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Today I am 73 Years Old

That well-known phenomenon of time speeding up as we get older is in full force for me; it feels like yesterday was my 72nd birthday. Neither one of them – 72 or 73 – is remarkable in any way. Not...

Targeting Cancer With Magnetic Nanoparticles

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

The future of cancer treatments involves the targeted delivery of cell-killing mechanisms to cancer cells. As a strategy this offers the potential to minimize side-effects to far below the levels of present day established treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Show More Summary

Arguing for More Research into Parabiosis Effects

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

In recent years researchers have gained some understanding of how aging diminishes the vital activity of stem cell populations by linking the blood flows of old and young mice, a process called heterochronic parabiosis. It has opened...Show More Summary

Psychology’s Common-Sense Guide to Exercise

We’re constantly exposed to new and “improved” guidelines to exercise from sources ranging from our friends and neighbors to international health organizations. To make sense of these guidelines, this psychology-based set of 6 commonsense tips will help get you the workout to keep your body, and mind, in great shape. read more


LE WEEK-END This British film is the story of Nick and Meg Burrows, a pair of academics, who spend the 30th anniversary of their no-longer-wonderful marriage in Paris. Le Week-End is funny and sad and poignant and lovely – think...

Video: Aubrey de Grey at TEDxSalford

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

As I'm sure you all know by now, we'd be languishing a lot further away from the goal of human rejuvenation if not for Aubrey de Grey and the network of people within and without the research community who have joined in to help push longevity science towards respectability and plausibility. Show More Summary

Opening Day of the Second Wind Tour

[EDITORIAL NOTE: Not long ago, I told you about the new book, Second Wind, from geriatrician Dr. Bill Thomas and two TGB readers won tickets to the tour he is conducting throughout the United States that extends the ideas he...

A Novel Longevity-Associated Genetic Locus in Humans

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Finding genetic correlations with longevity in humans is challenging. All results found to date produce only small statistical effects, and very few indeed can be replicated between different study populations. This suggests that genetic contributions to longevity are diffuse and highly variable. Show More Summary

Neuropeptide Y Required for Calorie Restriction Benefits

last weekHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Researchers uncover proteins necessary to the benefits of calorie restriction by the use of genetic engineering to create lineages of laboratory animals that each lack a specific protein of interest, and then observing the results of calorie restriction for each lineage. Show More Summary

What Can Rheumatoid Arthritis Teach Us About Normal Aging of the Immune System?

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Rheumatoid arthritis is characteristically a disease of young women, as I was once told by an old man in the medical profession. That is something of an exaggeration, but autoimmune diseases are not age-related by and large. Can they...Show More Summary

Where Do TGB Readers Live?

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Time Goes By

Yesterday, I received a note from long-time TGB reader, Laura Gordon, with whom I've exchanged email now and then over quite a few years. I was surprised to learn that she lives in Florence. Florence, Italy, that is. I had...

Cardiac Risks in Youth Associate With Worse Cognitive Function in Later Life

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

The publicity materials for this study discuss cardiac risks such as high blood pressure and blood glucose in youth without mentioning how they usually come about. The most common path towards suffering these danger signs in earlier life is to let yourself become fat and sedentary. Show More Summary

The State of Cancer Immunotherapy

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

A popular science article on the current state of progress towards therapies for cancer based on mobilizing the immune system to attack cancer cells: More than a century ago, American bone surgeon William Coley came across the case of...Show More Summary

The Rejuvenation Research Journal is Open Access

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

The Rejuvenation Research journal is completely open access as of when I looked it over today. I believe that to be a fairly recent change, so those of you without subscriptions might want to wander through the archives in search of interesting reading. Show More Summary

Retirement Investing Advice (?)

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Time Goes By

Undoubtedly you see as many financial services commercials on TV, in print and online as I do. In addition, I get dozens of pitches every year to review advice books about retirement investing or to interview so-called experts in th...

A Good Example of Failing to Control for Calorie Intake

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Calorie restriction has a such a large impact on health that you almost have to disregard any study of health and longevity in laboratory animals that fails to control for it. Even mild differences in levels of calorie intake can swamp out the effects actually being studied. Show More Summary

A Start on Manipulating the Mechanisms of Nerve Regrowth

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Researchers are making inroads into understanding and manipulating mechanisms of nerve regrowth so as to improve the outcome following injury: The researchers were interested in understanding how axons in the peripheral nervous system...Show More Summary

Long Term Calorie Restriction Very Beneficial in Primates

2 weeks agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Calorie restriction improves health and extends life in nearly all shorter-lived species examined to date. In mice life span can be extended by 40% or more this way, but theorists don't expect an outcome of the same magnitude to take place in human calorie restriction practitioners. Show More Summary

How Much Should You Reveal in Your Relationships?

It can be tricky negotiating the right amount to disclose about yourself with your relationship partners. If you reveal too much too early, you’ll seem a bit too eager, and if you always hold back, people will wonder what you’re hiding. Research on self-disclosure suggests some ways to find that happy balance. read more

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