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Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon: ‘Make Women the Heroes of Their Own Stories’

When ‘Big Little Lies’ won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Limited Series on Sunday, Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon gave a joint acceptance speech.

7 Common Places for Psoriasis to Show Up

It's not just your arms and legs—there are other common places for psoriasis that you probably never knew about.

Master of None's Lena Waithe Is the First Black Woman to Win a Comedy Writing Emmy

Aziz Ansari and Lena Waithe won the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for 'Master of None' at Sunday night's 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Exposure to pet and pest allergens during infancy linked to reduced asthma risk

Children exposed to high indoor levels of pet or pest allergens during infancy have a lower risk of developing asthma by 7 years of age, new research reveals. The findings may provide clues for the design of strategies to prevent asthma from developing.

New lung cell type discovered

A new lung cell type that is implicated in the body's innate immune defense against the bacteria Streptococcus pneumoniae -- one of the leading causes of pneumonia worldwide -- has been discovered by researchers.

'Language of stem cells' discovered

Stem cells control the cells around them, inducing them to perform specific functions. This phenomenon of the "language of stem cells", which has now been discovered for the very first time, report investigators.

Beta blockers not needed after heart attack if other medications taken

Beta blockers are not needed after a heart attack if heart-attack survivors are taking ACE inhibitors and statins, new research suggests. The study is the first to challenge the current clinical guideline that heart-attack survivors should take all three drugs -- beta blockers, ACE inhibitors and statins -- for the rest of their lives.

Listen: Trust Your Gut When You Don’t Agree With Medical Advice

Michelle, mom of two, one of which has type 1 diabetes, talks with Scott about what to do after their doctor gave advice that they felt wasn’t correct. Michelle and her family were able to make light of the bad advice they received, knowing that their personal experience with diabetes gave them the right perspective.

Dara Berger at Health Choice Connecticut Rally

NOTE: Below is Dara Berger's speech at the Health Choice CT rally on September 15. By Dara Berger My name is Dara Berger. I am an author of the book How to Prevent Autism and a documentary filmmaker. The most...

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

Note: We're delighted to share this post by Martin Walker. Martin covered the GMC trial in the UK moment by moment and is a copious author whose book "Dirty Medicine" is sharp and thought provoking. Please visit his website Slingsho...

'It', AIDS, Homophobia, and ’80s Nostalgia

Stephen King’s 1986 novel has a gay sex scene that's been cut from the hit film because producers think today’s audiences couldn’t take it.

Debut Day For Vaccines: A Reappraisal by Dr. Richard Moskowitz from Skyhorse Publishing

Congratulations to Dr. Moskowitz on the debut of his new book Vaccine Reappraisal from Skyhorse Publishing at #1 in Vaccinations. Mary Holland wrote the foreword. Order your hardcover or Kindle edition today and don't forget to leave a review at...

The Meaningless Chair

Back in my chair I pushed into the gate area through a wide doorway. There was nothing in front of the door, of course, nothing that would block the flow of a lot of passengers disembarking. Off to the side was a podium, the kind where they check your tickets and documents when you are being loaded on to the plane. Show More Summary

Can heart attack damage be reversed?

MyHeart MyHeart - Take Control of Your Health   One of the most frequent questions our patients ask after surviving a heart attack is: Can heart attack damage be reversed? Every year, over [...]Read More The post Can heart attack damage be reversed? appeared first on MyHeart.

How Carrie Underwood Stays in Great Shape With One or Two Workouts a Week

Carrie Underwood's workouts may only happen once or twice a week these days, she says, but that's OK—here's why it doesn't take much to maintain fitness.

Lady Gaga Is Done With People Telling Her She’s Just ‘Being Dramatic’ About Her Pain

Lady Gaga has had to cancel a series of shows to deal with her chronic pain, but she says some fans have accused her of "being lazy" or "playing the victim."

What You Need to Know About Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Complications

Kim Kardashian is expecting her third child, but may have turned to a surrogate after having complications in her two previous pregnancies.

Kate Walsh Had a Brain Tumor Removed From Her Left Frontal Lobe in 2015

"Grey's Anatomy" star Kate Walsh revealed to "Cosmopolitan" this week that she had a benign brain tumor the size of a lemon removed from her left frontal lobe.

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