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A Letter To Someone Who Will Never Read It

To The Handsome Young Man at the Movie Theatre, I know what you saw. Of course I do. I have lived in my body and 'the community' for a very long time. I have seen myself reflected in the glass of the mirror and reflected in the eyes of those, like you, repulsed by me. Show More Summary

31 of the Best Signs From the March for Science

The March for Science took place on Saturday in 518 cities around the world, including ones in all 50 states, to call for evidence-based government policy.

Stars Come Out to Help End The Global Water Crisis

The Thirst Gala is an annual star-studded event aimed at raising awareness of the global water crisis.

Sean McKenna: Life With AIDS Isn't So Damn "Fabulous"

Last December I attended the most moving, transcendent World AIDS Day program I have witnessed in years. That's not saying much, of course. These evenings are usually well-meaning but maudlin, featuring tearful eulogies while we hold up candles that drip on our fingers and we revisit personal losses that I put to rest a long time ago. Show More Summary

9 Best Foam and Mousse Beauty Products for Skin and Hair

These nine foam- and mousse-based beauty products deliver major skin and hair benefits with a lighter-than-air texture.

Playing Music.

Though I do read music, I hate playing scores. My mind sees the notes that comprise the chord on a page and will fight to play anything except those actual positions, preferring to find my own chord spellings. However, entering rehearsals...Show More Summary

The 15 Most-Pinned Healthy Dinner Recipes on Pinterest

Pin it to win it. These 15 healthy dinner recipes are delicious and super popular—they were among the most-pinned ideas of 2016.

March For Science: Will You Include Autism?

By Teresa Conrick Today, Saturday, April 22nd, is March for Science Day. In Washington DC and in 517 locations around the world, supporters will be marching to, --- "unapologetically advocate for science and all members of the scientific community.....The March...

Even Us

It took some work but we managed to replace the footrest on my chair. We found a company, Reliable Medical Supply who were able to assist us quickly, easily, and without fuss. I rode out of the building, the new footrest on and I felt completely restored. Show More Summary

15 Women Share Why They’re Walking in the March For Science

We talked to neuroscientists, activists, and more to find out why they're participating in the March for Science.

5 Moves That Will Sculpt Your Booty

Peach emoji, IRL. These are the butt exercises trainer Jessica Bolbach of KORE New York suggests you should do to get a stronger, more sculpted butt.

9 STD Myths You Shouldn't Believe

Your body will thank you for not believing these myths about sexually transmitted infections. Here, ob/gyns separate truth from fiction.

7 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Help the Environment

These small ways to help the environment can make a big difference. Learn how to start a compost pile, recycle anything, and the small dietary change that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Bebe Will Close All of Its Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Affordable fashion brand Bebe faces financial hardship, announcing that it will be shuttering all of its lasting retail stores by the end of May.

The Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Is Basically One Giant Sugar Bomb

An R.D.N. took a look at the ingredients in Starbucks' popular new Unicorn Frappuccino—and it's the equivalent of eating 20 cubes of sugar.

The Cluttered Consequences of Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue

Multiple sclerosis causes debilitating fatigue. The following photographs show, without censorship, what my fatigue leaves undone. The homes of everyone I know have living rooms without sweaters tossed over the back of chairs. Their floors are not an obstacle course. Show More Summary

Serena Williams’ Pregnancy Has Nothing to Do With Her Tennis Career

Serena Williams announced her pregnancy this week and some are already questioning whether her tennis career will suffer. One mom shares her personal story on career and family.

Dr. Mark Wainberg, Pioneering HIV Research Doctor, Dies at 71 Years Old

Dr. Mark Wainberg, microbiologist and creator of 3TC passed away and left a legacy of advocacy behind for other passionate scientists, researchers, and activists to follow.

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