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Being Bejewelled

Photo description: a purple bejewelled hearing aid worn in an ear with two piercings I was watching television last night and saw an advertisement aimed at the senior crowd. It was for a 'discrete' brand of hearing aids and it was clearly demonstrated that, when worn, it was virtually invisible. Show More Summary

His Words. Not Mine

Yesterday Joe and I ran into a fellow with an intellectual disability downtown. We hadn't seen him in in a few years. When we told him, in answer to his question, "What's new?" that we were getting married, we were given the warmest wishes and the most sincere congratulations. Show More Summary

Has The Tribe changed what a deaf film can be?

3 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

A new silent film where everyone communicates in sign language could change the view of deaf films, writes Charlie Swinbourne.

I Was Drinking My Lunch Before It Was Cool

Soylent is a “food replacement product” that has been getting some recent buzz. It’s a powdered drink that is supposed to provide total nutrition without all the hassle of grocery shopping or, you know, chewing. It seems to be targeted at millennials who are too busy coding or designing the next Uber to grab a [...]

What's Mine

Photo Caption: the word "MINE" in flaming capital letters I often ride to work with people with disabilities who are going out shopping to large 24 hour stores. As I go to work so early, often being picked up just after 6 in the morning...Show More Summary

The dogs with two jobs

3 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

Some guide dogs are also trained to carry out daily tasks for their disabled owners.

The Unfairness of Chairs

Photo description: A collection of chairs, in black and white. "You sit all the time Dave," said Sadie, looking at me with great seriousness. She's 5 years old now and is ready and willing to serve up her view of the world to those around her. Show More Summary

Critic At Large: Game of Thrones, Season 5

Other fans of the books may disagree, but I’m enjoying the liberties that HBO has taken with Game of Thrones this season. Characters and plotlines are beginning to converge in ways that either haven’t yet happened or may never happen in the books. These choices give the show something that has been lacking from the [...]

Benefit Lecture in Barrie June 11th

For those in the Southern Ontario area, I am doing a benefit lecture in Barrie, I'm attaching the flyer. All of those involved are donating their time in order to raise as much as we can. I'll be doing my lecture on communication... which looks at power and its influence on both sides of the helping paradigm... Show More Summary

Signs - A Win, Win, Win, Win, Win Opportunity

Picture description: Signs, a restaurant and bar, pictured from the front showing a ramp installed from the sidewalk and up three steps. I have wanted to go to Signs restaurant for a very long time. Signs is a restaurant where all the wait staff are deaf. Show More Summary

Fierce Love

There is an agency I have visited, every now and then, over many years. They have a wall that honours people who have given, materially and financially, as one often sees in non-profit organisations. There is a spot on the wall, however, that is a permanent mark of gratitude to three women, who came together, and formed the agency many years ago. Show More Summary

Me, Me-ness and Forgetting

Photo Description: The words I am, in capital letters with the word enough superimposed on the letters. The letters in I AM are made up of other words regarding ethnicity, sexuality, disability and other positive aspects about being....Show More Summary

The Shift

Description: Two overlaping cricles with an arrow to the overlap with the message "Nothing fits here!" Sometimes the shift is hard.Yesterday I spoke at the OASIS conference and the day began by meeting with my co-presenters for breakfast and to go over our notes. Show More Summary

Finding work with Down's syndrome

3 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

Fewer than two in 10 people with learning disabilities are in employment. For people with Down's syndrome, it can leave them demoralised - but are things changing?


I'm up way early. Have been up for a long time. I'm doing a new presentation before, with a team of presenters, it's a first for all of us. We've met once. We'll meet again this morning. Then, we're on.So a combination of nerves andShow More Summary

Ouch Podcast: Gigging, stuttering, men's mental health

3 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

The latest edition of the long-running talk show about disabled life.

The Letter

Yesterday I received a letter informing about a film/book/project that they sender hoped I'd be interested in and as a result of that interest write about it. I get these all the time and, if you are a regular reader, you know that I only seldomly use this space to push any kind of product. Show More Summary

The bittersweet world of mental health online

3 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

Kim Kardashian has made a film about mental health and social media, but the reality can be bittersweet

FIU student creates tools to assist those with paralysis - WSVN-TV - 7NEWS Miami Ft. Lauderdale News, Weather, Deco

FIU student creates tools to assist those with paralysis - WSVN-TV - 7NEWS Miami Ft. Lauderdale News, Weather, Deco

People with learning disabilities 'targeted by groomers'

3 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

As police chiefs and disability groups warn people with learning disabilities are at risk of being targeted by groomers, "Sarah" tells her story.

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