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Diabetes in 30 Seconds: Choosing the Best Insulin Pump Infusion Site for You!

You have options: If you use an insulin pump, make sure you know the differences between these two styles of infusion sites for insulin pumps…so you can choose the best option for you! Photo credit: Medtronic

DAY 2: Healthy Love Habits Challenge

Welcome to Day 2 of the 3 Day Healthy Love Habits Challenge! I hope you enjoyed Day 1, followed through with the action items, shared and supported your fellow challengers online, and found that it added value to your life. Let’s keep our efforts strong today, and for the rest of the challenge! Just one more […]

Arizona State U Autism Treatment Effectiveness Survey

Autism Treatment Effectiveness Survey You are invited to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments for autism. Those include medications, nutritional supplements, diets, therapies, and education. Our goal is to learn which treatments are most effective. Survey results will be posted on...

Voodoo Science: The Myth of Vaccine Efficacy

Printed with permission Gary Null, PhD December 5, 2015 Progressive Radio Network The two pillars upon which the entire edifice of vaccinology rest are that vaccines are safe and effective. We are told by our medical and federal authorities, physicians,...

WATCH: Sht Gay Guys Say About PrEP

Video for NYC healthcare provider promotes finding out more about HIV prevention.

12 Weeks to a Hep C Cure?

The CDC reports that liver disease is the leading cause of non-AIDS-related deaths among people with HIV.

Making a Living with Diabetes: Disability

Working a job with diabetes can be tough, sometimes impossible. If you run out of work options, you may qualify for disability pay. Here are some things to consider... The post Making a Living with Diabetes: Disability appeared first on Diabetes Self-Management.

Dachel Media Update: Whoops! Pertussis Vaxxing is Waning.

By Anne Dachel They're talking about it all over the news. The current whooping cough vaccine doesn't work long term. Vaccine industry insider, Dr. Paul Offit, was featured in CBS News and USA Today lamenting that the old version of...

To Pump or Not to Pump, That is the Question

A few weeks ago, I went to an insulin pump information evening. And I must say that I was quite keen on the idea after that night despite the politics of it all, which you can read about here. The promise of better control, long term health, insulin dose calculator, ease of insulin delivery and the statement that “very […]

Inhaled Insulin Flops Again

Afrezza, the second inhaled insulin product to reach the market, is suffering from disappointing sales — just like the first attempt at inhaled insulin. Is the idea of inhaled insulin doomed, or could another attempt succeed? The post Inhaled Insulin Flops Again appeared first on Diabetes Self-Management.

Red Velvet Donuts and Cupcakes

These beautiful, low-carb, and delicious red velvet cupcakes and donuts are a perfect treat for you and your Valentine!

DAY 1: Healthy Love Habits Challenge

Last month we had a great response to our 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge, so we decided to collaborate and have a challenge each month! Healthier habits are something that we are all after in some aspect, and something that we can all benefit from anytime. This month we are focusing on healthy LOVE habits! […]

Illinois Father Loses Job, Kills Wife, 18 Year Old with Autism, Self

Here s the ultimate in the unthinkable. Dad lost job at 55. Killed wife, 18 y/o w autism, and then self. God bless them and keep us all safe from the depths of utter and total despair. Autism is hard...

The Revisionist History of Autism

y Anne Dachel Two times previously I’ve written about the incredible coverage of In a Different Key, by John Donvan and Caren Zucker. Oct 8, 2015 Jan 20, 2016 Below are stories about Donvan and Zucker since the beginning of...

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