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George Michael Secretly Donated Millions to HIV Charity

The pop star donated over $500,000 to Project Angel Food after the death of his first love.

Do I have to Take HIV Meds for the Rest of My Life?

Knowing that you may have to stay on HIV medication for the rest of your life is a hard thing to wrap your mind around.

Fresh approach to TB vaccine offers better protection

A unique platform that resulted in a promising HIV vaccine has also led to a new, highly effective vaccine against tuberculosis that is moving toward testing in humans. The new vaccine completely protected 41 percent and reduced overall TB disease by 68 percent in vaccinated rhesus macaques, according to a new study.

Breakthrough enables screening millions of human antibodies for new drug discovery

A new article outlines a pioneering method of screening a person's diverse set of antibodies for rapid therapeutic discovery. Antibody proteins are an important part of the human immune system that specifically target foreign viruses and bacteria, and they have been the fastest-growing class of approved drugs in the past several decades.

PrEP Users Considered Promiscuous

There is a "PrEP closet" users say holds gay men back from practicing PrEP, and it's impacting everyone.

Bruce Richman is #1 of Our Most Amazing HIV+ People of 2018

This reluctant activist practically made unexcitable equals untransmittable a household term.

Dr. Mathilde Krim, Hero in the Fight Against HIV, Has Died

The founding chairman of the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) has died at 91.

Israel to Lift Gay Blood Ban

Thanks to a "double testing" system, men who have sex with men will soon be allowed to donate blood without a period of abstinence.

How Martin Luther King Jr. Saved 'Star Trek'

Civil Rights and HIV activist Nichelle Nichols reveals a little known piece of Star Trek lore.

Study supports use of short-term HIV treatment interruption in clinical trials

A short-term pause in HIV treatment during a carefully monitored clinical trial does not lead to lasting expansion of the HIV reservoir nor cause irreversible damage to the immune system, new findings suggest.

Abdul-Aliy Muhammad is #7 of Our Most Amazing HIV+ People of 2018

By literally putting his life on the line with a med protest, Muhammad made activism relevant again.

Long-Acting, Less-Toxic HIV Drug Being Developed

The new development suppresses the virus in humanized mice, and has long-lasting potential for humans.

Poz Man’s Facebook Status About His Diagnoses Goes Viral

After sharing his story on social media to combat stigma, Andrew Gamez-Heath's post has been shared around the world.

Is This the Pill For You?

The first single pill darunavir-based regimen retains viral suppression with fewer pills and less resistance.

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