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Considering Angiotensin II and Aging

2 hours agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

When reading about research into any particular gene or protein and its influence on aging it is important to keep in mind that our biochemistry is a network of connections. Nothing happens in isolation, and any change in the amountShow More Summary

Is Calcification of Tissue a Primary Form of Damage in Aging?

13 hours agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

The SENS model of aging, and the resulting research programs aimed at producing rejuvenation treatments, are predicated on identifying the forms of cellular and tissue damage that are the initial, primary cause of aging. This means damage...Show More Summary

A Trial of Stem Cell Treatment for Macular Degeneration

13 hours agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Researchers here report on another trial of embryonic stem cells, with a focus on demonstrating safety and absence of side-effects. The study size of four individuals, each given the treatment in one eye only, is too small to take the positive results as a sign that the treatment is effective enough to take to the clinic. Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders: Elders' Best Political Candidate

13 hours agoHealth / Aging : Time Goes By

Actually, he is the people's candidate (as opposed to the corporate candidate all the rest are) but he is the only one who speaks directly and repeatedly to the well being of old people. Plus, at 73, he is one...


2 days agoHealth / Aging : Time Goes By

102-YEAR-OLD FORMER DANCER SEES HERSELF ON FILM FOR THE FIRST TIME Back in the 1930s and '40s, Alice Barker was a chorus line dancer at such famed venues in Harlem as The Apollo, The Cotton Club and the Zanzibar Club....

Six Tips to Guide You in Sharing Your Feelings

We say that people have “no filter” when they let everyone know exactly what they’re thinking at any given moment. Although self-disclosure can promote intimacy, there are times when discretion trumps honesty in order to preserve your relationships. These 6 tips will help you develop that perfect filter.

The Latest on Heterochromatin and Aging

3 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Heterochromatin is the name given to the more tightly packed structural arrangement of chromosomal DNA in the cell nucleus. Changes in the way in which chromosomes are arranged within the cell nucleus are far from simple and, like various epigenetic modifications to DNA, have considerable influence over the pace of production of proteins. Show More Summary

Better Brain Health

3 days agoHealth / Aging : Time Goes By

I am alone in my greatest fear of old age: losing my mind. Okay, these days the more polite terms are dementia and Alzheimer's but the words amount to the same thing. ”In 2013, a YouGov survey...found that Americans of...

Investigating Factors Relating to Survival After Age 50

3 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

A fifty-year longitudinal study of human aging is wrapping up, and the results, as is usually the case, point to the importance of lifestyle choices in determining natural variations in human longevity. It also reinforces the point that...Show More Summary

The Dog Aging Project

3 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

A group of researchers are advocating for clinical trials in household dogs to test methods of gently slowing aging that so far are largely studied in mice only. The high level goal here is to produce more rigorous data in longer-lived mammals, something that is presently lacking. Show More Summary

Treating Aging in Advance of Fully Understanding Aging

4 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Engineering is in essence the business of producing good, workable solutions in absence of complete knowledge. The Romans could construct excellent bridges with a tiny fraction of the knowledge of materials science, mathematics, and modeling possessed by today's architects. Show More Summary

Can Narcissists Ever Change?

We tend to associate narcissism with psychological problems that impact a variety of everyday behaviors and relationships. However, according to a new theory of narcissism, one of the three basic types has the chance to grow up psychologically healthy.

Visceral Fat Correlates With Brain Tissue Damage

4 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Building and maintaining excess fat tissue, specifically the visceral fat clustered around internal organs, harms long-term health in numerous ways. It raises the risk of suffering from all of the most common age-related medical conditions, and raises lifetime medical expenditures even while lowering life expectancy. Show More Summary

Predicted Future Life Expectancy Continues to Increase

4 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Predicting human life expectancy in the decades ahead is a big business, as the vast pension and life insurance industries rely upon these forecasts. If the forecasts are dramatically wrong, and they will be just as soon as any significant...Show More Summary

Determination and Vision for a Better Future, Achieved via the Medical Control of Degenerative Aging

5 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

In the long run, the span of decades and centuries, the only thing that really matters is technological progress. It is how we measure the division of eras, it is what makes the difference between poverty and wealth. It is why we live longer than our immediate ancestors and suffer far less pain and disease. Show More Summary

Calico Life Sciences Partners with the Buck Institute for Research on Aging

5 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

This sort of notice should be expected given that the leadership at Google's Calico venture shows all the signs of intending to set up a very broad research infrastructure for the development of drugs to modestly slow aging. Sooner or...Show More Summary

Biocompatible Artificial Blood Vessels Guide Regrowth

5 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Researchers have demonstrated a new method of implanting artificial blood vessel structures to guide regrowth of tissue, leading to regeneration of a functional biological blood vessel: Blocked blood vessels can quickly become dangerous. Show More Summary

Email Issues Affect Time Goes By

5 days agoHealth / Aging : Time Goes By

I will get to those email issues in a moment, but first: This is the third week of the new publishing schedule at Time Goes By – Monday, Wednesday, Friday instead of Monday through Friday. Saturday (Interesting Stuff) and Sunday...

A Little Research on the Metabolism of the Aging Brain

6 days agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

The brain is enormously complex, and as is true of almost every aspect of metabolism there is far more left to map than is already known. The entirely of the knowledge of human biochemistry is really just a sketch of the starting points for further exploration. Show More Summary

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