sober […]

Fear Scale

Fear can be a good thing. It prevents us from putting our hands into an open flame. It makes us think twice before acting on something that may be dangerous. It’s that little voice in our head telling us to turn left or right or to not turn at all. Show More Summary

Your favourite summer drinks

you are already familiar with my lemonade with rosemary recipe. here’s another idea from Resiliensea (day 257):  “The ‘fancy drinks’ I concoct follow a simple recipe: ice, tonic water and whatever appropriate ingredients I can find in the fridge/ garden. Things that work: Cantaloupe / Basil / Limeade / Cucumber / Raspberries / Lemon juice / Seltzer […]

While I am getting cocky, the addict within is doing push-ups in the brain.

The weekend before last I went on a short holiday to one a music festival organised by a friend of mine. He had invited me as plus one. We stayed on a campsite, had a lovely time and… there was … Continue reading ?

Feeling Trapped in Your Emotions?

Throughout my life I have struggled at different times with feeling trapped in my own mind or emotions. I’ve suffered through depression, anxiety, PTSD, post-partum depression, addiction and I’m sure many other mental health issues.Show More Summary

Recovery 2.0 starts in 2 days!

The free, online summit about recovery starts at the 12th of July and runs to the 16th. The summit is set up by Tommy Rosen, a recovery – guru and author of the book ‘Recovery 2.0’ Sign up here and … Continue reading ?

Summer Concert Going – Drunk Vs. Sober

I went to a free concert at Meijer Gardens on the 4th of July with Cindy. She seems to be witnessing a few of my sober “firsts”. This time, it was at an outdoor, camp-chair, picnic basket kind of concert. I haven’t been to one of those sober before. Show More Summary

Is Change Good For Addiction Recovery?

We’re moving offices. I am sitting with stacked boxes, furniture with yellow dots and Halloween decorations  too big to package (don’t ask) waiting for the movers to arrive. It’s early, and I’ve been thinking about the positive aspects of change. Show More Summary

Audio: I’ll Have to Apologize

When I sent out Sober Podcast Episode #194 to sober podcast subscribers,  i asked listeners to tell me the ONE phrase that stood out for them. Before I even tell you what the podcast is about, here’s some of the responses I got.   Dancing Rabbit: “I assume neglect, she assumes politeness” ~ ~ Max1165: […]

How to Cut a Mango the EASY Way

One of the most popular articles I have live here on Life Straight UP! Is How to Cut a Watermelon. It’s truly the easy way and it lessens the muss and fuss of eating the delicious fruit! Today I’m sharing how to cut a mango the EASY way! Mangos can be very tricky to cut, certainly […] The post How to Cut a Mango the EASY Way appeared first on Sober Julie.

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