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Awesome Self Advocacy Tool for Students: PowerPoint Presentation

One of the many things I enjoy about my job is collaborating with colleagues. I talked with a Deaf and Hard of Hearing teacher about a high school student I work with. I wondered how I could get him to talk to his teachers about his hearing needs and how they can help him in the classroom. Show More Summary

Deaf High School Student Wants to Start ASL Club

A high school freshman student just transferred from another school system to one of the high schools where I serve dhh students as an itinerant or "traveling" deaf/hh teacher. She is profoundly deaf and uses sign language (mixture of English signs and ASL). Show More Summary

Role Models: Deaf and Hard of Hearing STEM Professionals

When discussing successful people who happen to be deaf and hard of hearing, most of my students are familiar with well known professionals in the entertainment business such as Marlee Matlin and Sean Berdy. This is great, but thereShow More Summary

Great App!! Bitsboard

Bitsboard: the best educational app ever! All you need is an iPad or a Tablet. It helps you create individual boards of images or words and you can use them to create all sorts of games and learning activities. It makes tracking student progress a breeze. Show More Summary


So my son tells me the ASL students at school have started telling him he is making mistakes with his signing. They are learning some different signs then he uses. Now what is interesting to me is when I was first learning I was told that you go with what the deaf person uses. Show More Summary

Where do I Start? Scream Therapy?

It has been awhile since I have posted. Life does that to people. It sweeps them away on different tangents sometimes floating far from where we start. Leaving us to swim back and get anchored. I have a few thoughts, not all very interesting, and I guess I will just vomit them out. Show More Summary

In Defense Of The Arts

I love this picture. It was taken while my son was goofing off before curtain a little over a year ago. I love how comfortable he is in his skin.He was the only deaf kid in the play which had a lot of improv. He was a principal and the only middle school kid cast as such. Show More Summary

Beginning the School Year: Setting Up Technology for Deaf/HH Students

As usual, summer went by quickly. The school year is about to begin! I am trying my best to get ready. I tend to focus on getting technology ready for students and teachers to use within the first weeks of school. The technology usually includes FM systems and listening devices. Show More Summary

Speak up! Spread the Word About Captions!

I am at a conference about educating students with disabilities with an emphasis on using technology. I am really enjoying my time and learning a lot! However, some presenters and developers of software for students and educators to use forget to caption the videos included. Show More Summary

At last, society at large heard Deaf people's grumbles especially Deaf-Blind

Surprisingly, the world of French filmaking and society at large surely heard the grumbles among Deaf and Deaf-blind people regard to the film casting of Deaf roles."Marie's Story" film still haven't cast the real Deaf-blind individual...Show More Summary

Video: How to Change BTE Hearing Aid Tubes

Great video tutorial on how to change a behind-the-ear hearing tube (generic, typical sized tube), not for the newer models with the super skinny tubes. You can buy hearing aid tubes online or get them from your audiologist or hearing aid dispenser. You will need to find out what size and type you will need. Hope this helps! (e

Students. The Things They Say and Do!

My students never fail to crack me up, challenge me, and break my heart. Here are some examples: Young student will whip out his invisible phone from time to time pretending to talk to someone. When he does this while working, I sign to him to hang up and that he needs to work. Show More Summary

Radio Host Discusses His Hearing and the Trouble With Ambient Noise

On the way to work in the morning, I like to listen to Q100's The Bert Show on the radio. It is hosted by Bert Weiss, Jeff Dauler, and Kristin Klingshirn. Most of the time I have no problem understanding the radio show hosts. However,...Show More Summary

Clear Surgical Mask for Lip Readers

Some of my students who are interested in working in the medical field have asked about how they would be able to communicate with medical staff members wearing surgical masks. For many people who rely on lip reading, trying to communicate with someone whose mouth is covered can be a headache or impossible. Show More Summary

Why Did I Choose Advanced Bionics?

I decided to do a little spring cleaning to my inbox and I noticed that my sent folder was overflowing with emails answering why I picked Advanced Bionics for my cochlear implant. It seems that after a 100 or so emails, I have unknowingly created this wonderful base for this blog. Show More Summary

Binaural HINT Scores.

Hi!The following blog is brought to you by: Without it, there isn't anything getting done around this blog here. But through the miraculous powers of the coffee plant, I was able to devise this rather inspiring little chart of all my HINT (Hearing In Noise Test) scores. Show More Summary

Northeast Cochlear Implant Convention 2009

I will be attending the Northeast Cochlear Implant Convention 2009 on July 10 - 12, 2009 at the Sturbridge Host Hotel & Conference Center in Sturbridge, MA where none other Josh Swiller who is not only pretty easy on the eyes but the...Show More Summary

HLAA Convention - June 18-21st

Hearing Loss Association of America is holding its annual convention AND celebrating its 30th birthday in Nashville, Tennessee at the monolithic Gaylord Hotel on June 18th to the 21st. You can check out the convention registration package and rates here. Show More Summary

Your Hearing, Your Life - Free Seminar in Melville, NY

I'm attending this free Seminar on May 11th, 7-9pm at the Melville Marriott Hotel in Melville, NY on candidacy and advancing technology in the treatment of hearing loss. Sponsored by Advanced Bionics.Featuring Speakers from North Shore Medical Group, Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Show More Summary

First Bilateral Mapping...

This week has proven not be superfluous but surprisingly productive towards the end. The first couple of days, I would be sprawled out on my recliner, cupping my chin in my hand and staring into space wondering why in the HELL everything was plinking. Show More Summary

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