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Fly Direct to Florida with Porter Airline – The Refined Way to Fly

As a Canadian, growing up I admired my friends whose families took a trip to Florida every Winter. These days our own family has fallen in love with Florida’s gorgeous beaches, friendly people and attractions. We travel to Florida often...Show More Summary

Tips to Attract the Elusive Teenager – Mom’s Perspective

Last year my daughter Sydney changed schools while in Grade 8. The girls had been attending a private school with super small classes and she just couldn’t face the thought of going into highschool with very few friends who she was deeply connected with. Show More Summary

I loved him for the first hour [Julie-Joy’s Dad Part 3]

from me: i received a long email from Julie-Joy’s Dad about his new sober life. it’s so fascinating that i want to share it all with you, but it’s long (i said that already) and so i’m going to split it into 3 parts. Part 1 was previously posted here, and Part 2 was posted here. […]

What is Vivitrol?

Certain individuals need some extra help to stay on the path to recovery. For many, Vivitrol can help. In this short video, learn more about the benefits of Vivitrol and how it can strengthen your recovery.

How to Talk to Your Loved One About Your Addiction

Telling your loved ones that you are struggling with substance abuse can be difficult. These are some tips to help you be better prepared for this important conversation.  

52 Celebrities who do not drink alcohol

Here are 52 celebrities who do not drink alcohol. I am sharing to counteract the drinking idiocy in this world. And since I got your attention a little WordPress tip about adding internet links to your WordPress post. Ever so … Continue reading ?

Regular marijuana use linked to more sex, study finds

Despite concerns among physicians and scientists that frequent marijuana use may impair sexual desire or performance, the opposite appears more likely to be the case, new research indicates.

SGR Ep156 - Gangs, Guns and Tattoos with Freddy Negrete

Freddy Negrete is best known for pioneering the black-and-gray tattoo style while serving time in a series of correctional facilities. While still a youth, Freddy entered into a life of abuse, gangs, crime, and drug addiction. Freddy's...Show More Summary

I’m off the fence when it comes to Teal Swan

Not about me, not about sobriety but a beautiful example of being human. And it is also my support to somebody who helped me greatly. I have learned a lot from Teal. I have also doubted her and expressed clearly … Continue reading ?

Pre-clinical study suggests path toward non-addictive painkillers

A pre-clinical study reports that the use of the positive allosteric modulator GAT211 enhances the effect of pain-relief chemicals produced by the body in response to stress or injury. The research is a promising step forward in the search for pain relief methods without the addictive side effects of opioids.

Audio: Hope

Super special, I want to share with you this full-length episode from my sober podcast series. It’s called “Hope” (SP224) and it’s about 30 minutes long. It might be one of the most important audios I’ve recorded (maybe ever). Yes, it’s a big deal. I learned something this week and I want to share it […]

Large declines seen in teen substance abuse, delinquency

In recent years, teens have become far less likely to abuse alcohol, nicotine and illicit drugs, according to researchers. Teens also are less likely to engage in behaviors like fighting and stealing, and the researchers believe the declines in substance use and delinquency are connected.

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