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Introducing the Bigelow Green Tea Company

If you are new to drinking green tea in order to improve your health, then you may not have heard of the Bigelow green tea company as of yet. Well, you really should know that you are truly missing out then. This is because the Bigelow green tea company has everything and anything that you could ever possibly want when it comes to green tea. Show More Summary

Oxalate Green Tea Process in Humans

An oxalate is also known as an ethanedioate. This is a salt or ester of oxalic acid. When in the form of a salt, the oxalate anion has the chemical formula C2O42- or (COO)22-. Consuming oxalates can actually result in kidney disease or even death due to oxalate poisoning. Show More Summary

Correlation Between Aromatherapy and Chakras

What is Aromatherapy? In aromatherapy plant materials and aromatic plant oils, like essential oils, and other aromatic compounds are used as a source of alternative medicine. The main focus of this therapy is to alter one’s mood, cognitive perception, psychological or physical well being. Show More Summary

5 Better Baby Photos Tips

Aside from being a little bundle of joy, one of the funniest things about having a baby is taking pictures. The thrill of capturing that perfect moment and subsequent re-living of that moment is something every mother can probably relate to. Show More Summary

Antioxidant Polyphenois

Are you always tired? Do you run out of energy before you run out of day? Do you work long hours? If your answers are in the affirmative then what you need is antioxidant polyphenois. Read more on Antioxidant Polyphenois… Related posts:...Show More Summary

Put Yourself In A Better Mood

Your mood can determine how you deal with stress, complicate your health, and help you deal with the daily pressures of the work week. Using essential oils is a great way to uplift your mood and put y Related posts: Fight Sadness With Essential Oils And Aromatherapy Help Fight Apathy With Essential Oil Aromatherapy Essential Oils For Energizing Yourself

Using Green Tea Low Carb Diet To Get Healthy

There are many times that you might want to use something like a green tea low carb diet to try to get healthy. There are simply too many things to do to yourself in this world today that are unhealthy, and a lot of people suffer from...Show More Summary

Ideomotor Questioning And Hypnosis

Ideomotor questioning associated with hypnosis is the subset of auto-questioning. In other words, this set consists of techniques and methods that get information directly from the subconscious mind. With this information, appropriately...Show More Summary

Making best use of magnets

Everyone is familiar with magnets. Magnets and its use are known since centuries. Magnets are very useful for our body. Magnets and its use have been popular nowadays by the use magnetic therapy. This therapy is natural and very popular. Show More Summary


Fennel, or Foeniculum vulgare, is a hardy, perennial, umbelliferous herb that grows wild in most parts of temperate Europe. It has yellow flowers and feathery leaves. Fennel was generally considered indigenous to the shores of the Mediterranean...Show More Summary

Blood-building Formula

Have you heard something about blood-building formula? Or, are you familiar with it? If not yet, then here is some of the helpful information that will enlighten your minds about the nature of blood-building formula. Read on. Read more...Show More Summary

Give Your Kids The World

There are lots of reasons to want to protect the environment and to preserve the planet. Maybe you’re passionate about animal rights and habitat conservation. Maybe you’re simply tired of paying huge power and other utility bills. Whatever...Show More Summary

Acupressure – A Cure for Dementia

What is Dementia? It is a chronic disorder of the mental processes that is caused by brain disease or injury and is marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning. Some of you may refer to it as mental illness, madness, insanity, derangement, or even lunacy. Show More Summary

The One-Two Combo of Wisdom Teachings and Nonduality

Enlightenment is acknowledged in Ch’an Buddhism as integrating form and emptiness. The fundamental purpose of practice is to assist the practitioner in eventually transcending duality, which is viewed as the root of all delusion in the mind. Show More Summary

Benefits of Acupuncture Before and After Surgery

What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is a Chinese form of treatment where the practitioners use needles to poke and stimulate specific points on the body. The pressure created reduces a lot of pain in several parts of the body as the nerves are relieved of the tension and the stress. Show More Summary

TWHC Advance Tickets Discount

New Conference Website, Kiva’s new Moss & Mezcal Botanica, an Updated Bookstore and Discounted Advance Tickets On Sale For The 2015 Plant Healer Event! –Discount Ends Jan. 1st– Discount Tickets for the 2015 Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference For the 6th year in a row, Plant Healer presents an incomparable event for the folk herbal [...]

Anxiety And Hypnosis Often At Odds

Since hypnosis is a method of achieving total relaxation and allowing others access to your subconscious thoughts, it would seem that anxiety and hypnosis would go well together with hypnosis being a natural help for anxiety. And while...Show More Summary

Aromatherapy School

Aromatherapy has been well-known throughout the world as the science and art of using essential oils for healing, preventive care, and relaxation. It aims to unite and balance the body, mind and spirit, which is then continually validated through the efficacy of the essential oils. Show More Summary

Loving Self for Inner Peace

Having affection for self provides inner peace. When a person feels good about who they are they often feel quietness of the mind, which presents inner peace. Having a love for self within does not mean that a person will worship self. Show More Summary

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a name that sounds sensual, but is far deeper and beneficial than being sensual. Originated from the foundation of Tantra, an esoteric tradition rooted in the religions of India, the tantric massage is a form of sexual learning. Show More Summary

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