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Sober Photography (or Art) Project: Assignment #26

Time for a new sober photography project! to participate, you can be a photographer, or a painter or a drawer… Time to dust off the camera, and get ready to photograph, draw or paint something lovely… If you’re new to the blog, you can learn more about the idea of having a sober hobby here. […]

SGR Ep113 - Shi%$Y Christmas Gifts

This episode is simple; Don't drink, and don't buy shitty Christmas gifts. Shane goes down the list of the worst gifts you can give to the one you love. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Sober Guy Radio! 

Guess who has got a new job….

Hello! Got a new job!???? Starting next Thursday! Not signed yet but we shook hands on it. It is a function in quality assurance and more at my educational level, more of an office job but in the same production … Continue reading ?

Shark Rocket Giveaway

Sponsored by Shark Clean and Hosted by Powered by Mom All homes need a great vacuum cleaner, but add in a kids and pets and you need a vacuum that can stand up to the task! The Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology Vacuum delivers! It is made to clean floors and carpets, whether it […] The post Shark Rocket Giveaway appeared first on Sober Julie.

World Vision Gift Catalog Handcrafted Items (arv $490) Giveaway!

Sponsored by World Vision and Hosted by Powered by Mom ADD A FEW WORDS HERE Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone on your Christmas list? The 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog contains more than 250 poverty-fighting gifts, ranging...Show More Summary

Instax Share SP-2 Printer Giveaway

Our family loves taking photos, whether it’s on our phones or on a camera we just enjoy it. As my girls grew up, I realized how very rarely I print our photos. Soon enough they were asking me to print their photos so they could make collages of their memories. Thankfully I found the Fuji […] The post Instax Share SP-2 Printer Giveaway appeared first on Sober Julie.

Heavy alcohol use changes adolescents' brains

Heavy alcohol use during adolescence alters the development of brain, according to a recent study. Cortical thinning was observable in young people who had been heavy drinkers throughout their adolescence.

Relapse Myths: How You Can Protect and Strengthen Your Recovery

The risk of relapse is one of the biggest concerns for a person in early recovery. You have probably heard many stories of relapse and may even know of individuals who have unfortunately experienced a relapse. This could have made you feel afraid about possibly relapsing yourself. But no matter what stage of recovery you … Continued

Audio: The Melbourne Radio Interview

This is Sober Podcast Episode #172 for my weekly sober podcast series. OK, it happened. The radio interview i’ve been talking about has been recorded. Here it is. Triple R Radio (RRR 102.7 FM Melbourne), on the show ‘Multi-Storied’ with Elizabeth McCarthy & Louise Irving, recorded live December 7, 2016 I’m glad it’s done, and […]

How to Succeed In College After Adderall Treatment

Returning to college after winter break can be tough for most students. Trying to get back into the mindset of meeting assignment deadlines and studying for exams can seem less than appealing when you have just finished enjoying the holiday season. But for students who decided to seek treatment for their Adderall problem — a … Continued

Fact or Fiction? Busting 6 Alcohol Myths

Our beliefs guide our actions. We base our decisions on what we know to be true. But, what if the ‘facts’ we believe aren’t true after all? Get Your Facts Straight Some people can enjoy a drink without any problems; others aren’t so lucky. Binge drinking or drinking heavily over longer periods of time can have very...

Audio: Interview Practise Part 3

This is turning into a marathon session of interview practise! I’ve been working on a longer audio, and I have finished recording Sober Podcast Episode #171 for my weekly sober podcast series. This audio is a bit tighter that parts 1 and 2. There are fewer stories, and my answers are more ‘informative’ — i […]

Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana All Inclusive Resort

Recently Brad and I had the pleasure of taking off for a week together at the Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic. This is part of my partnership with, a company I highly recommend if you’re looking for help with an all inclusive vacation. Show More Summary

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System with Frother Giveaway!

Sponsored by: Ninja Kitchen Hosted by: Powered by Mom Who loves coffee as much as I do?? The aroma, the flavour…oh I just love my coffee. Over the years I’ve tried many different styles and types of brewers and today I’m pleased to have...Show More Summary

Rockbottom 2 – the realisation that I NEED to change and deal

The alcohol rock bottom was a tough one. I’m thinking now that quitting drinking freed up time to confront me with my basic issues I have. Currently these are: sadness negativity, lacking gratefulness lacking direction, goals lacking focus, concentration, mindfulness … Continue reading ?

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