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A New Push To Legalize Pot Cites Evidence It Could Curb Opioid Use

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, or NORML, laid out a very distinctive welcome mat emblazoned with a familiar leafy plant.

Putting the Fear of Semen to Bed

Despite what several misleading reports suggest, the semen of undetectable men is safe.

We Have 13 Years to End AIDS

Or, Kenneth Cole’s End AIDS Coalition warns, we’ll face a new pandemic of deaths.

Tech That Eats HIV ?Like Pac-Man Eats Ghosts

Technology moves fast. Last year, we reported on the potential of CRISPR for editing DNA sequences in mice with the possibility of eradicating HIV. CRISPR’s capabilities have exploded exponentially since. As Wired magazine reports, not only is CRISPR able to “kill and eat HIV and Zika like Pac-Man” eats ghosts, but it’s also got cancer in its cross hairs.

Scientists find where HIV 'hides' to evade detection by the immune system

In a decades-long game of hide and seek, scientists have confirmed for the very first time the specific immune memory T-cells where infectious HIV 'hides' in the human body to evade detection by the immune system.

Mathematically modeling HIV drug pharmacodynamics

Complete elimination of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) presents a challenge due to latent viral reservoirs within the body that can help re-establish infection. In a new paper, researchers propose a mathematical model that investigates the effects of drug parameters and dosing schedules on HIV latent reservoirs and viral load dynamics.

Georgia Lawmaker Wants to Quarantine People with HIV

A Georgia Republican suggested quarantining people living with HIV during a House study committee meeting.

This HIV Activist Is Saving Lives with Monsters

Amazing Race star and HIV activist Andrew Shayde takes on Trump’s America.

Could This Cow Save Your Life?

New research suggests old Bessie’s immune system might hold the key to preventing HIV.

Out Planned Parenthood Youth Advocate Wants to End HIV

This Planned Parenthood youth advocate wants you to know the health services they offer LGBT youth, and end HIV.

Did Harvey Weinstein Bully an AIDS Charity to Save Himself Money?

One report alleges that amfAR chair Kenneth Cole colluded with the movie mogul in a questionable deal.

Heartbreak and Alcohol Led me to HIV

My romance crumbled in South Korea and drowning my sorrows stateside put me at risk.

Do API Lives Matter?

Rates of HIV among Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders jumped 36 percent. So, where’s the uproar — or the funding?

He Came Out Gay and HIV-Positive in His Father's Church

Micah Meredith, whose mom Lydia penned The Gay Preacher’s Wife, grew up gay and came out HIV-positive in his (closeted) preacher-father’s church.

Why We Love RuPaul's Favorite Ladyboy

A fierce and fearless queen, Ongina delivers a message to the world via lashes and heels.

Media Fumbles HIV Decriminalization Bill

When it comes to California’s new HIV decriminalization bill, even respected liberal news outlets are getting it wrong.

Prince Harry Calls for World to Destigmatize HIV

The Prince uses a prestigious awards night to deliver heartfelt speech about his mother Princess Diana’s impact on people affected by HIV.

Planned Parenthood Fills Need For Trans Health Services

For people seeking transgender health services in many rural parts of the country, Planned Parenthood is the only option.

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