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Osteoarthritis & Acupuncture Video Series

Osteoarthritis is the inflammation of the joints caused by wear and tear. Although it can occur in any joint, osteoarthritis typically affects the knee and hip joints. Recently, I filmed a video series about how acupuncture can help reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Show More Summary

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300 Page Conference Ebook for Western Herbalists

Free 300 Page Ebook for Western Herbalists Many of you will be excited to hear we’re putting together a nearly 300 pages-long color Ebook, featuring lengthy and informative Class Essays from 25 of the awesome teachers presenting this year’s Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference.  The fully illustrated 2015 Class Essays Book (valued at: $29) will be [...]

Cayenne Pepper Powder Is Effective For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

 Hot Pepper Helps Provide Pain Relief For IBS Sufferers An estimated 50 million people in the United States come down with food poisoning every year. And though thousands do die each year from food poisoning, most live to eat another day. Show More Summary

The yijing in Chinese medicine clinical practice – Part 13

This is part 13 of a series about the use of the Yijing in clinical practice of Chinese medicine. Read : Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6  / Part 7 / Part 8/ Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12/ Part 13 Part […]

Healing Plants of TWHC: Warming Herbs from High Places

The journey to the upcoming Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference & Celebration is one of the most amazing drives in the American Southwest, starting in the colorful desert elevations and winding upwards through oak and piñon covered hills, dramatic rock filled canyons, and into the lush aspen and fir forests at cloud height.  The plant life in [...]

How to Use a Pendulum to Improve the Functioning of Chakras

Traditional knowledge tells that there are a number of chakras in your body. These chakras release energies that help you to maintain your physical well being. However, the balance of the chakras has immense importance and should be maintained for its proper working. Show More Summary

(Video) A Fantastic Turmeric Tea!

Amazing Turmeric Tea Recipe Turmeric has long been used for its natural anti-inflammatory and natural pain killer properties. This is a very easy tea to make and it tastes great! Check out the Video below!   The post (Video) A Fantastic Turmeric Tea! appeared first on Alternative Healing Post.

TWHC Meals Package Deadline: Aug 17th

Excitement continues to grow for the upcoming Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference & Celebration, over 50 in-depth classes for the students and enthusiasts of herbal medicine – Sept 17th through the 20th high atop New Mexico’s picturesque Sky-Island. The Lodge is offering attendees a special discounted meals package, but these packages must be purchased in [...]

Simple 7 ‘Foodie’ Strategies to Boost Immunity

If you have a weak immune system, you are suffering from a condition called ‘immunodeficiency’. You will catch infections easily and curing will take time, seasonal disease would be troubling you round the year, overall a sick condition...Show More Summary

The Benefits of Oregano Oil

“Delight of the Mountains”! Oregano Oil has long been associated with health and well being going back to ancient Greece.  Used for its Cancer prevention agents it also has eight times the cell cell reinforcements than apples and three times as much as blueberries. Show More Summary

New Study Showing the Benefit of Acupuncture for Stress and Depression

New Study From Georgetown University Medical Center Shows the Benefits of Acupuncture A new study in rats from Georgetown University Medical Center and published in the journal Endocrinology, has shown the benefits of acupuncture for stress and depression. Show More Summary

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