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books for research (treats, thank you)

books to help with new fiction-writing research, thanks to the Tiny Gift Button. i wanted to see two books in a series (keyes), and i like the lightness + advancing plot of fallon. the nicci french book is a style i can aspire to. bernadette is fun, i want to look at how she uses […]

On menstruation and periods – Teal Swan

Hello, I found this a video worth sharing. Due to the ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ and hygiene you will not find me donating my menstruation blood to a vegetable garden but all other I am quite ok with. ???? But most … Continue reading ?

french anti-wolfie mints

email from Dr. Anon (Day 313): “I have been thinking about the power of what you do. In many ways it’s the opposite paradigm of AA (no disrespect to AA, whatever model works for the person and I know it’s an organization that has saved millions in terms of mortality and morbidity). Having said that, […]

here’s what my worktable looks like this morning

update from me so last night i had to get out of bed at 11 pm and go online and order more mints. you see, i thought 19 packages of mints would be plenty. i had 20 to start, then gave one to a client in canada. so ok, starting with 19. i send out […]

How ya doin'

When I come upon someone I know, either by accident or design, the first thing I say after “hello” is “How are you?” I expect to hear back that the person is fine or that things have been rough. The conversation proceeds on from there. Show More Summary

Ponte Vedra, the PGA & Alcoholism… My Home Town…

By now, if you know anything about golf, you know about Brittany Horschel’s alcoholism. The wife of golfer Billy Horschel came out in a series of interviews recently. She is one year sober, after a family intervention and a stint in rehab, and speaking out about her problem drinking and subsequent recovery. Show More Summary

I’m just resting my eyes [fiction]

quote from yesterday’s writing session [fiction]: The teacup of brown liquid. You break so many glasses that you have resorted to buying cheap crap now, and this pink flowered teacup came from the Salvation Army store, where you can get 10 cups for two bucks. The liquid itself is coffee liqueur that you may have […]

Monday Celebration Roundup

Happy Day 50 to Nixie! Happy Day 50 to Birdsetfree! Happy Day 50 to Mia! Happy Day 50 to Hallacious! Happy Day 50 to Sobriety Shingles! Happy Day 50 to Nicola! Happy Day 50 to MsMay! Happy Day 50 to KittyKate! Happy Day 50 to Oriole! Happy Day 100 to Wafflehousemomma! Happy Day 100 to […]

Audio: “My therapist is an ass-hat” (response)

This is Sober Podcast Episode #188 for my weekly sober podcast series. ok, so I sent out an email recently where someone was worried about their therapist. and I said something sweet+kind, like “maybe your therapist is a nice person, but she doesn’t understand this boozing thing.” then I got this in my inbox swiftly […]

13 Reasons Why “13 Reasons Why” May Send a Dangerous Message

1. Suicide is a “blame game”: The premise of “13 Reasons Why” is that Hannah, the angst ridden main character leaves behind a series of audio tapes that blame various classmates.

Reasons not to take care of myself

I have been wanting to think about self-care – and specifically why I do not do that much. Obviously I have been taken up by work life and sugar-Netflix addiction that this never happens. However, the internet helps me a … Continue reading ?

Sunday Morning 6 AM Flint…

I woke at 4:30 to a storm and couldn’t go back to sleep. So, I got up and went to Starbucks. There’s no WIFI at my mom’s and I have been working on an article for Excursions Magazine that’s like a burr – I can’t seem to get it out… I arrived at 5:50 and the place […] The post Sunday Morning 6 AM Flint… appeared first on Waking Up The Ghost.

The Fine Art of Compartmentalization (or the God Box)

I walked with a friend last week and we talked about compartmentalizing. A subject near and dear to my sober heart. In the past few years, I have learned to carpe diem like a trooper. I learned there is absolutely no joy in catastrophic thinking. Show More Summary

Sober Photography (or Art) Project: Assignment #27

Time for a new sober photography project! to participate, you can be a photographer, or a painter or a artist of some kind … Time to dust off the camera, and get ready to photograph, draw or paint something lovely… If you’re new to the blog, you can learn more about the idea of having […]

hugely irritating people

quote from saturday’s writing session: The manager of the restaurant is a guy named Steve with floppy blond hair, his wallet in his front pocket, and by the looks of things he doesn’t wear underwear, some long bits down one side. He also could do with a good eyebrow wax. Linda, the daytime head waitress […]

Audio: Take Care of You

This is Sober Podcast Episode #187 for my weekly sober podcast series. In this audio, i try to answer the question sent to me by a penpal: “what does it mean to take good care of myself?” and at first i thought it was an unusual question, until i tried to really define what I […]

Monday Celebration Roundup

Happy Day 50 to Frog! Happy Day 50 to Mack! Happy Day 50 to SusanMarie! Happy Day 50 to GaGalGoingDry! Happy Day 100 to Cowboy! Happy Day 100 to Goldie! Happy Day 100 to TimShel! Happy Day 100 to Julianne! Happy Day 100 to Springer! Happy Day 180 to Peaceable J! Happy Day 180 to […]

lurching stomach

quote from friday’s writing session: It’s snowing in a kind of February hell-weather way, that mix of rain and snow and freezing rain and misery. They always make light snow look so nice on television, flakes gently wafting, deep purple sky, Christmas lights. The reality is something else entirely. The sleigh bells and the ads […]

about to give up

from my inbox: L: “I’m seriously about to give up on trying to be sober. I have been struggling since 2009 – when I first went to rehab. Since then I got married and had a beautiful baby boy and didn’t drink for about two years. When my son was about a year and a half I started […]

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