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The Future of HIV Treatment—and PrEP: Long Acting Injectables

Renowned HIV Researcher Dr. David Ho say injectables take human error out of the mix.

Will Mark Zuckerberg's Money Actually End AIDS?

The social media mogul announced the world will be cured of all diseases in the next hundred years.

Researchers find a potential signature of cognitive function in people living with HIV

A unique epigenetic footprint has been found in specific types of immune cells from blood that can identify individuals with HIV that have a range of impairments in cognitive function. Reliable biomarkers such as that identified by the...Show More Summary

My Attitude Adjustment About Sex, Gonorrhea and Advocacy

Amidst the happy haze of good news about the efficacy of PrEP in preventing new HIV infections and the growing consensus that people living with HIV who are undetectable are not infectious, there is troubling news from the CDC in two...Show More Summary

Melissa Harris-Perry on Expanding the Definition of Blackness

The connection between HIV and Black Lives Matter are much deeper when the definition of blackness includes all "problematic" bodies.

No Thanks Trump, My Prison Already Has Walls: Let's Defend the Voiceless and Fund an HIV Cure

I've been thinking about the upcoming election and the future impact it will have on the treatment and funding for people with HIV. Will federal funding be taken away and diverted into the pockets of big pharma if Trump gets elected?...Show More Summary

Women Ex-Offenders Celebrate 'A Day With HIV'

The Medea Project: Theater for Incarcerated Women HIV Women's Circle will make you think twice about what this day means.

WATCH: Magic Johnson's Wife Discusses the Moment He Told Her He Was HIV Positive on The View

Magic Johnson's wife has a new book out that shares intimate details about her husband's journey with HIV.

Bisexual Men Make Better Husbands

The relationships between straight women and bisexual men is seldom discussed.

Reality Star Arrested for Exposing HIV to Minor

The 27-year old is charged for failing to divulge his HIV status to a 16-year old after having consensual sex.

Remembering Luis López-Detrés

Luis López-Detrés is gone. Long Live Luis! If you're reading this and you're a family member, you may want to stop here. When a conversation turns to HIV, for gay men it generally turns to sex -- and that's what's about to happen here. Read more...

Pregnant Guest Kicked Out of "Charm Ball" Over Protest Fears

When this blogger chose to join protesters at Chase Brexton's annual "Charm Ball" to voice concern over the direction of Baltimore's largest healthcare provider to the LGBT community, there was little doubt there would be some tension at the elegant affair. Read more...

Catching Up With Chase Brexton's "Fired Five"

The five managers who were abruptly fired last month without notice by Chase Brexton, Baltimore's largest healthcare provider to the city's most vulnerable populations, met for lunch earlier this week. It was the first in-person meeting of the group since their dismissal in early August. Read more...

Watch: Mondo on 15 Years Poz, Yarn Bombing, And Designing for Real Women

The Project Runway fashion designer talks with Plus magazine at the U.S. Conference on AIDS.

What It Feels Like for a Mom

My mother, Anne King, turns 90 this month. This story is my tribute. Read more...

South Africa Will Provide Free HIV Treatment for Everyone

The new policy ensures all HIV-positive people will recieve antiretroviral therapy under the public healthcare system.

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