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10 Ways to Tell if You're Giving Your Relationship a Chance

We all hold beliefs about love and the importance it have for our happiness. This 10-item scale will tell you how realistic or unrealistic you are about what to expect from your closest romantic partners, how responsible you are for other people's happiness, and whether you're driven by the need for approval.

'INTERESTING STUFF – 28 February 2015

EDITORIAL NOTE As you know, on Monday through Friday, there is a link at the bottom of each TGB story to that day's story by readers at The Elder Storytelling Place. Last Monday, I neglected to set up the ESP...

Our Top-Down Brains and How They Help us Adapt to the World

What you see is often not a matter of the stimuli that are in front of you, but a matter of your expectations. The “affair of the dress,” and whether you see it as white-gold or blue-black is just another example of our top-down bra...

The Role of Age-Related Extracellular Matrix Restructuring in Heart Conduction Disorders

2 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

The extracellular matrix (ECM) is the complex structure of proteins surrounding and supporting cells. The varied mechanical properties of different tissues derive from the particular arrangement and types of molecules making up this structure: the elasticity of skin and blood vessels, the load bearing resilience of bone and cartilage, and so forth. Show More Summary

The Progression of Leukemia: Most Old People Have Some of the Necessary Mutations in Blood Cells

2 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Here is an interesting look at the progression and prevalence of DNA damage leading to leukemia, cancers of bone marrow and white blood cells. Cancer is an age-related disease because its proximate cause is DNA damage and we accumulate ever more of this damage as time goes on. Show More Summary

Cartilage Repair Without Scaffolds

2 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Researchers are working on a method of delivering cells for cartilage regrowth in aged joints that doesn't use a porous scaffold in order to guide cell growth, but rather relies on the engineering of specific cell characteristics. In...Show More Summary

Crabby Old Lady on Cutting the Cable Cord

2 days agoHealth / Aging : Time Goes By

Four weeks ago, Crabby Old Lady told you about how she reduced her fixed expenses by cutting the cable TV cord after Giant Cable Company (hereinafter referred to as GCC) jacked up the monthly charge by 39 percent. She didn't...

The Grail of Calorie Restriction Benefits Without the Calorie Restriction

3 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Seeking to recreate the benefits of calorie restriction - greater health and longer life - without the part of the process wherein you must eat less is a grail for modern medical research. The calorie restriction response is of greater benefit to basically healthy people than that produced by any currently available medical technology. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Relationship

Relationships are an important part of our overall happiness and even our health. As satisfying as they can be, they can also present us with significant challenges. These research-based 5 suggestions will help you tip the cost-reward balance in your favor, for your sake, and that of your partner.

17 Rules to Guide You Through Any Conflict

Whether in your relationships or your work life, it’s inevitable that you’ll be involved in a conflict with someone over something. These 17 principles will guide you in learning how best to put your emotions, motives, and communication skills to settle any of those conflicts in to produce successful results.

6 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

You may think that caring for your own needs is a luxury you can ill afford. However, research shows both why and how you can benefit from these 6 self-care strategies.

Microbes Generate Amyloid, But Is It Important in Aging?

3 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

There are a score or so of different forms of amyloid that accumulate in the aging body and brain. These are misfolded proteins that precipitate out of tissue fluids to form clumps, and the biochemistry surrounding this process can cause harm in numerous ways. Show More Summary

Presentation Videos from Rejuvenation Biotechnology 2014

3 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Ours is an era on the verge of developing means to treat the root causes of degenerative aging and thereby extend healthy life, eliminate age-related disease, and rejuvenate the old. The decades ahead are a critical time, in which the best and most promising approaches to research and development either take off or falter. Show More Summary

Interviewing a Researcher Working on Stem Cells and Aging

3 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Via the Buck Institute Science of Aging blog, here is a look at the work of a scientist who specializes in the intersection of the stem cell and aging fields, an area that includes cancer and regenerative research: Hematopoietic stem...Show More Summary

Reviewing What is Known of Insulin in Aging

3 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

When it comes to the mechanisms by which the operation of metabolism determines natural variations in longevity, few areas are as well studied as the role of insulin and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). This is no doubt in part due...Show More Summary

Grafting Tissue Engineered Muscles into Mice

3 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Tissue engineering of muscle continues to move forward, with a new approach here demonstrated in mice: Tissue engineering of skeletal muscle is a significant challenge but has considerable potential for the treatment of the various types of irreversible damage to muscle that occur in diseases like Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Show More Summary

10 Myths About Ageing

3 days agoHealth / Aging : Time Goes By

When, in 1995, I began to research what ageing is all about, there were hardly any non-academic books about it (and so it remained until 2005 when the media caught on that the oldest baby boomers were turning 60 and...

Not Too Old for Another Surprise

4 days agoHealth / Aging : Time Goes By

Remember yesterday's post when I quoted some notes from my blog journal? Perhaps you recall reading this one: ”Sometimes I am afraid that there will be no more wonderful surprises, that the future I have left will be no different...

Dear Diary: Some Notes on Ageing

5 days agoHealth / Aging : Time Goes By

There is a handwritten journal I keep although, unlike the kind many others' have, the entries are undated. This latest edition is the third I have filled over 10 years (they are thick with many pages). It is my blog...

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