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Real Girls Eat Cake

Of course, we already knew that. But good to know there are others out there who acknowledge a woman's needs, right? A little background: The Janoskians are a cute and funny group of boys out of Melbourne, Australia, who've released a slew of comedy Youtube vids. Show More Summary

It's Official! Beyonce and Jay Z Set to Take the Stage for Their #OnTheRun Tour

Bonnie and Clyde are officially at it again: Less than two weeks ago, we reported that Jay Z and Beyonce were heading on tour together -- and today, that news has become official. It was just announced that the real-life lovebirds and...Show More Summary

How I Learned to Work It Like Beyonce -- or Tried to, Anyway

What is it about Beyonce that's so mesmerizing? On tour, in her super-sexy music videos, in pics on the street -- I've totally caught myself thinking, How can I get my hair to be flouncy like that? Or, Can I figure out how to strut like...Show More Summary

Emmy Rossum Has Some Food Regret

Emmy Rossum took to her Twitter last night to admit she made some "poor decisions" at the craft service table while filming her Showtime series, Shameless. She's just like us, guys. She's just like us. The cause of her guilt: "2 mini mr goodbars, 1 bratwurst, mustard, sauerkraut, a gf blueberry muffin. Show More Summary

Jessie J's Getting SERIOUSLY Fit

You guys, do you remember when Jessie J came out with "Domino" and looked like this? (Of course now we're playing this on repeat, because it's like an incredible song.) We loved her look back then -- the bangs, cool makeup, crazy-fun/body-baring...Show More Summary

WWE's Bella Twins Show SELF How They Stay in Fighting Form

OK, I'll admit it: I'm a WWE fan. A big one. So when I was offered a chance to meet with Brie and Nikki Bella, identical twins and the most famous of WWE Divas, I jumped to do so -- after all, they're both gorgeous, strong, and are clearly in incredible shape, considering they have to do things like this and this day in and day out. Show More Summary

Britney Spears is Looking Good, Y'all!

We're not the last ones still cheering for Britney, are we? Brit tweeted and 'grammed photos of her rockin' bod while shooting her new music video over the weekend. Sure, it would be asking a lot to get back to her old glory days (How...Show More Summary

Five Tips for a Healthier Heart and to Prevent Cardiac Disease

Heart disease affects tens of millions of American, and is a leading cause of death. Here are five steps you can start working on today to reduce your risk. Did you know that a good night’s sleep can help prevent heart disease? There are many simple ways to lower your risk. During February, American Heart... [Continue Reading]

Fat Head, Wheat belly, and the Adventures of Ancel Keys

Here's another great clip from Tom Naughton's documentary, Fat Head, describing the colossal mistakes made in "official" dietary advice, starting with the blunders of Dr. Ancel Keyes : I'd be crying if Tom Naughton didn't make me laugh so hard.

Fat Head: Tom Naughton's manifesto for low-carb eating

I just got back from Jimmy Moore's low-carb cruise to the Bahamas. Among the many interesting people I met on the cruise was the creator of the documentary film, Fat Head, Tom Naughton. Tom brings both creative insights into low-carbohydrate eating as well as humor. Show More Summary

Goodbye, fructose

A carefully-conducted study by a collaborative research group at University of California-Berkeley has finally closed the lid on the fuss over fructose vs. glucose and its purported adverse effects. The study is published in its entirety here. Show More Summary

Thank you, Crestor

I'm sure everyone by now has seen the Crestor ads run by drugmaker, AstraZeneca. TV ads, magazine ads, and the Crestor website all echoing the same message:"While I was busy building my life, something else was busy building in my arteries:...Show More Summary

Yet another reason to avoid fructose

Have you seen the Corn Refiners Association commercial campaigns to educate the American public on the safety of fructose? If you haven't, you can view these interesting specimens on You Tube:"Get the facts--You're in for a sweet surprise:...Show More Summary

The ENHANCE Study, Bad News for Vytorin, or Not?

Vytorin, the drug that was purported to lower cholesterol in a unique manner, has fallen off the crest of it's wave, or has it? News out this week, highlighted in today's edition of Time magazine points to the results of the ENHANCE study as "evidence" that Vytorin doesn't work. Show More Summary

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