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The Stakes Could Not Be Higher

Today, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) released its 2015 World AIDS Day report , in advance of December 1. The report finds that 15.8 million people were accessing antiretroviral treatment (ART) as of June 2015. This is an extraordinary achievement–more than doubling the number of people that were on treatment just five years ago....

We’re thankful for safe travelers

As the nation reflects on the things for which we are thankful, the team would like to express gratitude to all our readers for following this blog. We appreciate your support for our work, and we look forward to continuing to support your efforts to use digital tools. In addition, we encourage you to...

#AskTyler: What if He's Lying About Being Undetectable?

Damien from Los Angeles writes, “I understand the science and I know that a guy who is HIV-positive and undetectable won’t give me HIV. But what's to stop a guy from lying about his status and just saying he's undetectable when he's not?”   What a fantastic question, Damien. Show More Summary

Giving Thanks for Where I Am and What I Have Become

The holidays are upon us once again and here I am in prison, still. There are obviously two ways to look on this whole situation. The negative side of things is I'm locked up, I can't spend the holidays with family and friends. Blah, blah, blah. Show More Summary

PrEP: A Powerful Prevention Tool

Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its 2015 HIV Vital Signs focusing on preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP). This Vital Signs includes two Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports (MMWR), one from CDC and one from New York State Department of Health: Vital Signs: Estimated Percentages and Numbers of Adults with Indications for Preexposure...

For HIV and Addiction, the Time to Act Is Now

These are exciting times for those of us working and living with HIV. There are promising new treatments in development, PrEP has added a significant additional resource to our prevention arsenal, and there is talk of seeing the end of the epidemic in our lifetimes. Show More Summary

Reflect and Refocus With HIV

Well, this blog is long overdue. It's World AIDS Day 2015 soon and the holidays are upon us. I just returned from the 11th annual HIV cruise retreat. It's taken me a moment to catch my breath and organize my thoughts as I truly found the experience both exhilarating and exhausting. Read more...

Being Alive

What an interesting year-end 2015 has been. On the homestretch, we have actor Charlie Sheen's disclosing his HIV status and bringing HIV back into the news along with all the needed controversy about stigma causing activists to raise their voices loud once again and educate the public. Read more and view images...

The Shameless Sexy Truth of Being an HIV-Positive Slut

Most people want me to be repressed and repentant, I'm convinced. For a short while, I wanted them to believe I was. It would be some comfort for them, if I cared enough about their judgment to hookup less than I did before receiving my results from a test many of them aren't brave enough to take. Read more...

Breaking: Scientists Say Raising CD4 Count More Important Than Undetectable Viral Load

The latest WHO guidelines call for anyone with HIV to begin treatment as soon as possible after diagnosis, regardless of the level of immunosuppression (CD4 count) and viral load. But researchers say more than half of HIV-positive people...Show More Summary

Russia to Double Spending on HIV Care

Russian Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova recently announced that the government would increase the budget for preventing and treating HIV to $600 million next year, according to Associated Press.  The new budget is double what the...Show More Summary

WATCH: Black Southern Families Show That Georgia Is Greater Than AIDS

A new series of short videos seeks to create conversation around HIV in the state of Georgia after a recent survey showed that more than half of Georgians were personally connected to someone with HIV and one in four black residentsShow More Summary

Kenya Launching Door-to-Door HIV Testing Campaign

The Star reports that the African country’s ministry of health has said the program will initially focus on geographic locations with high HIV rates, including Nairobi and Homa Bay. Currently six percent of the population has HIV, but nearly half of the citizens still don’t know their HIV status. Show More Summary

Watch: How Real Poz People Are Living Well With Treatment

As part of their "Treatment Works" campaign, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is sharing the experience of people with HIV who have dealt with real issues around stigma, acceptance, and treatment but are now living well. Show More Summary Tips: Digital Resources for World AIDS Day

For World AIDS Day 2015 on December 1, we’ve prepared 10 tips to support your World AIDS Day activities.We encourage you to share the first 5 tips and link to resources from across the U.S. Government. Stay involved! Join the conversation using #WAD2015  and visit our World AIDS Day Awareness Day page. Get the tips...

Starting with Our Own: Federal Employees Mark World AIDS Day 2015

December 1 will mark the 28th annual observance of World AIDS Day. This year’s Federal theme is “The Time to Act Is Now”. Along with community stakeholders across the nation, Federal employees across the U.S. Government will pause to mark this observance. Over the last few weeks, our Federal colleagues who work year-round to respond...

Digital Tools: Supporting the White House’s National HIV/AIDS Strategy ~ Example from the Corporate Sector

As has been observed often, the National HIV/AIDS Strategy: Updated to 2020, is a national plan, not just a federal one. Active participation from stakeholders across all sectors of society is needed to put the Strategy into action and end the HIV epidemic. Illustrating how members of the corporate sector are contributing to implementing the...

Shaking the Disease: An Unlikely Tribute to Depeche Mode

This month’s issue of POZ Magazine is all about long-term survivors. And this year marks a special occasion in my own long-term journey as a positoid… 25 years ago, I met my favorite band, Depeche Mode, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Back in 1990, the prognosis wasn’t good. But I’ve been fortunate- I had access […]

Ambassador Birx: World AIDS Day Message and More

In preparation for World AIDS Day 2015, spoke with Ambassador-at-Large Deborah L. Birx, M.D., the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator and U.S. Special Representative for Global Health Diplomacy. She talked about the importance of World AIDS Day and the factors that could enable the U.S. and its PEPFAR partners to reduce the number of new...

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