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The Horrible Truth Of Medicaid Block Grants

Sarah Kliff of Vox offers an excellent explanation of Republican plans to transform Medicaid into a block grant. Instead of guaranteeing to cover a fixed percentage of all enrollees’ medical expenses, the federal government would give each state a specific amount of money to spend on Medicaid coverage. Republicans claim that this would give states [...]

Sturm Und Drang on the Subway

After 8 years, it finally happened. I felt sick about it. My apology was brushed off, I wanted, I wished, that it had been taken seriously as it was seriously intended. But afterwards, maybe an hour, my upset at myself was being tempered...Show More Summary

Waiting - a poem for Pi Day

There are young people with disabilities who are institutionalized because community living supports are still inadequate. This is a poem dedicated to them. Waiting It is in the waiting that his heart dies not the paralysis, not the itch he can’t reach, not the hunger he can’t feed, not the dirt he can’t remove. Show More Summary

The Best of Men

Joe was in the kitchen heating up leftovers for diner and I was surfing Netflix last night and I came upon a film called, "The Best of Men." I only noticed it because the photo accompanying the brief description had a bunch of men, in period clothes, in old fashioned wheelchairs. Show More Summary

A Cheerleader, A Team, And Responsibility

I think, by now, we've all read the stories or seen the news clips of a young woman with Down Syndrome who, while cheer leading at a game in her school, was being bullied. Some players on the sports team, young men, walked off the court and confronted the bully.I do not want to take anything away from the actions of those young men. Show More Summary


It's odd the assumptions that some have about those of us with disabilities. We went to the movies yesterday, Joe and I and 7 people from work. Joe and I were there early and I got in the line to pick up tickets while Joe went off to...Show More Summary

Will There Be Y-Wings?

Rogue One, the first Star Wars spinoff movie announced today, has me intrigued. The title hints that it may focus on X-wing pilots, which presents all kinds of interesting storytelling possibilities. And it could have a woman as the lead character, which may demonstrate that Disney is trying to expand the franchise’s appeal to a [...]

Not a tragedy, but a tool

Alex Brett questions the helpfulness of seeing disability as a tragedy in this article.

I Am Not!

I am not pathetic.I am not needy.But I felt like I was being both as I wiped tears from my eyes.I had been out doing some errands and, with the sun out, I was on the sidewalks with a lot of pedestrians. For much of the winter I'd had a fair bit of room on these walkways because most people were riding the subway or driving their cars. Show More Summary

Getting Pushed Around

"Hello," his greeting was accompanied by a huge smile, "how are you?"I had that panic that you have when you realize that the person speaking to you clearly knows you and, yet, you have no idea who they are or where they fit into your life. Show More Summary

She's Living Loud

I hadn't intended, when I started that I would write, counting this one, three different posts about the importance of identity and community and living out loud. But then someone sent me this video last night and I've watched it a couple times. Show More Summary

Proudly, Outloudly

"My son has a name, not a label."Many parents wrote me, personally, about the post I wrote called I Am It, they were, to a one, concerned about what I was saying and all spoke of their fight to have their child referred to as a full human being, not as someone who wears a label. Show More Summary

Ha Ha Hatred

Elderly man, looking angry pointing a finger, caption says: "Back in my day wheelchairs were for disabled people, not fat people. Because one isn't enough, I'll give you another one. I had lots of choice. Elderly woman, looking annoyed,...Show More Summary

I Am It

Someone sent me this quote the other day thinking that I would like it. I understand the sentiment behind it but I don't actually like the idea at all. I don't like the subtle suggestion that the erasure of identity or difference will allow for a complete assimilation into broader society. Show More Summary

That Woman in the Wheelchair

I've just published a new volume of poetry entitled That Woman in the Wheelchair. The poems span the twenty year period since I acquired my disability.The book is divided into three sections. Section 1, Stabbing at the Clouds, contains poems dealing with my acceptance of quadriplegia. Show More Summary

Hamish's Bark

A long while ago I wrote about the only exercise I do with audience about how it feels to live with a disability, is the "My Dog Hamish" one. I don't like the 'ride around in a wheelchair one' or 'blindfold yourself one' or any of the others that have people attempting to take on the physicality of disability. Show More Summary

This Is Just a Start ...

"I like the winter, a lot," he said.We were both on an elevator heading down to the mall below. I was taking my hat and scarf off, in preparation for meeting Joe who would put them, and my coat, in the bag behind my chair. He had taken...Show More Summary

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