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How Many MS Drugs Do We Really Need?

When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2001, my MS specializing neurologist handed me a large binder full of information, resources, and a tab for MS drugs.  This was back in the day of the “ABC” drug choice.  So called because there were only three and they started with the letters “A”, “B” and [...]

Can We Protect the Unborn From Multiple Sclerosis?

One of the three things people think of as “curing” multiple sclerosis — I call this “A Cure, in Three Acts” — is to prevent the next generation from contracting MS at all.  This is likely the most difficult of the three levels of cure as we don’t yet know what causes the body’s immune system to [...]

Hey Friend, I Have MS, Not the Plague

I think I was feeling better today than I have in weeks. I contracted a nasty bug on my flight home from New York, was knackered from the travel and two 5-hour time changes in four days is tough on any body. Finally, I think I was back to near normal. I had some energy [...]

Can You Really Be Healthy With a Chronic Disease?

“Dad, I’m sick…” Funny that of all of the conversations I had with people around the time of my sudden diagnosis with multiple sclerosis (13 years ago later this month), of all the times I told the story of my “attack”, of the recounts of the process, of recurring mispronunciations and misunderstandings; the one thing [...]

Accessibility Improvements for MS: What’s a Renter to do?

Recovering from a travel-induced crud which had me in bed for four days, I was happy to finally get a shower the other day. Standing in my “European sized” stall, I was for once happy at its small size. Let’s face it; there was no room for me to fall down. No hand-rail in there [...]

A Meeting of the (MS Blogger) Minds

There is one thing that I make sure I say to people when they ask me about living with multiple sclerosis.  “I am not an expert in multiple sclerosis,” I insist. “But I am becoming an expert in living my life with MS.” That was one of the messages shared at a gathering of the [...]

Before March Slips Away; How’s Your MS Today?

I am in New York City – the Big Apple – for meetings of a new MS Task Force this week.  My body is trying to adjust to a 4-hour time change and going from a quiet town of 1,300 souls to, well, New York City! We ask you every month to check in with [...]

MS in Ireland: Cheaper Meds But Fewer Docs

In January we introduced the idea of reporting on what it’s like to live with MS in different parts of the world.  Well, February passed without me getting to it and now the Ides of March have already passed.  I’d better get to it! In fact, with St. Patrick’s Day just over, it makes perfect [...]

Sometimes, It Only Hits You That You Have MS When MS Hits You

I wake up with symptoms of multiple sclerosis, I spend my day with them and I go to bed with them.  For the most part I’ve learned to live my life with, around, over, and sometimes under my MS. I guess I’ve gotten used to my new normal.  Maybe that’s what makes it so much [...]

MS Symptom Thesaurus: Isolation, a Social Side Effect

It may not be an actual symptom of the disease multiple sclerosis, but the feeling of being utterly and totally alone is real.  How would you describe MS Isolation? How time flies.  We’ve been at the MS Symptom Thesaurus thing for nearly a year.  For the past 11 months, we’ve covered the common symptoms of [...]

We’ve Just Been Named the No. 1 MS Community! Here’s Why

In 2010, the Media Industry News (MIN) recognized our Life With MS Blog as the best on the web for editorial content and design.  All of us involved – from editors and staff to your blogger – were surprised and humbled.  Last week, Sharecare, the online health and wellness engagement platform founded by Dr. Mehmet [...]

Attacks with Progressive MS? It’s Like Having Acne at 70!

No seventeen year old kid is happy about an outbreak of acne on the eve of a big date.  But, they’re at least used to it.  It’s not something a couple, dressing for their 50th wedding anniversary party has to worry about.  But that’s kind of how I felt this week when my “progressive” MS [...]

Today I Can Only Type With 1 Hand and 1 Finger: MS and Feeling ‘Not Right’

Well, DAMN! I woke this morning not feeling ‘right.’  Many of you know the feeling as well as I.  By the time I got around to writing today’s blog, it got more ‘not right.’ I took my temperature to make sure it wasn’t an infection causing my symptoms.  Unfortunately, it was not a pseudo thing.  New [...]

February was a Whirlwind! How’s Your MS Today?

February is nearly over and we haven’t had our monthly check-in.  Sorry about that.  Back-to-back-to-back storms have helped the shortest month seem even shorter. Last month we introduced the Life With Multiple Sclerosis Self-evaluation Scale (LWM3S).  It’s a simple 1-10 scale.  1= The best I’ve felt my symptoms since diagnosis with MS.  10= The worst [...]

New Blood Test May Show MS Years Before Symptoms: Would You Want to Know?

Well over a decade has passed since my diagnosis with multiple sclerosis and my symptoms have aged enough to vote.  New research, due to be presented at the American Academy of Neurology meeting in April, proposes that a simple blood test may have revealed my MS while I was still in school. According to Dr [...]

What’s Cooking, Good Looking? My MS Kitchen Needs Your Ideas and Advice

Food is fuel.  Dining is entertainment.  Cooking is a hobby.  Any one of these simple statements (and often all three) can be negated by multiple sclerosis. In April of this year, I’ll be presenting on the topic of food and cooking with multiple sclerosis at the MS Life 2014 conference in Manchester, England.  The event [...]

Head Versus Heart: Do Passions Fuel Good MS Science or Drive Unrealistic Hopes?

I have always been and will forever remain – though I have received a fair amount of flak for this – a “hopeful skeptic.” My science background holds my passions in check when I hear of promising new research, but my head can’t keep my heart from hoping. It can be very difficult to be [...]

MS ‘News’ or Malarky? And Who Decides?

A blog isn’t news, and I hope this statement doesn’t come across as too inside baseball–the press talking about the press–because I want to define our terms so we can actually talk about the news. Or in this case, the “news.” A blog – or at least our blog – is partly a news resource, [...]

What Is MS Doing To My Face?

I often joke that I never hear the old line, “But you look so good.”  If humor is the best medicine, I guess I self-prescribe the self-effacing brand.  All joking aside, however, I have been noting some real changes to my face when it comes to my MS over this past couple of weeks. When [...]

Taking Copaxone? Expect a Call in the Coming Weeks

First and foremost let me say how much I absolutely abhor getting my MS pharmaceutical information via business and investment news flashes.  Such was the case when I typed “FDA Copaxone formulation” into my search engine this morning. The first full page of results was from investment sites, business analysis reviews, and pharma industry pages.  [...]

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