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Kevin Sessums' New Magazine is Amazing

The out, poz, former executive editor of Andy Warhol’s Interview and Vanity Fair is writing his next chapter: an eponymous online magazine.

'It', AIDS, Homophobia, and ’80s Nostalgia

Stephen King’s 1986 novel has a gay sex scene that's been cut from the hit film because producers think today’s audiences couldn’t take it.

Video game boosts sex health IQ and attitudes in minority teens

A video game to promote health and reduce risky behavior in teens improves sexual health knowledge and attitudes among minority youth, according to a new study. The findings validate the value of the video game as a tool to engage and educate teens at risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, said the researchers.

New clues to how a successful HIV vaccine could work

Scientists have made a discovery that could speed efforts to develop a successful HIV vaccine, outlines a new report.

HIV Infections Are Increasing Among Young Gay and Bisexual Men

No one should have to suffer an illness that can be managed through education and proper medication.

New knowledge on how HIV beats the body's early immune response

In an important step towards eradicating HIV-associated viral reservoirs, researchers have identified how the HIV virus hijacks the innate immune system to facilitate its replication and spread, thus gaining a foothold infection in the body.

WATCH: Aaron Carter Gets his HIV Test Results

The troubled pop star wants help dealing with his health issues he revealed on the TV show The Doctors.

'As Much As I Can' Lifts Up Black Gay Men Plagued by HIV

As Much as I Can, the theatrical event playing in Baltimore, isn’t content with merely showing you the lives of gay black men in a city plagued with high rates of HIV infection.

Are You HIV-Positive and Pregnant?

Despite a recently discovered complication, research shows more HIV-positive women are starting happy healthy families.

Trans Activist Marissa Miller Tells it Like it Is

At this year's United States Conference on AIDS, Marissa Miller spoke her truth — and inspired others to do the same.

Study: PrEP Significantly Less Effective on Women than Men

It takes longer for PrEP to reach vaginal tissue than rectal tissue — raising serious health implications for trans men taking it.


We live in a world that seeks to label us and box individuals into various categories in order to better understand the complexity of the human race. However, these labels can often be problematic and confusing: life is much more complex than the black-and-white thinking we tend to use. Show More Summary

Canada's HIV Criminalization Laws Are The Epitome of Shameful

Activists in Ontario, Canada call their state a "world leader" in putting innocent people in prison simply because they're HIV-positive.

Michael Friedman’s Tragic Death is an Opportunity to Set Things Straight

The award-winning Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson composer died at the young age of 41 due to AIDS complications. Let’s use this as a teachable moment.

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