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Betty White rocks

last weekHealth / Aging : O'Folks

You are welcome but this is not her show’s site. Is Betty White’s new show an April Fool’s Day prank? Judging by the European version, it wouldn’t be very complimentary but ageist. Site Search Tags: Betty+White, humor, ageism, TVFiled under: ageism, cultural resources Tagged: O'Folks (off their rocker), off their rockers, TheElderlies

Towards Cell Therapy as a Replacement for Liver Transplant

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

The liver is the most regenerative of mammalian organs, so liver transplantation is the natural first candidate for replacement by some form of cell therapy, delivering cells that will regrow lost and damaged tissue. The details areShow More Summary

Fatty Acids Correlate with Longevity in Bird Species

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Birds, like bats, have high metabolic rates due to the demands of flight but are also long-lived in comparison to similarly sized members of other species. This has a lot to do with mitochondria and membrane fatty acid composition, as shown by the evidence in the paper linked below. Show More Summary

An Audio Interview with Aubrey de Grey and Brian Kennedy

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Here I'll point out a twenty minute podcast interview with Aubrey de Grey of the SENS Research Foundation and Brian Kennedy of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. This was recorded at the recent Rejuvenation Biotechnology 2015 conference, hosted by the SENS Research Foundation in the Bay Area, where both institutions are based. Show More Summary

GDF-11 and Myostatin Correlate with Heart Disease Outcomes

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Here researchers study natural variations in GDF-11 and myostatin levels and look for correlations with health outcomes. This is one of a number of lines of research emerging from the search for cell signals that differ between old and...Show More Summary

Proposing a Mechanism to Explain the Association Between Type 2 Diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Type 2 diabetes patients have a considerably greater risk of suffering Alzheimer's disease, as well as many other age-related conditions. It is commonly theorized that this is because the underlying risk factors are the same, which is...Show More Summary

EVEN John Oliver Does It

Last Sunday on his HBO program, Last Week Tonight, John Oliver opened his feature essay with this: ”Progress,” he said. “It's the reason your grandparents' views are better not spoken in public. 'Why did I bring you to Straight Out....

The DRACO Fundraiser Site: killingsickness

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

This is a year of much grassroots fundraising for longevity science, it seems, with more new projects launched and more new faces joining the community of supporters. All of these developments are collectively, hopefully, yet another...Show More Summary

Why Narcissists Try to Make You Feel Bad about Yourself

It’s never pleasant to be the target of an insult. However, before you let an insulting remark get the better of you, stop and consider who’s doing the insulting. It’s likely that it’s just a narcissist, trying to feel better by making you feel bad.

Studies Show that Elite Athletes Live Longer

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Here I'll point out a review of dozens of studies shows that the balance of evidence points to greater longevity in successful professional athletes. This is one part of a still open question on exercise and long-term health: is it actually...Show More Summary

A Look at Blastema Mechanisms in Zebrafish Regeneration

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

In species capable of regrowing limbs and organs, such as salamanders and zebrafish, tissues form a blastema at the site of regeneration. This mass of cells recapitulates much of the behavior of embryonic development, including the complex signal interactions that steer the construction of replacement tissue. Show More Summary

Reporting on Rejuvenation Biotechnology 2015: Thymus Regeneration and Thoughts on Research Strategy

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

To go along with a few posts from last week, here is a longer report from this year's Rejuvenation Biotechnology conference, hosted by the SENS Research Foundation. There are some interesting tidbits in the section on thymus regeneration,...Show More Summary

Radiation Hormesis Studied in Flies

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Hormesis is the process whereby a little damage leads to a lasting increase in the activities of cellular repair mechanisms, with the outcome of a net gain in systems integrity and function. Hormesis is involved in a majority of the interventions shown to modestly slow aging in at least some short-lived species, such as low level radiation treatment. Show More Summary

Generating Oligodendrocytes to Spur Remyelination

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Researchers here investigate a way to generate more oligodendrocytes in the brain, the cells responsible for creating the myelin sheathing essential to correct function of the nervous system. The presence of more of these cells improves...Show More Summary

“No Cute Old People”

That headline is the theme of a speech given a couple of years ago by Kirsten Jacobs, the education manager for LeadingAge, a highly respected association of more than 6,000 not-for-profit, member organizations in the United States that provide care...

INTERESTING STUFF – 22 August 2015

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Time Goes By

A SINGLE LIFE There is an itch in the back of my head that keeps saying I have posted this video but I can't find it and even if it's here already, it's worth a rerun. Thank TGB reader Alan...

4 Ways to Keep Your Perfectionism from Getting You Down

Always wanting your life, and everything in it, to be perfect can become a thankless enterprise. In addition to the fact that perfection is almost impossible to achieve, striving for the ideal can cause your stress levels to mount. These 4 tips will help you keep perfectionism under control.

RIP3 Knockout Reduces Inflammation and Mortality in Mouse Model of Atherosclerosis

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Researchers have found a genetic alteration that slows the progression and fatal consequences of atherosclerosis in a mouse lineage engineered to have an accelerated progression of the disease. As is usually the case in such studies,...Show More Summary

Investigating the INDY Longevity Gene in Nematodes

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Researchers here fill in some of the gaps regarding the action of the INDY gene on longevity in nematode worms, suggesting that its effects largely arise due to its influence on the nematode version of AMPK, now also well known to be involved in the relationship between metabolism and natural variations in longevity. Show More Summary

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