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Getting the Most out of a Flash Glucose Monitor

I was first introduced to Flash glucose monitoring when the FreeStyle Libre launched into Australia last year. When I made the shift from traditional finger stick monitoring to flash monitoring, it was a huge learning curve. It took several months for me to become acquainted with this new device and the nature of the glucose […]

Eleven and the Harmonimato.

Hey there little Guy, “YEAH!” is your favorite word.  You are a crawling affirmation of everything.  You make me feel a teeny bit like I gave birth to Lil Jon.  YEAH! “YEAH!!” All the time, from you.  “YEAH!!”  At the grocery store and in the car and at Grammie’s and when we pick Birdy up […] Eleven and the Harmonimato. Show More Summary

Tidepool and Big Data: Donate Your Data to Tidepool to Improve Diabetes Care

This article is reprinted with permission from diaTribe. Find the original article here. By Emily Fitts and Adam Brown Tidepool, the software nonprofit that collects data from diabetes devices, announces a major new project to drive better research and products from real-world data Tidepool, a software nonprofit focused on liberating diabetes data, recently unveiled its […]

Study Shows What Helps Depressed People With Type 2 Diabetes Get Better

A study found that a type of counseling in addition to exercise were most effective in treating depression in patients with type 2 diabetes. The study authors shared this information at the American Diabetes Association’s 77th Scientific Sessions in June of 2017 and explained that depression in people with diabetes is 2 times more likely than […]

Simple South of the Border Soup

Did you catch that title? Simple? That’s what I need. When it is nearing 100 degrees outside, I don’t want anything complicated in the kitchen. I know, salads are easy, but I am getting tired of salads. I stayed in today, and really wanted some Mexican food. A little time at the stove was alright. […]

Moderate exercise and dieting reduces risk of Cesarean section and diabetes in pregnancy

Pregnant women who have a healthy diet and regular moderate exercise are less likely to have a caesarean section, gain excessive weight, or develop diabetes in pregnancy, according to a new study.

It All Links Up: Weaving All the Elements of Diabetes While Traveling

By Cazzy Magennis Diabetes is a funny thing, it’s not a solo entity. In order for it to be manageable, it needs to work well with other elements of our lives. So many things affect my diabetes including exercise and diet, but the biggest thing for me is stress. When traveling with diabetes there is even […]

Listen: Singer Eric Paslay Talks About Diabetes

The number of singers with diabetes in the spotlight is ever growing. In this episode of the Juicebox Podcast, Grammy nominated artist Eric Paslay talks about his life with type 1 diabetes. You can checkout his music and tour information on the Eric Paslay website. You might enjoy this story about Paslay giving a concert […]

Could Broccoli Sprout Extract Be a Metformin Alternative for Type 2 Diabetes?

Researchers from a study published in Science Translational Magazine say that a broccoli sprout extract powder may be a potential type 2 diabetes treatment. Researchers from Sweden at the University of Gothenburg say that a chemical component of broccoli sprouts, sulphoraphane might help lower blood sugar levels in those with type 2 diabetes. Show More Summary

Alzheimer's drug cuts hallmark inflammation related to metabolic syndrome by 25 percent

Researchers have repurposed an existing medication with healing properties traced to ancient Greeks.

Guest Post: Giving Birth to Violet as a Woman with Type 1 Diabetes (Part 2)

Today is part two of Ginger’s guest blog about the birth of her second little bird (part 1 is here). While this post takes a bit of a dangerous turn, things did work out okay!  (And if you’re a woman with type 1 diabetes who has hadShow More Summary

Living with a Person with Diabetes: Tips for Caregivers and Support Persons

By Rita Bush, RD, CDE, Fit4D Certified Diabetes Educator According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 2014 surveillance data, 29.1 million Americans (or 9.3% of the population) have diabetes. Given this statistic, chances are likely that you know or live with someone affected by diabetes. You may find yourself in a unique […]

Pramlintide Applied: Practical Tips for Getting Symlin to Work Right

By Gary Scheiner MS, CDE It took more than 80 years after the discovery of insulin for another medical treatment for type 1 diabetes to finally come along. You would think that everyone with type 1 would have jumped on the Symlin bandwagon, but that just hasn’t happened. Fewer than 5% of all type 1s […]

Most primary care physicians can't identify all risk factors for prediabetes

Researchers who distributed a survey at a retreat and medical update for primary care physicians (PCPs) report that the vast majority of the 140 doctors who responded could not identify all 11 risk factors that experts say qualify patients for prediabetes screening. Show More Summary

Cardiologist Explains What to Expect When You Stop Eating Grains

Dr. William Davis is a cardiologist and best-selling author of Wheat Belly. He was recently interviewed by Fat Burning Man’s Abel James for his podcast and website. Dr. Davis is best known for his hard stance against the consumption of grains. He believes them to be toxic to humans and the driving force behind many cases […]

9 Rules for a Safer Pedicure, According to a Podiatrist

Maybe you’ve heard some nail salon horror stories, but you’ve shrugged them off. After all, at your salon, the employees look happy, the clippers seem sterilized, and every inch of the salon looks spotless. What could go wrong? According to podiatrist and Vionic Innovation Member Jackie Sutera, DPM: a lot. The thing is, it’s pretty […]

Guest Post: Giving Birth to Violet as a Woman with Type 1 Diabetes (Part 1)

Stories about moms with type 1 diabetes having babies warm my heart completely, mostly because they remind me of my kids’ birthdays but also because pregnancy and diabetes is hard work and deserves an extra WHOO HOOOO! at the end.  Today,...Show More Summary

How to Snack Smart at Bedtime

“I’m hungry,” I said to my husband. He sighed then asked what I needed to eat. We had just crawled into bed when my stomach grumbled. He was used to this because it happens to me often. I need to learn to be proactive about my bedtime snacking, though, and eat something before we go […]

Early menopause is independently linked to an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Women with early or normal onset menopause are at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those with late onset menopause, concludes new research.

5 Great Reasons to Eat Chia Seeds

Chia seeds come from a member of the mint family called salvia hispanica and is native to Mexico and Central America. In fact, the Aztecs didn’t just appreciate the cocoa bean, they also loved the chia seed. Chia seeds are a unique food, providing benefits while not making much of an impact on blood sugar levels. Here are 5 Great Reasons to […]

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