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Prioritizing Emotional Well-Being in Diabetes Care

How many healthcare professionals ask you “how are you doing” during an appointment? Not how are your numbers doing. Or how your diet is doing. Or, how are the number of hypos you are having each week doing. When I say “how are you doing,” I mean “how are YOU doing?” I must admit that I was surprised in […]

Thanksgiving Is During Diabetes Awareness Month

I love Thanksgiving. Since I was a little kid, the parade meant everything to me. It was a time we would all sit and watch, we would see my mom’s beloved Rockettes and Santa would end the parade to begin the Christmas season. Much food, fun, and football. Always loved Thanksgiving. It was a dream […]

Dear Diagnosis: Allison’s Letter to Herself

Dear Diagnosis, I know that right now, sitting on the cold, hard table at the doctor’s office with trembling hands trying to figure how to puncture your fingertip seems like the end of the world. It certainly doesn’t help when the nurse says “don’t worry, this will all soon become second nature.” Not being allowed […]

How to Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Even if Everyone Has a Special Diet

These days, it’s common to eat Thanksgiving dinner with someone who doesn’t have sugar, diary, gluten, too much salt or someone who eats vegan, paleo, or low carb. It can become overwhelming in part due to the practical aspect of how to please people with different dietary needs but also due to our emotional connections […]

Enterovirus vaccine prevents virus-induced diabetes in a T1D experimental model

Scientists have demonstrated that an enterovirus vaccine can protect against virus-induced diabetes in a mouse model for Type 1 diabetes.

Low-Carb Recipes for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us and that usually means eating… and eating. Here are a few low-carb recipes, some of which are also gluten-free, to share with friends and family at brunch, a sit down dinner, or at a festive party. Sugar-Free Eggnog From Low Carb Yum: “I’d like to keep a bottle of this […]

The CGM Conversation Is Changing

The general consensus around the availability of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems in Ireland among patients and health professionals is that they are only for the select few. And while this may be somewhat true I believe that this conversation will change very soon. By the way, do not be put off by what I […]

New Blood Pressure Guidelines Say 130/80 Is Now Officially High

The American Heart Association (AHA) has changed blood pressure guidelines, saying that a systolic 130 over a diastolic 80 is now officially “elevated” blood pressure. The AHA says this has been a three year task, “based on hundreds of studies and clinical trials”. It doesn’t mean that many more people than before will need medication […]

Surgical Savvy for PWD: What to Know Before, During, and After

By J. Todd Walker, MD PWD, Type 1 Turned Orthopedic Surgeon It’s a good idea for anyone having surgery to be as prepared as possible, but it’s especially true for people with diabetes. As a type 1 diabetic and orthopedic surgeon, I know firsthand the challenges both patients and surgeons face. People with diabetes have […]

Listen: Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease on the Same Day

Talk about a double whammy, Sam’s daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and celiac disease on the very same day. Sam talks with Scott on this episode of the Juicebox Podcast about her daughter’s diagnoses, homeschooling, and why she’s a “cracker meanie.”

Having Diabetes Changes Risk for Sudden Cardiac Death in Kids and Young Adults

The reason having diabetes changes the risk for sudden cardiac death doesn’t have to do simply with having diabetes but with the way most people manage it. For example, an A1c of 5.5 with a low standard of deviation in a person with diabetes is going to lead to different risk levels than someone with […]

Replacement Parts

This piece was written back in 2013 about a different insulin pump, but the song remains the same:  pumping insulin alleviates some of my diabetes mental load and makes living with this disease a little mellower.  I mean, I could “wash...Show More Summary

Diabetes and Emotional Wellness: The Balancing Act

Posted by Cazzy Magennis I would describe myself as a stressful person. My brain is always overworking and even when I think I am relaxing, I am actually silently stressing. The problem with being a stressful person is that it affects my diabetes. I remember my doctor telling me when I was first diagnosed that “you’ll […]

CGM Improves Outcomes for Pregnant Women and Their Babies

This article is reprinted with permission from diaTribe. Find the original article here. By Emma Ryan and Adam Brown New CONCEPTT trial results show improved newborn health and more time-in-range in women with type 1 diabetes using CGM during pregnancy At the recent European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) conference, we saw exciting new results […]

Study: Zinc Supplementation Lowered Insulin Resistance and Cholesterol

Zinc is an essential trace element that we humans need to get from our daily diet. It plays a role in hormonal balance and this study might be showing just how important it is to get enough of. Researchers conducted a year long randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase II clinical trial to find out how supplementing […]

Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Chicken

Crock-Pot Sugar-Free BBQ Pulled Chicken is the best way to feed a crowd or enjoy an easy low carb weeknight meal!   I love nothing more than to make a Crock-Pot recipe in the morning and come home to smell a fantastic dinner waiting for us. Little effort equals big reward. Those are my kind […]

Diabetes Dominator 1 Day Challenge: “Fall” Into Healthy Habits

Well folks, it is officially fall! As the weather changes from warm to cold, we all have our routines or habits that we find ourselves falling into. This super simple challenge will take about 5 minutes to complete, and will help you identify and head off any unhealthy habits that might try to sneak back […]

Breastfeeding With Diabetes: What You Need to Know

The benefits of breastfeeding for the mother and child are well-established and breastfeeding their newborn is an important goal for many women. There is much to learn about breastfeeding, and women with diabetes may wonder if there are specific diabetes-related considerations. Here, I address some common questions and challenges for women with diabetes who choose […]

Diabetes Is a Heavy Stone

I woke up early this morning, feeling not rested, achy. Today was the first day in many days that I was able to sleep in, and I’ve been so burnt out lately that I really thought I would. But I didn’t. I woke up around 7, unsettled. I’ve been having a rough few days, so […]

Are My Joint Issues Due to Being Active, Normal Aging, or Diabetes?

Living with diabetes often leads me to wonder if what I’m experiencing — particularly when it’s an irritated joint or an overuse injury — is a consequence of being a regularly physically active person, getting older, or having diabetes, or some combination of those. Which one of these is causing my joint issues? Is it […]

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