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This Woman’s Facebook Post Is a Reminder That You Don't Have to Be a Smoker to Get Lung Cancer

As the 30-year-old personal trainer can attest, just because it's unlikely doesn't mean it never happens.

Pea and Farro Stir-Fry

A quick and healthy meatless dinner. Get the recipe here.

Grilled Shrimp Skewers With Herbed Farro

Quick grilled shrimp and a simple grain salad make the perfect summer dinner. Get the recipe here.

Why Does My Foot Fall Asleep Sometimes?

If you've ever wondered why your foot, arm, or butt cheek falls asleep, we asked the experts what causes it.

No, You're Not Going to "Overdose" On Protein

A woman recently died from what some are calling a “protein overdose,” but here’s why you shouldn’t ditch your protein shakes just yet.

16 Delicious Summer Watermelon Recipes

Because it's just too good to go to waste! Recipes like watermelon and feta salad, watermelon salsa, and watermelon popsicles put the fruit to good use.

17 Netflix Picks to Put on the Next Time You’re Feeling Stressed

17 TV shows and movies to watch on Netflix the next time you're feeling seriously stressed and need to chill the eff out.

Charlottesville Reinforced That Self-Care Is an Essential Part of My Activism

The events in Charlottesville have only reinforced that self-care is a radical form of resistance, especially for black women.

10 Yoga Mats That'll Inspire You to Do Yoga Every Damn Day

Pick from one of these 10 pretty and colorful yoga mats that are sure to inspire your practice and help you get on the mat every single day.

Understanding how fish grow their hearts could help humans, professor finds

A protein that enables fish to change the size of their hearts based on the temperature of the water has now been identified by researchers. Understanding how fish are able to naturally add and remove collagen could lead to the development of treatment modalities for humans that enables a more controlled way for the heart to repair itself after a heart attack.

Tiny One-Person Gym Pods Are Popping Up in Beijing

Mini-gyms equipped with just a treadmill, air conditioner, and TV might be perfect for those on-the-go. The pods are expanding rapidly in China. Read more.

14 Baby-Step Ways to Add a Pop of Color to Your All-Black Wardrobe

If all you wear is black, gray, and navy, these fashionable accessories will take you out of your style rut and into the world of color.

19 Side-by-Side Photos That Show How Misleading Social Media Can Be

19 body-positive women who are using side-by-side photos to highlight how easy it is to manipulate images through poses, lighting, and camera angles.

Taylor Swift Is Making Good on Her Promise to Help Sexual Assault Victims

After winning her groping trial, Taylor Swift plans to donate a "generous" amount of money to the Joyful Heart Foundation.

New DIY Nike Gakou Flyknit Sneaker Lets You Customize Your Kicks At-Home

The DIY Nike Gakou Flyknit sneakers are the first-ever, customizable-at-home kicks that you play swoosh artist—plus more from this week in wellness.

7 Vaginal Products and Treatments You Just Don't Need

The array of vaginal products and services available right now prompted us to ask gynecologists what they thought of the trends.

So You Need a Cervical Biopsy—Here's What That Actually Means

When you have abnormal pap smear results, your doctor might suggest a colposcopy, which is less terrifying than it sounds.

Smoking linked to frailty in older adults

A recent article finds that current smoking in older people increases the risk of developing frailty, though former smokers did not appear to be at higher risk.

This Fitness Blogger Is Showing How Squeezing Her Butt Changes Her Cellulite

A popular fitness blogger is sharing photos of her cellulite on Instagram, making sure her readers know pretty much everybody has it.

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