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Convincing Young Women of the Dangers of Indoor Tanning

It’s well known that indoor tanning raises the risk of skin cancer, but many young women will still go to great lengths to pursue a beach ready tan for summer. Messages with images depicting the harsh realities of melanoma are more powerful than the text-only warning required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in […]

Access to Gynecologic Oncologists Is Limited for Nearly 15 Million Women

Access to specialist care is vital in improving cancer survival rates, but many people struggle to find the medical assistance they need. This is particularly true for women in need of a gynecologic oncologist. More than one-third of counties in the Unites States are located more than 50 miles from the nearest gynecologic oncologist, making access […]

Disrupting Brain Tumor Stem Cells Could Lead to New Treatment Options

Certain types of brain tumors are notoriously difficult to treat. Whether surgically removed, zapped by radiation or infiltrated by chemotherapy drugs, these tumors find a way to return.However, some brain tumor stem cells may have an Achilles’ heel. Show More Summary

Some Of The Answers To Cancer Care May Be Found With Our Companion Dogs Walking Right Beside Us

Fate can work in mysterious ways. A couple of months ago I was invited to participate in a symposium conducted by the National Cancer Policy Board at the Institute of Medicine in Washington DC. The topic was cancer in dogs, and how we...Show More Summary

Skin Cancer Rates Rapidly Rising Amoung Children, Teens, and Young Adults

Educating the public about the necessity of sunscreen use remains more important than ever before, as the  incidence of melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer, has increased by more than 250% among children, adolescents and young adults since 1973. This is the finding of award-winning research recently presented by Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) […]

Green Tea Component Could Help Reduce Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is predicted to result in an estimated 220,00 cases in the United States in 2015. A team of researchers led by Nagi B. Kumar, Ph.D., R.D., F.A.D.A. at Moffitt Cancer Center recently published results of a randomized trial that assessed the safety and effectiveness of the active components in green tea to prevent […]

The Survivors And Advocates Highlight That Personalized Medicine Is About All Of Us

When it comes to personalized/precision medicine we should never forget it's all about the people, particularly the cancer survivors whose very lives depend on us getting it done quickly and getting it right. That was the message from...Show More Summary

Father Knows Best As Immunotherapy Takes Its Place As A Pillar Of Cancer Care

Question: What do all these cancers have in common: Melanoma, lung, kidney, bladder, ovarian, head and neck, Hodgkin lymphoma, stomach, breast (and others)? Answer: They have all shown evidence of meaningful, durable responses when treated with one or more of the new immunotherapy drugs. Show More Summary

Advancing The Tenet That In Cancer Care We Need To Embrace Curing When We Can And Comforting Always

It was the title of an article in JAMA Oncology that captured my attention this past week: "Advancing a Quality-of-Life Agenda in Cancer Advocacy: Beyond the War Metaphor." That and, the fact that two of the authors (Rebecca Kirch and...Show More Summary

Laboratory Tests And Disruption In Medical Care: A New Frontier

(This blog was originally published on Medpage Today and is presented here with permission) Disruptive innovation is a relatively new term that refers to dynamic changes in how we live our lives. Think of your smartphone and you have a good example of disruptive technology; one that replaces old tools. Show More Summary

Understanding the Information Needs of Cancer Survivors

Obtaining a clear bill of health after chemo doesn’t mean a cancer patient is out of the woods. Survivors have special needs that must be addressed as part of a long term care plan. Judging by the nature and topics of their information seeking, cancer patients’ information needs appear to differ depending on the type […]

Don't Fry Day Reminds Us To Stay Safe In The Sun

It's that time of year again, those months we all look forward to when life (sometimes) gets a little bit slower, the days a bit longer, and many of us take (yes!!!!!) a vacation. It's also time for Don't Fry Day, which is the Friday before Memorial Day. Show More Summary

Can Exercise Make Cancer Treatments More Effective?

Here’s yet another reason to make exercise a priority. A brisk walk or a slow jog on a regular basis may be the key to improved cancer treatments, according to Kansas State University kinesiology research. Brad Behnke, associate professor of exercise physiology, and collaborators have shown that moderate exercise on a regular basis enhances tumor oxygenation, […]

The Fault In Our Stars: When Celebrity Health Advice Conflicts With Our Science

Dealing with a diagnosis of cancer remains a very scary, emotionally charged experience. That experience is not helped by the addition of conflicting advice, especially advice based on opinion and not evidence. And once in a while, that's what happens when a celebrity is the source of the information, as has now occurred with Sandra Lee. Show More Summary

Learn How to Help Prevent Skin Cancer

She thought the blemish that refused to heal was simply a persistent pimple. Shelaine Pennington, a Mississippi State University Extension Service agent in Prentiss County, said the dermatologist looked at the spot on her chin and was relatively certain of the diagnosis, but performed a biopsy to be sure. The doctor confirmed her diagnosis: basal […]

Understanding the Link Between Phthlate Exposure and Breast Cancer Risk

Phthalates, the plasticizing and solvent chemicals found in such products as cosmetics, shampoo, flooring and medical tubing, are often claimed to increase cancer risk, but reliable data in this area is lacking. To advance our understanding of this issue, epidemiologist Katherine Reeves at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is leading the largest study to date […]

Reducing Risk of Cervical Cancer with Aspirin

Aspirin does so much more than just cure your headache.  According to a study led by researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) and published in the Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease, long-term and frequent use of aspirin is associated with significantly decreased risk of cervical cancer. Aspirin use was associated with a 47% reduced […]

Terminal Cancer Patients Still Undergoing Surgeries, Risking Serious Complications

Despite more attention being given to the importance of less invasive care for terminally ill cancer patients, the number of surgeries performed on those with a terminal cancer diagnosis has not dropped in recent years, But new research from UC Davis also finds that the morbidity and mortality among patients with terminal cancer has declined […]

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