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HHS takes next step in advancing health equity through the Affordable Care Act

Proposed rule implements new protections against sex discrimination; enhances language assistance; protects individuals with disabilities; and extends to insurers participating in Health Insurance Marketplaces. Today, the DepartmentShow More Summary

Free Helpline and App for Hepatitis C Patients Offer Peer Support and Self-Care Tools

Viral hepatitis is known as the silent epidemic, because it is a disease that is both under-recognized and underdiagnosed. Hepatitis can result from infection with several different viruses, including hepatitis C virus (HCV). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly 3.2 million people are chronically infected with HCV and that nearly half are...

Articles Highlight Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Role Providing HIV Care and Treatment Services

As the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) commemorates its 25th anniversary this summer, two new articles published this week highlight the critical role the Program has in providing care and treatment services to low income people living with HIV in the United States. According to a new article in the Journal of the American Medical...

Moving? You may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period

Summer is the most popular season for moving. But there are some things you can’t pack in boxes — like the peace of mind you get from having health insurance. Moving can be stressful, but enrolling in a health plan that suits your new life doesn’t have to be. If you’re moving, whether out of...

Scientists Prove What Fat People Have Been Saying All Along

New research reveals obesity is a genetic variation that impacts fat cells, not the brain's appetite centers. The findings could lead to an obesity cure. Contributor: Jacob Anderson-... read more

Feeling lost? 6 Ways to Find Your Way Back

Ever feel absolutely lost? If you do, you’re in good company. read more

Exactly Zero Men on PrEP Contract HIV in 2.5-Year Study

The findings confirm PrEP to be a powerful tool against contracting the virus. read more

Chicago Launches New HIV Research Center With $6.25 Million Grant

It will promote interdisciplinary collaboration and focus in part on reducing new HIV infections among the city's young gay and bisexual men. Contributor: Jacob Anderson-... read more

Study Reveals Men and Women Process Pain Differently

Study shows limitations of research conducted only on male subjects. Contributor: Jacob Anderson-... read more

Simian HIV Has Been Infecting Primates for Million of Years

New research helps explain why monkeys aren't sickened by SIV the way humans are by HIV: primates have had millions of years to evolve immune system adaptations. Contributor: Jacob Anderson-... read more

The Missing Generation

Two years in the making, a breathtaking new show is giving voice to long-term survivors of HIV. read more

Highlights – Pew Research Report: Mobile Messaging and Social Media 2015 continually monitors digital research and tools that can improve the way we share health information. Today we present highlights from the Pew Mobile Messaging and Social Media 2015 Report  about how different demographics are using social media platforms. We hope this will help inform your communications planning efforts and help you engage with your...

Watch: Ending HIV Epidemic in South Africa By 2030

Experts talk about the successes in the fight and more importantly, what needs to be done to get HIV-free there. Contributor: Jacob Anderson-... read more

The Real Reason Gay Teens Aren't Getting Tested for HIV

And it's not because they think they are invincible. Contributor: Jacob Anderson-... read more

Watch: Stop Da Stigma

“We gotta get more of us to stand up so we can stop the stigma, so people can know [HIV] just what I have — it's not who I am.” Contributor: Jacob Anderson-... read more

Op-ed: How Decriminalizing Sex Work Fights HIV

Amnesty International is calling for the decriminialization of sex work. Here's why that decision is not only important for the fight against HIV but the result of a revolutionary process other organizations should follow. Contributor: Jacob Anderson-... read more

HIV-Positive ISIS Militants Quarantined and Forced to Be Suicide Bombers

Reports say 16 militants blame the explosion of HIV on two Moroccan women thought to be sex slaves. Contributor: Katie Peoples read more

WATCH: #TBT Adorably Young Dave Chappelle in HIV PSA

Future comedian shines in this very '90s video. Contributor: Katie Peoples read more

Stop Treating Us Like Sinister Vectors of Disease

Here's why the latest meme from Impulse Group South Florida is all sorts of wrong. read more

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