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The Patterns of Chaos

A new love song based on chaos theory. Because, romantic.

15 Ways to Live to be 100 When You Have HIV

The average poz person diagnosed today is expected to live to be 80. Follow these guidelines and you could hit the century mark.

FDA Approves Two-Drug Regimen For People that Are Undetectable

The approved drug, Juluca, is the first complete treatment regimen containing these two drugs to treat certain adults who are virologically suppressed.

Is Charlotte the HIV Capitol Of North Carolina?

Though it's one of the most at-risk cities in America, little progress has been made to combat the issue. What's taking so long?

Grindr Gets More Trans Friendly

In a move timed to coincide with National Trans Day of Remembrance, the hook-up app adds new features for transgender users.

New Injectable Is a Lifesaver for Opioid Addiction

A much-anticipated new study found two popular opioid addiction medications are equally effective after treatment begins.

Body Image in the Gay Community Is Toxic

A gay man who has battled with eating disorders and has found little comfort from others in the LGBT community.

Strong Survivor

How one poz man rose above adversity and stigma to become a world champion athlete and inspiration.

I’m Afraid of HIV. What Can I Do About It?

You've got questions? We've got answers. Gary McClain knows about conquering fear.

WATCH: Kenji Carr Is a Creative Genius

The photographer and activist shares his experience at USCA 2017 in an amazing video.

I Could Do So Many Things With My Life Outside These Prison Walls

Greetings from the Two Rivers Correctional Institution here in Umatilla, Oregon. I have recently been in contact with the Cascade AIDS Project in Portland, Oregon, asking them to support my clemency application by sending a letter on my behalf to the Oregon governor, Kate Brown. Read more...

Developing a new vaccination strategy against AIDS

Infection researchers have tested a new vaccination strategy against the HIV-related simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) in rhesus monkeys. For this, the researchers used a vaccine that consisted of two components.

Will New Pills Be Used Ethically?

New digital sensors in pills will track if you took your medicine; some think it could lead to "Big Brother" type monitoring.

Trump-Pence Create a Public Health Crisis

They're bringing back old hateful rhetoric around homosexuality and HIV.

Young, Healthy And Planning For Death

At 25 most people don't think about death or planning for it. You should.

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