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Low Carb Pesto Steak Salad Recipe

I’m doing my best lately to up my salad game and get in more protein. I’ve realized that some foods make me feel icky and so I’m after jamming in veggies at each meal and there’s nothing like a massive steak salad to make me smile. Honestly I’m like a toddler with my psychological aversion […] The post Low Carb Pesto Steak Salad Recipe appeared first on Sober Julie.

Should People Who Abuse Alcohol Qualify for Liver Transplants?

Three years ago, one of my uncles – a long-time alcoholic – was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. He was told he didn’t qualify for a new one, so he continued to drink – all the way until his death a few short months later. Alcoholism and Liver Disease In 2015, more than 21,000...

Brain scans could predict teens’ problem drug use before it starts

There's an idea out there of what a drug-addled teen is supposed to look like: impulsive, unconscientious, smart, perhaps -- but not the most engaged. While personality traits like that could signal danger, not every adolescent who fits that description becomes a problem drug user. So how do you tell who's who?

Cocaine addiction leads to build-up of iron in brain

Cocaine addiction may affect how the body processes iron, leading to a build-up of the mineral in the brain, according to new research. The study raises hopes that there may be a biomarker -- a biological measure of addiction -- that could be used as a target for future treatments.

I Called the Trump Presidential MO Years Ago

Donald Trump practiced his exact method for making the United States a totalitarian state more than five years ago, as I detailed for Psychology Today.

Your Wellbeing: Moments of Truth

By Steve Langley, Executive Director In my role as Mountainside’s Executive Director, I am often asked about my perception of recovery and what I believe to be important for maintaining a life of recovery, happiness, and well-being.  This is a particularly difficult question because every human being is different, and like snowflakes, each individual’s recovery … Continued

production week feedback

it was hard to read all of the feedback emails today from my production week update. i asked how it was for you… and i knew that some people weren’t thrilled, but i wasn’t prepared for how much it was un-liked! i think i asked for honest feedback, assuming that it would be all rosy […]

Majority of opioid medications not safely stored in homes with children, survey finds

Nearly 70 percent of prescription opioid medications kept in homes with children are not stored safely, a new study finds.

No “Buts” About It – The 6 Things I Love About Sobriety

No one has ever accused me of being too giddy. So, it is unlikely you will hear me tell you I love being sober without adding the “but”. I don’t know why I feel the need to do this. Waking Up the Ghost is a sobriety blog, after all.Show More Summary

“But It’s Legal Now!” – Experts Weigh in on How to Talk to Kids About Marijuana

Barry Lessin, MS, is a licensed psychologist who has been serving the Philadelphia region for over 40 years. In his practice, he helps youth and families avoid the harms of drug use and build stronger relationships. He’s also co-founder, along with Carol Beyer, of Families for Sensible Drug Policy, an organization dedicated to implementing innovative...

Adolescents with weak working memory and progressive drug use at risk for later addictions

Drug use in adolescence is often linked to later substance-abuse problems, but a new study suggests that a key risk factor is a combination of weak working memory and difficulties with impulse control.

PTSD and Addiction

For some people who struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), self-medicating with drugs or alcohol seems like the best way to cope with their physical and emotional pain. However, their mental vulnerability can lead to addiction, which will require treatment of the original diagnosis of PTSD in conjunction with treatment for the drug or alcohol … Continued

Sober tools: what helps, and what doesn’t

originally published on Medium image source Sober tools: what helps, and what doesn’t (Stop fucking around with houses built out of straw) M (day 1 sober) writes: Belle, I keep trying all these things to help me be sober and nothing works. I just spent $100 on vitamins. I’ve been to the one-day, quit-drinking workshop. I […]

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