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Trump’s Choice to Head CDC Sparks Controversy

The ultra-right nominee for director of our nation’s agency on public health has a notoriously anti-gay and anti-PLHIV history.

Dance and Raise Money for People Living with HIV

Join "Rhythm is a Dancer" singer Thea Austin at the old Catch One nightclub in Los Angeles, to support alternative medicine clinic serving people with HIV.

Second HIV Cluster Reported In Western Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh suburbs are reporting an alarming spike of HIV and gonorrhea instances — which has health officials scrambling for a solution.

Batman, HIV and Being Queer

While promoting the AIDS drama 1984, Gotham actor Cory Michael Smith comes out as queer.

Heart Drug Blocks the Reactivation of HIV

A drug used to treat heart failure apparently blocks HIV-1 reactivation.

Does Circumcision Help Prevent HIV?

Circumcision has been a go to for HIV prevention, especially in Africa. One researcher questions its validity.

Multi-Resistant HIV Drug Is Last Hope for Some

The FDA has approved a years-in-development treatment for multidrug-resistant HIV, a boon for those who've become resistant to most or all available HIV meds.

Use Of PrEP Grows, But Not Among Non-Whites

The HIV prevention drug still carries a heavy stigma among people of color.

One of the Largest Clusters of HIV Infections Reported in Milwaukee

125 Milwaukeean high schoolers, adults and children have become infected with HIV, syphilis or both — in what is being reported as “one of the largest sexually transmitted infection” clusters ever identified.

Number of deaths from meningitis due to plummet after new medical advice

Experts aim to halve the number of deaths from a type of meningitis by changing drug treatment as a result of a new medical study. The fungal infection cryptococcal meningitis is responsible for more than 180,000 deaths per year worldwide, mainly in HIV-infected patients. Show More Summary

Study yields more than a million new cyclic compounds, some with pharmaceutical potential

Researchers say they can now produce a vast library of unique cyclic compounds, some with the capacity to interrupt specific protein-protein interactions that play a role in disease. The new compounds have cyclic structures that give them stability and enhance their ability to bind to their targets.

New way found to defeat HIV latency

Researchers have found a mechanism for making HIV come out of hiding and become susceptible to anti-HIV drugs.

Bold, Pioneering Global Leader in the Fight Against HIV has Died

David Cooper played a crucial role in developing the drug trials for many of the HIV medications currently on the market and saving lives today.

Could this Long-Lasting PrEP Pill Change Everything?

Researchers from New York’s Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center presented a new long-lasting PrEP pill at the 25th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI).

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