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Doctors develop novel flu test to speed up respiratory treatment

Doctors and researchers have developed a novel way of using a swab test which can rapidly diagnose flu and other viral infections in patients with severe respiratory conditions - resulting in shorter courses of antibiotics and less time in hospital.

Asthmatic schoolchildren are 'uncomfortable' using their inhalers

Poor asthma control and knowledge are common in children with doctor-diagnosed asthma, according to new research.

Breathtaking gene discovery in Dalmatian dogs

A novel gene associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in dogs has been uncovered by scientists. The new research on this fatal disease may also help us understand the mechanisms of respiratory diseases in humans.

Specific ways in the body: New host for steroids

Synthetic hosts are to transport medical substances into the body and to release them at specific points. They enclose the active substances in a cavity. In case of steroids, this task has been accomplished mainly by ring-shaped glucose molecules so far. Show More Summary

Rhythm of breathing affects memory, fear

The rhythm of breathing creates electrical activity in the human brain that enhances emotional judgments and memory recall, scientists have discovered for the first time. These effects on behavior depend critically on whether you inhale or exhale and whether you breathe through the nose or mouth.

New guidelines published for discontinuing mechanical ventilation in ICU

New guidelines for discontinuing mechanical ventilation in critically ill adults have been published by researchers. The goal of the guidelines is to help physicians and other health care professionals determine when patients with acute respiratory failure can breathe on their own and to provide clinical advice that may increase the chances for successful extubation.

Gene therapy for cystic fibrosis lung disease

Gene therapy may be a viable approach for treating or preventing lung disease caused by cystic fibrosis (CF), suggests new research. Working with CF pigs, the researchers have shown that two different virus-based vectors can restoreShow More Summary

Bodybuilders illegally sell steroids to fund own use and maintain social status, finds report

Many bodybuilders illegally sell steroids to help fund their own use of performance and image enhancing drugs and maintain their social status in the weightlifting community, a new academic study has found. 

Novel method for generating airway cells from stem cells

Researchers have developed a new approach for growing and studying cells they hope one day will lead to curing lung diseases such as cystic fibrosis through 'personalized medicine.'

High-fat diet during pregnancy compromises offspring's lung health

Women who follow a high-fat diet during pregnancy may increase their children’s risk for asthma. A mouse study suggests that consistent consumption of fat-laden foods may change the immune response of the offsprings’ respiratory sys...

Are tree nut allergies diagnosed too often?

About 50 percent of those who thought they were allergic to all tree nuts were able to pass an oral food challenge without a reaction, new research shows.

Asthma: Researchers discover how exposure to microbes protects against asthma

The incidence of asthma is increasing steadily. One of the reasons given for this rise is the excessive level of hygiene in our environment. Studies have indeed shown that exposure to a so-called "non-hygienic" environment, rich in microbes, plays a protective role against the development of allergies, including asthma. Show More Summary

Breath of fresh air for severe asthma research

New research points to immunological differences in responses to steroids in patients with severe asthma, suggesting why corticosteroids may paradoxically perpetuate inflammation in severe asthma.

Mite-proof bedcovers may reduce asthma flare-ups in children

Bedcovers that form a barrier to house dust mites appear to reduce asthma flare-ups in children, according to new research.

Mouse arrest: Professional pest management no more effective than do-it-yourself allergen reduction in improving asthma symptoms

A professional pest management intervention was no better in decreasing asthma symptoms in children allergic to mice than teaching families how to reduce the level of allergens shed by mice in the home on their own, a new study has concluded.

New technique removes the cause of allergic asthma: Antibodies are suctioned off

Allergies are the most common cause of asthma. The immune system over-reacts to harmless substances such as birch or grass pollen, for example, forming immunoglobulin E antibodies (IgE). Together with the inflammatory cells in the skin...Show More Summary

Inhaler users get about half as much medicine as they should from each puff

Tens of millions of Americans use aerosol inhalers each day, and new studies by electrical engineers and pulmonologists have identified critical errors that are causing many inhaler users to get only about half as much medicine as they should from each puff.

Study brings hope of a new treatment for asthma sufferers

Improved treatments for people with severe asthma are a ‘step closer’ after a research team identified a breakthrough in the cause of airway narrowing.

E-cigarettes popular among smokers with existing illnesses

Current and former smokers suffering from illnesses like chronic lung or cardiovascular disease are more likely to use e-cigarettes, investigators report.

Yeast found in babies' guts increases risk of asthma

Microbiologists have found a yeast in the gut of new babies in Ecuador that appears to be a strong predictor that they will develop asthma in childhood. The new research furthers our understanding of the role microscopic organisms play in our overall health.

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