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Congress has Good News for LGBT and People Living with HIV

The latest ongressional budget deal has good news for LGBT and people living with HIV. The GOP health care bill does not.

One Million Will Find Relief Thanks to India's HIV Equal Rights Law

It is now illegal to discriminate against people living with HIV in India, and it will have an enormous impact.

Small Biotech Gets $3M Grant to Develop HIV Drug Resistance Test

Aldatu Biosciences, a Harvard-supported biotech startup, has received a $3 million grant to continue development of an HIV drug resistance test.

White House's “Tough on Crime” Approach Will Raise HIV Rates

Jeff Sessions ordered federal prosecutors to pursue the toughest penalties for low-level crimes, incuding nonviolent drug offenses and, yes, being HIV-positive.

Perry N. Halkitis Named Dean of the Rutgers School of Public Health

The new dean of the Rutgers School of Public Health sits with Plus to discuss the future of HIV research and what it means to be an out and proud gay leader in higher education.

New Treatment Method Might Lead to Eradicating HIV

Researchers have found an enzyme that targets and "wakes" inactive HIV hiding in reservoirs, which might be the last step towards finding an HIV cure.

Treatment As Prevention Is Harder to Execute In Sub-Saharan African

A new map shows that most people living with HIV in certain parts of sub-Saharan Africa are dispersed in the countryside, making them harder to treat.

Ship Your Ashes to Your Republican of Choice

Students and activist groups are planning die-ins across the country in protest of GOP’s vote on the Affordable Health Care Act.

Life Expectancy for Those Living With HIV Reaches ‘Near-Normal’

New research shows that the life-expectancy gap is closing between those who are living with HIV and those who are not.

Activist Hopes to Launch a Wave of HIV Literature

With your donations, Plus contributor Khafre Kujichagulia Abif hopes to bring forth stories from often marginalized communities. And there's only one day left!

Florida’s “Test And Treat” Program Helps People Get Immediate Care

A revolutionary new program implemented by the Florida Department of Health will enable people to get on medication the same day they are diagnosed with HIV.

Waiting for When Two Black Boys Kissing Is Not Even Noticed

A beautiful commentary on the impact and simple beauty of Moonlight winning best kiss at the MTV Movie awards by this warrior HIV activist.

From Reckless to Living Life With Purpose

Nineteen years ago, I voluntarily gave up drugs and alcohol, which has been a rough ride mentally and emotionally. I think back to the year 1989 when I was sharing needles and doing meth. If I hadn't gone to California, would I have gotten high using white dope, done all the stupid things I have done and eventually tested positive for HIV? Probably not. Read more...

HIV Self-Test Kits Are Met With Apprehension in Kenya

The Kenyan Ministry of Health approves inexpensive HIV self-testing kits to be released in Kenya, but many are worried about possible negative repercussions.

Donor Cells After Transplant May Not be the Only Cure for HIV

Researchers study patients to find cure for HIV that reaches beyond bone marrow transplant recipients.

This Small Anti-Viral Pill Might Lead to an HIV Cure

After completing Phase II trials, a pill called ABX464 has proven to reduce HIV reservoirs, which can ultimately become part of an HIV cure.

This Implant Is The Future of PrEP

A new HIV-prevention drug is in development that can be implanted under your skin. One-pill-a-day PrEP might soon be in the past.

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