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UCS documents neglect and degradation of science advisory committees

A new analysis from the Union of Concerned Scientists examines the functions of federal science advisory committees over the past year and reports “an unprecedented level of stalled and disbanded scientific advisory committees, cancelled meetings, and dismissed experts” – with profound consequences for our safety and health.

Worker safety, consumer protections trumped by USDA plan to privatize pork inspections

USDA announced today a proposal to allow pork producers to run their slaughtering lines as fast as they want in exchange for conducting their own food safety inspections. It’s a warped example of cost-benefit analysis and one that could have serious consequences for workers and consumers. Under the plan, the cost to companies of self-inspecting [...]

After years of steady progress, America’s uninsured rate begins climbing back up

Despite constant undermining from the Trump administration, nearly 8.8 million Americans got covered during the last open enrollment period on That’s nearly as high as the previous enrollment period, and a testament to people’s desire for health coverage. Still, it seems the administration’s actions didn’t go without impact.

Farmworker research in a climate hostile to immigrants

President Trump’s despicable comments about immigrants got me thinking about the challenge of conducting research with farmworkers about working conditions. Many are unauthorized or have guestworker visas and likely reluctant to participate.

Florida, California workers and acute kidney injury

Two new papers describe the relationship between heat strain, dehydration, and acute kidney injury among U.S. farmworkers. The research describes a current health hazard that will only get worse with heat waves and the changing clim...

ProPublica’s exploration of why black mothers are more likely to die

ProPublica’s Lost Mothers series on U.S. maternal mortality recently turned its attention to the shockingly high rates of deaths in black women when compared to women of other races and ethnicities.

Study: Washington’s parental counseling law drove vaccine exemptions down 40 percent

On the risk of vaccine exemptions, the science is clear — it would take a relatively small decline in immunization rates to produce big jumps in disease and health care spending. The trick is keeping communities above the danger threshold.

National Academies report “dire need” for robust occupational health surveillance system

A report released on January 9 by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine calls on federal and state agencies to establish and strengthen the systems for assembling data on work-related injuries, illnesses, and exposure to hazards and then using the information for prevention. The 12-person committee included public health researchers, state officials, as [...]

Occupational Health News Roundup

Sanitation workers in the meatpacking industry face life-threatening dangers on the job; number of OSHA inspectors down under Trump; truckers feel the pressure to work while sleep-deprived; and despite increased demand for sexual harassment training, there's little evidence it actually works.

Industry schooled by Appeals Court, rejects its challenge to workers safety rule

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled late last month to uphold an OSHA rule to protect 2.3 million workers who are exposed to respirable crystalline silica. A three judge panel was not convinced by any of the arguments to reject the OSHA rule that were made by attorneys for the National [...]

Worth reading: The census, sexual assault, and “Trump’s disdain for science”

Recent pieces address how Trump administration moves threaten the census response rate, AIDS prevention efforts, and other crucial work that depends on science; delve into statistics on sexual assault in the US; investigate the working conditions behind Ivanka Trump-branded clothing and accessories; and consider how human bodies and healthcare systems maintain themselves.

No, Kelly Brogan, germs are not “trying to kill us.” And yes, they are real.

I’m honestly not even sure where to start with this.                This claim comes from Kelly Brogan, “holistic psychiatrist” and noted HIV denier. She claims, “Goodbye to germ theory! Can we really maintain the childish illusion that...Show More Summary

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