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Gaining a few pounds may increase long-term heart failure risk

Modest weight gain over time may alter the structure and function of heart muscle, affecting long-term risk of heart failure. Researchers say maintaining weight and avoiding weight gain may be an important strategy to prevent changes in heart muscle that could lead to heart failure.

Heart Disease Prevention - Eating Avocado For Heart Disease Prevention?

Avocado is a naturally nutrient-dense food and contains nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. Because of its high mono- and polyunsaturated fats, avocado may help lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce risk for heart disease. Moreover,...Show More Summary

Pink Posted a Cute Picture of Her Family, and Now People Are Mommy-Shaming Her

Instagram commenters are mommy-shaming Pink for a photo she posted of herself cooking with her daughter Willow and son Jameson.

Protestors Are Putting a 'Pro-Life Jumbotron' Outside Kentucky's Only Abortion Clinic

This week in women's health care: anti-abortion protests in Kentucky, a potential Obamacare repeal, family planning program cuts, and more.

What Transgender Women Need to Know About Their Prostate Cancer Risk

Your prostate cancer risk may be related to your transition. This is what experts want transgender women to know.

7 Summer Hair Tips from the Celebrity Stylist Behind Shay Mitchell’s Waves

If you're looking to get effortless looking beach waves for the summer months, check out the inside scoop from Chrissy Teigen's go-to stylist.

What You Can Expect With Your Partner's Prostate Cancer Treatment

If your partner is diagnosed with prostate cancer, there are ways you can help. Here's how to help your partner prepare for prostate cancer treatment.

It's Summer. Can't Ariel Winter Wear Shorts in Peace?

Ariel Winter posted a short "rant" to Twitter on Thursday asking people to stop criticizing the clothing she and other young women choose to wear.

I’m Done Treating the Word ‘Fat’ Like an Insult

Marie Southard Ospina makes a case for why the word "fat" should be treated as a simple descriptor—not an insult—in this beautiful essay.

The 2018 Pirelli Calendar Features an All-Black Cast for the First Time Since 1987

The 2018 Pirelli Calendar will feature an all-black cast—including Naomi Campell, Lupita Nyong'o, and RuPaul—for the first time in 30 years.

This Tweet Series Captures What It’s Like to Fly While Very Fat

A Twitter thread from "Your Fat Friend" highlights what it's like to travel on planes that aren't built with you in mind.

7 Penis Problems Your Partner Should Probably Get Checked Out

Vaginas aren't the only ones that need check-ups. Here are seven penis problems that warrant a trip to the doctor.

New PET-CT scan improves detection in rare cardiac condition

Using a new imaging technique that can diagnose cardiac sarcoidosis much more accurately than traditional tests, researchers have found that the disease affects other organs in 40 percent of patients with cardiac sarcoidosis.

I Am Unashamed to Say That Fanny Packs Are My Favorite Outdoor Accesso

Here's why fanny packs are the most convenient bags of all time—plus, check out these nine cool fanny packs you'll actually want to carry, too.

Pollen Allergy Symptoms Ruining Your Life? 10 Little Ways to Fight Back

We asked the experts for lifestyle tweaks that will help you avoid those annoying pollen allergy symptoms.

Target Is Launching Activewear Line JoyLab in October

Target's latest fashion and fitness venture, JoyLab, launches in October. Plus new superfood ice cream sundaes, and more from this week in wellness.

The 2017 CrossFit Games Will Be Broadcast on CBS

The CrossFit Games will be broadcast on CBS in 2017. Previously the Games had been broadcast on ESPN. The move signals the sport's growing popularity.

Hepatitis C Transmission: Can You Get It From Having Sex?

Here's what the research says about hepatitis C transmission during sex. Plus, what you need to know before your next STI screening.

Emily Ratajkowski: You Can Dress Sexily and Still Be a Feminist

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski wants women to know that they can wear whatever they want without sacrificing their feminist beliefs.

5 Things Julianne Hough Does to Get Those Super Strong Abs

Defined six-pack abs like Julianne Hough's certainly don't happen on accident—here's what she does to strengthen and tone her core muscles every single day.

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