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In Lieu of ...

I feel a little uncomfortable doing this but I've been prompted by a number questions and emails. Joe and I, as many know, are getting married on the 6th of June. A number of facebook friends and blog readers have said they'd like to send a gift or a card or do something. Show More Summary

The Gift

Photo Description: two hands holding out a gift wrapped in a red bow. I've ridden on the bus with him for nearly 5 years. I am always on the bus first, I've gotten to know some of his staff, saying hello to them as they bring him on the bus. Show More Summary

'The man who saved my life'

2 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

Jonny Benjamin went to Waterloo Bridge with the intention of taking his own life, but a chance meeting with a stranger encouraged him not to.

The Blog That Joe Should Have Written

Photo description: A drawing of a smiling face wearing a nurses hat. I tried to convince Joe to write this blog post. He was steamed enough that I thought he might just do it, but, in the end, Joe is not a blogger. It's too bad too because...Show More Summary

BADD 2015: Wikipedia Against Disablism, Part 2

Ahem.  Hello? Hello? Okay, I'm here for BADD 2015, because how could I break our ten-year streak of participation? I couldn't.  I'm not so much of a blogger these days, but I'm willing to add my bit to the big event.  For our past nine...Show More Summary

Morning Email

Photo description||: A rainbow coloured heart with the word love written across it over the rest of the sentiment... makes a family. Families.Oh, how they have changed.I got up this morning to a really nice email from a fellow in Toronto telling me that his great niece had seen me present in Calgary and had been inspired by my presentation. Show More Summary

May 1 is BADD - Blogging Against Disablism Day 2015

Tomorrow May 1 is Blogging Against Disablism Day! Don't miss out on this chance to be heard. Click on the link to join in by posting, reading or commenting.

Waiting, Worrying and Wheelchairs

So we landed in Calgary.The flight had been fine, the service great. No problems. Only a couple more worries left. I was confident that we had this trip down now. Then a whole new issue arose. A worry I hadn't contemplated showed up....Show More Summary

Artist Lucy Jones' Unapologetic Self-Portraits Shatter Perceptions Of Disability

Artist Lucy Jones' Unapologetic Self-Portraits Shatter Perceptions Of Disability "How did you get on this canvas?" runs until May 9, 2015, at Flowers Gallery in New York City.

Worries In A Row

Photo Description: Air Canada plane flying west over water. The alarm went off early.We got up and showered. No laying about.The bus comes, now, in a half an hour.Joe is getting the luggage organized and I'm getting my worries set up, all in a row. Show More Summary

My Twitter battle with the beach body ad people

2 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

When Juliette Burton tweeted the company behind the ads, she really did not like the response.


Photo description: Police officer giving a person in a wheelchair a ticket. Officer resting his foot on the foot rest of the wheelchair. It was Sunday, traffic on Yonge Street was a little heavier than we expected, but we waited for the right moment. Show More Summary

Protecting The Vulnerable

Photo Description: Road sign reading 'Vulnerability Just Ahead'... protecting the vulnerable.I heard someone say that yesterday when they were talking about physician assisted suicide, they were saying that there needed to be a balance...Show More Summary

With Friends Like These…

When Republicans took control of the Minnesota House last fall thanks to the support of rural voters, they promised to enact policies that would promote the interests of greater Minnesota. But House Republicans are now pushing for a major tax cut that would be paid for with the elimination of MinnesotaCare, the health care program [...]

Viewpoint: Across China by wheelchair

2 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

A globetrotting wheelchair user on the frustrations - and surprises - of travelling across China in a wheelchair.

Why I came out as a disabled journalist

2 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

I've kept my disability quiet for so long that even writing this feels as if I'm coming out of the closet, writes Nick Davis.

To Whom Much is Owed

They settled into their seats behind us just as the lights went down and the previews began to play. They were a couple probably 15 or 20 years our senior. They spoke to each other in the kind of whisper that is louder than a speaking voice. Show More Summary

Out In Public View

Picture description: The word 'out' in capital letters surrounded by a purple bacground. I feel a responsibility, both as a disabled guy and a gay guy, to be 'out.' Publicly, up front, out. I had a discussion with someone at work the other day about being out and open about who you are makes everything you do a political statement. Show More Summary

Born With Purple Eyes: A Blog With Two Endings

Photo description: close up of an eye, the iris is purple. I was just about finished getting my hair mowed when she came in. She was a lovely white haired lady wearing incredibly cool dark rimmed glasses. This was a woman who managed...Show More Summary

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