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How This Ob/Gyn Is Uplifting Communities of Color

Brandi Jones, D.O., helps medically underserved populations in Washington, D.C., and many of her patients are people of color.

Trump's Administration Just Lifted Key Transgender Bathroom Guidelines

The Trump administration's latest move can have a drastically negative impact on trans students, experts say.

This Fit Mom’s Before-And-After Photo Shows How Two Pounds Can Make A Significant Difference

See this fit mom's amazing transformation photos, and find out how she transformed her body without losing a lot of weight.

Beyoncé Is No Longer Headlining Coachella 2017

Beyoncé has pulled out of headlining at Coachella 2017 due to doctor's orders stemming from her pregnancy.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Share Details of Their Silly Argument on Instagram

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard couldn't quite agree on where to place an easy chair, so they turned to Instagram to present their arguments.

Meet the First Miss World Pageant Contestant Competing in a Wheelchair

Justine Clark is fighting for inclusivity as the first Miss World Australia Pageant contestant to compete in a wheelchair.

15 People React to Donald Trump's Decision to Rescind Landmark LGBTQ Guidelines

Celebrities are reacting on social media to President Donald Trump officially revoking federal anti-discrimination protections for transgender students.

This Target Pledge Is Making a Major Statement About the Future of Its Beauty Products

In a new Target pledge, the retailer will remove phthalates, unwanted parabens, and toxic-based products from their beauty lines.

This Blogger Removed Her Makeup To Show The Reality of Eczema

Blogger Carys Gray showed off her eczema on Instagram to prove that what you see on social media isn't always reality.

Heart Disease Prevention - How Eating Brown Rice Can Prevent Heart Disease?

Brown rice has been advocated as healthier alternatives starting in the 19th century. A study conducted by the ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’ reported that brown rice is the top choice in terms of both nutritional and other inherent healthy benefits. Show More Summary

Celeb DJ Vashtie Shares Her Go-to Workout Playlist

Vashtie has worked with celebs like Drake and Solange, and now you can listen to her favorite jams while you run on the treadmill.

Patients registered in a heart failure registry lived longer

Heart failure patients registered in the Swedish Heart Failure Registry receive better medication and have a 35 percent lower risk of death than unregistered patients, according to a new study.

This 'Labia Lipstick' to Glue You Shut During Your Period Is Absurd

Chiropractor Dan Dopps created Mensez, a labia "lip-stick" he thinks will change the period-product game. Ob/gyns don't agree.

Organ-on-a-chip mimics heart's biomechanical properties

Scientists have created a three-dimensional organ-on-a-chip that can mimic the heart's amazing biomechanical properties in order to study cardiac disease, determine the effects that different drugs have on the heart and screen for new drugs to treat heart ailments.

This Fitness Blogger's Photo Of Her "Loose Skin" Is Inspiring Other Moms

See the viral picture of Australian fitness blogger Tammy Hembrow's tummy after giving birth to two children.

Homeopathic Teething Products May Endanger Babies, Per FDA Records

According to FDA records, some homeopathic teething products contain belladonna, a toxic herb that can harm babies.

How Likely Am I To Catch Athlete's Foot, Really?

When showering at the gym, there are many reasons for you to remember to wear shower shoes, including the risk of athlete's foot.

What is high lipoprotein(a), and should I be concerned?

Elevations in a unusual form of cholesterol, called Lipoprotein(a) or Lp(a), as responsible for 1 in 14 heart attacks and 1 in 7 cases of aortic valve disease, research has found.

Chrissy Teigen's Love for Pizza Runs Deep—and R.D.s Aren't Mad at It

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen recently tweeted about her very relatable love of pizza. Here, experts discuss why it can be part of a delicious, healthy diet.

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