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Dr. Edelman on How to Eat Ice Cream with Diabetes

Dr. Steve Edelman talks about something most of us love: ice cream. In this episode of The Edelman Report, Dr. Edelman, an endocrinologist living with type 1 diabetes explains how to properly enjoy ice cream with diabetes. As you’ll see below, it has to do with awareness and enjoyment as well as portion control. Check […]

Diabetes and Sports: Support and Education Intersect

Julie De Vos wants to help people use diabetes and sports as an avenue to finding support and education... The post Diabetes and Sports: Support and Education Intersect appeared first on Diabetes Self-Management.

Wellness Programs: Coercion?

A newly filed lawsuit by AARP claims that workplace wellness programs are coercing employees into sharing confidential medical information. Are these programs truly voluntary? The post Wellness Programs: Coercion? appeared first on Diabetes Self-Management.

Grilled Shrimp Skewers with Creamy Chili Sauce

Super easy to make, these can be made as an appetizer or for your meal's protein choice.

A Curator’s Fascinating Story of Sir Frederick Banting’s Discovery of Insulin

Grant Maltman is a graduate from The University of Western Ontario and has nearly 25 years experience in the cultural resource management and heritage presentation field. His journey started at Sir Frederick G. Banting Secondary School when, as a student, he presented the Canadian Diabetes Association with a cheque from the student body for the […]

I Am My Own Worst Enemy

I can admit that I am at times my own worst enemy. I beat myself up (figuratively) about different things – projects I work on, my appearance, etc. But I also do it when it comes to my diabetes. In June, I started going to Camp Gladiator. It’s an outdoor fitness camp and I absolutely […]

Diabetes and Headaches: Soothing That Aching Head

Wondering about the connection between diabetes and headaches? Diabetes can cause headaches, but there are ways to treat and manage them... The post Diabetes and Headaches: Soothing That Aching Head appeared first on Diabetes Self-Management.

Bodybuilder Anabolic Steroid Abuse May Lead to Insulin Resistance

A new study links the abuse of anabolic steroids like testosterone to metabolic disease through insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is generally the precursor to type 2 diabetes and means that the body isn’t properly using its insulin. HealthDay News reported on the study carried out by researchers from in Denmark. Led by Dr. Jon Rasmussen from […]

Are Rising Insulin Prices Really The Fault of Their Makers?

Early on in my career, I was fortunate enough to be on the staff of the highest ranking official in my town.  My town was bigger than 11 states so it was a pretty large area. During a new snow, a constituent called because they had seen plows but no sanders (trucks with sand)  in […]

Diabetes By The Numbers: Mike Lawson Talks About The Big Blue Test

Today begins one of my favorite times of the year. Every year, Diabetes Hands Foundation sponsors the Big Blue Test. Now until November 14 (World Diabetes Day), you and your loved ones, plus anyone else you know, are encouraged to get moving. And log the results. And help diabetes groups doing amazing work to build […]

Low-Carb vs High-Carb: The Unexpected Blood Sugar Results

Adam Brown, Senior Editor of diaTribe and fellow type 1 whom I much admire, wrote a fascinating article about his lo-carb/hi-carb eating experiment. Here is the link. Adam found that by doubling his carbohydrate intake, his blood sugar average was the same as when he follows his usual low carbohydrate meal plan. He was surprised, and so was I frankly reading […]

Second-time Motherhood.

This whole mom thing is a little easier, in some respects, the second time around.  And it’s simultaneously harder by a frigging long shot. It’s easier because my son’s arrival wasn’t as jarring as his sister’s.  Going from no kids to one kid was like WHOA. Show More Summary

Exercising While Angry or Upset More Likely to Give You a Heart Attack

Researchers have found that when you exercise may be extremely important since exercising while very upset or angry is three times more likely to cause a heart attack. Exercise is certainly important and a big part of staying healthy. However, a new study shows that there are better times to  engage in physical activity than […]

The Diabetic and The Dietitian: How to Help Your Husband Defeat Diabetes Without Losing Your Mind or Marriage: Part II

The following is an excerpt from “The Diabetic and The Dietitian: How to Help Your Husband Defeat Diabetes.” He’s Turning Into a Swinger! What Can I Do? There’s a lot of debate about how men deal with their feelings. As a man, let me say that we me deal with our feelings just fine... […]

It’s the Carbs, Not Saturated Fat: Food Consumption and the Rate of Cardiovascular Diseases in 42 European Countries

The idea that heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases are caused by dietary saturated fats is losing credibility. I lost faith in that theory in 2009. Instead, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is now linked to high consumption of carbohydrates, particularly those carbs that are rapidly absorbed and turned into blood sugar. Unfortunately, the diet that reduces […]

“Be a Kid for a Kid” to Raise Awareness for Children With Type 1 Diabetes

To help raise awareness of and provide resources to children with Type 1 diabetes, Life for a Child (USA) Inc. has launched the campaign Be a Kid for a Kid... The post “Be a Kid for a Kid” to Raise Awareness for Children With Type 1 Diabetes appeared first on Diabetes Self-Management.

Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre Pro Professional CGM System Receives FDA Approval

By Lynn Kennedy and Adam Brown Available in US physicians’ offices in the next couple weeks; Real-time version submitted to FDA! The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre Pro on September 28 after more than a year of review. The professional continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system will be made available to […]

US Life Expectancy Worse than Most Wealthy Countries

A thorough review of global health statistics reveals the United States has a one of the worst life expectancies among the wealthiest countries in the world. In The Lancet, the journal where this study was published, it states that “The Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) is the most comprehensive worldwide observational epidemiological study to […]

National Institutes of Health Forms Nutrition Task Force

The National Institutes of Health has formed a nutrition task force to "coordinate and accelerate progress in nutrition research..." The post National Institutes of Health Forms Nutrition Task Force appeared first on Diabetes Self-Management.

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