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Year’s End is a Mindfulness Moment

The end of the year is a time of reflection. We go through cycles of gratitude, fasting, celebrating, traveling, resting and hopefully forgiving. There’s closure and promise. The new year’s afoot! And there’s grabbing. Grabbing stuff. Accumulating things. Yet more

STRETCHING, BIRTHING, CRADLING: The Power, Concerns, Joys, and Gifts of an Indie Home Birth

STRETCHING, BIRTHING, CRADLING: The Power, Concerns, Joys, & Gifts of an Indie Home Birth by Jesse Wolf Hardin – As I write this, dear Kiva is entering her 38th week of pregnancy.  In the last few week, our boy Ælfyn has “dropped” head first into the pelvis in preparation for his entrance into the [...]

Omega-6 fatty acids do not promote low-grade inflammation

The higher the serum linoleic acid level, the lower the CRP, according to a new study. Linoleic acid is the most common polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid.

Cognitive behavioral therapy for chronic pain

By teaching patients better strategies for coping with chronic pain, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a valuable treatment alternative for the millions of Americans taking opioids for noncancer pain, according to an article.

The Living Legacy of Michael Moore and SWSBM – Free Courses and Resources

I’ve been fascinated by plants since infancy (ask my poor mother), and have studied herbalism since childhood, but I didn’t really begin to explore clinical work in an in-depth way until I moved to New Mexico over 13 years ago. It wasn’t long after I arrived in the Canyon, completely enamored of the unfamiliar and [...]

New Proposals Welcomed for Teaching at Confluence ’18

Please share the above 72dpi call for new proposals, or share a link to this post. The half of the class slots that we award to returning teachers are completely few, leaving only a handful of slots remaining for folks we have not worked with before. Do write us for an application and to discuss [...]

Ælfyn’s Smile: A Small Peek Inside Another World

Last week Wolf, Rhiannon, and I headed over to Arizona to have a 3d/4d ultrasound done. Ælfyn has been kicking up a storm in there, and often responds to voices and music, most especially Wolf’s laughter and certain kinds of drumming, so we’ve been extra eager to see him. I was at exactly 28 weeks [...]

New 2017 Plant Healer Compendium Book!

Announcing our Latest Book for Herbalists: PLANT HEALER COMPENDIUM 2017 Herbal Information & Inspiration Gleaned From The Year’s Plant Healer Magazines –Authored by 30 Leading Herbalist Practitioners & Vsionaries– 445 pages – Softbound...Show More Summary

The Arrival of Autumn: Golden-Glinted and Honey-Scented

Autumn has surely arrived here in our Canyon, the Snakeweed blooming all golden-glinted and honey-scented across the mesa, while the Epazote slowly but surely turns from lime green to shades of crimson and scarlet as the nights grow cooler. While I would like to devote all my attention to the final harvest, from acorns to [...]

HerbKin: Healing Roles & Chosen Labels

HERB-KIN Healing Roles, Chosen Labels, & What We Do by Jesse Wolf Hardin The following piece is for you to share freely, excerpted from the latest issue of Plant Healer Magazine. Subscriptions are available at: More Summary

$100 Discount on Advance Confluence Tickets

Announcing a $100 Discount on Advance Tickets To The 2018 Good Medicine Confluence May 16-20, Durango, Colorado 28 Teachers Announced, 22 More Teachers To Be Announced Soon! Over 100 Unique Classes & Wild Celebrations –Discount Expires Nov 30th– (Please Repost and FaceBook this Announcement – Much Appreciated!)

Yoga, meditation improve brain function and energy levels, study shows

Practicing brief sessions of Hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation can significantly improve brain function and energy levels, according to a new study.

Wilderness Haven: Looking for a Longterm Caretaker Couple

There’s no doubt I’m a hermit (or rather, very socially limited as an autistic person), but there’s also no doubt that caring for this much wild land and this remote homestead requires collaboration…. especially in an era of increasingly rapid ecological change. But I frequently hear from people whose dream is to live in the [...]

The Reiki Precepts as a Guide for Our Times

There are pivotal times. This is one of them. We’re all here together, no matter where we might be in the spectrum. Hurricane Harvey didn’t happen only in Texas. Fukushima wasn’t isolated. Now chemicals are burning in Houston. North Korea’s

Fungi & Friends: New Plant Healer Column

The 250 pages-long Fall issue of Plant Healer Magazine quarterly will release the first Monday of September. If you are not already subscribed, you can be sure of receiving a copy by subscribing now at: –Show More Summary

10 Health Benefits of Thyme Oil

Thyme is known for its indisputable health benefits. It is used in several cuisines and is an outstanding addition to your regular dishes as well. This unbelievable herb is popular in Europe and is a delightful addition to several Mediterranean recipes. This popular herb is mostly used in aromatherapy. The volatile essential oils found in […]

How to get rid of a sinus headache?

Many people have a sinus headache at some or other point of time in their lives. It can be cured by few medications, but there are also few home remedies which can naturally cure a sinus headache along with allergies, sinus infections, and the common cold.  Below discussed are 9 natural remedies which can give […]

Different Techniques used in Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing of the physical body and soul. Aromatherapy is a technique that utilizes plant oils that help promote psychological and physical well-being. Some benefits of aromatherapy massage include, muscle comfort, increased energy, alertness, optimized sleep, decreased stress and tension. Show More Summary

Woodland Greens Flatbread: Lambsquarter Pancakes with Lingonberries

These pancakes will be more like crepesf or wraps to many American’s minds, lacking any leavening as they do. They are eggy, chewy, pleasantly flavorful, and certainly one of my favorite ways to cook Lambsquarters! They’re traditionally made with Spinach, but good Spinach is difficult to find in my rural/wilderness area, and Chenopodium is abundant indeed. [...]

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