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Facebook Live Q&A with the Juicebox Podcast

Scott, the host of the Juicebox Podcast, recently hopped online to do a Facebook Live session to take questions from listeners. Listen to this episode to listen to the wide variety of questions and answers. Scott gives his advice and speaks from his own experience dealing with diabetes. Listen Now

The Link Between Depression and Severe High and Low Blood Sugars

In a recent study, researchers stated that severe high and low blood sugar levels are “serious complications of type 1 diabetes (T1D)”, and said that the relationship between depression and extreme blood sugars hasn’t been studied much in those with type 1 diabetes. So they conducted a study to look at the “bidirectional associations between […]

Electronic modulation of carotid sinus nerve can be used as a treatment for type 2 diabetes in rats

In a new study in rats, researchers have demonstrated that is possible to restore insulin sensitivity and glucose homeostasis by modulating electrically the carotid sinus nerve, the sensitive nerve that connects the carotid body with the brain.

Making Hopes and Dreams Come True

By Cazzy Magennis Most days it can feel like diabetes is holding us back. We can feel exhausted, frustrated at the numbers that appear on our blood glucose monitors, and angry at the dilemma that is diabetes. I used to be the type of person that hid my diabetes. I never wanted to talk about […]

Looking Back: The Droid You’re Looking For

I grabbed the Dexcom receiver from my purse and gave the button a quick click while I was standing in line for coffee, checking the graph and noticing the single “What UP!” arrow pointing my blood sugar up from 146 mg/dL. A moment of mental math took place:  I was rising, but I had some insulin on board, and how...

Diabetes Tech on the Horizon – New Insulin Delivery Systems Coming in 2018

This article is reprinted with permission from diaTribe. Find the original article here. By Maeve Serino and Adam Brown  Learn about what’s new and what’s coming soon in Smart Pens, automated insulin delivery, pumps, and more Diabetes technology moves fast, so to help you keep track, we’ve rounded up some of the latest offerings – […]

Is it Dangerous to Take Metformin While Pregnant?

Metformin is among the most prescribed medications in the world. It is commonly used as the first-in-line treatment for type 2 diabetes but is also used to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome, pre-diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Researchers conducted a study to assess the risk of taking metformin if pregnant. What Are the Risks to the Fetus? […]

Low-Carb Cinnamon Rolls (You Heard That Right!)

These amazing Low-Carb Cinnamon Rolls are made with nut-free Fat Head dough! They’re grain-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, keto and the texture is so much like traditional rolls you will shock your family and even yourself! The holiday season, specifically Christmas is not complete without a breakfast of cinnamon rolls, agreed?!! These beauties can hold their own […]

Ideal Treatments for Hypoglycemia and Some Alternatives

There is no denying that pure glucose or dextrose (the crystalline form of glucose) is by far the fastest and most accurate way to treat a low blood sugar level. Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution book states: “Glucose, the sugar of blood sugar, does not have to be digested or converted in the liver to anything […]

A Positive Approach to Treating Diabetes

Getting a diagnosis of diabetes can be pretty depressing. Then we’re usually given a lot of admonitions about things we can’t do. Don’t eat this. Don’t eat that. Don’t eat too much of anything. Don’t drive without testing first. Don’t sit down and read a book when you could be walking on a treadmill. And the list goes on. […]

Sometimes It Feels Like the Whole World Is Falling Apart: How to Respond to Trying Times

Dr. William Polonski joins the Diabetes Power Show team on this episode to discuss recent tragic events. Though they recorded this episode at the beginning of November, they decided to postpone releasing it because the events were too raw and emotional. Many listeners wrote in sharing their experiences and thoughts about the hurricanes in Texas, […]

Hydration & Gratitude = Simple Self-Love Practices

This challenge focuses on the incredible importance of drinking enough water on a consistent basis, but also on how consciously choosing to live in a state of gratitude helps us to kick negative feelings to the curb. Challenge Action Items Get a reusable water bottle so you can measure the amount of water you are […]

The Surprising Reason You Feel Awful When You’re Sick

Being “real people sick.” Ugh! Regular illnesses can definitely affect blood sugar and diabetes management. Is there a reason why we can feel so terrible? In this TED-Ed video “The surprising reason you feel awful when you’re sick,” Marco A. Sotomayor explains what’s actually making you feel sick. “It starts with a tickle in your throat […]

You Know What Doesn’t Suck?

Bring me your diabetes happies, your small victories, your moments of joy!  What does diabetes bring to your life that doesn’t suck? You know what doesn’t suck?  Being tuned into my body.  I pay close attention to my physical and mental health because diabetes forces me to, but I consider that a good thing.  I see my healthcare team often....

6 Ways to Resist Carb Heavy Comfort Foods This Winter

It’s cold outside. The perfect weather for warm, filling soups and stews, hot chocolate, and other carb-heavy comfort foods. But those of us who are diabetic need to watch our carb intake and resist giving in to carb-laden temptation too much. Here are a few quick tips to help you resist those carb-rich and sugary […]

Glucose-induced nerve damage: Research identifies underlying mechanisms

New research has demonstrated that an enzyme she had previously identified as playing a role in peripheral neuropathy induced by cancer chemotherapy also plays a role in peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes. The significance of the...Show More Summary

10 Ways to Support Your Loved One With Diabetes

By Dr. Bill Polonsky We mean well. We really do. We only want the best for our loved ones, but sometimes we unintentionally say or do the wrong thing when we’re trying to help. Dr. Bill Polonsky, founder of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute, offers these tips on how best to support someone you care about who […]

How the Food You Eat Affects Your Gut

What happens when we eat lower fiber, more highly processed food? Our gut microbiome (bacteria) changes. In this TED-Ed video “How the Food You Eat Affects Your Gut,” Shilpa Ravella explains how gut bacteria is changed. “The bacteria in our guts can break down food the body can’t digest, produce important nutrients, regulate the immune […]

Feeling Connected to Others with Diabetes

When I started this blog two and a half years ago, I had no connection to diabetes in my own life. I didn’t think that there was anything out there on the interwebs about diabetes, aside from the medical jargon. Quite honestly, I was a completely different person. I started this blog as more of […]

A Billing Code for Empathy

“You have a nice bedside manner.  I don’t feel stupid being honest about the health concerns I have. And I don’t feel like you’re judging me when I tell you my A1C went up; that makes it easier to be honest with you about where I struggle.” “I really appreciate that,” she said. I’m in the process of switching to...

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