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Watch: Overcoming Shame & a Low-Carb Approach to Reducing Insulin Needs

Today we have two videos for you, both from Dr. Sarah Hallberg. In the first short video, Dr. Hallberg and Dr. Jeff Stanley, as well as several people living with type 2 diabetes, talk about shame…and getting rid of those feelings of shame! This second video is Dr. Hallberg’s TEDx Talk called “Reversing type 2 […]

My Experience at the DiabetesSisters Weekend for Women and Diabetes Unconference

This past weekend, I attended the DiabetesSisters Weekend for Women and Diabetes Unconference in Alexandria, VA. If you are unfamiliar with DiabetesSisters, it is an amazing company that offers a “range of education and support services...Show More Summary

Like a baby: The vicious cycle of childhood obesity and snoring

Scientists looked at the relationships among maternal snoring, childhood snoring and children's metabolic characteristics -- including body mass index (BMI) and insulin resistance, which reflects future risk for developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease -- in approximately 1,100 children followed from gestation through early adolescence.

A new way to reduce surgery complications stemming from high blood sugar

Using a different marker to track a patient's glycemic levels could help improve outcomes after surgery for diabetic and non-diabetic patients alike.

Can a common ingredient in laundry detergent help advance diabetes research?

Being able to build a bioartificial pancreas offers the potential to cure type 1 diabetes. A major challenge with the effort is how to supply the structure with enough oxygen to keep the cells alive. Now, new research suggests that oxygen-generating compounds found in some laundry detergents may play a key role.

Dear Diagnosis: Quinn’s Letter to Herself

Dear Diagnosis, At first, it might seem like the world is ending, like nothing will ever be the same again, but you are still a kid and you can do anything you set your mind to. Plus, shots aren’t that bad, an insulin pump is even better. Diabetes doesn’t keep you from making friends at […]

Tubed vs. Tubeless: Insulin Pump Comparison

It’s been more than ten years since Caleb began pumping. That’s more than 1,500 pods, roughly estimating. Caleb was four when we decided to use Omnipod. He didn’t have much say in the matter. Over the years, we’ve talked about other pumps. I thought he might be intrigued by the t:slim because of its slick touch screen. […]

Diabetes Daily Turns 12!

Today is Diabetes Daily’s 12th birthday! I like to use my birthday as a time to reflect — and so I wanted to take a moment today to share a few thoughts on Diabetes Daily, where we have been, who we are now and where we are headed. It Started with a Diagnosis Diabetes Daily […]

Can People With Type 1 Diabetes Develop DKA Without High Blood Sugar?

“Can people with type 1 diabetes develop DKA without high blood sugar?” DKA is short for diabetic ketoacidosis and is a life threatening condition. I’ve seen the question pop up a lot lately so I asked two endocrinologists to answer this question. Experts Weigh In Dr. Richard Steed, an endocrinologist from Georgia with 25 years […]

Diabetes, Sports, and Exercise

The weekend of the 14th and 15th of October was such an eye-opener for me. Sports and exercise around type 1 diabetes can be a real challenge, but being given the right tools to work with really makes a difference. Since April, 2017 I have been training hard and running in excess of 45 km […]

45 Years of Diabetes Wisdom Condensed Into 10 Soundbites

I was in a studio in Chelsea — no, not London, shucks! — New York. Digital video publisher, HealthiNation, is taping six “real” people with diabetes for a series of educational diabetes videos. The videos will be online at the end of the year at ComCast Connected Health. The videos will share info from doctors, […]

Dear Diagnosis: Frank’s Letter to Himself

Dear Frank, If you’re reading this, then I can only assume that you’re coming to terms with a new diabetes diagnosis. I know that right now, you’re probably just happy to be feeling well again. You’re reluctant to show any visible signs of your condition, convinced that diabetes hasn’t changed you. But it has. Diabetes […]


Even the best laid plans can go awry when hypos creep in before the meal is served. Glucose tabs … the most unappealing appetizer. Appetizer was first posted on November 15, 2017 at 5:54 pm.©2013 "". Use of this feed is for personal non-commercial use only. Show More Summary

Bigfoot Positively Moving Forward With Automated Insulin Delivery System

Bigfoot Biomedical, a company working on providing an automated insulin delivery system for people with diabetes who require insulin has recently presented data from a clinical trial at the 17th Annual Diabetes Technology Meeting which shows that their in-silico metabolic simulation engine works as they hoped. Show More Summary

Cell-based therapy for type 1 diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes has been successfully reveresed in a mouse model by infusing blood stem cells pre-treated to produce more of a protein called PD-L1, which is deficient in mice (and people) with type 1 diabetes. The cells curbed the autoimmune reaction in cells from both mice and humans and reversed hyperglycemia in diabetic mice.

Obesity during pregnancy may lead directly to fetal overgrowth, study suggests

Obesity during pregnancy -- independent of its health consequences such as diabetes -- may account for the higher risk of giving birth to an atypically large infant, according to researchers.

You’ve Got This: A Guide for Young Adults Diagnosed with Type One Diabetes

If you are a college student living with type 1 diabetes, a young adult that has just been diagnosed, or a parent of a college-age T1D, the College Diabetes Network (CDN) has three programs this November that are of particular interest. It’s definitely a transition to go away to college and be responsible for your […]

If You Can Breathe, You Can Do Yoga

I’ve just returned from The Diabetes Sisters Weekend for Women conference in Virginia which was jam-packed with inspirational seminars on all things diabetes. It was both moving and motivating. It gave me a sense of how big our diabetes community is and how events like these nurture and support us in ways that online connections can’t. I […]

Workplace bullying, violence are risk factors for type 2 diabetes, new research reveals

Workplace bullying and violence may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, for both men and women, according to new research.

FDA May Take Back Statement About Soy Protein and Heart Health

Dr. Susan Mayne, the director of the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition has announced that the FDA is taking serious steps to do something it’s never done before–revoke a health claim. With time we learn more about foods and in this case, the claim that soy protein can lower the risk of […]

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