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Alec Baldwin Once Worried He Might Die From Lyme Disease

Actor Alec Baldwin recently said he worried his Lyme disease would kill him. Here, experts discuss whether Lyme can truly be deadly.

Lea Michele’s 3 Secrets to Having Energy All Day

Here's why Lea Michele likes to start the day with a workout, what she eats for breakfast, and how she practices self-care.

Forget Rosé—Spritzers Are the Ultimate Summer Day Drink

Unpopular opinion right this way. These 12 spritzer recipes will convince you that spritzers are the new drink of summer.

Fruit flies journey to International Space Station to study effects of zero gravity on the heart

Researchers have announced that six boxes of fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) will travel to the International Space Station (ISS) to study the impact of weightlessness on the heart. The fruit flies are scheduled to launch on June 1, 2017, from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and will travel to the ISS via a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft.

Two genetic variants in bicuspid aortic valve development

Researchers report a key protein is affected during heart valve formation, in the first genome-wide study of bicuspid aortic valve.

Infections, other factors raise risk of pregnancy-related stroke in women with preeclampsia

Infections, chronic high blood pressure and bleeding or clotting disorders increase the risk of pregnancy-related stroke in women with preeclampsia. Although pregnancy-related stroke is rare, women with preeclampsia are at higher risk of stroke during pregnancy and postpartum.

Trader Joe's Is Selling Tiny Avocados—No More Wasted Leftovers

Trader Joe's Teeny Tiny Avocados are a sized-down version of the tasty fruit that can easily be eaten in one sitting. Finally.

President Trump's Maternity Leave Plan Is a Step in the Right Direction—But It Still Falls Short

This week in women's health care: President Donald Trump releases his 2018 budget proposal, 59 percent of women prefer Obamacare to the AHCA, and more.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Scary News Events

Telling your children about awful world news can be confusing, intimidating, and heartbreaking. Here, experts share the best way to do it.

7 Models Who've Learned to Embrace Their Natural Size

These models learned to stop fighting their bodies—and they've been healthier and happier since. Here, the stories they shared on Instagram.

This Girl Might Have 'Seal Finger' After Getting Bitten by a Sea Lion

After being pulled into water by a sea lion, one girl is being treated for an infection—potentially a rare one called "seal finger."

Is Drinking While Breastfeeding Bad?

Drinking while breastfeeding is OK for most women, but not all. Is it OK for you to drink while breastfeeding? Learn more about drinking while breastfeeding.

3 Simple Tweaks to Make Your Planks More Effective

Planks are a great exercise move, but you have to do them right to get the full benefits. Here are the biggest mistakes people make and how to fix them.

10 Makeup Brands Dermatologists Recommend for Sensitive Skin

These makeup brands are dermatologist-approved for sensitive skin. The good news: You can find most of them in the drugstore beauty aisle.

The 11 Best Rosés Under $20

It's that time of the year again. Grab one of these 11 bottles the next time you're looking for a perfect summertime rosé.

There’s a Reason Why You Get Touchy-Feely When You’re Drunk

Chrissy Teigen recently said that her husband, John Legend, gets "way too loving" when he's drunk—and he's definitely not the only one.

It's Not a Crime to Gain Weight on Vacation, So Let Yourself Live

Body-positive Instagrammer and eating disorder survivor Gina Susanna shared an inspiring post to Instagram about why it's fine to gain weight on vacation.

It's Time to Just Accept Butt Dimples, Everyone

Victoria Dariano penned a body-positive letter to her butt dimple on Instagram—and it's fire.

Sarah Hyland Just Addressed Some Offensive Anorexia Rumors

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland took to Twitter to address body shamers on Instagram speculating that she is anorexic.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Isn't Ashamed of Using a Walking Stick for Her MS

Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler is discussing how she's adjusted her life due to multiple sclerosis.

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