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In San Francisco’s Big Oil lawsuit, Climate Science Gets a Day in Court

San Francisco and Oakland are suing oil companies for money to protect against sea level rise.

Climate Change Will Not Make Us Nicer

A recent study found that people who grow up in places with mild weather are more agreeable and outgoing. What does that mean in a world of climate extremes?

How the Jaegers in Pacific Rim Uprising Violate Physics

Sometimes real science isn't nearly as exciting as pretend science.

Study examines safety perspectives of cannabis workers

A survey of cannabis workers in Colorado reflects a growing interest by occupational health professionals to research and publicize worker safety for the rapidly growing industry.

Occupational Health News Roundup

Striking West Virginia educators are inspiring teachers across the country; U.S. appeals court rules that bias laws also prohibit workplace discrimination against transgender people; Austin extends its new paid sick leave rule to city temp workers; and congressional Democrats introduce legislation to protect workers' tips.

County Health Rankings: Big health gaps persist by race and place

This year’s County Health Rankings elevate the intrinsic connections between health and opportunity, underscoring the considerable inequities that put certain communities at greater risk of poor health and disease.

Mine safety violator offers idiotic ideas for deregulation

The CEO of an investment company with coal mine holdings has ludicrous ideas about worker safety. He thinks coal miners should rely on their natural instincts to be safe. He says emergency breathing equipment, rescue chambers, and proximity detectors are a waste of money.

Louise Slaughter: Champion of women’s rights and public health

U.S. Representative Louise Slaughter has died at age 88, after three decades of fighting for women's rights and public health in Congress.

Latest data on working conditions in global supply chains, March 2018 edition

The latest resource list on articles and reports describing unsafe and illegal working conditions in global supply chains producing consumer goods for the world economy.  In addition to the usual tales of exploitation and woe, there have been victories for supply chain workers over the past several months.

More disturbing news about Title X

In addition to a problematic funding announcement, the Title X program faces grantee selection from an abstinence-only advocate and the threat of elimination from House Republicans.

Advocates raise alarm over language, omissions in new Title X funding announcement

About two weeks ago, federal health officials released a new funding announcement for the nation’s Title X family planning program, which serves millions of women each year. In the entire 60-page document, you won’t find the words “contraception” or “contraceptive” mentioned even once.

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