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Banishing Bad Breath

Read on to learn more about bad breath, its causes, and what you can do to combat it... The post Banishing Bad Breath appeared first on Diabetes Self-Management.

Lose Weight by Being Active

Did you know that your body stores fat from excess calories in places other than fat cells? Both your muscles and your liver store extra fat as you gain excess fat weight.1 More fat storage in your muscles may decrease the removal of glucose from your blood, making muscles more resistant to insulin if you don’t […]

Diabetes Device Data Companies Glooko and Diasend Merge!

In a marriage of sorts, Glooko and Diasend announced last week that they have merged to be one company, and have taken on the Glooko name. Sweden-based Diasend is a largely desktop-based diabetes device data company, with uploads to their platform via computer, and healthcare professional access using a clinicians code. Once only available to […]

Looking Back: A Matter of Apologies.

I’ve been up since all hours with my son, who has decided that he would prefer to count stars with me between midnight and 4 am.  But now he’s asleep and I’m wide awake.  And as I was answering emails this morning, I came across this blog post about apologies. Show More Summary

Afrezza is Back with a Better Co-Pay Card Program and New Cartridge Pack

By New Now Next / Payal Marathe MannKind has re-launched the inhaled mealtime insulin, Afrezza, alongside new initiatives to promote the product. Following the terminated partnership with Sanofi, MannKind has relaunched its ultra-rapid-acting...Show More Summary

Bluetooth Insulin Device “InPen” Coming Soon

The FDA has granted approval of the InPen system which is a wireless-enabled “SmartPen” insulin pen for people with diabetes to use in best caring for and dosing their insulin. According to a PR NewsWire press release, this is the first FDA approved pen of it’s kind created by Companion Medical to provide technology for […]

Fried Cauliflower Rice and Shrimp

Have you ever struggled with finding healthy replacements for your favorite calorie-laden restaurant meals that not only taste like their unhealthy counterparts but are actually more satisfying and delicious? Well, here is Fried Cauliflower Rice & Shrimp to the rescue!

My Evolving Diabetes Perspective

By Natalie Vawter Lately I’ve gotten into a bit of a rut with my relationship to my diabetes. In the past, I’ve felt proud of myself when I’ve been on top of everything and had good control of my blood sugar. These past few weeks, though, I’ve had a lot of high blood sugar. My […]

Parents with Other Autoimmune Conditions Now Faced with Son’s Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis

Kristin visits the Juicebox Podcast to share her family’s story of facing autoimmune conditions head-on. With several family members who also had type 1 diabetes, they now face diabetes in their own home as her son Gavin has been diagnosed with type 1. Listen in as they share their own unique story and journey into this […]

Do You Count Carbs…or Not?

By Steven V. Edelman, MD and Jeremy Pettus, MD  Carb counting seems to be the standard of care for how people with type 1 diabetes calculate how much insulin to take before meals. I think most folks would agree it is not a perfect method and often does not seem to work. Of course, some would say […]

Get the Newest Issue of Diabetes Self-Management Today!

Want to try our calorie-conscious Harvest Bounty Dinner Menu, learn how James Earl Jones manages his Type 2 diabetes, and more? The post Get the Newest Issue of Diabetes Self-Management Today! appeared first on Diabetes Self-Managem...

Unique molecular atlas of pancreas produced

The first molecular map of the genes that are active in the various cells of the human pancreas has now been produced by researchers. They have also revealed differences in genetic activity between people with type 2 diabetes and healthy controls.

After Delivery: My Baby’s Low Blood Sugar

I mentioned in a previous post that things went fairly well for us this time around in regards to the birth.  However, there was one thing about the birth and hospital stay that made me a little upset.  My son was born with low blood sugar.  Low blood sugar is pretty common for most babies. […]

New Metformin Combination Medicine Approved for Type 2 Diabetes

On September 21, the FDA approved the oral combination medicine canagliflozin/metformin extended-release (brand name Invokamet XR) for Type 2 diabetes... The post New Metformin Combination Medicine Approved for Type 2 Diabetes appeared first on Diabetes Self-Management.

Dealing with Dawn Phenomenon 

By Gary Scheiner MS, CDE The liver is a fascinating organ. It does about a hundred different things. One of its main functions is to store glucose (in a dense, compact form called “glycogen”) and secrete it steadily into the bloodstream in order to provide our body’s vital organs and tissues with a constant source […]

Pharmaceutical Companies Are Robbing Diabetics of More than Just Money

Today, as a fill my pump with insulin, I think to myself how grateful I am for this life-saving medicine. For without it, I wouldn’t be here. This life that I’ve grown accustomed to is normal to me. Normal in a chaotic way. I go through the motions every day and manage as best as I […]

New research delimits the possible causes of celiac disease

The amount of gluten could be a more important clue than breast-feeding or the timing of the introduction of gluten for continued research into the causes of celiac disease (gluten intolerance). This is one of the findings from several extensive studies of children with an increased genetic risk of celiac disease.

Delayed Gratification and Diabetes

Delayed gratification is the name of the game if you live with diabetes... The post Delayed Gratification and Diabetes appeared first on Diabetes Self-Management.

The Diabetic and The Dietitian: How to Help Your Husband Defeat Diabetes Without Losing Your Mind or Marriage: Part 1

The following is an excerpt from “The Diabetic and The Dietitian: How to Help Your Husband Defeat Diabetes.” You’ve just received the news: your husband has been diagnosed with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. Or maybe he already has diabetes and has been ignoring it. Either way, you’re worried about him and your future together. […]

Bliss Balls.

Do you know what bliss balls are?  I had never heard of them before.  There’s a coffee shop near the beach out here that sells these bliss ball things.  They look like desserty meatballs and are kept in a glass jar near the cash register. Show More Summary

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