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TSGP Ep31 - Papa Roach Frontman Jacoby Shaddix

Live from the Warfield, That Sober Guy Podcast sits down with Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix to address the fight against alcoholism, addiction, and mental illness.  “Sometimes we have to go out there and learn by our own mistakes, and some of us have to go out there and die” said Shaddix.

TSGP Ep11: Tripp Lanier - The New Man

Men's coach and Host of The New Man Podcast Tripp Lanier joins That Sober Guy to talk a little about how to step out of our comfort zone and find what it is that we are really searching for.

"Doin' Alright" by Shane Ramer (Official Music Video by Vinnie Langdon)

We made this video about a month before I went into Azure for treatment. When I look back now, writing this song is what really helped me to put my life into perspective. Much love and respect to all out there with the courage to stand up and make a change.

Finding traits on the road to survival

September 9 th is my father’s birthday. September is Recovery Month. What do the two have in common – almost nothing. Except, that my father believed he could “cure” Riley of “that problem” if he could be alone with him for about a month. Show More Summary

SGR Ep101 - Former NFL Linebacker Matt Mayberry

Matt Mayberry, a former NFL linebacker for the Chicago Bears, is currently one of the most read columnists for Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as an acclaimed keynote speaker and peak performance strategist. He has just released his book, ...Show More Summary

Kratom: DEA’s Next Schedule I Drug

The post Kratom: DEA’s Next Schedule I Drug appeared first on Sober Nation. On August 31st, the Drug Enforcement Administration announced its plan to take emergency action and classify kratom as a Schedule I substance. Specifically, the active substances in kratom—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine—will be outlawed. Show More Summary

Republican Senators Introduce Bill to Restrict Powerful Synthetic Opioids

Three Republican senators on Wednesday introduced a bill that would restrict fentanyl and another powerful opioid, carfentanil, from entering the United States. The post Republican Senators Introduce Bill to Restrict Powerful Synthetic Opioids appeared first on Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.

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