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The Non-Practice of Hands-On Reiki

Healing begins when you aren’t trying to do anything. This is the practice of non-practice.   — Thich Nhat Hanh Before expanding on the quote above, let me make very clear that there’s still a practice to be put in place, to be engaged in and commit to while we refine our ability to heal and evolve. Show More Summary

It’s Never Too Late: Tips for Turning Your Life Around No Matter the Challenges

Changing our lives and changing our ways can seem really hard, especially if we have been a certain way for years upon years. But, so long as we decide we want to follow a certain–healthier–course of action, it is never too late. Here are some tips to get the ball rolling on creating a new [...]Show More Summary

Dream Interpretation and Types of Dreams

Dream researchers have discovered several distinct categories of dreams, and these dream categories can be very useful both to people attempting to interpret their own dreams and to professional psychologist and therapists striving to interpret the dreams of others. Show More Summary

Fight Depression With Essential Oils

Depression can hit you at any point of your life. For some people, depression develops later on in life. For other people, they are chronically incapacitated from depression since they were children. Related posts: Fight Sadness With Essential Oils And Aromatherapy Fight Loneliness With Essential Oils Rid Yourself From Post Natal Depression

Antioxidant Tea

Only very few people would argue the fact that tea is good for you. So if you’re one of those few people, you’d best read this article. There are several types of tea, of course. There’s white tea, green tea, black tea – yep, they probably have it in the whole spectrum. Show More Summary

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Essential oils and aromatherapy can have very powerful effects on one’s moods. This is due to the part of the brain that detects smell messages from the note is linked closely to the brain’s emotional centre known as a limbic system....Show More Summary

The Efficacy of Acupuncture for Migraines

Acupuncture is an ancient form of treatment for chronic conditions developed by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which is becoming increasingly accepted by the West. Treatment is done by the placement of fine needles in carefully selected...Show More Summary

See What Individual Hypnosis Can Do

Aside from the many varied reputations from the dark and sinister to the beneficial and life-changing, you may just be surprised to see what individual hypnosis can do. In truth and in fact, hypnos Related posts: What Individual Hypnosis Can Do For You Downloading Individual Hypnosis Software Individual Hypnosis Can Combat Stress And Anxiety

Effects of Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba’s popularity spans thousands of years. Chinese first used this medicinal herb thousands of years ago to cure ailments ranging from ordinary disorders to complicated ones. The positive effects of ginkgo biloba is well-documented. Show More Summary

Antioxidant Supplement

The focus of research on vitamins these days is how antioxidant supplements may play a role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Antioxidant supplements – E, C, and beta-carotene (a form of vitamin A) – have potential when it comes to health promotion. Show More Summary

Helping Your Young Teen Overcome Addiction

The science is in: a teenager’s brain is more susceptible to drug and other types of addiction than an adult brain. There are a couple of primary reasons for this: ·  A teen brain is still changing and building itself so it is more susceptible to the influence of drugs overall ·  A teen brain [...]Show More Summary

Wounds, Love, Wholeness

Before we can become a clear channel through which love can freely flow, the ways we are wounded must come to the surface and be exposed. Love as a healing power can operate only on what presents itself to be healed. As long as our wounding remains hidden, it can only fester. Show More Summary

4 Yoga Poses for Relieving Sciatica Pain

Sciatica pain is the pain caused in the lower portion of the body due to inflammation of the sciatic nerve which starts from the lower spine and runs down to the legs. Sciatica pain can be very discomforting and sharp and may occur periodically or randomly. Show More Summary

5 Foods That Can Help You Quit Smoking And Some You Should Avoid

Most smokers know smoking is bad for your health. Knowing how to quit the nasty habit is another matter entirely. Plenty of smokers out there have the desire to quit, but the pull of nicotine addiction is simply too strong much of the time. There’s a lot of help for those looking to toss the [...]Show More Summary

Class Schedule: 2014 HerbFolk Gathering

Class Schedule for Plant Healer’s 2014 HERBFOLK GATHERING Sept 16th-21st – Mormon Lake, Arizona The Information You Need, The Enchantments You Desire We’ll be coming up soon to our 5th Annual Plant Healer event – five years of education and celebration from Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference to Herbal Resurgence, Medicine of The People, [...]

5 Weight Loss Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi sure has several benefits and is considered to be as advantageous as Yoga. But does this science of flowing movements and graceful poses also results in weight loss? Well, the answer is yes. Tai Chi should be made an essential...Show More Summary

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Giveaway

The Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces are essential for any teething baby. Many babies have found great relief with a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace. These necklaces are made for baby to wear (not chew!) while they are teething. Use an amber necklace as an alternative or in conjunction with medicines. The warmth from your baby’s skin [...]Show More Summary

WATCH: Animal Odd Couples (The Cat & The Ducklings)

Love apparently knows no boundaries in the animal kingdom. Watch this video the Cat “Della” cuddles kittens and adopted ducklings. The post WATCH: Animal Odd Couples (The Cat & The Ducklings) appeared first on A Much Better Way.

Hypnosis – You have to be positive

Though hypnosis has come a long way since the pocket-watch-swinging gag it used to be, there is still a commonly held belief that hypnosis doesn’t work. However, hypnosis is actually a normal and natural state. Have you ever driven along...Show More Summary

Understanding various types of dreams

Dreams come in a wide variety of subjects and types, and almost anything in our waking lives can become fertile ground for reinterpretation in the dream world. Analyzing these various kinds of dreams can be fun and exciting, for both...Show More Summary

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