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Top 10 Essential Oils for Asthma

Essential oils can help to open up airways, reduce the inflammation that causes asthma attacks, and more. The best thing is there are multiple essential oils that effectively treat asthma. Below discussed are few best choices out there. Lavender oil Lavender oil helps to fight against airway inflammation and reduces the problems with breathing, Lavender […]

Cells change type to help or hinder immunity

In news that may bring hope to asthma sufferers, scientists discover a mechanism that provides a possible new target for allergy treatments. By observing the allergic response in mice with asthma, scientists at the Francis Crick Institute found that white blood cells that normally reduce the symptoms of asthma convert into cells that make allergies worse.

Gene therapy could 'turn off' severe allergies

A single treatment giving life-long protection from severe allergies such as asthma could be made possible by recent immunology research.

6 Tips to Manage Cold Weather Asthma

Cold air can literally take the breath away for a person who suffers from asthma. The lungs of asthma patients have become hypersensitive and inflamed causing the muscles around the bronchial tubes to constrict making the simple task of breathing more difficult. Plan ahead and talk to your doctor provide about treatment plans that help […]

Viral acute respiratory infections in infants may lead to recurrent childhood wheezing

Viral acute respiratory infections (ARIs) may lead to oxidative stress in some infants, and play a major role in the development of recurrent wheezing in early childhood, according to a new study. Oxidative stress is an imbalance between...Show More Summary

New hope for patients with severe lung disease

Patients suffering from severe lung disease could see their lives transformed thanks to a 'game-changing' clinical trial. The HOT-HMV trial (Home Oxygen Therapy-Home Mechanical Ventilation), which involved giving selected patients a breathing machine to be used in their home in addition to oxygen therapy, was found to reduce readmissions to hospital following an acute infection.

Graphene-based sensor could improve evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of asthma

Scientists have created a graphene-based sensor that could lead to earlier detection of looming asthma attacks and improve the management of asthma and other respiratory diseases, preventing hospitalizations and deaths.

Traffic-related air pollution linked to DNA damage in children

Children and teens exposed to high levels of traffic-related air pollution have evidence of a specific type of DNA damage called telomere shortening, reports a new study.

Researchers create a T-shirt that monitors the wearer's breathing rate in real time

Researchers have created a smart T-shirt that monitors the wearer's respiratory rate in real time. This innovation paves the way for manufacturing clothing that could be used to diagnose respiratory illnesses or monitor people suffering from asthma, sleep apnea, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Proof-of principle study finds imatinib improves symptoms for patients with severe asthma

In a new, proof-of-principle study researchers have found that targeting the mast cells with imatinib, a drug used to effectively treat certain forms of cancer, improved airway hyperresponsiveness, a measure of the sensitivity of the airway, and decreased the number of mast cells present in the airway. Treatment also produced a small improvement in airway function.

Mepolizumab helps patients with refractory Churg-Strauss syndrome

Mepolizumab, an anti-IL5 monoclonal antibody, increased remission rates, cut exacerbations in half and reduced the need for ongoing corticosteroid therapy in patients with refractory cases of the rare autoimmune disease Churg-Strauss Syndrome, according to research.

Heart attack risk increases 17-fold following respiratory infections

The risk of having a heart attack is 17 times higher in the seven days following a respiratory infection, research has found. The increased risk peaks in the first 7 days and gradually reduces but remains elevated for one month.

Vitamin D levels not linked to asthma or dermatitis

Vitamin D supplementation is unlikely to reduce the risk of asthma in children or adults, atopic dermatitis, or allergies according to a new study.

Pollen may impair pupils' performance

Spring is exam time -- and pollen season. It's also a bad combination for pupils suffering from pollen allergies, or hay fever.

Phthalates increase the risk of allergies among children

Phthalates, which are used as plasticizers in plastics, can considerably increase the risk of allergies among children, researchers show. According to this study, an increased risk of children developing allergic asthma exists if the mother has been particularly heavily exposed to phthalates during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Show More Summary

New roadmap provides blueprint to tackle burden of asthma

A new roadmap has been published identifying key priority areas that need to be addressed to tackle the burden of asthma.

New insight into powerful inflammatory regulator

A new study in mice reveals how a protein called Brd4 boosts the inflammatory response -- for better and for worse, depending on the ailment. The study is the first to show that this protein, while problematic in some circumstances, also can protect the body from infection.

Compact fiber optic apparatus shines light on breath analysis in real-time

An affordable gas sensor monitors trace levels of health-indicating chemicals, paving the way for future non-invasive studies, describe researchers in a new report.

Maternal marijuana use linked to low birth weight

Researchers found that women who used marijuana while pregnant were almost three times more likely to have an infant with low birth weight. It is the first large-scale study in Canada to show this association between maternal marijuana use and low birth weight infants.

Herbs and Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Asthma

Asthma is a respiratory disorder; it can be chronic or acute and occurs in both children and adults. It mainly occurs when, there is an obstruction in the lungs, it is triggered by air pollution, allergies, humidity, strong emotions, physical activity, sulfites and some medications.By controlling few dietary, lifestyle changes, medicines along with few herbs […]

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