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The End of Privacy

I recently read about an app called Ghostery.  You install it in your browser, and as you surf the Web, it tells you how many companies are requesting your information as you visit a site.  The Daily Dot writes, When I read the New York Times, this box pops up with the names of 11 companies […]

546th Friday Blog Roundup

My car needed to go in for service this week, which meant that I had to drive Josh’s car for a day.  Josh’s car was my car, once upon a time, but when we got a new car many years ago, I took the new one and he took my old one. Because I am […]


This past winter, I read an article about forgiveness that has stuck with me for months, rippling through me like a stone dropped into a lake.  A warning; the article begins with a description of a murder which may be a trigger for some people. Image: Jayt74 via Flickr The author gives the steps of […]

Mystery Gift

The book that made me want to be a writer — The Phantom Tollbooth — opens with the reader being told to pay close attention to Milo receiving a surprise gift because, one day, the reader may come home and find a mystery gift, and if the reader reads carefully, they will know exactly what […]

#MicroblogMondays 38: Stealing Happiness

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too. I just finished We Are Pirates by Daniel Handler (totally enjoyable read!), and he had an interesting thought on page 268: We steal the happiness of others in order to be happy ourselves, and when […]

Broadcasting Your Life

Catherine Newman was the first blogger I ever read.  She wrote Ben and Birdy as a diary on Yahoo. (I think… forgive me… it was in 2003 or so, and my memory is fuzzy.)  I couldn’t wait for each post, especially because we were ensconced in fertility treatments and she was parenting.  I had no […]

545th Friday Blog Roundup

My brain has been on the Amtrak train crash.  That’s my train — the one I take when I go to New York.  It is hard to read about the passengers who died; to think about what their families are going through right now. It is scary because thousands of times a day, we put […]

Mental Sampler 4

I am someone who verbally beats myself up when I have an unproductive day and glows when I’ve managed to pound through a lot of work.  Perhaps I should look into not having my self-esteem tied to how much I perceive I’ve accomplished, but barring that, I was deeply interested in Lifehacker’s advice on how […]

What to Do Before You Donate or Sell Items

Many people mentioned that they are exactly like me when it comes to lost items so I thought I’d put this on your to-do list since I’m in the middle of doing this right now. Before you donate an item or give it away to a friend or sell an item at a yard sale, […]

#MicroblogMondays 37: What’s in a Name?

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too. Just to make this all about me: I audibly released a sigh of relief when CNN sent out an alert stating the new name of the princess was Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.  In other words, not […]

Kitchen Impossible

It’s Mother’s Day, but you don’t want to read one more thing about Mother’s Day, do you?  Either you’re not celebrating Mother’s Day and you don’t want to hear about someone else’s Mother’s Day, or you’re estranged from your mother and hate the holiday, or your mother has died and this holiday makes you ache […]

544th Friday Blog Roundup

Today is Truman Day in Missouri. We like to celebrate it over here in Maryland as a nod to our guinea pig, Truman. (Though we think our 33rd president was pretty swell, too.)  Though Josh claims that every day seems to be Truman Day in our house, today he is getting extra cuddles, extra cookies, […]


There are the lasts we know about, and there are the lasts we don’t know about until we look back and realize that it was the last. The twins are likely my first and last kids.  I use the term “likely” because it is too hard for me to say it definitively.  So I […]

Using the Internet For Bad… or Good?

Just because I’ve never let the idea escape out my fingers doesn’t mean that the thought hasn’t been in my brain.  As the contractor was being a complete dick, telling us that he wasn’t going to correct his mistake and that we were just going to have to live with a doll sink for the […]

#MicroblogMondays 36: Doppelgänger!

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too. So these three people set off to find their doppelgängers via social media in a project called Twin Strangers.  They posted pictures of themselves and then attempted to harness the power of the Internet by having […]

The Day I Used My Big Girl Voice

I should start this out by admitting that I am not fantastic about speaking up.  I would rather sit and be miserable than exert myself and fix things so I’m not miserable.  It extends to things like returning items at a store or even ordering pizza over the phone.  It takes a lot for me […]

543rd Friday Blog Roundup

I got into a discussion on Twitter about the mother who was seen beating her son as she removed him from the Baltimore protests. I’ll start by saying that I don’t condone violence of any kind or for any reason. I’ve been uncomfortable with the Facebook comments people have written as they put up the […]

Pulling Your Kids Out of School

I want to start this by saying that I pull my kids out of school from time to time without guilt.  I’m not just talking about having them miss a day due to a holiday or an appointment.  I’ve pulled them out to go to the White House and a literary tour of London, and […]

Too Old to Camp

Right now, due to the kitchen renovation, making a cup of coffee means walking up and down two flights of stairs.  The cups and the sweetener are on the main floor because there is no place for them upstairs.  So we need to go down to grab those supplies and bring them up to where […]

Is It Better Financially to Donate or Consign Clothing?

I asked this on Facebook last night, but I thought I would open up a larger conversation here with more details. Facebook’s tiny status box always makes me feel as if I should keep things brief even if we have mostly unlimited space over there. Whereas my blog feels more like Montana; big sky country. […]

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