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Help support acupuncture clinical skill building and vital healthcare in Nepal!

Founder’s note: Hey folks, this post is from a NCNM graduate who is going to be participating in the Acupuncture Relief Project in Nepal. She asked that I help her drum up funding for her endeavor – a very worthy cause. She’s going to...Show More Summary

On sickness and the power of Chinese herbal medicine

Founder’s Note : This is a guest post by third-year CCM student, Melinda Iglesias. Asalways, the guest posters love comments – so feel free to leave some below! I’m hoping to see more from Melinda in the future here on DH. In the meantime, you can find her on Twitter. Show More Summary

Softening in the Wild Heart of Medicine : Water

Founders note: This is the end of Jonathan Edward’s five inventive essays on the five phase elements. You can read about fire, earth, wood and metal. Please feel free to comment on any of these essays and start a conversation with the...Show More Summary

Clarifying the wild heart of medicine : Metal

 (Founder’s note : This article is part of a series by DH writer Jonathan Edwards. If you haven’t already, read about wood, fire and earth.) A fiber-optic cable. A vein of quartz. A snow-capped peak. A steel knife edge. Call it Metal or Mineral; it’s the element that connects and conducts, gleams and inspires. Show More Summary

Studying Chinese medicine within a busy life : an experiment

One of the biggest difficulties I have had since graduating is finding time to study. This is not an inherent problem, but one created because of how I schedule around my priorities. My family, the basic work of seeing patients, running a business and my teaching work at NCNM have taken precedence over everything else. Show More Summary

The avoidable loneliness of our profession

At some point in your career in Chinese medicine, you’re going to be stopped cold by the sudden realization of how little you actually know. What knowledge will you find yourself lacking? All of it, most likely. Some common themes? Acupuncture,...Show More Summary

Podcast on hiatus, rollback underway

The podcast is on indefinite hiatus, which is why no episodes for the last three weeks. I’m also going to be implementing some simple changes on the site that will be a bit of a roll back to a previous state. Newsletters, course releases and updates, and other activity will be similarly impacted. Show More Summary

I bow to my teacher: Fuzi, a topical herb?

Founder’s note: This is a guest post by NCNM student Yedidya Tabanpour, who writes quite glibly aboutvarious topics at his blog, and can also be found on Twitter.  Comments are appreciated on guest posts! Initial Exposure Each moment signifies an encounter or lack there of that spirals into pinnacles of movement. Show More Summary

Deepest Health Podcast 31 – Chinese medicine in veterinary practice : Interview with Dr. Neal Sivula, DVM, PhD

Today on the podcast, I have the pleasure of introducing my very favorite veterinarian to the Deepest Health community. Neal Sivula is a long-time reader and student of Deepest Health, but that’s the least of his many distinctions! He...Show More Summary

Deepest Health Podcast 30 – Towards a systematic view of Deepest Business Health

Today on the podcast, I explore how I approach helping Chinese medicine students and practitioners have true health in their businesses. This is an important topic for me, and one that is becoming increasingly a part of my daily focus. Show More Summary

Deepest Health Podcast 29 – Structural integration and acupuncture : An interview with Cintain ???

The main event for this week’s podcast is digging into the similarities and differences between the theories underlying acupuncture and structural integration. We explore what this might mean for Chinese medicine practitioners, how we classically informed practitioners can or should integrate Western anatomical understanding, and so much more. Show More Summary

Making a living doing what we love : Chinese medicine and business

I teach the business curriculum at NCNM to all the Chinese medicine students. I’m currently preparing to revise my previous curriculum in preparation for the next class this summer. At the same time, I am fielding a lot of personal questions...Show More Summary

Deepest Health Chinese Medicine Podcast 28 – Why should you care about acupuncture professional associations like the AAAOM?

Deepest Health Podcast 28 is chiefly taken up by my conversation spurred by this Acupuncture Today article concerning the disorganization and recent organizational dysfunction of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM). Show More Summary

Comprehensive review of the digital versions of Peter Deadman’s manual of acupuncture

  It’s no surprise to anyone who reads Deepest Health regularly that I’m more of an herbs guy than an acupuncture guy. I deeply respect the modality, however, and do seek to extend my understanding of it with each treatment I give. My...Show More Summary

Receiving the wild heart of medicine : Earth

This is the third in a series of posts engaging with the five elemental phases in a visceral, symbolic way. You can find the post on the wood phase element by clicking here, and the post on the fire element by clicking here. With each of these posts, I catch myself wanting to start by […] The post Receiving the wild heart of medicine : Earth appeared first on Deepest Health.

Deepest Health Podcast Episode 27 – Chinese medicine and vegan or vegetarian diets

In this episode of the Deepest Health podcast, I’ve decided to revisit the topic of one of the most popular posts on the site over the last 7 years. In that article, I discuss how a person who chooses to follow a vegan diet can do so in line with basic Chinese medicine philosophy. Show More Summary

Wiser Gentlemen: The Shen Chinese Herb Posse

Founders note: This is a guest post by second year Chinese medicine student Derek Henderlong. Please do add your comments to the post, he is excited to learn from your contributions. “…It is said that there is a king ginseng in eachShow More Summary

Business time : Staying updated with DH + new comment system

Just a quick business post to keep you informed about developments on the site. As I’ve said elsewhere, we’re gearing up with the content production, including podcasts! If you read the last few posts, including one about acupuncture...Show More Summary

Structure, Function, and Information Transfer: Chinese Medicine through the Eyes of Stuctural Integration

Author’s Note: What I’m about to present to you is my honest, educated opinion, informed by years of study and clinical practice. I am not an academic researcher, nor an accomplished master. Still, the ideas presented below have deepened...Show More Summary

Deepest Health Podcast Episode 26 – New format + Social Media and Chinese medicine

In this episode of the Deepest Health podcast, it’s just me! I talk about refreshing the podcast, increasing the frequency, new topics and features, and so on. I then move into a 20 minute discussion of social media – especially Twitter – and why Chinese medicine practitioners should care about it. Show More Summary

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