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; to the unfinished sentence

Image description: a drawing of a semi colon surrounded by a blue sky ;I saw a woman with an odd tattoo on her wrist. It was a semi colon. She noticed me glance at it and then asked me if I knew what it meant. I told her that it was yet another grammatical marking that I don't really understand how and when to use. Show More Summary

The Dark Heart of Kindness

Image description: A fat person in a wheelchair with a big red bag of perpetual gratitude on the lap. When I exit the building, in my manual chair and on my own, I need to do it by myself without any kind of assistance. If people want...Show More Summary

Of A Battered Aspect

Image description: A late 18th century man with a stout wooden leg of battered aspect When you are reading a book, do you ever have the situation where a phrase, or a description of something, really strikes you? Down deep, strikes you? I'm reading the Lord John series of books and a character makes a very brief appearance. Show More Summary

'As They See People'

Image description: a group of chairs set up lecture style I go into a lot of rooms that have been set up for a lot of people. I also go into a lot of rooms which are set up for small meetings where only a few are expected. All these places and spaces are set up with the idea of welcoming those attending. Show More Summary

Not Enough Room!

Image Description: A side image of a head with showing the brain which is full of thoughts like, 'I'm stuck' 'In the way' and 'back up slowly.' Yesterday I wrote about trying to get into the clinic where I go to get my blood drawn. I described a needless barrier and how people watched while I tried to negotiate through that barrier. Show More Summary

Really? You Have To Ask?

Image description: Two heavy looking stands with cordon strung between them I went down to the clinic to have my blood drawn as per a request from my doctor, routine stuff. I was tense all the way down because I knew that it would be a difficult process. Show More Summary

What George Did - World Down Syndrome Day

Image description: the number 21 drawn so the 2 is in red with orange polka dots and the one is blue with pink polka dots. He was the only man there. I saw him come in, look nervously around, and then take a seat, in the far corner, by himself. Show More Summary

How You See Me? Who Cares?

First, let me make something clear. I don't care how you see me. My self esteem isn't wrapped up in you or your perceptions of me, my sense of worth isn't measured on any scale held in your hands. Before discussing this video, which asks the question, "How do you see me?" I want that understood. Show More Summary

Vegetable, vegetable or vegetable?

3 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

Ten years after BBC Ouch! first began we delve into the archives to look back at our own version of the parlour game Animal, vegetable or mineral?


Image description: A group of three strawberries nestled together with their leaves Bleary eyed and sweaty I stumble from the bed. It's dark, so dark that even the familiar pathways in my apartment seem treacherous. In the dimmest light possible. Show More Summary

Pass The Popcorn

This election cycle keeps getting weirder. Conservative elites—still grappling with the rise of Trump—are now pointing their fingers at white working-class voters and blaming them for the current state of affairs. They aren’t mincing words, either. Here’s Kevin Williamson in the National Review: If you spend time in hardscrabble, white upstate New York, or eastern [...]

The Choice

Image description: A man in a power wheelchair faces two closed doors. My mind has an odd habit. One of many I imagine. For a mind that is quick to notice the best in others, that is quick to acknowledge when my own work feels right, that is quick to see new horizons, it's not the best at dealing with memory. Show More Summary

The Striped Carpet

Image description: Man stepping out of car onto a striped carpet. (May I ask, before I begin, not to be given advice about my feet, my use of socks, types of shoes or any other helpful hints. I implore you to let me simply assure you...Show More Summary

A Woman On A Bus

Image description: A drawing of a finger pointing to the letter 'C' on an alphabet communication board. She watched as the driver went through the procedure to strap my chair down on the bus. She had greeted me with a big smile in answer to my 'Hello' when I got on the bus. Show More Summary

History Made Me Do It

Image description: A package on a rolling platform on an elevator with the words 'NOT ME' under the drawing I may be fat.But I'm not freight.I was at an event the other day where the elevator which went right to the front door of the room the event was being held in had broken down. Show More Summary

Sex and money

4 months agoHealth / Disabilities : BBC: Ouch

With experts from London, Washington and Brazil we talk about sex and capitalism in the disabled world.

News. Updates. And Comments

Hello,I was hoping I wouldn't have to write you but I feel I must. For the last very many months I've been getting really nasty comments from an anonymous person - as we know anonymity gives cowardice courage - regarding a long laundry list of my supposed crimes. Show More Summary

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