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9 High-Protein Breakfasts You Can Make in a Muffin Tin

There are plenty of options for high-protein breakfasts you can make in a muffin tin: egg cups, quiches, baked oatmeal, and of course, muffins. Read more.

Model Rebecca Burger Died After a Whipped Cream Dispenser Exploded

Fitness model and Instagrammer Rebecca Burger tragically died when a whipped cream dispenser exploded, leading to a chest injury.

The Senate’s Health Care Bill Is Disastrous for People With Medicaid

The Senate recently released details about its version of the American Health Care Act, and it could make life much harder for those on Medicaid.

Shannen Doherty Celebrates Cancer Remission by Sharing Photos of Her Curls

Two months cancer-free, Shannen Doherty takes to Instagram to share photos of her growing curls and make jokes about how she now looks like her husband.

Barack Obama: 'The Senate Bill Is Not a Health Care Bill'

This week in women's health care: Barack Obama's opinion on the Senate's new health care bill, Rick Perry's misguided thoughts of climate change, and more.

The Workout Hailee Steinfeld Swears By

Hailee Steinfeld, the face of Mission Activewear, tells SELF how she fits in workouts when she's on the road, and why dancing is her favorite way to sweat.

14 Healthy Date Night Dinners That Will Impress Anyone

Set the mood with something delicious and light. Make one of these 14 healthy date night dinners the next time you and boo Netflix and chill.

Lena Dunham Is Sooo Thankful That This Dude Mansplained Nudes to Her

I mean, how could Lena Dunham possibly know that her cleavage would be hidden if she put her arm over her boobs like that?

Why So Many Curly Girls Insist on Silicone-Free Hair Products

Should you jump on the no-cone bandwagon? Silicones get a bad rap for coating the hair, causing buildup that leaves hair weighed down, dull, and lifeless.

17 Women Who Want You to Know 'Hip Dips' Are Totally Natural

Body-positive Instagrammers share photos of their "hip dips" or "violin hips" and talk about why they embrace their "extra curves."

This 20-Minute Power Yoga Workout Will Strengthen and Stretch From Head to Toe

"Power yoga" is basically the lovechild of strength training and stretching. Here's a great total-body workout you can do with or without weights.

This Man's Second-Degree Sunburn Will Make You Reach for the SPF

Greg Binnie got a second-degree sunburn after a day working outside, and he says the experience was agonizing.

How Exercise Helps Busy Philipps Cope With Anxiety

Busy Philipps took to Instagram to share that she doesn't care if you hate her workout selfies—exercise keeps her head clear and calm.

Rihanna Gave Breakup Advice to a Fan, Because She Is Truly Wonderful

Twitter user @WaladShami just went through a rough breakup, and so he turned to Rihanna for some sage advice on to move on.

Helen Mirren, 71, Says It's 'About Bloody Time' She Got a Beauty Deal

At the Cannes Lions festival this week, Helen Mirren spoke about the importance of diversifying the models represented in the beauty and fashion space.

Everything Leaving Netflix in July 2017

A complete list of all the television shows and movies leaving Netflix in July 2017. Heads up: The list is (thankfully) pretty short.

Sheet Pan Chicken Breast With Potatoes and Garlicky Mustard Greens

This recipe makes 2 servings, so refrigerate one and reheat it another day. (Pro tip: It also tastes good cold.)

Everything Coming to Netflix in July 2017

A complete list of all the television shows and movies that will be coming to Netflix in July 2017—please note, Titanic is one of them.

'Straight/Curve' Highlights the Ridiculous Reason There Aren't More Plus-Size Fashion Options

Straight/Curve shows the fashion industry's lack of size diversity and plus-size representation starts as early as design school.

3 Men Got Arrested for 'Grand Theft Avocado'

Some California men stole $300,000 worth of avocados, the summer solstice is finally here, and more news from the wellness scene.

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