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Blessed with MS

Just from the title of this blog, you may be curious how a person can feel blessed with multiple sclerosis. Well my friend, I’m here to open up about my experience and expand your mind frame! As you know, MS is a chronic disease. This is understandable and well known, but it lacks something more. Show More Summary

MS at the Airport

If you have ever taken a flight, you know how stressful airports can be. Some flights run smoothly, while others are delayed with little warning. People walking as slow as they possibly can, others at full sprint. Predicting what a day...Show More Summary

The Mask

?Living with multiple sclerosis, I often feel like I’m wearing a mask. A disguise of sorts for protection. But sometimes, it’s hard to tell whom I’m protecting more–myself or others around me...

When the Medication Stops Working

Being diagnosed with MS comes with enough baggage all on its own. But going through two years of a specific form of therapy and hearing the news that the medication hasn’t actually been working? Now that’s its own animal. Hearing the...Show More Summary

Flying My Fatigue Flag

I tried not to make eye contact with her in the elevator while I pushed the button for the floor directly above us. I knew that it was bound to happen sooner or later, and I hoped that by not looking at her, she wouldn’t engage. But it did happen. Show More Summary

Questionnaires can be a good predictor of survival rates in multiple sclerosis

The way in which patients with multiple sclerosis answer questionnaires could help to predict their survival rate from the disease, a study has found.

Hidden herpes virus may play key role in MS, other brain disorders

The ubiquitous human herpesvirus 6 may play a critical role in impeding the brain's ability to repair itself in diseases like multiple sclerosis. These findings may help explain the differences in severity in symptoms that many people with the disease experience.

Like a Box of Chocolates

A few Sundays ago, I woke up with a tingling sensation in my left fingertips. It was irritating, but unfortunately when you have MS, waking up with a new or odd sensation is a common occurrence. Life goes on…

High-Res Images of the Brain’s White Matter Could Help Researchers Understand MS

I’ve always had an image in my head of what the so-called white matter of the brain — the part most affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) — looks like. Boy, was I wrong! We’ve all seen the sliced images of our brains produced by those noisy MRI machines. They look somewhat like X-rays but show the […]

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

When I was first diagnosed about 30 years ago, MS was some mysterious, archaic, incurable disease that not many had heard of, let alone understood. When my doctor told me good luck and sent me on my way, I knew it was my job to bury it and never look back. Show More Summary

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