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#YouDontLookSick: The Special Bonds of Those Who Are

A few years after I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), I found myself in a medical marijuana dispensary in a state where it was legal. Doctor’s prescription in hand, I was checked in through one security door and then another. By the time I was let through the third, nondescript door into the dispensary [...]

My Travels With MS: What’s Accessible, What’s Not?

By the end of November, I’ll have spent two-thirds of my nights away from home this month, including in 10 different beds and a couple of airplanes. Luckily for me, I’ve been so bloody tired that I’ve slept well enough in spite of this. The levels of accessibility accommodation that I’ve been afforded (all without actual request) [...]

How Living With MS Is Like Cooking Mushrooms

Two of the most diverse ingredients in cookery are the egg and the mushroom. They’re also two of the most difficult to master. While cooking 2.3 kilograms (5 pounds) of mushrooms for a dinner party today, I thought about how the lessons of cooking edible fungi have helped me live a life with multiple sclerosis [...]

MS Symptom Thesaurus: Muscle Weakness

It’s been a little while since we’ve had an installment of the MS Symptom Thesaurus. When we first started with MS Fatigue in 2013, I wouldn’t have thought that we could keep it going for nearly three years. But that’s the thing about multiple sclerosis (MS): Everyone has a different combination of symptoms, and to [...]

Travel, Lack of Sleep, and Possibly Altitude Worsen MS Symptoms

I awoke this morning after three days of travel over seven time zones, having spent four different currencies along the way. On the heels of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society 2015 leadership conference, a missed flight connection in London, and now waking up a few thousand feet up in the Swiss Alps, my multiple sclerosis [...]

Fit for Good: Raising Money for MS With Fitbit

I’m currently in Fort Worth, Texas, attending the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s MS Leadership Conference. Tonight I’ll be hosting the Society’s annual awards dinner along with Janice Dean of Fox News. During the conference, we all learned of an exciting way to help raise funds and awareness for our cause. The popular exercise tool Fitbit, which helps hundreds [...]

Adults with MS May Have Greater Fitness Levels than Tests Suggest

According to new research by scientists at the University of Illinois, typical methods of assessing cardiorespiratory fitness and muscular strength among adults with multiple sclerosis may underestimate participants’ capabilities. This could lead clinicians to prescribe exercise therapies that are less effective than they could be. Show More Summary

Illness Highlights Value of Planning Ahead With MS

For the first time in the more-than-nine years since we’ve been together, my wife, Caryn, and I were sick at the same time … and it wasn’t pleasant. It’s always been one or the other of us who was under the weather. I’m more often the one to go down due to multiple sclerosis (MS) [...]

MS and Your Paycheck: It’s Worse Than You Thought

Getting and keeping a job while living with multiple sclerosis (MS) is an important part of staying active, contributing to society, and just plain paying for everything. The MS International Federation (MSIF) recently commissioned a survey about employment for people with MS, and I’d encourage everyone to fill it out. Show More Summary

Report Reveals Annual Cost of MS in Ireland

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: MS is a damned expensive disease. We know that drugs are expensive, pay at work can suffer, there is loss of time due to illness and appointments, and so many other expensive factors come into play. But HOW expensive is multiple sclerosis? The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland has [...]

New MS Drug Commercial Gets Mixed Reviews

Even though the National Multiple Sclerosis Society put out a brilliant awareness campaign that included television ads a few years back, many in the MS community still think there’s not enough about multiple sclerosis on the airwaves. Nonetheless, many of us woke up last week to an inbox full of messages about “that new MS drug advert ….”, [...]

My Computer’s Showing Signs of Multiple Sclerosis

I’ve had a bit of a rough go with my multiple sclerosis (MS) for the past couple of weeks. My cognition has needed more energy to keep me thinking relatively straight. Houseguests have been a joy, but extra people always mean extra work. I am only two-thirds of the way through the events on a [...]

MS Recipe for Success: Savory Porridge

It’s been a while since we ran an offering in our Recipe for Success feature, so today I give you Savory Oats or, as I call it, Savory Porridge. After I served this unorthodox dish to my culinary mentor for breakfast the other day, he declared it “the best porridge I’ve ever ate.” I also demonstrated this dish with [...]

Living in the Middle of Nowhere With Multiple Sclerosis

I preface this blog by admitting that I live, as they say here, in the back of beyond.  I’m on the edge of a continent, where mountains meet the sea and winds that freshen as winter approaches are washed by thousands of miles of nothing but waves. In other words, I live on the edge of [...]

Refilling Your MS Tool Kit

I had the distinct honor to emcee several events for MS Ireland’s annual conference this past week. My role included introducing a healthcare providers’ information day on Friday, the general meeting (the business stuff) on Saturday evening, and a full day of really powerful information at the Living Well with MS summit. Over 200 people attended, and we [...]

The Perfect Meal, the Perfect Moment

One could say that my life before MS was pretty full. I have enjoyed my careers and the experiences they’ve afforded me. Most of all — as is the case with the community here on our blog — it’s the people I’ve met that have made the most difference. Everybody’s got a story to tell … even a [...]

I Can Do That — With MS

The Can Do Multiple Sclerosis organization’s motto is, “You are more than your MS.” Their programs have helped thousands of people living with our disease find the strength within to live their lives to the fullest — with MS. In honor of their founder, Olympic ski medalist Jimmy Heuga’s, birthday, Can Do MS celebrates their annual MS Can Do [...]

Stress, Multiple Sclerosis, and My Moment of Zen

On a crisp, autumnal morning such as this, I look out and ponder things like where to go and collect bulbs of wild garlic from along the little road, with an eye to setting and tending to them in pots or in my garden beds. I ask myself, would they still be “wild” garlic, or [...]

If You Have MS and You Smoke, Stop…NOW!

I grew up with grown-ups smoking on television, in films, and in my home. Mine was the first generation to be warned by the U.S. Surgeon General of the ill effects of smoking. Though I have been known to enjoy the occasional cigar or briar bowl of tobacco, I’ve never smoked cigarettes. It is cigarette smoking which [...]

Have MRIs Left Gadolinium Deposits in My Brain?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your earworm for the day, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s IRM. Many of you will recognize the backing track of this tune as the “music” of the MRI machine. An earworm is a catchy bit of song that gets stuck in your brain and doesn’t seem to leave. The FDA is now [...]

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