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Ice Bucket Challenge, Part 2: It’s for ALS and MS

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago I took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  It was good fun for a good cause and, as I stated in the blog about it, could help MS research as well. In my video, I challenged the president of MS Ireland, the founders of Shift.MS, and the [...]

Do You Know the People in Your Neighborhood (Who Have MS)?

It’s not much of a secret that I live with multiple sclerosis.  Most days I use a cane (if not a more advanced assistive device), it’s not a subject that Caryn and I avoid, and, let’s face it, I’m kind of out there on the subject. About a week ago I walked into a local [...]

Did Scientists Just Find the ‘MS Switch’?

Your e-mail box is about to fill, your social media is on fire, and by tonight, the evening news will be abuzz. Did they just cure MS? Just last week in my ice bucket challenge blog I noted that MS research may help other autoimmune diseases as ALS research may help other neurological conditions.  Well, [...]

What Would You Pack for a Trip to ‘MS Island’?

Well, I think it can be confirmed that I failed my packing test for this trip to New York! Walking off the plane I felt I’d not only traversed five time zones, but had also been transported from mid-autumn, past winter to spring, and then dropped into a swamp in mid-summer. The muddy, hot blanket [...]

The Ice Bucket Challenge

Well, it finally happened.  This week my wife, Caryn, squealed with delight as she watched our mutual friend’s video calling me out in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I was standing in a warm shower on a cold and rainy morning thinking of my first cup of hot coffee and a fresh-from-the-dryer cozy towel when [...]

A New Season, a New Normal? How’s Your MS Today?

They say here in our little town at the edge of the world that “the summer is out of it after the [local horse] races.” Well, it was a great race weekend a fortnight back and I can attest that the summer is, indeed, out of it. Cooler, wetter days and some nearly cold nights, [...]

My ‘MS Crush’: An Organization Helping the First ‘Young Generation of MS’

Let me start out by saying that I’m beginning to have what my wife would call an “MS crush” on the lads over at Shift.MS. She has a “foodie crush” on a couple of local chefs who strum her palate. I guess it’s alright if I feel the same about an organization doing really good [...]

How Warfare Harms the Treatment of People With MS

It was with solemn reverence that many of us listened to the BBC broadcast from Westminster in remembrance of the centenary of the beginning of “the Great War.” We now know that said conflict was a bloody prequel to the mid-century conflagration that would rename it World War I. My own country entered into the [...]

A Middle-Aged Look at Life Without a Cure

There was a time in my life when birthdays were a good time to look back and mark accomplishments.  There was a time when they were a good time to look forward to what might lie ahead.  In general, I now look at birthdays as simply a good time to have a good time. When [...]

After the Fall: Getting Up From an MS Tumble

I believe there are two kinds of people: those who divide the world into two kinds of people and those who don’t. I always told culinary students, however, that there were two kinds of people in professional kitchens; those who have been cut and those who have yet to be cut.  Likewise it could be [...]

The ‘What If’ Game: Worries Waiting for MS Test Results

Today, there are nearly 60,000 recent high school graduates in Ireland (they call them “leavers” here) who are heading in to get the results of their “Leaving Cert” exams. This is the set of tests given to set young adults off on their academic and/or career paths. Big stress around a lot of homes and [...]

My Recipe for a Great MS Day

I think I was in an eighth-grade science course when we studied biorhythms (albeit briefly, though perhaps not briefly enough for a science class but, hey, it was the 1970s). I’ll not go into the plotting of the physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, and other cycles other than to say that one hopes to find [...]

I’ve Joined the Gym

Well, I did it. Though the facilities of my local health club are far (FAR) from what I’m used to accessing, it’s on the exact opposite side of town, and regardless of the fact that it’s damned expensive, I’ve joined-up for a year’s membership at my local gym (the only one for better than 45 [...]

I Don’t Want to Have MS Anymore

So, I’m sitting at my desk doing some research for today’s blog. I’m combing the latest news from clinical trials, the most recent news stories. I’m poking around all of the patient service and advocacy organizations’ sites. Then it hits me – I just don’t want to have MS anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I know that [...]

The MS Nap: A Surrender or Retreat?

First and foremost, let me state that while some will see giving in to an MS-induced afternoon nap as a type of surrender, I see it, rather, as a strategic fallback – a sensible and honorable retreat. There was a day and time in my life with MS (good lord, I just realized that my [...]

How Does the ‘MS Card’ Play Out in Your Event Calendar?

“National No Garth Day.” I kid you not – that’s what one national radio presenter dubbed today. The country icon, Garth Brooks, sold out 400,000 tickets to five consecutive nights of concerts in Dublin (before his promoter secured a license for the same – but that’s a different topic for another blogger) and canceled all five [...]

The Success of Failure

The times when the humidity has me sweating through two – or even three – shirts in a day, relative temperatures (yes, I realize I live in Ireland, but I’ve acclimatized to the cooler norms here) push my new limits. I’m committed to “do what I can while I can,” but I feel like I’m failing more [...]

MS Symptom Thesaurus: Balance Issues

As we continue our monthly offering of a place for you to help describe symptoms, we move into a bit of an odd one. While MS balance issues can, on occasion, be caused directly by the disease, our balance problems can often be due to a combination of other symptoms. While MS balance problems are [...]

My Troubling New Symptom Creep: How’s Your MS Today?

Since early in 2006, we have offered a monthly place to check-in with ourselves, with online friends, and with the greater MS community as to how things have been going in the past month or so. We have had the chance to follow one another’s lives, our loves, and our health. I have seen real [...]

MS Is BS, and More From the Life With MS Inbox

About two years ago, I posted our first “From the Life With MS Inbox” blog because some (alright, a very few) of the items that are pitched and hawked and spammed to us actually make some sense. You might remember the Cravaat from that post. About a year later, we posted about children’s cooling vests and a [...]

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