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History: A View From The Wrong Side

Discussing the issue of 'assisted suicide' with almost anyone outside the disability community is a difficult thing to do. There seems to be a general dismissal of the concerns that are being legitimately raised by disability activists...Show More Summary


We came through the door last night at 6:30, right at dinner time, and collapsed into the front room. Well, collapsed after the luggage had been brought in, my wheelchair put into place, our housecoats found and put on, and drinks acquired. Show More Summary

The white cane school ban story

3 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

The Ouch podcast team discuss the ins and outs of white cane usage at school.

Leaving Welcome

Photo description: A wooden fence held together by nails at the top and bottom of the individual planks. Today is the last day of the NADD conference, which I have enjoyed immensely. I typically don't go to the conferences that I speak at, because of time constraints. Show More Summary

The Opposite of Horror!

Photo Description: Air Canada plane flying over a coastal area. Joe and I approached our travel day grimly. This may seem pessimistic because Joe and I have had such good service from so many people. But, here's the issue when things have gone wrong, they've gone wrong. Show More Summary

Packed and Ready (As I'll Ever Be)

Photo Description: Vintage tri-coloured wooden suitcases, stacked and packed. It's a travel day today.Though I look forward to arrival and forward to the things that are scheduled, it's this day I dread. I've spoke to a couple of disabled people today who are at the point of evaluating the true cost of travel. Show More Summary

Tangles with trains

3 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

Some of the pitfalls of travelling on trains when you can't see

Paris: Mourning Us

Photo Description: Black tee shirt with white disability wheelchair logo. Like everyone else I was shocked, appalled, and frightened when I first heard of the attacks in Paris. Like many others I went immediately to the television to watch the news and, simultaneously, went on-line to augment the television reports. Show More Summary

Christine la Barraque (c1878-1961), and more new disability content on Wikipedia

Hey! A new post at DSTU.  As I've mentioned, in recent years I've been putting some energy into Wikipedia. I like writing new entries there, because it feels like that's going to reach a much bigger audience than a journal article or a paywalled reference. Show More Summary

The Baby and the Burden

Photo decription: A picture of a child after amputations carried out on his arms and legs, wording on the picture says: if u ignore u r heartless type amen if he is cute. This is the first thing I saw this morning when I went on my Facebook page. Show More Summary

Ye ol' Fashioned Webinar

Photo Description: An old fashioned radio with three buttons and a large round tuning display. Yesterday I participated in a webinar on respectful language for the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals. It was a wildly cool event. Show More Summary

A Living Hell

(Photo Description: A skeleton prays while being engulfed in flames in Hell's furnace. Note: I want to be a respectful as I can in the post I'm writing today. I have decided not to use the last name of the actor involved or his mother whose words I will be quoting here. Show More Summary

To Men Who Pee

Photo description: A white infant's onesie with the words 'We All Pee!' written in red. A Letter To Men Who Pee,I think we can all agree on two simple facts:1) Everyone needs to pee.2) Everyone needs to poo.OK, let's be really clear about those two facts. Show More Summary


Photo Description: A 92 year old veteran stands, in rememberance and in a moment of silence. Today, at 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, many people will stop, for a moment, they will come to silence, and they will remember. Show More Summary

The Essential Components of Welcome, Inclusion and Accessibility

Photo Description: A map of Toronto's Underground PATH showing the routes through buildings, skywalks and underground passageways. Sunday, at my place, we were buzzing with activity. Getting two kids and ourselves ready to get out the door and down to the 'meeting place' for Vita's first annual Accessiwalk was a bit of a challenge. Show More Summary

The Prison

Photo Description: Ruby and Sadie dressed up in Roman togas standing in front of a stone relief on fellow Romans in togas. At the Royal Ontario Museum's exhibit on Pompeii, at an exactly appropriate point, there is a play area for children. Show More Summary

Google Pride

I don't do Power Point.Well, that's not quite true. I've put PowerPoint presentations together for other people, and I've done them for when I'm presenting with a group. But, when it's just me. I don't do PowerPoint.However, I've just finished doing a Power Point for the keynote speech I'm doing in San Francisco in a couple of weeks. Show More Summary

Ridiculously Happy Post

Photo description: Brooklyn Surrogate Court Judge Lopez Torres On the subject of 'gay marriage' the Supreme Court of the United States said marriage: "rises from the most basic human needs; marriage is essential to our most profoundShow More Summary

Choices and rights: The story of the Disability Discrimination Act

3 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

How the Disability Discrimination Act was born, living with a secret disease and in interview with the Minister for Disabled People.

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