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FDA Approves Consumer BRCA Test, And We Take Another Step Into The Brave New World Of Genomics

The approval by the Food and Drug Administration of 23andMe’s BRCA test is bound to create a discussion about the merits and pitfalls of direct to consumer genetic testing for cancer risk. It is also going to add fuel to a growing fire...Show More Summary

Why Kate Upton’s Twist on Hip Thrusts Is a Great Butt-Strengthening Move

Here's why Kate Upton's hip thrust exercise is a great move for working your glutes, and how to do the butt-strengthening move yourself.

13 Drugstore Products That Are as Good as Luxury, According to Beauty Editors

Beauty favorites like La Mer, Nars, and Too Faced can be pricey! These drugstore products have similar results at an affordable price, according to beauty pros.

Why Panic Attacks Can Make You Feel Like You're Hallucinating

Meghan Trainor explains that she felt severe anxiety and depression, including panic attacks that made her feel like she was hallucinating.

One year posttransplant, recipients of hepatitis C kidneys disease-free

In a small study, doctors have successfully transplanted 10 hepatitis C-infected kidneys into patients without hepatitis C and prevented the patients from becoming infected by hepatitis C. The success of these transplants could mean more organs being available for the nearly 100,000 people in the US currently waiting for a kidney transplant.

Pan-Seared Salmon With Coconut Mustard Greens and Quinoa

Mustard greens have a slightly spicy bite that fits perfectly into this quick weeknight dinner.

5 Minutes

The day before, a professional triathlete gave me this advice: “You must keep moving. You cannot stop.” I had just completed 11.9 miles of the Pikes Peak Ascent (PPA), a half marathon that ranges from an elevation of 6,300 feet in Manitou Springs, CO to the 14,115 feet summit of Pikes Peak, and reached the Cirque Aid Station. Show More Summary

Broadly neutralizing antibody treatment may target viral reservoir in monkeys

After receiving a course of antiretroviral therapy for their HIV-like infection, approximately half of a group of monkeys infused with a broadly neutralizing antibody to HIV combined with an immune stimulatory compound suppressed the virus for six months without additional treatment, according to a new study. Show More Summary

Marinated Fennel With White Beans and Raisins

The longer this fennel salad sits, the better it’ll taste, so consider making it the night before and letting it chill in the fridge.

16 Delicious Ways to Eat Beans Instead of Meat

For Meatless Monday and beyond. If you're looking for meatless meals that still taste meaty, these bean recipes are just what you need.

How I Learned About Sex: Jenny Lumet

Screenwriter Jenny Lumet talks to SELF about teaching sex to kids, the emotional toll of sex on women, and what chickens had to do with her sexual education.

Dry Eyes: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Dry eyes—Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes, treatment of decreased production of tears.

Work Your Core, Arms, and Chest With This Push-Up Variation From J. Lo's Trainer

J.Lo's trainer, David Kirsch, shared a Spiderman push-up on Instagram. Here's how to do the tough move, and a seven-step progression to work up to it.

Non-smokers with oral precancerous lesions at increased risk of cancer

(University of British Columbia) Although tobacco use is still one of the strongest risk factors associated with mouth cancers, precancerous lesions in the mouths of non-smokers are more likely to progress to cancer than those in smokers, new research from the University of British Columbia has found.

16 Must-Read Memoirs About Health Written by Women

The best way to understand something is to experience it yourself—or to listen to the stories of those who have. Here, 16 must-read health memoirs.

Combating childhood obesity by preventing 'fatty liver' in fetus

(The Physiological Society) New research published in The Journal of Physiology indicates that an obese pregnant mother and exposure to a high fat, high sugar diet during pregnancy produces a 'fatty liver' in the fetus, potentially predisposing children to obesity, metabolic and cardiovascular disorders later in life.

This Mom Received an Anonymous Complaint From a Neighbor About Her Son With Autism

A mother posted an anonymous letter she received that complains about the noises her son with autism makes.

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