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Free March Issue of Herbaria for Herb-Lovers

Free March Issue of  HERBARIA If you haven’t already, subscribe to Plant Healer’s absolutely free Herbaria Newsletter for a monthly dose of herbal information and skills.  The exciting March issue will be released soon, containing 2 inspiring interviews and 4 articles for herbalists and anyone interested in using plants for medicine: 1. Paul Bergner brings us the History [...]

The Pros and Cons of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a kind of a system of medicine or care which is mostly related to musculosketal and nervous system disorders. Chiropractic care is mostly directed to the care of neck, back and joint pains. It also helps to treat headaches and offers various benefits to patients. Show More Summary

The Top Myths Associated with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a very popular technique in which practitioners stimulate different points in the body by making use of thin needles which are inserted through the skin. Acupuncture has shown to cause many positive effects and relieve people of several underlying pains, problems and health issues. Show More Summary

A Healthy Look At Anger

A Healthy Look at Anger Hospital-Caused Deaths, Twitter Indicators, Heart Attack & Prevention by Jesse Wolf Hardin Plant Healer Magazine The second greatest cause of deaths in this country are factors associated with conventional hospital care, from misdiagnosis to resistant infection and drug side effects, as my partner Kiva and I regularly lament.  Recently our [...]

The concept of disease in Chinese medicine

In conversation with a couple of colleagues at NCNM, I became interested in the idea of disease in Chinese medicine. More specifically, I observed what I perceive to be a tension between the way CM traditionally approaches illness and the way that contemporary biomedicine approaches illness. Show More Summary

New Book: The Herbal Wisdom Treasury

Now Available To Order: HERBAL WISDOM TREASURY Vital Knowledge & Essential Skills –––Selections from Plant Healer Magazine 2010-2014––– Edited by Jesse Wolf Hardin & Kiva Rose – Foreword by Paul Bergner 345 pages, b&w, 8.5×11”  – Over...Show More Summary

Spiral of Healing

The path isn’t a straight line; it’s a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.   — Barry H. Gillespie The path can be a path of healing. It can be path of personal growth, or a spiritual path. Show More Summary

The Yijing in Chinese Medicine Clinical Practice – Part 4

This is part four of a series by Jonathan Edwards on the clinical use of the Yijing in Chinese medicine. Read the first part, the second part and the third part of the series. Bagua: The Yijing’s Bones Welcome back to this rapidly-mutating series on divination in the clinic. Show More Summary

The Various Benefits of Iridology

Iridology is an alternative medicine technique which claims and believes that the colors, patterns as well as the various other characteristics of the iris can be examined to find out information about a person’s health. The practitioners...Show More Summary

Quietness is Inner Peace

The mind requires quietness for a length of time to feel inner peace. When the mind is cluttered, peace is in the tunnel of darkness waiting for you to find the keys to allow the light shine through the inner being. Read more on Quietness...Show More Summary

Acupuncture helps Infertility by Improving Ovarian Function

Often, the term acupuncture evokes images of darkened rooms, zither music, and incense burning and added to all this is the use of needles being stuck into the flesh. Surely, none but the most intrepid may be thinking of venturing into...Show More Summary

Acupuncture Schools Abound in the US

After the creation of the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, the number of acupuncture schools in the United States has continued to increase. Show More Summary

Herbal Weight Loss Pills

As the desire for losing weight continues to affect many people, several herbal weight loss pills are developed and distributed throughout the world. Today, whether you surf on the internet or walk into a certain health food store, herbal...Show More Summary

Magnetic Insoles

If you have sore feet, leg pain or ankle pain then it is just because of walking with poorly designed shoes or you must be having foot injuries. If this is the case then it is high time you change your shoes. Neglecting these injuries...Show More Summary

Sneak Peek: Plant Healer Spring ’15 Issue

It’s time for our quarterly Sneak Peek at the upcoming Plant Healer Magazine.  Our Spring issue is yet again over 280 pages long, with another diverse selection of never before published articles covering the information, skills and issues of importance to herbalists.  After a Winter of energies stored in the roots, we can feel the [...]

Meditation: The Roots of Reiki

If Reiki were a tree, its roots would be found in meditative consciousness and practices that engender such states of consciousness. The soil that these roots would take hold in would be found in the life of Reiki’s founder Mikao Usui (Usui Sensei), and the conversation taking place in his lifetime in Japanese society. Show More Summary

Can You Stop Smoking by Hypnosis?

Smoking is now widely acknowledged as a serious threat to the health of smokers and the people in their lives. Giving up smoking is now a large focus for many smokers. Unfortunately the addictive powers of nicotine and the act of social smoking are making it difficult for many smokers to give up smoking. Show More Summary

Magnetic therapy – alternative to conventional medicines!

These days a lot of alternatives to medicine are being invented. One such alternative is the magnetic therapy. Certain medical disorders can be treated by exposure to the static magnetic fields. Magnetic therapy is especially used for people who have problems with their backs or joints. Show More Summary

Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy oil diffusers are used when you want to disperse essential oils into the air and inhale their therapeutic benefits. This is probably the oldest form of aromatherapy there is, used by the Chinese when they burned incense sticks at temples and ancestor shrines way back in the dynastic eras. Show More Summary

Steps to Inner Peace

What steps are you taking to find your inner peace? Are you taking notes, reviewing, and critiquing your notes when finished? Is your brainstorming the gallows of your mind to find answers to the nagging questions that claim inner peace...Show More Summary

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