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SB 277 Passes Education Committee - The Battle for California - Part 3

By Kent Heckenlively, Esq. SB277 passes Education Committee 7-2: "Your politicians are a lot more dishonest than our politicians," a friend from Oregon told me the other night, comparing the fight against vaccine mandates in his state to California. "But...

Take The First Step

Good news! You don't have to do much to get most of the benefits of exercise. You just have to do SOMETHING! As little as 20 minutes a day is OK... The post Take The First Step appeared first on Diabetes Self-Management.

Dairy Fat and Diabetes

A new study shows that high-fat dairy products may help prevent Type 2 diabetes. Should you ignore long-standing recommendations against eating these foods? The post Dairy Fat and Diabetes appeared first on Diabetes Self-Management.

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon Stacks Deck in favor of Controversial Vaccination Bill - SB277

In a rare act of outright rigging the results of a vote on SB 277, President Pro Tem, Kevin de Leon, reconfigured the Senate Education Committee to stack deck in favor of passing SB277. De Leon filled a position on...

Autism and the Microbiome: Following the Clues of Damage - PART 1

By Teresa Conrick I have a daughter who has a diagnosis of both AUTISM and AUTOIMMUNITY. They are connected and not just for her but for thousands like her. Megan regressed after receiving a Thimerosal-containing Hib vaccine and the MMR...

?????Love, Pregnancy and Science

In the first-of-its-kind book, Positively Negative, we meet two couples who strive to have a child the old-fashioned way, even though in both couples, the man has HIV. In this excerpt, Susan and Dan Hartmann try for a family by using treatment as prevention and timed sex, just as researchers were discovering whether that would work. Contributor: Jacob Anderson-... read more

Heart Disease Prevention - Why And How Smoking Should Be Curbed?

Smoking is responsible for many other cancers and health problems that include lung disease, heart disease, blood vessel disease, stroke, and COPD. Quit smoking seems to be the only way to prevent from getting all those diseases mentioned. Show More Summary

Are We Ready For Inexpensive, Patient Directed Genetic Testing For Breast Cancer?

Years ago when I first started this blog I wrote about the democratization of information, and how people would come to an era where they had ready access to information yet reserved the right to determine whether that information was...Show More Summary

PHOTOS: This is What 50 Looks Like When You Have HIV

A new traveling art exhibit captures the words and faces of people living with HIV long past their 50th birthday. read more

Dachel Media Update: California Vaccine Exemption Restrictions

By Anne Dachel Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump. The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs. It seems that members of...

Study: HIV Can Replicate in Brains as Early as Four Months

Researchers say new evidence shows importance of early diagnosis. Contributor: Katie Peoples read more

On Wednesday Keep One Eye On California and One Eye On Vermont

Center: Senate Health and Welfare Committee Chair, Sen. Claire Ayer, D-Addison. A short debate on the Vermont Senate floor ensued over the amendment, which the parents seemed to be winning, so a recess was called, followed by mayhem and dirty...

AHF Reinstates Advocacy Funding and They Totally Mean It This Time

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has quietly reinstated funding to a Louisiana AIDS advocacy event, two weeks after pulling their support because one of its organizers is involved in a whistleblower lawsuit against AHF. And they really mean it this time -- and would prefer that we believe the withdrawal of support never happened. Read more...

Where Is Generic Insulin?

When I turned 65 last month, it was time to deal with that dreaded entity, Medicare. The biggest surprise was the prescription list... The post Where Is Generic Insulin? appeared first on Diabetes Self-Management.

Public Health and Pop Culture? Joining the Conversation to Raise Awareness for HIV

Through our Twitter , Facebook , and Instagram  channels, we share a wide range of resources on HIV/AIDS and new media. We also share resources during popular cultural events by using hashtags to join the online conversation. For example, during the Super Bowl  and Academy Awards, we use #superbowl  and #oscars  to reach people who may not...

State of Plague, Part 3: Disease-Mongering as Militarized Trojan Horse for Globalization and Surveillance

Read Parts 1 and Part 2 of this ten part series. By Adriana Gamondes Though jail sounds drastic, it could be the only way to send a strong message about the deadly consequences of failing to vaccinate children. ~Alex Berezow,...

If the Auto Industry Were Run Like Vaccines

By Kent Heckenlively, Esq. In this epic fight for the future of the human race I find nothing so refreshing as a little sarcasm. Please enjoy this video sent to me by a dear reader. It was produced by Mike...

Ask the Therapist: Why Does Her PrEP Use Make Me Feel Weird?

My girlfriend told me she wants to go on PrEP. I’m OK with condoms and she said she is too; she just wants extra protection. I have a lot of feelings coming up about my status, like I’m damaged goods or something. I’m afraid she’s going to talk herself out of wanting to stay with me. read more

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