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Worldwide Clinical Trials to Host Free Webinar on Biosimilars for MS Awareness Month

Worldwide Clinical Trials has added two webinars to its free webinar series — the first to observe Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month in March and the second for Parkinson’s Awareness Month in April. Although both are free, attendees need to sign up in advance (see the link below). Show More Summary

Who Really Benefits From Pharma Patient Assistance Programs?

Just about any time we mention the price of medications for multiple sclerosis (MS), as we did in a post last week, many people comment that they rely on so-called patient assistance programs from drug manufacturers to help pay for their meds. While each pharma-sponsored patient assistance program differs in its specifics, the basic way such […]

How Well Will MS and Jet Lag Play Together?

Diligent research and planning have left me confident in my ability to enjoy upcoming travels, while managing  MS and health concerns. Decisions have been made regarding luggage, medications, airport travel, car rental, and accommodations. Show More Summary

Swallowing Problems in MS That Lead to Pneumonia Need Attention, Professor Says

Swallowing difficulties and reduced cough are a major, yet commonly overlooked, issue in patients with multiple sclerosis and other brain conditions, according to Dr. Don Bolser, a University of Florida (UF) professor. Pharmaceutical...Show More Summary

6 Remarkable Things to Know About People Living With a Chronic Illness

Life is tough for people with a chronic illness, but through the pain and the fatigue and all the other symptoms and side effects, they show an extraordinary passion for life and try to achieve as much as possible. With help from,...Show More Summary

My Fight Song for Multiple Sclerosis

Most of us have heard Rachel Platten’s Fight Song. It became an anthem for many people who struggle with illness and adversity. Fight Song has become one of my favorite odes. As a writer, I love to listen to the words of song lyrics....Show More Summary

Improving the Odds of Going the Way You Want to Go

Sooner or later we’re all going to die. We may not want to think about it, but it’s important that we do, especially those of us with a chronic disease such as multiple sclerosis. Though we don’t have a choice about dying, we can have a choice about how and where we leave this world. Show More Summary

Eating These Foods Can Help You Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Most of us have probably been reminded to take our vitamins, or pushed to eat something because it’s “full of vitamins”—and it’s true, getting vitamins is incredibly important. Especially during the winter when some people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder, which can be impacted by low levels of vitamin D. Show More Summary

Kadimastem Obtains US Patent for Neurodegenerative Disease Stem Cell Technology

The United States has granted a patent to Kadimastem’s stem cell-based technology for treating multiple sclerosis (MS) and other diseases of the nervous system. The patent involves the technology the company used to produce supporting cells in the central nervous system derived from human stem cells, including myelin-producing cells. Show More Summary

Euthanasia’s Appeal by MS Patients in Unbearable Pain Highlights Urgency in Treating Depression

Half of the more than 7,500 multiple sclerosis (MS) patients responding to a recent survey revealed they’d consider physician-assisted suicide if they could no longer enjoy anything that made life worth living. In addition, 65 percent...Show More Summary

A Mountain to Climb with MS – in My Living Room

So, I’m lying on the floor taking in the stippled ceiling we’ve never changed in the past 19 years. My son,  also 19, is now at university. That’s how I can be so exact on the age of my relationship with the hideously slathered ceiling. Show More Summary

Serenity Now: Relaxation Techniques for MS, Part One

Relaxation and serenity are both attainable with the correct calming techniques. When overwhelmed by stress, the skills that have been gained and practiced become second nature to be summoned as needed. The combination of stress and multiple sclerosis can wreak havoc in the body. Show More Summary

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Reveals Details About Her Battle With Multiple Sclerosis

In this video from The Today Show, actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler talks about her battle with multiple sclerosis and the effect it has had on her life. RELATED: How stress affects multiple sclerosis Sigler is most famous for her role as Meadow Soprano on the hit TV show The Sopranos. Show More Summary

MS Patient’s Pick of the Week’s News: Ocrevus, Myelin, Telemedicine, Gala and Axon

Here is my Pick of the Week’s News, as published by Multiple Sclerosis News Today. Ocrevus and the hope of ‘ending MS forever’: Interview with MS Society’s Tim Coetzee Ocrevus possibly being one of the most significant advances in MS...Show More Summary

Alkermes Begins Phase 3 Study of ALKS 8700 as Relapsing MS Treatment

Alkermes has started a Phase 3 clinical trial evaluating ALKS 8700, the oral monomethyl fumarate (MMF) prodrug it is developing for the treatment of relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS). The multicenter, double-blind, active-controlled...Show More Summary

EBI2 Receptor Facilitates T-cell Invasion of Brain in MS, Animal Study Shows

Scientists have identified a receptor that promotes the influx of damaging immune T-cells into the brain of a mouse model of human multiple sclerosis (MS). The study, “EBI2 is highly expressed in multiple sclerosis lesions and promotes early CNS migration of encephalitogenic CD4 T cells,” appeared in the journal Cell Reports. Show More Summary

MS Awareness Month: Which Ribbon Are We Again?

March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, ending with World MS Day on March 31. That means we need to make the most of these four weeks to raise some money for research, and raise awareness about the disease and the 2.5 million people in the world currently living with it. Show More Summary

Recognizing Your Lucky Charm

Clare was gardening in her backyard when she saw it: a giant, vivid rainbow spanning across the sky. Clare’s eyes widened. She’d been waiting her whole life for this. Her friends had found gold at the end of a rainbow and all of their dreams had come true. And now, it was Clare’s turn...

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