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As it happens with conversations, they take twists and turns, and suddenly I find myself talking about diversity and difference with Ruby on our way back from an afternoon at the museum. This isn't a topic we talk about a lot, but it's one that Ruby has clearly thought about. Show More Summary

When Mom Pushes

Image description: head and shoulder shot of someone sitting in a wheelchair wearing a tea shirt that says, "My Mom Is My Pusher" Yesterday I wrote about speaking with a young disabled boy waiting outside the elevator from which I was disembarking. Show More Summary

The Lift

Image description: An elevator pad with two buttons, up and down, a finger is reaching to push the 'up' button. The elevator door opened and there he was. Sitting in his wheelchair, maybe 12, looking a bit bored as might be expected when going into a clothing store with his mom, and watching me come out of the elevator. Show More Summary

Not You - No Matter How You See It

Image description: A knot of wood beside a fluffly sheep with the words 'knot' and 'ewe' under their pictures. Yesterday we went to see 'The Jungle Book' with the Ruby and Sadie. Their dad and his girlfriend were going to meet up with us at the theatre and were running a bit late. Show More Summary

Theater Critic With Cerebral Palsy Hopes To Appear On Broadway Himself

Theater Critic With Cerebral Palsy Hopes To Appear On Broadway Himself: A young man with cerebral palsy is not letting his physical limits hold him back when it comes to his dreams.

Disability, Death and Candy

Image description: A candy jar full of candies, including one gummy bear, drawn by Ruby and Sadie November 22, 2011published on Canada.comReprinted here by special request: In my hotel room in London, I turn on the evening news. Another story about the financial crisis that overshadows Europe. Show More Summary

Blazing Wheels

Image description: A fat guy in a wheelchair with the wheels leaving a blazing trail behind him. So, I wanted to take my new muscles, the ones no one can see but I can certainly notice, out for a spin. When not travelling and when not at work, I exclusively use my power wheelchair. Show More Summary

I Didn't Wear Black

Image description: A gravestone with R.I.P. across the top then a drawing of a WheelTrans bus with the headlights Xed out. 3 beautiful red flowers adorn the top of the grave. On the bus and strapped down. I was early, the bus was early, I've got a straight trip up, it's been a great start to the day. Show More Summary


I had a post in mind for today.I wanted to write about something a little lighter, it's not all grim after all. And besides, I felt a little vulnerable after writing yesterdays post and wanted to write something that didn't engage so many emotions.And then... Show More Summary

Sometimes ...

Image description: A drawing of an ear with an arrow pointing towards it with the word 'meaning' written above the arrow. Sometimes, I'm the one who wants your kindness.Sometimes, I'm the one who needs your understanding.Sometimes, I'm the one who expects you to share my rage.Sometimes.Being different means something. Show More Summary

Shame In Waiting

Image description: Scene of the crime - a layout of the door to the left, then three pieces of furniture in a slight semi circle and the post just off centre to the right. Dave sits in a wheelchair between the post and the chair on the right. Show More Summary

Exercise O'clock AM

Image description: A line drawing of a pillow with and indentation where the heat and shoulders were. The words 'my pillow misses me' are above and below the image. This morning when the alarm went off at a few minutes after 4, I woke from the most amazing dream. Show More Summary

On A Roll ... Couldn't Stop

Image description: the words 'just a little' written in black above the word 'Respect' in green with the 'c' turned into the disability symbol. Yesterday was a day of confrontations. I don't know why. I even shocked myself. It started innocently enough. Show More Summary

A Woman, A Frog, A Message

Photo Image: photograph of Manuela wearing a yellow jacket and wearing dark rimmed glasses Dearest Manuela,I wanted to call you today. The realization that I couldn't, ever again, do so hit me with the force of reality. It wasn't a new realization, you've been gone a while now and I can't. Show More Summary


Photo description: Two people talking one says 'Ableism the other responds, 'WTF is that?' Twice recently I have tried to explain to non-disabled people, nice non-disabled people, about the lived experience of disability. I made it clear that I wasn't talking about my disability or about accessibility or about physical barriers. Show More Summary

Future In Black

Image Description: The word 'Future' printed in black on a white backgroun with sad faces in each of the two 'u's in the word. "I feel bad for you."Her tone chilled me and I shivered as if someone had walked over my grave. I was at the...Show More Summary

The "Big" Chuckle

Image description: Two green eyes, eyebrows and a circle in the middle of the forehead with and arrow point to it with the words 'LOL - God' I always politely refused.There were two reasons that I said, "No," when I was offered anointing and a prayer for healing at church. Show More Summary

Space Invaders version WCU

Image description: A space invader from the old video game sitting in a wheelchair drawn in for use. Typically Joe and I go grocery shopping very early on a Saturday morning. We're up early and we like to be in the store before the crowds hit. Show More Summary

Weird, Not Quite Creepy

Image description: a pair of blue eyes, watching It was the strangest thing. And for me to say that, when strange things happen all the time when I'm out in public, I really mean it. It was strange. And I don't now how to understand it.We were all headed over to the Royal Ontario Museum, Joe and I and Marissa along with Ruby and Sadie. Show More Summary

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