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The Failing Flu Shot. Got It? No, Thanks.

By Cathy Jameson When I was growing up, we were taught four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. Lasting 3 months each, they make up our year. At some point in time, the medical and the advertising industry created a new...

7 Things I Learned When I Actually Paid Attention to My Eating Habits

I tracked what I ate for a week, talked to a dietitian about how I can improve my eating habits, and spent a week trying to do better. Here’s what I learned.

8 Causes of Itchy Boobs Everyone Should Know

Itchy boobs are so, so common. Here, experts discuss seven factors that can lead to itchy breasts, plus how to find relief.

Diabetes Dominator 1 Day Challenge: “Fall” Into Healthy Habits

Well folks, it is officially fall! As the weather changes from warm to cold, we all have our routines or habits that we find ourselves falling into. This super simple challenge will take about 5 minutes to complete, and will help you identify and head off any unhealthy habits that might try to sneak back […]

How to switch liver cancer cell growth from 2-D to 3-D structures

A discovery might help designers of miniature 'lab-on-a-chip' technologies to grow three-dimensional colonies of cancer cells inside a chip's tiny chambers, rather than the merely two-dimensional colonies that they generally can culture now. Chips with 3-D cell arrays could furnish more realistic biological environments for drug testing.

Age, gut bacteria contribute to MS disease progression, according to study

Gut bacteria at a young age can contribute to multiple sclerosis disease onset and progression, new research indicates.

Can Aloe Vera Prevent Heart Disease?

Being a type of plant native to Southern Africa, aloe vera is now mostly grown indoors all over the world. Apart from using as health foods, it is also used as ingredients for certain skin lotions and cosmetics. The thick gel found in...Show More Summary

Breastfeeding With Diabetes: What You Need to Know

The benefits of breastfeeding for the mother and child are well-established and breastfeeding their newborn is an important goal for many women. There is much to learn about breastfeeding, and women with diabetes may wonder if there are specific diabetes-related considerations. Here, I address some common questions and challenges for women with diabetes who choose […]

Diabetes Is a Heavy Stone

I woke up early this morning, feeling not rested, achy. Today was the first day in many days that I was able to sleep in, and I’ve been so burnt out lately that I really thought I would. But I didn’t. I woke up around 7, unsettled. I’ve been having a rough few days, so […]

Are My Joint Issues Due to Being Active, Normal Aging, or Diabetes?

Living with diabetes often leads me to wonder if what I’m experiencing — particularly when it’s an irritated joint or an overuse injury — is a consequence of being a regularly physically active person, getting older, or having diabetes, or some combination of those. Which one of these is causing my joint issues? Is it […]

What It IS

Scrolling around the research on the lived experience of having a disability to find two studies, one British and one from the US. The British study showed that 1/4 of Britons would choose to avoid conversational contact with peopleShow More Summary

What an AMRAP Workout Is and Why Trainers Love Them

Here's what AMRAP means and an explanation of the physiological and psychological benefits of this popular, trainer-favorite workout protocol.

Are Nipple Bumps Normal or Something to Worry About?

Those little bumps you may have noticed around your nipples actually serve a pretty interesting purpose.

15 Healthy Ways to Use Up Thanksgiving Leftovers

Consider your leftovers the ultimate meal prep. These quick, healthy recipes are perfect for Thanksgiving weekend.

All the Black Friday 2017 and Cyber Monday Deals for People Who Love Workout Clothes

We've rounded up some of the best sales all active women can appreciate. Learn about all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday workout apparel sales here.

Why Model Martha Hunt’s Gymnastics Tool Is Amazing for Your Whole Body

Martha Hunt recently showed off an exercise using gymnastics rings. Read on to learn how rings can add a full-body stability challenge to any exercise.

Stop Overthinking Thanksgiving Dinner—It's Just One Meal

There's nothing to feel guilty about. Shift your mindset, enjoy your food, and have an awesome time with your friends and family.

8 Things You Should Know If You Get Recurrent UTIs

Urologists weigh in on how to deal with frequent UTIs, including upping your water intake to talking to your doctor about an antibiotic regimen.

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