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Part 2 Grist For the Mill For the Turning of Backs: When Family Defects from the Defective

Teresa Elliot, “Deliverence” Grist For the Mill For the Turning of Backs: When Family Defects from the Defective Part 2 Read part 1 here. By Adriana Gamondes Bearers of the Unbearable Bear If bystanders or the professionals who originally diagnosed...

“Nice pump.”

“Can I please have an iced coffee?  No sweetener, please,” I said to the girl behind the counter at the coffee shop.  The snow was falling fast outside, but she expertly kept her eyebrows steady at my request for an almost frozen beverage. “Sure thing.”  Her hands deftly hit the right buttons on the ordering pad.  Without looking up, she...

New vaccine technology shows promise as a tool to combat the opioid crisis

An experimental heroin vaccine induced antibodies that prevented the drug from crossing the blood-brain barrier in mice and rats.

Sugar-Free Low-Carb Everything Bagel

This easy low-carb, sugar-free everything bagel is gluten-free, keto and made in under 30 minutes! I’ve got news for you, friends. You can enjoy a bagel and still lose weight if you need to. Some of you might be new around here and aren’t on the low-carb band wagon yet. Others know exactly what I’m […]

Detecting cancer much earlier with use of tiny optical tweezers

Researchers show how optical tweezers, which use beams of light to grip and manipulate tiny objects, including cells, can be miniaturized, opening the door to creating devices small enough to be inserted into the bloodstream to trap individual cancer cells and diagnose cancer in its earliest stages. Show More Summary

The 14 Most Popular Healthy Recipes on Pinterest in 2017

The pinning people have spoken. If you need speedy meals, these easy-to-make 14 recipes were the most-pinned healthy recipes on Pinterest in 2017.

Here’s the Only Time You Actually Need Labia Surgery

Hint: You probably don’t actually need labia surgery. Here, experts discuss medical reasons why they would perform labiaplasty.

Watch: Rudolph the Broken Pancreas

Humor is one way to cope with a chronic medical condition. In this video, Danica and her mom share a parody of the song “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and tailors it to her broken pancreas.

8 Things to Know About Excruciatingly Painful Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are one of the most horrible types of pain you can experience, according to experts.

Autism Reflections and the Jesse Tree

By Cathy Jameson Every evening for the last two weeks, I’ve read a page from a book called The Jesse Tree. Bought years ago when I was still teaching, the book rests on a shelf in my living room for...

"But," He Said

"Who design's this shit anyway," he said angrily as I asked him to move so I could get through the passageway from the restroom and into the restaurant area. I was taken aback because he had been nice and accommodating when I'd asked him going in. Show More Summary

Study prompts new ideas on cancers’ origins

Cancer therapies often target cells that grow and divide rapidly, such as stem cells, but in studying how stomach cancers occur, researchers found that even when the stomach isn't able to make stem cells, other cells in the stomach can begin to divide and contribute to precancerous lesions.

3 Reasons Why We Get Cravings

I can no longer focus on the task at hand. My mind begins to wander. I begin to map out my journey to the pantry or the kitchen fridge. My thoughts have been taken over by that slice of cake, that block of chocolate, or packet of biscuits. I convince myself that I won’t be […]

Cheaper Medicine for Being Compliant?

How would you feel about access to cheaper medicine in return for proving compliance? With the ever-increasing costs of medical care, there have been many incentives that aim to improve patient compliance, from seeking preventative care to taking their medications as prescribed. Several years ago, I participated in an employer-run initiative in order to receive […]

Let’s Talk About the Myth of Running for Weight Loss

If you're trying to lose weight, logging more miles may not be the best way. Here's why steady-state running isn't the most efficient weight-loss method, and what is.

What Opinion Isn't

I was harshly criticized recently for publishing something on my Facebook page that someone else thought was 'inspiration porn'. I admit that when I posted it, I saw that it could be taken that way, but there was something about the intense dignity of the child, who was the subject of the video, that I wanted to share. Show More Summary

Bruise Treatments That Actually Work Are Few and Far Between

Looking for bruise treatments that actually work. Here, dermatologists share your options (and offer a reality check).

Exercise to Lower Your Risk of Dying (Prematurely) with Type 1 Diabetes

Much of the research on length of life for individuals living with type 1 diabetes is pessimistic, which makes a new study released recently a breath of fresh air. Data were collected for the ongoing nationwide, multi-center, Finnish Diabetic Nephropathy (FinnDiane) Study that tracked the death rate of 2,639 study participants for an average of […]

CDC Chief and Financial Conflicts

The swamp sure is full still..... CDC Director can't work on matters regarding Opioids and Cancer - and is hobnobbing with Bill and Melinda Gates. Can we get her to recuse herself from all things autism? Wait, CDC has already...

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