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Worth reading: US gun violence, environmental racism, and attempts to rebrand “abstinence only”

Recent pieces address the Parkland shooting and US gun violence in general; what the Trump budget would mean for US pandemic response; a new EPA report demonstrating environmental racism; Trump administration attempts to rebrand "abstinence-only" education; and more.

The CDC Can't Fund Gun Research. What if that Changed?

Scientists want to know more about risk factors, gun epidemiology, and whether laws work.

What Sea Slugs Can Teach Us About Saving the Environment

It turns out that kleptopredation is an environmentally friendly strategy. Perhaps there really is honor among thieves.

Demonstrations of Bernoulli's Principle You Can Try at Home

To understand Bernoulli's principle, it helps to think of air as a bunch of tiny balls.

The Flavor Matrix Helps Home Cooks Pair Foods According to their Flavor Molecules

It teaches readers about the volatile compounds in food, and how to combine them in their cooking.

Wanna See Around Corners? Better Get Yourself a Laser

A clever system uses lasers and algorithms to map out-of-sight objects in 3-D. That could be great news for self-driving cars.

New Food Preservation Technology Means No Need to Refrigerate

Scientists are experimenting with everything from microwave sterilization to blasts of plasma to ensure food stays appetizing longer.

Elusive Higgs-Like State Created in Exotic Materials

Two teams of physicists have figured out how to create a "mini universe," which could help researchers understand the strange behavior of deeply quantum systems.

“Occupational health literacy”: a concept deserving attention in public health

A 2014 study on teen worker safety introduced me to the term "occupational health literacy." It's a concept that deserves attention.

Trump’s new short-term health plan could destabilize the ACA market (which is probably the point)

For now, it seems congressional leadership has given up on a full-throated repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Their new, less-visible repeal strategy is just ignoring the health reform law altogether.

Business group testifies: “Congress, we want OSHA regulations and don’t cut funds for training grants

The Tree Care Industry Association has a refreshing message for Congress: OSHA is not our enemy. They want an OSHA regulation for their industry and think OSHA grants for safety training should be preserved.

Space Photos of the Week: 410 Lights Years Away, a Proto-Saturn Comes to Life

After a star forms, a leftover ring of dust and gas eventually forms into planets.

If You Want a Robot to Stop Screwing Up, Hold Its Hand

We can't trust robots to learn everything on their own. For one startup, the solution is a very human touch.

GPS Isn't Very Secure. Here's Why We Need A Backup

The 24 satellites that keep GPS running in the US aren't especially secure. So private and federal groups are working on alternatives.

The Subtle Nudges That Could Unhook Us From Our Phones

People need help deciding where to place their attention. Tech companies could help ease our time-inconsistency.

The Secret to a High Tech Concierge Medical Office? Data

Managing electronic medical records is still a pain, but if a start-up can figure it out, better records could lead to new cures

Watch NOAA's New GOES-S Weather Satellite Launch Live

Assuming the 11,500-pound spacecraft makes it into geostationary orbit safely, it'll go by GOES-17.

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