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The Year In Awesome: Movies

A few brief thoughts on my year at the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy was the best popcorn movie of 2014. Like a lot of people, I had my doubts about whether Marvel could make a decent movie based on a third-tier comic book title, but they demonstrated that a strong script, stunning visuals, and [...]

Our Own Personal Eve

For many years Joe and I would fly off somewhere to celebrate New Year's Eve and to suffer New Year's Day. Our prime two choices were New York City and San Francisco. Well, actually we went to New York only once, got caught in the crushing...Show More Summary

The Alarm Clock

Every day for the last several days I easily got up, around 4 and began my day. No alarm clock woke me, no bus awaited me, no demands were placed on me, but I got up and enjoyed the quiet of the morning at home. This morning, the morning I was to be back in the office, the alarm woke me up at a little after 5. Show More Summary

Kindness: The Long Reach

Not a popular kid at school for a couple of reasons. One, I was fat. Two, I was the kind of boy who covered his face with his baseball glove and ran when the ball made it to his corner of the field - I had no desire to catch it, I simply wanted to escape injury. Show More Summary

The Year In Awesome: Music

2014 was another stellar year for music and I have the iTunes bill to prove it. I didn’t buy many complete albums, but below are the tracks, artists, and videos that I had on repeat over the past 12 months: Scandinavia continues to produce some of the most interesting and exciting pop music around. Lykke [...]

I Need a Wee Rant

I'm afraid that I have to let loose with a bit of a rant today. I know what I'm going to describe is going to sound petty and like I have a really thin skin, a really low bar for annoyance. But it isn't the magnitude of the irritant, it's the frequency.We were entering a building through a door that I'd never used before. Show More Summary

Sometimes Community Happens

I was waiting for the light to change in order to go south. They were coming towards me from the east. One was in a four wheel scooter, the other in a power wheelchair. Being still full of holiday spirit I took the chance and waved at them. Show More Summary

Adjectiveliess You

I think the most magical moments in life, for me, are those when the adjectives disappear and all that's left is 'being'. Let me explain what I mean by telling you how that happened this Christmas.It was Christmas eve and Mike and Marissa and Ruby and Sadie were all over at our place. Show More Summary

She Said Yes

The news saddens me.It seems every day, every where, women are suffering sexual abuse and victimization at the hands of men. I was having a discussion about this the other day and was surprised to be told, when I said that I simply couldn't...Show More Summary

Hope and Hopefulness: the light is on!

We are on the eve of something amazing.I never thought that being on Facebook would lead me to kind of a spiritual hopefulness and a belief in the power of thousands of 'one's' to make change. But, indeed that has happened and it's happened...Show More Summary

The Year in Awesome: TV

It’s once again time for me to share my unsolicited opinions on the pop culture that brought a smile to my face over the past year. I’ll start with television, which is fast becoming my preferred medium for complex storytelling. The sheer quantity of TV worth watching this year left me and my TiVo feeling [...]

Baby's Sick

My power chair is sick. The doctor is coming to take a look at it on Monday, so I'm using it carefully and judiciously. I still need to get around and the problem with the chair is that the problem happens randomly. I can go out, go far, go up and go down and have no problem at all. Show More Summary

The Oddity of Being Other

As I sat down to write today's post, I thought of a comment made recently on a recent blog post that suggested that I spent a lot of time being offended. I was glad of that comment in a way because it reminded me to be cautious in how I write about my experiences as a disabled person. Show More Summary


Today is my 62nd birthday.62.These days 62 isn't considered very old. But for me, it's a miracle. Eighteen years ago I had my first of two catastrophic illnesses. I still remember the doctor telling me that I probably would not survive and that I'd best make sure that my affairs were in order. Show More Summary

Them, Not Us

I posted this video on my Facebook page because the behaviour of the woman in the video appalled me and I made comment about how this video demonstrates what's wrong with society today. For me, I was trying to say in my comment, this behaviour is dreadful but not surprising. Show More Summary

Committees Everywhere

I was rolling up the street, minding my own business, when someone decided to mind mine. A woman, sitting on the street with a sign asking for change, saw me go by and said, "It's cold out, you need to dress for the cold." I didn't think she was speaking to me, why would I, so I kept on going. Show More Summary

In The Land of the Wealthy

I went in hesitantly. I shop here, maybe, twice a year. One of those times is at Christmas, because I traditionally buy a certain gift here for a certain person. I've done it for a few years now. The problem is that the store caters to the very wealthy. Show More Summary

Critic At Large: The Babadook

Horror films work best when they reflect the mundane through a looking glass darkly. The Babadook, a finely honed and nerve-wracking movie from Australian director, focuses its looking glass on a hallowed fixture of domestic life: the relationship between mother and child. We meet Amelia (Essie Davis), a young widow who is still grieving the [...]

Crisis, Need and Expectations.

Yesterday wasn't the easiest day. In fact, it was pretty tough. I'm not going to say much more than that because, while it might be a surprise, I practise what I preach: boundaries. So, enough said on that.In the midst of the 'troubles' yesterday, I was rushing from one place to another. Show More Summary

Executive Functioning Volume 1 Issue 3

This month’s copy of Executive Functioning - a newsletter for senior leaders in human service organizations - looks at the issue of Informed Consent. If you would like to subscribe, the newsletter is free and contains no advertizing, simply send an email requesting subscription to's post follows.

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