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Petitions, Change and the R Word.

So, again, there's an entertainer, this time a comedian, who is using vile and hateful words in a routine about people with intellectual disabilities. I saw this several weeks ago, alerted to it by someone on Facebook and when I watched it I was sickened and felt immediately hopeless. Show More Summary

Always Becoming

Image description: A line drawing of a smart phone showing the scores I predict for the game this evening, Cavs 101 and Raptors 123 It's odd that people expect you to be who they think you are, all the time, without variation. Let me tell you something that happened yesterday and then go on to the bigger point. Show More Summary

At The Intersection

Image Description: A drawing of a construction tunnel on a sidewalk with the words 'D'ANGER ZONE' written in red capital letters inside the space created by construction materials. We were in one of those construction tunnels. They are hell for me. Show More Summary

I Am A Stranger

Image Description: Drawing of a person in a wheelchair holding a sign reading 'out of order' and underneath is the caption '? answering machine' Dear Public,I am a stranger, not a curiosity.Yesterday I had wheeled myself, without assistance,...Show More Summary


Yesterday I went to a presentation wherein I knew, going in, that the audience would be made up from people from a variety of different service sector, each serving different people with differing programs and services. I'm not usedShow More Summary

The Problem of Zero

I just recently read one of the most disturbing statistics I've ever read regarding the lives of people with disabilities. Any of you who've heard me lecture have heard me quote various statistics in evidence of the fact that peopleShow More Summary

Whose Story Is It??

He was excited to tell me his story and that excitement made it difficult for him to get the words out. His mind was thirty words ahead of his mouth and that resulted in words spilling out of him like too much milk in a glass. I enjoy this. Show More Summary

Bern, Baby, Bern!

I haven’t commented much on the state of the Democratic race, mostly because it hasn’t been terribly interesting. It’s been clear since mid-March that Hillary Clinton would be the nominee, even though Bernie Sanders’ populist message has resonated with millions of voters. But as the race winds down, I’m a little concerned with the behavior [...]

Aw, Come On!

I'm hurting as I type this.Aching all over.No, this isn't a hangover from the 'thing' I had, that's just left lingering fatigue and lack of energy, this is something else. I decided this morning to get up and do my exercises. I hadn't...Show More Summary

Had Enough

We were walking back to the hotel along a sidewalk of a large outdoor mall. I was acclimatizing to being outside my home and work neighbourhoods. You see, even though I live in the centre of Canada's largest city, and even though there are thousands of tourists on the streets, year round, where I live feels very neighbourhoody. Show More Summary

The Arm, The Chair

It's not in the act.It's in the needing.Yesterday I knew for certain that I was getting better. I had been really weakened from being on the road and getting sick. This would be true for anyone, of course, so please don't make more of it than it is. Show More Summary

Walking Home

Being sick isn't fun. I got a bug on the road that I've not been able to shake. We drove 16 hours straight to get home so I could get in to see the doctor. End result? I've been grounded from travel for a couple of weeks while tests get run and doctors get seen. Show More Summary


It seems like forever since I've written a post. I'm sorry. I try to write here daily and document stories from every day life. I've had a lot of stories but haven't had much of the way of energy in writing them. I'm on my first long...Show More Summary

Farewell To My Big Brain

I’m saddened to hear that my local comics shop, Big Brain Comics, is closing next month. And I feel a little guilty about not patronizing it more in recent years. Ever since comics became widely available in digital format, my trips to Big Brain have become far less frequent. But back in the day, it [...]


Image description: The sun as the head on the 'wheelchair' symbol with the wheel turned into a clock showing the time 10:55 We are staying at a hotel directly across from a small mall that has a lovely movie theatre attached to it. When...Show More Summary

BADD 2016: Nerys Johnson's "every atom of concentration"

Okay, I'm here for BADD 2016, because how could I break our eleven-year streak of participation? I couldn't.  I'm not so much of a blogger these days, but I'm willing to add my bit to the big event.  For our past ten appearances in the...Show More Summary

I'm Public In Public

Image Description: Person in power wheelchair with arms up embracing the space around. Twice yesterday I had people grant me space that wasn't theirs to give and for which I needed no permission. It's an interesting kind of privilege when people feel that they are able to cede me the space I am currently using. Show More Summary


Image description: The words 'stupid' 'ugly' and 'pig face' surrounded by the colour of bruise place around a torso. The words 'no because' are pointing at the words. Over the last week, culminating with a workshop I did with peopleShow More Summary

It's time!

Image description: Three suitcases wait while yelling happens above them. We go back on the road today, a trip that will take us eventually to the Maritimes, and we're busy getting ready. Things are packed. We haven't ticked 'yelling at each other' off the list of final preparations yet but I'm sure we'll manage to get it done at some point. Show More Summary


Image description: Line drawing of a 'Certificate of Gimp Status' made out to Dave Hingsburger and dated 2016 We opened the letter from the government expecting my tax refund cheque. Instead, we got a letter stating that I had to reapply in order to continue in my tax status as a disabled person. Show More Summary

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