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Critic At Large: Interstellar

Interstellar tries so hard to say something profound about humanity’s place in the universe and our ability to overcome our more self-destructive impulses, but some silly plotting and overwrought dialogue pull the movie into the gravity well of mediocrity. The movie is set on a future Earth that is slowly dying. Crops are failing around [...]

The Poppy on My Hat

(photo description: Dave wearing a gray hat with a red remembrance poppy pinned to the brim.)I have a poppy pinned to the hat that I wear.I've never put it there before but I decided that, as they fell off every coat and as my hat is...Show More Summary

Bigotry, Out Loud

I saw her about the same time she saw me. I was looking towards the ramp, as I headed towards it, from the top. She was looking towards the ramp, as she headed towards it, from the bottom. Now mostly when someone walking sees me heading...Show More Summary

Saintly Writing

I am still moving more slowly than usual. But, finally, I can say that I'm also moving more strongly. I was really hammered by this bout - the cough for awhile even ruled my life and determined the course of my days. It's still there...Show More Summary


My election predictions were mostly accurate, although I underestimated the strength of Republicans in both Minnesota and nationally. Four years of political stalemate, combined with stagnant wage growth, has left voters frustrated and angry. They directed that anger at the most obvious target: the President. I’m not sure Tuesday’s results point to a more conservative [...]

Bricks into Breeze

Yesterday, after several days of being in the house, I headed out to go see the doctor. I was getting minimally better but after 3 days of being really sick, I wondered if the doctor might be able to help. Joe had called in to see if...Show More Summary


I'm having a really hard time shaking this damn bug I picked up. I haven't been out of the house in days and I've discovered that even I can get tired of tea and blankets. Joe, who seems quite immune to whatever I've got, has been extra busy with taking care of me. Show More Summary

More Of The Same

It’s Election Day and Republicans are poised to take control of the Senate. As I’ve noted previously, Republican control of Congress won’t make our national politics any less dysfunctional. The GOP will need to win the Presidency and probably a few more Senate seats in 2016 before they can start enacting their agenda. In the [...]


I've had a few days to prepare for toady's post. I wanted to write something very special. But, as always, life got in the way. On Sunday, after feeling well all day, I had symptoms kind of like my allergies were acting up. But, and hour later, WHAM, I was sick. Show More Summary

Pita Please

We both had a craving for pita pizzas so on our way home from we stopped by our local grocery store. We've been shopping there for several years now and, as I am fairly noticeable, I am on nodding terms with almost all the staff in the store. Show More Summary

Blog News: Today's Post Follows

Hi all! I have recently become aware of a fellow's attempt to list the top 60 disability blogs. He uses some complicated system that the BBC uses. I tried to figure it out but couldn't. Anyways, I'm giving you the link because I thought it might be interesting for those of you wanting to find other blogs, other topics and other voices... Show More Summary

Little Community, Big Changes

I was sitting, alone, checking emails on my cell phone. I had parked just out of the way of others there, most of whom were rushing to the concession stand or to the movie that they had chosen to see. I noticed the glances, of course, they are an unceasing part of being different and being disabled. Show More Summary

Just Joking

I knew it was a joke.I didn't think it was funny.I do have a sense of humour.I pulled up to the bank machine to get some cash out. There was a very tall man, in his thirties, already at the machine beside me. I paid little attention to him, he was just there. Show More Summary

Hallow’s Eve

I hope everyone is enjoying their Halloween. I plan on celebrating by playing Alien: Isolation for the first time followed by a late-night viewing of my favorite meta-horror movie: Cabin in the Woods. Candy may be consumed. Stay safe and enjoy the evening.

Step-dad Builds Awesome Costumes for Son in Wheelchair - 8NEWS - WRIC | News Where You Live

Step-dad Builds Awesome Costumes for Son in Wheelchair - 8NEWS - WRIC | News Where You Live

History, Hallowe'en and Hatred

What follows is a 'Hallowe'en' story. It's not a 'Happy Hallowe'en' story. I'm saying this just as a warning, I've been told, on occasion, that I can be a, the word was, 'buzz kill' when I feel compelled to tell one kind of story when people want and expect another. Show More Summary

Old MacDonald On The Bus

Whenever I get on the bus in the morning, usually when I'm well and truly strapped down, I ask about the ride. At the time I go in to work, I get there at 7, it's a 50/50 chance that I'll ride alone and of course a 50/50 chance that I won't. Show More Summary

The 'Art of the Matter

(photo description: A birthday card, drawn by a child, with the words 'Happy Birthday' on one side and a drawing of a man in a wheelchair, wearing a hat, on the other.)Joe had, essentially, two birthday parties.On his actual birthday we were in Edmonton and had dinner with nephew Jason and his girlfriend Cindy. Show More Summary


Yesterday I needed to see my doctor to get some forms filled out. I called his office to book an appointment and was told that there had been a cancellation and that if I could get right there I could get right in. Well, hopped in the ol' power chair and made my way down. Show More Summary

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