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Cocaine Addiction Could be Zapped Away by Magnetic Pulses

In 2012, Luca Rossi tried to kill himself by hanging in Perugia, Italy. He tied the belt from a wardrobe and was choking when his fiancee walked in. He struggled to safety, and in his mind was defeated even in his last act. Luca Rossi had everything from a medical career, future plans, to a [...]

Outside the box

Since October 2010, I’ve been writing this blog offering support, explanation, resources and even a bit of humor. The blog has won awards and even led to participation in an HBO documentary. There has been heartbreak and heartache, frustration and accomplishment. Show More Summary

Curing Alcoholism: We’re Finally Putting MDMA to the Test

It seems ironic that one of the first drugs I used on my way to full-blown addiction is now being used in a study to cure alcoholism. Last week, UK researchers from Imperial College of London broke the news they were about to begin the world’s first clinical trial using MDMA (the active ingredient in...

Clock Out: It’s Time to Stop Ignoring Workplace Addiction

Years ago, one of my bosses had a substance abuse problem – one that was well-known around the office. She didn’t just party a little too hard at work functions; she’d also miss meetings entirely, lash out unnecessarily at her subordinates, and pour vodka into her coffee every morning. Unfortunately she wasn’t the only person...

Audio: Sprinkler

This is a clip from Sober Podcast Episode #211 that i sent to sober podcast members. ~~ “Feeling very grateful I listened to this podcast this evening. I’m permanently soaking wet cos of all the bloody sprinklers I walk into. I think I shall wear my raincoat always around my children :-)” ~ Hidcote ~~ In this podcast i […]

Heavy alcohol use alters brain functioning differently in young men and women

Scientists have found that brain functions in young men and women are changed by long-term alcohol use, but that these changes are significantly different in men and women. This indicates not only that young people might be at increased risk of long-term harm from alcohol use, but also that the risks are probably different in men and in women, with men possibly more at risk.

monday update: from your point of view

Here’s the link to today’s Monday Update message. This is omm253. This message summarizes what’s coming up this week, and i wanted to share an idea with you about Point of View: “what does it MEAN when they say this or that…” To hear this Monday message, play below. nothing to download. just press play. […]

Why do I get the impression you pity me?

I heard from another long lost friend this week. Whenever someone from my past contacts me they say, “You just popped up on my computer.”  As if my details appear randomly in their ad column on Facebook. (Like the pair of suede boots...Show More Summary

“I have asked for help and you have given it”

email from mygi (day 1):  “Hey Belle, just finished listening to Lesson #1 of the Jumpstart class, and I’m in floods of tears because it’s real now and I’m not lurking any more and I’m real. I thought I was broken but maybe I’m not? Sobbing with reality and relief that I don’t have to fight any more. […]

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