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Blindness, by those in the know

There are a small number of questions that blind people seem to get asked regularly. But here are five lesser-known things about blindness from those who know.

From single mother to leading lady

Sophie Stone was the first deaf person to study at Rada. Ten years on she is the lead in a new touring play.

Deaf dancers feel rhythm in the floor

The autobiographical dance show designed to tell a hearing audience about deafness.

Ouch show 112: Green juice v bacon rolls

September's show features a blogger who swapped medication for a plant-based diet and how social media can help people with mental health issues.

Blogging her way back to health

The chronically ill blogger who is healing herself through food and capturing it all on Instagram.

How blind Victorians campaigned for inclusive education

Disabled people's voices are often missing from mainstream history. But texts reveal that a group of forgotten blind activists fought for inclusive education during Victorian times.

The slow train to an accessible London

Boris Johnson has announced a £75m fund to install lifts at London Underground stations over the next 10 years. But how do you update a Victorian underground railway system?

Using a wheelchair, by those in the know

A personal take on etiquette, being at "bum height", and other things wheelchair users care about.

Ceiling Hockey

We have a balloon on our ceiling. Careless housekeeping, you might ask. But no. it's not that. It's a puck in our version of hockey here at our place.You see we bought a couple of balloons over a month ago at the dollar store and amazingly one still has 'float' power. Show More Summary

Does wellbeing promote good mental health?

The importance of mental wellbeing has gained significant support in recent times. But does it protect against mental illness?

Fashion for people with Down's Syndrome

Why two US women are designing special clothing for people with Down's syndrome.

Empty nest syndrome when a child has a learning disability

Parents are often left with empty nest syndrome when their children leave home. But is it worse for parents of children with learning disabilities?

Why has there never been a disabled candidate in The Apprentice?

The Apprentice is back for its 10th series but why has there never been a visibly disabled candidate in the programme?

Life after university for disabled graduates

Three disabled people in their 20s on life after university.

Disabled students: Molly goes to university

BBC Ouch follows a deafblind student over her first month at university to see how she has settled in.

Disabled students: 'I wish I'd known that'

As part of BBC Ouch's series on disabled students, graduates give their tips to future students.

Disabled students: Fran goes to university

BBC Ouch follows Fran Smith as she prepares for university, despite recent spinal surgery.

Three Little Words

(A white unicorn with a rainbow shooting out it's mouth stands before the slogan: It Gets... Different) I had the kind of typical high school experience of those picked last for the team. I remember those days vividly, if not often.Show More Summary

Disabled graduates: Life after university

BBC Ouch catches up with two disabled graduates to find out what they have been doing since leaving university.

Will changes to disability work grants affect deaf people the most?

Are new changes to the Access to Work scheme hurting deaf people in particular?

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