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Alexander therapy helps to cure chronic back pain

According to a study which was published in the British Medical Journal, Alexander therapy provides back pain relief. The post Alexander therapy helps to cure chronic back pain appeared first on, Health News, News, Health Magazine, Health in Natural ways, Holistic Health, Yoga, Ayurveda.

How exactly does meditation affect your body

The following video shows the scientific power of meditation, thus revealing as The post How exactly does meditation affect your body appeared first on, Health News, News, Health Magazine, Health in Natural ways, Holistic Health, Yoga, Ayurveda.

2016 Herbal Conference Class Topics

You Are Personally Invited to Join Us – Sept. 15th-18th for Plant Healer’s 7th Annual Gathering: The 2016 Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference –High Atop Sky-Island, New Mexico– This year’s Plant Healer event will be the last held in Southern New Mexico before our move to the next site, and this may be your final chance [...]

Meditation Tips for Beginners

Meditation brings out perfectionism very easily and rapidly. It’s known as a lofty and noble activity with many famous figures associated with it. This alone gives it a certain cachet. Meditation is very popular nowadays and as with anything that’s good for us, we want to get it right. Show More Summary

Clean Water for Health: Filtration & Herbs

Clean Water For Health: FILTRATION & HERBS by Sam Coffman As healers, herbalists have a responsibility to address all causes of illness including diet, lifestyle, and environment… and to recommend treatments and remedies besides herbs when appropriate. Access to clean water is one such problem that Plant Healer’s can’t ignore, as brought to light by [...]

The Call to Awaken

Below is an apt description of the Seeker.  What causes it to arise, how it comes on the scene, some of the initial experiences it creates, and the shifts it brings to a person’s life. Everyone gets the call, often more than once. It has been described by countless people in similar ways for as long as humans have been pondering life’s intricacies. Show More Summary

Diverse: NeuroDiversity & Diversity in Herbalism

DIVERSE The Value of Cognitive Diversity, NeuroDiversity, & a Diversity of Approaches to Herbal Practice by Jesse Wolf Hardin Violent attacks by anti-gay and anti-American extremists are indicative of the fear of social diversity, just...Show More Summary

Radical Herbalism: The New Plant Healer Book

Now For Sale – Our Summer Book Release:  RADICAL HERBALISM Feral Herbalists, Free Clinics, & Guerrilla Gardening Drawn from the pages of Plant Healer Magazine  Edited by Jesse Wolf Hardin & Kiva Rose Hardin Foreword by Paul Bergner 48 Chapters by 31 Impassioned Herbalists: Paul Bergner • David Hoffmann • Guido Masé • Phyllis Light [...]

Gapless Awareness

Awareness is the natural, innate, knowing quality of mind that is with us all the time. We cannot function without awareness; we would have no experience of anything without awareness. However, we do not always recognize it. In fact, most of the time we don’t. Show More Summary

Plant Healer Magazine – Summer Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek: –Summer Issue of Plant Healer Magazine– Available for Download by Subscribers Monday June 6th For info or to subscribe, go to:

The 11 Powerful Chakras of the Body used for Pranic Healing

The word Chakra has been derived from the Sanskrit word chakra, which means wheel. These are the whirling centres of energy and are part of the subtle body and not the physical body. They can be compared to the major and minor organs. Show More Summary

Foraging Matters: Tips & Advice from Wendy Butter Petty

FORAGING MATTERS Presenting The Wisdom of Plant Healer & Wild Forager Wendy “Butter” Petty ––––––––––––––––––––––– People get into the art of foraging for different reasons, including saving money by integrating wild and free fare, treasuring how much better foraged foods can taste, and knowing that they are often healthier for us than anything we can [...]

Curing toe Nail Fungus by Herbal Remedies

Sometimes your toenail may have problems of yellowing, thickening or breaking of toenails. This happen when a specific condition called Onychomycosis happens. This is also known as toenail fungus and can be painful or inflammatory. There...Show More Summary

Some Natural Remedies for Impetigo

Impetigo is a skin disease which is most common in the infants. However, at times even adults suffer from this. This disease is highly contagious too and the symptom of this skin problem is red sores around mouth and nose. The disease...Show More Summary

How is Viniyoga different from Other forms of Yoga

If you are a fitness freak or a health nut, you may have already got a gym membership. But if the sweaty and rigorous workouts at the gym don’t suit your palate, chances are you’ll probably need an alternative workout regime which is equally beneficial but not so arduous. Show More Summary

Healthy living with Bio Resonance Therapy

Bio Resonance Therapy is an unconventional medical treatment which, although asserts itself to be scientific in nature, does not adhere to any known method of science. This method claims to offer the possibility of quick analysis and treatment of all types of diseases painlessly. Show More Summary

Weight Loss & Acupuncture

Whether you are cutting calories for health reasons or to fit into a special dress, many patients at my clinics, Boston Chinese Acupuncture and Boca Raton Acupuncture Clinic, ask if acupuncture can help them lose weight on top of resolving their other medical conditions. Show More Summary

A mini manifesto – embracing the Professional practice of Chinese medicine

My mind has been completely occupied this last six months with a little question : What does it mean to be a Professional of Chinese Medicine (or of Acupuncture or of East Asian Medicine or however you prefer to say it) in the 21st century? Further, how do answers to this question shape how we […]

Holistic acupuncture practice management : a simple diagnosis?

One of the most important things I teach people who are looking to start an acupuncture practice is about the truly holistic nature of success in the field. What does it mean for something to be holistic? Even though we’re in the business of holistic medicine, we sometimes forget what that means. Said simply – […]

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