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writing and wronging

Twentieth Century literary lions, fueled by various spectacular addictions, turned male anxieties into face-slapping prose. They imagined a world in which women were terrifying, or trophies, or too delicate to live, and they did it seductively...Show More Summary

A Woman Fights AA, Alcoholics Anonymous as Narcissist

According to Juliet Abram and other victims, Alcoholics Anonymous is a narcissistic, bullying, sexist organization--and has been since the days of Bill W. And she has the scars to prove it.

Eating the Rich

Back before we knew much about the chemistry of addiction, Karl Marx declared religion the opiate of the people. It's a fun metaphor to toss around during December's holiday frenzy, but it isn't all that apt. As a sedative, religionShow More Summary

Collaboration in Treating the Individual with Addiction, Psychiatric Illness or Both

Addiction is so different then other diseases because of its unique bio-psycho-social nature, which touches everyone on so many levels. Every individual has felt the impact in some way by this illness - an illness that costs society so much and therefore by definition it must involve every aspect of society if it is to be effectively dealt with.

Why Are We Testing Athletes for Illicit Drugs?

League-leading receiver Josh Gordon has tested positive for marijuana--so what?

Slaves to Chocolate

Do I have a bad low-end gourmet chocolate habit that I can break by force of will, or am I enslaved by chocolate's merciless molecules? And if I'm in denial about my chocolate habit, exactly what about it am I refusing to face?

Young People, Iraq, Afghanistan, PTSD and Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Programs must be established with experts from every field to deal with the bio-psycho-social nature of the co-occurring disorder of PTSD and chemical addiction. We must have professionals from both the mental health and addiction camps...Show More Summary

There Is No Reality

People—including professionals, politicians and world leaders—can say anything they want without fear of being contradicted by reality.


For some reason, all those fly-by-night Halloween stores offer no drug-fiend costumes. Has addicton been so "medicalized" that we no longer demonize it, or are we just too scared of drug culture to let it out of its crypt for even one night?

Are Baby Boomers Paying A Price?

Are baby boomers paying a price for our exponential industrial revolution which perhaps led to the technical revolution and need to press our children to be bigger and better, faster and more adept?

Biology of Caring

The brain is wired to react empathetically to someone in pain in order to warn others of danger and elicit help.

Hooked on Snap

Like crack, certainty is something our minds are designed to enjoy and ill-equipped to resist, even when we know it may kill us. Scientific certainty addicts claim that all science is based on solid proofs, on hard facts, or at least on the best available knowledge of the moment. But science itself tells us that this isn't exactly or always true.

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