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A Town Of 3,200 Was Flooded With Nearly 21,000,000 Pain Pills

  Opioids or painkillers have flooded the small town of Williamson, West Virginia allegedly causing the death of many people. According to sources, the said incident has claimed the lives of more people due to overdose than in any other country in the world. It was revealed by the House Energy and Commerce Committee that [...]

sock feet

resistance. wolfie voice. ‘don’t want to, can’t make me’. i feel this way all the time, especially when starting something new. you’ll be able to relate. it’s exactly like the period of time before (and just after) day 1. i don’t want to do this, i don’t care if it’ll change me, i don’t care […]

When Teeny Tiny Wine-Shooters Call

I like to shop at Walgreens. I buy everything from Skinny Pop and two for $3 gassy water, to holiday decorations and toilet paper. One stop shopping for all my addictions too. In the old days I would sneak in (“Welcome to Walgreens!”) and snag three bottles of cheap wine. Why yes, I am having […]

Now running: free online addiction summit

Heya! FYI: there is a new free online addiction summit in town. Check it out here:  ???? (improved link!) I am happy that I quit. Currently sorting stuff out off-line. Very thankful for those who replied to my former post … Continue reading ?

One path, two directions

This post is dedicated to Annette. Our backgrounds are very similar even though you are much younger. Our timelines would follow the same path up to the age that you are right now. The two paths, yours and mine, do NOT have to continue in the same direction. Show More Summary


when i first quit drinking, i wrote on this blog every day. i needed to get the noise in my head out into the world, and i have always used writing as a way of figuring out what i think. I know that last sentence doesn’t make much sense, but only when i try to […]

SGR Ep170 - How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Battle Fear of the Unknown with Scotty, Mel and The Jess

Scotty and Mel Aaron quit their jobs, sold their house, and decided to take a year off to explore the country in a VW Van. In this episode, Scotty, Mel, The Jess and Shane discuss what it takes to step out, take a chance, and do something out of your comfort zone. Show More Summary

i will never get it ‘right’, but i know my intent :)

this is my personal stop-drinking blog, which means sometimes i write stuff – about quitting drinking, about being sober – and sometimes i share stuff – positive stories from penpals, struggles, adventures and tragedies. and if i was you, if i read something on a personal blog that rubbed me the wrong way, then i’d […]

SGR Ep169 - Addiction Recovery; The Navy SEAL Way

Treehouse Recovery is an Action Based Induction Therapy (ABIT) which consists of various team-based drills adapted from Navy SEAL training exercises. Founder Justin McMillen brought in former NAVY Seal Vets and has implemented their highly intensive training program into their addiction treatment model. Show More Summary

Would I do it again?

Wow! I looked at my calendar and we’re almost done with January! I’ve been very busy working on the sequel to Immortal Alcoholic’s Wife and my new book, “Huh?” ABCs of Understanding Women, that I have been amiss at keeping up with the blog posting. Show More Summary

"American Crime"—an Addiction Tragedy

"American Crime," a true-to-life television crime series, offers a startlingly different — and accurate — portrayal of addiction.

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