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I lost it yesterday.Just lost it.In order to understand, for those of you who don't use a wheelchair, I need to explain the build up. I had to work Saturday until two and therefore didn't get home until somewhere after three. We got home and left immediately, planning to catch the four o'clock showing of Fury. Show More Summary

Spitting on Spite

I was reading an article today about sexuality and disability and the feature was about a woman with cerebral palsy. The subtitle of the article said something like (sorry I looked but couldn't find it again) 'She doesn't let cerebral...Show More Summary


We voted yesterday.And I had a thought.As we arrived at the 519 Church Street Community Centre we saw signs indicating that this was indeed a polling station. Even though we've been there several times and knew where the accessible entrance...Show More Summary

The Big Ask

So, we were out for a stroll. It was a cool but sunny day. We both noticed a fellow, about a block ahead, sitting in a wheelchair, holding out a cup to passersby. It is our habit to drop what change we have into hands, or cups or caps. Show More Summary

The Mind's Heart

Yesterday, on Thanksgiving Sunday, Joe and I went to a movie. We are having a house full today and we will feast to our fill, so yesterday we ventured out to do a few chores and then catch a flick. When the movie was over we went to the elevator and waited for it to arrive. Show More Summary

Chris Eden: A Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving Sunday here in Canada. I am up early, I look out the window beside me into darkness. I like the quiet of an early morning. I like the time it gives me to reflect. So much of how we live our lives is a distraction from how we live our lives. Show More Summary

Hatred and Bigotry and Clean Hands

If you read someone's blog long enough you are going to, without exception, learn WAY too much about them. This is a case in point. Sometimes somethings need a bit of context. Yes, I am working up to divulging something kind of personal. Show More Summary

Computer mind meld gives voice to man after a stroke - health - 08 October 2014 - New Scientist

Computer mind meld gives voice to man after a stroke - health - 08 October 2014 - New Scientist

The Song in the Night

We pulled up at a gas station, centred the van so that the ramp had room to deploy, and parked. We were around the side of the building both to give me privacy and because the sidewalk there is a little wider and it's easier to get out of the van. Show More Summary

Worrying About The Wrong Things

Americans are masters at freaking about things that really aren’t threats. Case in point: Ebola. 20% of Americans are afraid of catching Ebola; a ridiculously high number considering that exactly one case has been diagnosed in the country. As Jeffrey Young of HuffPo points out, the flu virus presents a much more significant danger to [...]

Dream Cookies

He wouldn't give me a cookie.He was mean.Laughed at me.But wouldn't give me a cookie.I really wanted a cookie.I woke up. I'd been dreaming about a mean man and how he wouldn't give me a cookie even though he had lots and lots and lots of them. Show More Summary

Silent Decision

The Supreme Court doesn’t allow itself many progressive moments. And even when those moments arrive, the Court likes to be coy about it, presumably to give Scalia the opportunity to have a tantrum in private. Yesterday’s decision to let stand various appellate decisions striking down same-sex marriage bans is not the end of the struggle [...]

A favour

Hi folks, I want to ask you all a favour. Could you go to the CAMH website and watch the video produced by Dr. Yona Lunsky. If it moves you or if you find yourself nodding as she speaks, consider voting for her in the 'Breakthrough Challenge'... Show More Summary

Us Requires Me

Several days ago Joe and I had a date night out. This is something we rarely do. Now don't get me wrong, we do a lot together. In fact we do almost everything together. But we aren't night owls any more and we tend not to go out in the evening. Show More Summary

Shock Radio: What Was Said What Was Meant

(warning: this post contains the use of the 'r-word' in a quote and in a reference to the quote.)On our drive across the top of the States, headed, towards the Maritimes Joe and I have been surfing up and down the radio dial. Oftentimes...Show More Summary

OMG (literally)

Luck! Miraculous Luck! We stopped at Destination USA, a huge mall in Syracuse, to break up the trip and catch a movie. We've not done this before but, as we get older, we are trying to be a little kinder to ourselves. Joe pulled theShow More Summary

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs

We had a couple of packages that we had to mail off so we got in the line at the post office. As we got closer we noticed that there were signs up at each wicket and in other strategic positions. The signs indicated that it was CASH ONLY because their debit and credit lines were down. Show More Summary

If Wishes Were Horses, the World Would Be Covered in Poo

It was slipped in, in casual conversation, it fit so well, I hardly noticed. We had been talking about my blog post of yesterday in the broader context of disability pride. Then I was asked, "Tell me honestly, just between you and me,...Show More Summary

Bias, Bigotry and My Life

I was supposed to be in Ottawa today to speak, from a disability perspective, at a parliamentary luncheon around the issue of assisted suicide and euthanasia. Life intervened and I simply couldn't do it. I have turned my speaking notes into a blog. Show More Summary

Trending Red

As the midterm election cycle draws to a merciful conclusion, it looks like the Republicans stand a good chance of taking control of the Senate. It’s still possible that Democrats–who are pouring money into get-out-the-vote efforts in states like Iowa and Colorado—could eke out a couple victories, but it’s difficult to ignore the gradual alignment [...]

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