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CDC instructed not to use seven words, including “evidence-based,” in budget documents

We’re fully into Orwellian territory now. The Washington Post’s Lena H. Sun and Juliet Eilperin reported Friday evening that a group of CDC employees were told not to use seven words in official budget documents: “vulnerable,” “fetus,” “transgender,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “evidence-based,” and “science-based.”

Why the CDC’s “7 banned words” is worse than you think

Yesterday, the Washington Post broke a story noting that CDC officials are no longer allowed to use the following seven words: “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based” as part of a larger Orwellian attack on science at large and specific communities and topics more generally. Show More Summary

Nonsense from Trump on cutting regulations, shows no love for coal miners

President Trump boasted yesterday at a photo op of his plans to cut the "red tape of regulations." His regulatory agenda ignores his crush on coal miners by threatening current rules to prevent black lung disease.

Work-related injuries 60 percent higher than Labor Department estimates

Hospital records and workers' compensation data from Michigan reveals many more crushing-type injuries occur on the job than suggested by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Occupational Health News Roundup

An Oklahoma rehab center funnels forced free labor into private industry; the National Labor Relations Board reconsiders Obama-era union election rules; farmworkers at risk from California's wildfire smoke; and domestic workers organize for greater labor rights in Seattle.

Worth reading: Maternal mortality, hurricanes, and workplace sexual harassment

Recent pieces address why black women in the US are so much more likely to die during or after childbirth; death and disease in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria; and several aspects of workplace sexual harassment, from problems in specific industries to solutions from leaders in their fields.

Government auditors validate safety complaints from meat and poultry workers

An investigation by GAO of the meatpacking and poultry industry validates concerns raised by workers about fear of losing their jobs if they report safety problems, and being denied access to the bathroom and proper medical care for injuries.

Advocates: Trump’s proposed budget cuts are a ‘white flag of surrender’ in global HIV/AIDS fight

On the day before World AIDS Day, the White House put out a statement saying “we reaffirm our ongoing commitment to end AIDS as a public health threat.” Advocates are waiting — and hoping for — that same sentiment to materialize into policy.

Another problem with GOP tax bill: “Paid family leave fig leaf”

The Senate tax-slashing bill contains a paltry paid-leave proposal that would give money to corporations already providing paid family leave.

Study on H3N2 flu virus calls into question egg-based vaccine production

Scott Hensley wants to make one thing clear: You should still get a flu shot after reading this article.

Firefighters and cancer: “I want to have a life after I retire”

Firefighters report they are more concerned about getting cancer from their job than about the other health dangers they face.

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