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Words Do What Words Do

I had a bucket of cold water thrown in my face the other day, and it was only partly because of an 'ALS' ice bucket challenge. I have watched a number of these and find them alternately funny, creative and moving. This one began with...Show More Summary

No Ride For You

The National Federation for the Blind is suing ride-sharing service Uber for discriminating against customers with disabilities. Several individuals allege that Uber drivers have refused to serve customers with service animals or have forced service animals to ride in the trunk. This seems like a pretty clear violation of the Americans with Disabilities, although Uber [...]

Oh. Shit. Sorry.

After a meeting, one of the women hung back a bit and then told me that she is dealing with a medical situation that is slowly leading to her needing the use of a wheelchair. We talked about that for a bit and then she asked me how I found my wheelchair. Show More Summary

Pain Times Two

Tomorrow looms large in my mind. I'm going to have my first discussion with my doctor about pain management. I've not really talked to him much about pain, mostly our visits have focused on issues other than anything directly related to my disability. Show More Summary

The Tale of Two Tickets

Sometimes being disabled take just so much time and so much work. Let me give you an example. Joe and I wanted to make reservations for a special dinner show. I went to the web site, scanned it for information. All I wanted to know was...Show More Summary

Where The Power Lies

We were at the pub yesterday, having a quiet drink, when we met someone we hadn't seen for years. It was like a ghost walking into the room. We'd thought for certain that he was dead. Last we'd seen of him he was, we thought wrongly, hopelessly addicted to drugs. Show More Summary

Creative reacher stand

Image description two reachers in an umbrella stand - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


For those who haven't used the subway system in Toronto, let me explain how I get into and out of a subways stop. On entry, along with several turnstiles where the bulk of those entering go through, there is a spot for wheelchair entry. Show More Summary

Two Men, A Bus Ride, A Prayer

Often on my rides to work, because I go so early in the mornings, I end up at a hospital or two along the way. People going to early appointments, people being picked up from over night treatments, the bus fills and empties as it makes the long journey to my workplace, up on the edge of the city. Show More Summary

Game Night

I’m expecting good things from the Packers this year; perhaps even a trip beyond the divisional playoffs. The defense is likely to remain their weak spot, but an efficient and multi-dimensional offense should more than compensate. I’m still trying to decide whether to splurge on the streaming Sunday Ticket package so that I can watch [...]


It should surprise absolutely nobody that I was a hardcore fan of The X-Files back in the day. How hardcore? I missed an episode during the second season and I pleaded on an X-Files message board for someone to send me a tape of the show. A kindred soul actually sent me a tape, which [...]


Now.It's over.I've got to go back to work.We had a great vacation. A really great time. We did only what we wanted to. We kept it slow. We had fun. We laughed more these five days than we have in a while. We stayed home, we used theShow More Summary

Throwing Cold Water On The Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS ice bucket challenge has dominated social media for the last few weeks and has raised tens of millions of dollars for ALS research. Countless more people have now at least heard of ALS and have a basic understanding of the disease’s effects on those who have it. This is all good news, right? [...]

Update: SSS - September Issue Released

The September Issue of Service, Support and Success, the newsletter for direct support professionals published by Vita and Hands: The Family Health Network. This month's issue is about supporting people with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. If you'd like a copy, or to subscribe, please email and indicate if you'd like the single issue or a subscription.

Labour Day: Alchemy

This morning we were out a bit early, decided to grab a bite of breakfast out before fully starting the day. As we took our seat in the restaurant a woman with an intellectual disability came in accompanied by her support worker. She glanced at me and smiled. Show More Summary

A Choice

We were heading out for the afternoon and had to stop by the post office on the way. We'd gotten a notification that a parcel was waiting for us and we wanted to make sure that, even in holiday mode, things got done. I knew it would be a small package that could fit in my wheelchair bag so we didn't worry about anything more than picking it up. Show More Summary

The Parting of The Bar Chairs

After a day of watching DVD's and eating left over Chinese food for lunch, we decided maybe it was time to shower and head out to the pub. This being day one of a five day vacation, it was about 4:00 when we showered and dressed. We wandered down the street, I frustrate Joe a little bit by being an inveterate window shopper. Show More Summary

On Misogyny And The Evolution Of Gaming

While I still play video games and enjoy them a great deal, I don’t consider myself steeped in “gamer” culture. I peruse gaming websites to learn about what’s new and what’s good, but I don’t have strong opinions on the latest World of Warcraft expansion or the merits of playing as a Monk versus a [...]

A Spark In Darkness

I saw a picture of Facebook this morning. It was the picture of a little girl with Down Syndrome, she was happy, smiling, looking out at the world through trusting eyes.And I immediately felt a jumble of emotions:I felt an overwhelming sadness at the prejudice that she will face in her life. Show More Summary

Border Crossing

Earlier this summer, my mom made some worried comments about the violence in Ukraine. I told her that things would calm down soon because Putin would realize that further intervention wasn’t worth the risk of tougher sanctions. Silly me. Putin has been far craftier with his Ukrainian strategy, engaging in a kind of slow-motion invasion [...]

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