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Alone in a Room Full of People

No one could possibly understand this. This disease is so elusive, yet so real to me. Everybody with this disease seems to have a different set of symptoms, different age of onset or different way of coping. Fifteen years ago, I felt completely alone. No one I knew had MS, and I certainly wasn’t sure how to explain my illness or its symptoms I was dealing with...

A Leg to Stand On

?Allow me to introduce you to Devin Stratton, a 25-year-old Utah man who captured himself on video accidentally falling off a 150-foot cliff while skiing. Horrifying, right? He surely didn't survive and, if he did, he's probably paralyzed or hooked up to countless machines keeping him alive... right?...

One step closer in explaining MS relapse during upper respiratory infection

For most of us, the flu is just the flu. We suffer through it for several days, and eventually bounce back. But for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurological diseases, the flu can trigger a cascade of immune responses that result in a full-blown relapse of the disease. Show More Summary

“You Shouldn't Be Parked There”

It was cold, wet and miserable outside. It all felt too hard, but I decided to drag myself away from our fireplace and venture out to catch-up with a friend. As we sat in a café immersed in conversation, a lady barged in. Her car was blocked in and she asked whether anyone owned the blue car...

?How MS Changed My Marriage

Our love story began as one of those “only in New York” moments. We met briefly at a lounge in the Lower East Side as I was on my way out, and neither of us got the other’s name or phone number. Like Cinderella’s glass slipper, I had...Show More Summary

The MS Phantom Itch Sure Feels Real to Me

There are multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms that people can see and that we can explain. There are also invisible symptoms that can be harder to explain — except, of course, when those invisible symptoms become painfully visible. Then there are phantom symptoms, where we “feel” the sensation of such things as bugs crawling or water dripping on […]

Blessed with MS

Just from the title of this blog, you may be curious how a person can feel blessed with multiple sclerosis. Well my friend, I’m here to open up about my experience and expand your mind frame! As you know, MS is a chronic disease. This is understandable and well known, but it lacks something more. Show More Summary

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