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Mine ... and Then Yours

Photo description: A cartoon drawing of a donkey's head. Joe was going down to get the car, I was getting off at the lobby to go out and wait for his arrival. Our building is near the university so every September we have a new batch of students living here. Show More Summary

Multiple Messages

Yesterday I was sitting on stage, waiting to begin my presentation, when I was asked about my introduction and if it was OK for Joe, who was setting up the book table, to be introduced as well. The woman introducing me knew that Joe and I had married earlier this year and I knew that she'd be introducing Joe to the audience as my husband. Show More Summary

Weaving Through People

We went into a restaurant. It was the kind where you go up to the counter, read the menu on boards above the till and place your order. We chose it because we heard they had lots of veggie options, and the rumour was true, they did. When we entered, we were the only one's in the line up. Show More Summary

Accessibility On The Road

Phot description: Part of a sign with only the word 'accessible' showing. It's always a real adjustment. No matter how many years I've been doing this, it's always a bit of a wrench when it comes to the first road trip of the fall. After...Show More Summary

Quadruple amputee's search for a prosthetic

2 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

Alex Lewis believes his rehabilitation is being hampered by the need for prosthetics unavailable to him.

Lectures on Language

It's frustrating, sometimes, that the desire to be true to who I am, results in such resistance. Let me explain. I was talking with someone the other day and I said something like 'speaking point of view of a disabled, fat, guy,' and I was stopped and given a wee bit of an angry lecture. Show More Summary

Offically A Prommer

Photo Description: Royal Albert Hall packed full for the Last Night of the Proms Yesterday afternoon Joe and I, along with two friends Belinda and Susan, kept a tradition alive by attending The Last Night of the Proms. Wonderfully, given the time change, it's really, the Last Afternoon of the Proms for us here in Canada. Show More Summary

Film School

Remember that time when I couldn’t stop gushing about Children of Men? It’s still one of my favorite movies and it’s still a favorite topic of discussion among fellow film nerds. Case in point: this excellent video that examines how Cuaron’s use of background imagery works in conjunction with the main story playing out in the [...]

Two Legacies

I was simply going through my messages. One by one, dealing with the requests or responding to questions or, simply taking in the information. It's what we all do. I opened an email, from a colleague, expecting a typical friendly note. Show More Summary

The blind hiker who takes on the wilderness

3 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

Trevor Thomas lost his sight 10 years ago - since then has hiked thousands of miles.

What's Cooking???

It's September, so it's busy on the bus again. During the summer there are fewer people up early in the morning so I often travel alone. But BAM! come September that changes. I get to meet, and chat, with some new people. I enjoy it....Show More Summary

Is it wrong to imply disabled people are not "normal"?

3 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

Iain Duncan Smith has been criticised for using the word "normal" when talking about non-disabled people. Why does this word make people angry?

Sex Education: An Open Letter to Premier Wynne

Photo Credit: Sign saying STOP SEX-ED with a red X through the words carried by a protester regarding the new curriculum in Ontario An Open Letter to Premier Wynne and To Those Opposing The New Sex Education Curriculum,Protection gave abusers permission. Show More Summary

The Symbol

Joe and I spent the Labour Day weekend doing nearly nothing. We went out every day for at least 20 minutes, as we had to say 'hello' to the world, and both of us need to feel fresh air on a daily basis. But for the most part we celebrated Labour by avoiding it at all costs. Show More Summary

Labour Day: Alchemy - Revisted

I have been asked several times today to repost this from last year in acknowledgement of those who work for the freedom of others: This morning we were out a bit early, decided to grab a bite of breakfast out before fully starting the day. Show More Summary

Reluctant Jars

Photo Description: Two hands, one cradling a jar of pickles, the other taking the top off. Yesterday we were in the lobby waiting for the elevator. One is off service, waiting for parts to arrive. Another was being used for someone moving in. Show More Summary

'they' and 'them' thinking

I panicked.He had seen me, waved as I waved back, and then looked north and stepped off the curb. The traffic flow wasn't exactly heavy but it was steady. He was now in the middle of the road. Standing on the yellow line, looking south.I...Show More Summary

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