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#59 of Our Most Amazing HIV-Positive People of 2016: Kristopher Sharp

This former foster kid made national headlines for standing up to a homophobic and HIV-stigmatizing college smear campaign.

May Is…National Egg Month!

You might be excited to learn about all the great things that eggs can do for your health, your diabetes, and your meals! The post May Is…National Egg Month! appeared first on Diabetes Self-Management.

Free Over-the-Phone Hearing Tests in May

If you're concerned that you may have hearing loss, you'll want to sign up for the free, over-the-phone hearing tests being offered in May... The post Free Over-the-Phone Hearing Tests in May appeared first on Diabetes Self-Manageme...

PRODUCT REVIEW: Diabetes Cases That Fit ANY Size Glucose Meter

Mary Day has done something very clever: she’s removed the part of most meter cases that wraps around your glucose meter…and replaced it with a huge patch of velcro. Then, when you order a case, she also sends you the other side of that velcro so you can cut out a small square to go […]

Our Advantage Is Your Advantage

“Mile 20 is the hardest. I always hit a mental wall and think about giving up. But, what keeps me going is thinking about you and all of those who have diabetes who complete marathons. I think about how you all fight through so many challenges with keeping your blood sugar stable and are able […]

Gut Problems In Autism May Originate In Genes.... SERIOUSLY?

NOTE: Of interest to our readers, CHOP, home of vaccine apologist Dr. Paul Offit, just received millions for their autism research.... in genetics. Another nauseating wave of busy work while our children grow older and families drown. Biz Journals: CHOP...

BHARE Foundation: Small Size Yet BIG Plans

By Teresa Conrick Here is an excerpt of a letter I just received from one of my favorite Autism Organizations. Since Megan's regression into AUTISM, my life has centered on research that connects the gut and brain -- THE MICROBIOME....

Where is Zika in the U.S.?

This map shows that travel-related cases have been found in most states.

Setting Up My Dexcom G5 System: It Could Have Been Better

Yes, I’m one of those: I had a Dexcom G4 and was all excited about it the first few weeks and months and then my enthusiasm waned. But really there’s a very good reason. My life is generally very predictable and routine. I work at home, and so can control my food and exercise. So after […]

Traveling Thoughts

Something that I didn’t realize until I found the Diabetes Online Community almost 4 years ago now, was how much traveling can affect our blood sugars. I mean like the literally being in an airplane part of traveling. I used to travel with my old job all the time. And I honestly never paid much attention […]

The Autism Beatitudes

By Cathy Jameson In trying to hold tightly to my usual hopefully-ever-after spirit, this post was created with the warrior parent and their beautiful child in mind. These parents and their children have shaped many of us into the people...

Why Full-Fat Dairy May Reduce Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Time recently reported on some recent research that shows we may reduce our type 2 diabetes risk by indulging in full-fat dairy versus low-fat dairy Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian and team studied blood samples of 3,333 adults participating in the Nurses’ Health Study of Professionals Follow-up Study derived over approximately 15 years. The study found that the […]

HIV-Positive Protagonists, Part Two (Video)

In this episode we're looking at a selections of TV movies from 1985-1994. Also introducing the MLP Factor™, as well as asking about the term "innocent" as it applies to those living with HIV. Read more...

LISTEN: When Parent and Child Disagree About Diabetes Care Methods

This week’s conversation centers around three topics: Arden’s last endo visit, managing sporting events with diabetes, and my reaction to Arden when she resists the care methods that I think are best. I also address some things I’ve seen on Facebook and say chit chat one too many times. Referenced Blog Posts Be Badass Omnipod and CGM […]

The Age of Polio: Explosion. Part 3.

By Dan Olmsted Our story so far: In April 1916, record shipments of raw sugar poured into New York City, including 14,051 tons delivered from Hawaii to San Francisco by the steamship Mexican, then overland by train for the first...

Would Arthroplasty Raise Heart Attack Risk?

Osteoarthritis (OA), also known as degenerative joint disease, is the most common form of arthritis in the United States. It affects around 13.9 percent of adults aged 25 and older, and 33.6 percent of those over 65. The disease often occurs in the joints of the hand, spine, hips, knees and great toes, and affects the entire joint. Show More Summary

Dachel Media Update: San Francisco Chronicle In A Fog Over VaxXed

By Anne Dachel Here are two stories published by the San Francisco Chronicle, a month apart. In the April 28th story about "Vaxxed," the reporter actually acknowledged who William Thompson is. In the story from March 30, also about "Vaxxed,"...

Diabetes is a Full-Time Job

This week I saw a photo pop up in my Facebook feed which shared that diabetes is a full-time job. I read it at a vulnerable moment after a few back-to-back AWFUL blood sugar days…some of it was out of my control, and some of it was (bad food choices)–which was even worse. It struck […]

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