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Highly Effective Therapies for Single Cancer Types Should be Expected in the Near Future

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The trouble with cancer research is that all cancers are different; expensive and slow research results in only one therapy for one small group of cancer patients. Real progress would mean finding commonalities between many cancer types, or mechanisms essential to all cancer such as lengthening of telomeres. Show More Summary

The Heart is a Strange Sort of Organ

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

All organs are of course very different from one another, but some are more unusual than others. The heart is largely muscle, but muscle with strange characteristics, one of which is that it does an exceptionally poor job of regeneration following injury. Show More Summary

More Data on the Longevity of Elite Athletes

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Athletes at the top of their fields tend to live longer than the general population. The reasons for this are yet to be determined: for the most part human historical data can only show association, not causation. So it may be that more...Show More Summary

A Perspective on Long Term Risk in Cryonics

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Cryonics is a form of low-temperature preservation of tissue immediately following death, with the aim of preserving brain structure sufficiently well to allow future revival. Since the necessary technologies for revival can be envisaged...Show More Summary

A Conversation App Just For Elders?

Perhaps you have noticed that young people don't talk on the telephone anymore. So widely true is this that it probably wouldn't make much difference - except to thee and me - if manufacturers just ditched the voice function on...

Bringing an Old Woman to Tears and...

UPDATE 2:40PM I have just finished a telephone call with a representative of Dotster who has promised me that he will set up a session with their tech team to work on the problem by taking control of my computer,...

This May Be the Secret to Happiness in Relationships

You may think the best way to deepen your relationship is to have serious, deep discussions about your thoughts and feelings. However, it may be that sharing a smile rather than deep feelings can be as good, if not better, for your relationship’s long-term health.

Every Relationship Involves Rules: What are Yours?

Whether they realize it or not, couples have rules that help keep their relationship going. From mundane household chores to the guiding principles behind deeper issues of fidelity, honesty, communication and support, it’s important to take stock of the ones that guide you and your partner.


[PERSONAL NOTE: Today's Interesting Stuff is so different from the usual I just want to let you know that someone else has not hijacked the page. It is much longer that most weeks not because there are more items –...

Everyone Ages for the Same Reasons, and Many Age-Related Diseases Share the Same Roots

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Mechanically speaking, degenerative aging happens for the same underlying reasons in all of us. We all share the same operation of cellular metabolism, generating the same lingering waste products, the same forms of biochemical wear and tear that slowly slip past otherwise comprehensive repair mechanisms. Show More Summary

An Update on Efforts to Develop Intermittent Fasting as an FDA-Approved Treatment

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Like calorie restriction, the practice of intermittent fasting has been shown to improve measures of health in humans and extend healthy life spans in mice. One research group has in recent years been working on taking a specific implementation...Show More Summary

Mining Stem Cell Exomes for Means to Spur Tissue Repair

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Researchers are digging into various ways in which stem cells signal other cells to change their behavior, as this this one of the means by which stem cell therapies produce benefits. Identifying the important signalsn would mean that...Show More Summary

The Value of Old Habits

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Time Goes By

Before we get going let me be clear: I am talking about habits, not addictions. In recent years, Americans have come to use the word “addiction” when they mean habit. For the record and in shorthand, an addiction is a...

Sirtuin Research Continues Apace

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

A lot of time and money has gone into the study of sirtuins, a class of a few proteins that participate in numerous cellular processes that influence natural variations in aging and longevity. There was something of a big hype cycleShow More Summary

Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Mitophagy in Aging

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Mitochondria, the power plants of the cell, are implicated as a cause of degenerative aging. Each cell has a herd of mitochondria, dividing like bacteria (mitochondrial biogenesis) and removed by quality control mechanisms when damaged (mitophagy). Show More Summary

Vinculin in Heart Aging and Longevity

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Researchers have found a single gene intervention that improves heart function and extends life significantly, at least in flies. While looking at the results here, it is worth bearing in mind that a large extension of life in short-lived...Show More Summary

More on Efforts to Lobby the FDA to Accept Aging as a Medical Condition that Can and Should Be Treated

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

It seems that after some years of researchers feeling more comfortable talking in public about the goal of treating aging as a medical condition, the community is also beginning to feel constrained by the present regulatory and funding situations. Show More Summary

Hair Loss and MicroRNA 22

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

A fair number of research groups are involved in investigations of the fine details of age-related hair loss. As in most research related to aging, scientists are for the most part much more interested in mapping the chain of change and consequence in cellular biochemistry than in seeking out first causes. Show More Summary

The Solar Cycle and Autoimmunity

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

A number of studies propose associations between the solar cycle and aging, or for specific age-related conditions. The mechanisms involved are not clear at all, but it is possible to theorize about levels of radiation damage duringShow More Summary

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