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Enrico Toti (1882-1916)

Statue of Enrico Toti in Rome; much-larger-than-life muscular male nude, holding a crutch, with his left leg ending mid-thigh.  In a park setting, with blue skies.  Base is inscribed with his name and other text in Italian. With allShow More Summary

Casual Cruetly

He was struggling. No question. Struggling. He looked to be a man, once employed doing something he was good at, who is now waiting tables to earn a living, feed his family. I have nothing to base this on except the way he carried himself, how hard he tried, and the way his mistakes caused him a kind of personal pain. Show More Summary


We needed to pick something up quickly and so we stopped at your friendly neighbourhood behemoth superstore. It was to be a quick in and out, often I stay in the van because it takes so long to untie me and get the power chair unloaded. Show More Summary

My Magnetic Personality

Yesterday after dinner I parked off to the side, out of everyone's way, so the others could go down the dock and look at the boats and look in the water for frogs and fish and foul. I am a bit addicted to a game on my phone so, when they got out of my range of sight, I pulled the phone out and began to play. Show More Summary

Yellow Sneakers

Typically I get up somewhere between 4:00 and 4:30 every morning. I start work at 7:00 and usually am on the bus a little before 6:00. This isn't as hard a routine as it may sound because, ultimately, I'm a morning person. So it was really unusual for us to have slept in, wonderfully on the first day of a vacation, until after 9:00. Show More Summary

Force Field Follies

I was going north.They were coming south.Two people in big scooters accompanied by one spritely person using a cane. They were talking and laughing. The looked up and saw me, in my big power wheelchair, Joe beside me. I could almost hear ballet music as everyone moved smoothly into place. Show More Summary


My family was in town this week for a low-key reunion, so posting has been particularly light. But here are a few stray thoughts for a Friday: The news of Robin Williams’ death was a terrible shock. I loved his manic form of comedy that sometimes became a deluge of pop culture references. His humor channeled [...]

A Disability Response to the Events in Ferguson

I Dream of Missouri via @DayInWashington Podcast and Transcript available at link

Sometimes Sidelines

You may have noticed that I haven't posted over the last few days. I feel like I have been buried under an avalanche of words. We have two newsletters to get out in September, one on the second, one on the 15th and the one for the October issue of the Direct Support newsletter needed final editing as well. Show More Summary

Driving Home Accessibility

Support AbleGamers - they rock.Read more about them here.

The Good Friend Test

How To Tell If Someone is A Good Friend:I've had a rough couple of days. Days filled with frustration and disappointment and tinged with anger. Some of the things that happened were ultimately my fault a result of my mistakes. Some of...Show More Summary

Legs, Artifical; Story Real

Sitting in the pews at church, having arrived very early (WheelTrans doesn't always accurately predict arrival times) I sat reading the church bulletin. I saw that the speaker was a fellow named David W. Connolly, someone who's name I did not know. Show More Summary

EZ Lite Cruiser - Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair

And another choice. This video shows this chair going over rough terrain.

The Silent Mourning of Elders

They looked like such a lovely and loving family. Parents sitting, side by each, on a park bench while their son bounced back and forth between tree and knees, grass and lap, fence and shoulders. Fingers caressed the nape of the neck. Show More Summary

Prejudice Challenged by Joy

Yesterday I was at an event. People with a vast array of disabilities, people without disabilities brought along their vast array of differences too. There was one, singular goal. To have a fun day. That lead to dancing, and talking, and laughing, and eating, and singing. Show More Summary

Hiring Initiative

Governor Dayton is pushing state agencies to hire more people with disabilities through a recently signed executive order. It establishes a goal of having people with disabilities represent 7% of the state workforce by 2018 (up from the current figure of 3.2%). The Strib article notes that Minnesota has fallen behind neighboring states and the [...]

Double Hmm

Someone sent me a picture the other day. It was taken a long while back. None of us can actually place it in time. I spent a lot of time looking at the picture, and not only because I was one of the two people in it nor only because the other person has only recently passed away. Show More Summary


It could have gone another way.Whew!I was at the lottery desk checking a stack of tickets that had built up over time. There may have been fifteen or twenty to do. The thing that reads the bar codes on the tickets was placed in such a way that it was awkward for me to use, so it was taking me a little time. Show More Summary

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