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Hard On Purpose

Image description: The word 'HARD' in black and white block letters This will take some describing. We were unable to get a picture because it was so freaking cold! I'd gotten out of the car and had turned my manual chair to face the door we would enter. Show More Summary


Image description: Angie Nethercott and myself posing beside each other each holding a framed award. Last night at the banquet hall of a large hotel here in Toronto, Angie and I represented our respective agencies, Hands The Family Help...Show More Summary

A Visitor Comes To Ruby's School

Image description: A blackboard, surrounded by an orange border with the alphabet inscribed on it and with an apple and a pencil at the bottom right corner. On the blackboard in white letters are the words SCHOOL DAYS. I was on the phone to her mother when Ruby arrived home from school. Show More Summary

Over Easy

Image description: A yellow ball with the words 'over easy' the over is written upside down and placed atop the word easy. On Friday, my mind was full of concerns and questions and worries. Joe and I were driving off to the hotel where we would stay the night before the Saturday presentation to parents. Show More Summary

Hello Saturday! It's Meaning Time

Image Description: Test Reading GOOD MORNING Saturday, with flowers and sunshine and bees flying about. It's Saturday morning and I'm up and nearly ready to head out and do my first presentation of the year. Today it is to a group of parents and I have to say I'm wildly excited about it. Show More Summary

For Stacey

Stacey asked me to keep a lookout for historical people who had muscular dystrophy--and I said "sure!" because that's right up my alley.  So I started poking around on Wikipedia, of course. Some stories that caught my attention this morning are below, in chronological order by date of birth. Show More Summary

... like an LGBT for disability

3 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

Would it be better if we used an acronym instead of 'disabled' if it works well for other minorities?

A Radical Kiss

(Note: there is no voice over, the only sound is that of a guitar playing gently) This morning I was on one of the two gay news sites that I visit every day. Both of them were lauding, and rightly so, Hallmark for producing a 'kiss' ad featuring a gay couple. Show More Summary

The Zig Had Already been Zagged

Image description: a set of stairs, viewed behind a tree, that has a wheelchair ramp zig zagging through them. When we were in Vancouver, out for a walk, many, many, years ago, we came across the Law Courts building and it was there that I first saw what I thought to be then, the coolest set of stairs I'd ever seen, back in the very early 80's. Show More Summary

What I Am, What I Am Not

Image Description: The words 'I am OTHER' on a black background, the letters in the word 'other' are all of different colours. Being Other: I can be angry without being bitter.I can be dissatisfied without being ungrateful.I can be plainspoken...Show More Summary

Permission Slip

Image Description: the words 'PERMISSION SLIP' written on a beige background It's so easy for me to get lazy.The handles at the back of my chair practically scream, "help the helpless!"I noticed a little while ago, which should haveShow More Summary

Right, Right Now

Image description: A multicoloured disc with the words RIGHT NOW written in white "Dave, you look different," Ruby said, holding a picture of Joe and I, taken back when we were in our early thirties. I glanced over at the picture, we were standing side by side looking uncomfortably at the camera. Show More Summary

Today and The Doctor's Question

Image description: A yellow happy face missing its smile is looking over to see it's smile beside it. Today I'm having my birthday party. It is not my birthday.My birthday on the winter solstice, which is not a good day for a party for us non-druid types. Show More Summary

Let The Good Times Roll

Image description: A mylar balloon with the words 'Weclome HOME' in large type in the middle over a bursting out graphic. It's home!It's working!I took my first real spin in my power wheelchair yesterday. Up ramps, down ramps, round corners, through narrow passageways, I put it through it's paces. Show More Summary

Using chopsticks with your toes

3 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

Mat Fraser and Liz Carr on the best way to 'access' food if you're disabled - archive from Nov 2010

Barbie Turns Back On Becky: Is Barbie a Bigot?

Original Image Description From Source: Iconic doll character Barbie is getting a full-on diversity makeover for 2016. (Image source: www.pinknews, I've probably read more text about Barbie than about any toy ever created. I've heard her name in deep and serious discussions by Feminists. Show More Summary

Dis-Missing Me

Image description: On a cork board a note is pinned. On the note is a smiley face under which is the word 'disability' with the dis cross out. There is a sentiment that I'm hearing more and more often about disabilities but never actually said by someone with a disability. Show More Summary

The Hearse At The Bottom of The Driveway

Image description: A bright red hearse with white drapery over the two back windows. I thought my life was over.I thought I'd lose everything I had and everything I'd worked for.I had no where to turn.No one to talk to.I had faced illness, even death, before but nothing prepared me for this. Show More Summary

The Right Kind of Privilege

Image discription: the word privilege Joe and I were waiting for Marissa and the kids to catch up to where we were. We had just finished seeing an exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum. As we waiting I noticed a man going by in a very cool looking scooter. Show More Summary

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