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Did We Create Digital Addiction?

Okay, here’s a question: If we (and by “we,” I mean people in general and not you and I) hadn’t invented the smartphone, would we have social media addiction?  Meaning, if social media and email and searches and blogs — if all of that was only accessible via the computer — would we still have […]

643rd Friday Blog Roundup

We signed up for Hulu for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  The show went off Netflix, and we went through several days of the ChickieNob’s mourning before we gave in and said she could visit her vampire-stabbing gang on Hulu for two months. This was before I discovered they would be releasing The Handmaid’s Tale over […]

Changing the Script

I have started this post three times now because each thing I wrote strayed from “the script” as Nathan Bransford would say.  It strayed from my personal script, which is guided by internal discomfort when I think about how my words might offend another person.  (Especially when my need to say those words is less […]

Educational status as determinant of men’s knowledge about vasectomy in Dangila town administration, Amhara region, Northwest Ethiopia

Although vasectomy is effective and less expensive contraceptive method, only few men are using it in Africa. The main reason for low level use may be low knowledge about vasectomy among men. Only few studies...

Resting the Mind

We have emergency rooms for physical injuries, but where are the emergency rooms for battered souls? I clicked on the headline because it promised me refuge from mentally looping through the news about North Korea for a 3000th time.  A Jordan Bookseller’s 24-Hour ‘Emergency Room for the Mind’. The article gave me so much […]

#MicroblogMondays 138: Easter

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too. Linus’s breeder announced that she has a few new guinea pig babies that will be ready for homes in the next month.  There is something about hearing this news coupled with Easter and the onslaught […]

The Magic Play

Some people have a normal love of magic.  I have an unusual love of magic.  That’s like… 12 notches higher than normal love. Every time I get a new bullet journal, I transfer my list of things I love and the top two items are Magic (real) Magic (illusions) I’m just setting the scene so […]

642nd Friday Blog Roundup

The Guardian had a really good story about two Lisa Davises born on the same day and living in the same city that New York cannot seem to tell apart.  It’s not identity theft because they’re not trying to fool anyone, but this fact leads to some very annoying situations.  It has also led to […]


We accidentally wake up the kids in the middle of the night on a regular basis, putting laundry back in their drawers or checking on them.  Usually they roll over and go back to sleep, but every once in a while, we hit their sleep cycle at the wrong moment and they sit up in […]

Making good on a call to expand method choice for young people - Turning rhetoric into reality for addressing Sustainable Development Goal Three

Investments in the nearly two billion young people, aged 10–24 years, in the world today are necessary to meet global development commitments, specifically the Sustainable Development Goals and Ending Preventa...

You Were a Child Once, Too

The topic of DC restaurants banning kids came up at a meeting last week.  Josh and I personally don’t patron restaurants that ban kids any more than we would patron a restaurant that banned Jews.  (Well, technically, if they banned Jews, we wouldn’t be allowed to patron the restaurant.  But you get the point.)  Ban […]

#MicroblogMondays 137: Picking Prizes

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too. The ChickieNob beat me in cards, and I told her that she could pick the prize.  She narrowed it down to a Buffy soundtrack or a Buffy episode, but that was as far as she […]

Researchers improve technology to save sperm stem cells

Researchers have found a promising way to preserve sperm stem cells so boys could undergo cancer treatment without risking their fertility.

641st Friday Blog Roundup

It has been a strangely busy week — travel, work, bathroom remodeling, weekend guests, and hosting Pesach on Monday — which means something had to fall through the cracks, and so far it’s the interactive fiction game I was set to play for my monthly interactive fiction club.  (It’s like a book club, but instead […]

Priorities for family building among patients and partners seeking treatment for infertility

Infertility treatment decisions require people to balance multiple priorities. Within couples, partners must also negotiate priorities with one another. In this study, we assessed the family-building prioritie...

The mothering experience of women with FGM/C raising ‘uncut’ daughters, in Ivory Coast and in Canada

While Female Genital Cutting (FGM/C) is a deeply entrenched cultural practice, there is now mounting evidence for a gradual decline in prevalence in a number of geographical areas in Africa and following migra...

Dots and Stripes

One of the rooms at the Yayoi Kusama exhibit is a series of enormous pink blow-up balls covered in black polka dots. Kusama really loves polka dots — they are everywhere in the exhibit including the final white room that is covered in colourful polka dot stickers. And you know what — I don’t.  I […]

Culture Clash? Investigating constructions of sexual and reproductive health from the perspective of 1.5 generation migrants in Australia using Q methodology

In Australia, those who migrate as children or adolescents (1.5 generation migrants) may have entered a new cultural environment at a crucial time in their psychosexual development. These migrants may have to...

Pathogen's motility triggers immune response

Until now, a pathogen’s ability to move through the body has been overlooked as a possible trigger of immune response, but new research has found that motility will indeed alarm the host and activate an immune response.

Ovarian transplantation might be possible in future

Approximately 11% of women worldwide suffer from premature ovarian failure. Because of the advances in modern cancer therapy, the number of young women surviving cancer is on the increase. However, in most cases, no specific cause can be identified. Show More Summary

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