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AIDS: The making of the 'Patient Zero' myth

A combination of historical and genetic research reveals the error and hype that led to the coining of the term 'Patient Zero' and the blaming of one man for the spread of HIV across North America.

Fat in feces points to early presence of colorectal cancer

Scientists have discovered a fast, noninvasive method that could lead to the early diagnosis of colorectal cancer. Using ultrasensitive, high-speed technology, the researchers identified a suite of molecules in the feces of mice that signifies the presence of precancerous polyps.

Innovative drug could revolutionize the treatment of early-stage breast cancer

A large-scale international study is currently investigating whether a drug that is already showing great promise in the treatment of metastasized breast cancer might also increase the success of treatment of the most common type of breast cancer: early-stage hormone-receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer.

Employing Individuals With Down Syndrome

The National Down Syndrome Society has created an initiative to encourage businesses to hire people with Down syndrome and increase opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome to work in competitive employment settings. This new...Show More Summary

Robotic Heart Surgery – Ultimate Guide For Patients

MyHeart MyHeart - Take Control of Your Health What is Robotic Heart Surgery? Robotic heart surgery has revolutionized the way we think of heart operations. When you think of heart surgery, a large [...]Read More The post Robotic Heart Surgery – Ultimate Guide For Patients appeared first on MyHeart.

Telerehabilitation through Internet proved to ameliorate both the health and the quality of life of women suffering breast cancer

Telerehabilitation (rehabilitation with the help of the Internet, using the application Skype as a control platform) may help to alleviate the side effects associated with breast cancer and its treatment, like pain, fatigue, strength loss, deterioration of the quality of life, etc., new research suggests.

How-to Produce an Essay the Way

Keep on with additional factors of comparison — normally three or more factors are required for an whole essay. It’s very important to furnish particulars of all these architectural areas of the composition in your essay. Composing an essay is a trying endeavor therefore always be careful when creating. Poem analysis composition is right appreciate […]

So, The Engagement Ring From 'Twilight' Is Going Up For Sale

The piece will go up for grabs in an auction, along with nearly 900 other props from the film.

This Hilarious Video Highlights Why Mom And Dad Bods Are Awesome

Watch mom and dad bods get excited about registering to become organ donors in this funny video by non-profit group Organize.

This Mat Move Is One Of The Best Shoulder And Back Exercises Out There

The superman is one of the best shoulder and back exercises to include in your fitness routine—here's why.

Dr. Edelman on How to Eat Ice Cream with Diabetes

Dr. Steve Edelman talks about something most of us love: ice cream. In this episode of The Edelman Report, Dr. Edelman, an endocrinologist living with type 1 diabetes explains how to properly enjoy ice cream with diabetes. As you’ll see below, it has to do with awareness and enjoyment as well as portion control. Check […]

After Undergoing Mastectomies, These 5 Women Are Modeling In A Lingerie Campaign

AnaOno Intimates' latest lingerie campaign features 5 brave women who have dealt with breast cancer in various ways. Find out their stories here.

Those Halloween Contact Lenses Can Seriously Mess Up Your Eyes

Yeah, definitely not a good idea. The American Academy of Ophthalmology is warning people to stay away from decorative contact lenses—here's why.

This Photo Of 'Shiny Legs' Is The Optical Illusion That Will Ruin Your Day

A picture of legs is quickly becoming the new 'The Dress,' because of the optical illusion it creates.

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