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Male hormone plays key role in ovarian development

The male “androgen” hormone is an important element in the ovarian development of female chicken embryos, more so than in the development of male testes, scientists have discovered.

Planned Parenthood Can’t Be Defunded

How much money do you think Planned Parenthood gets each year from the federal budget? Write that number down because I think you’re going to be surprised by the actual answer.  The answer will probably either be higher or lower than your expectations.  I think your expectations say something about how you feel about Planned […]

Remember Chat Rooms?

I read a great piece about the AOL chat rooms, which are technically still up and running though barely used these days.  It made me nostalgic, not for AOL chat rooms because I never had AOL, but chat rooms in general. I used to do my homework in college while hanging out in a chat […]

Every Last Drop

Josh likes to tell people that I talk about waste in the same way that other people talk about murder.  I waste nothing.  I do not even waste the 30 seconds as a meal heats up in the microwave.  I use that time to put away measuring cups from the drying rack.  I do not […]

Sexual assault victimization disproportionately affects certain minority college students

Students who perceive that their college campus is more inclusive and welcoming of sexual- and gender-minority people have lower odds of being victims of sexual assault, according to a study. In a complementary study, the researchers found that some minority groups are at considerably higher risk for sexual assault in college than peers in majority groups.

Postpartum intentions on contraception use and method choice among breastfeeding women attending a university hospital in Ohio: a cross-sectional study

Few postpartum women use effective contraception and those who use less effective methods have increased rates of unintended pregnancy. Little is known about postpartum contraception intentions among breastfee...

#MicroblogMondays 134: Fish Love

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too. I read an interesting thought from Abraham Twerski (The Enemy Within).  It was part of a larger commentary on self-love; not in the positive sense, but in the “putting yourself before others” sense: The Rebbe […]

Women Aren’t Perfect and Men Aren’t Incompetent

I really loved the BBC video last week where the guy was doing a live broadcast and his kids entered.  I loved it for that first kid’s dance she did as she entered the room.  Everyone should aspire to internally (or, frankly, externally) do that dance at some point in their day. What I didn’t […]

638th Friday Blog Roundup

So we got a snow day, but we lost our Yayoi Kusama exhibit tickets. There were three scenarios that could have happened: (1) The storm was smaller than anticipated so we could get downtown and see the show, (2) The museum closed due to the snow and we could use the tickets on the proposed […]

Qualitative assessment of women’s satisfaction with maternal health care in referral hospitals in Nigeria

Available evidence suggests that the low use of antenatal, delivery, and post-natal services by Nigerian women may be due to their perceptions of low quality of care in health facilities. This study investigat...

Can You Really KonMari Your Calendar?

Speaking of the KonMari method in terms of my ugly couch, Forbes from time to time presents the idea of KonMari-ing your calendar. The point, it seems, to saying no is that it frees you up to say yes to what you really want to do (vs. what others want you to do).  And that’s […]

Location and content of counselling and acceptance of postpartum IUD in Sri Lanka

The immediate postpartum IUD (PPIUD) is a long-acting, reversible method of contraception that can be used safely and effectively following a birth. To appropriately facilitate the immediate postpartum inserti...

Study finds new class of androgens play key role in polycystic ovary syndrome

A new class of male sex hormones known as androgens plays a key role in the development of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), new research shows.

Sexual and reproductive health experience, knowledge and problems among university students in Ambo, central Ethiopia

Youths in universities are at high risk of STIs and SRH problems in Ethiopia. However, students did not perceive themselves at risk of STI/HIV infection though reports showed they were sexually active, had mul...

Fertility and HIV following universal access to ART in Rwanda: a cross-sectional analysis of Demographic and Health Survey data

HIV infection is linked to decreased fertility and fertility desires in sub-Saharan Africa due to biological and social factors. We investigate the relationship between HIV infection and fertility or fertility...

Goodbye Sofa

The sofa in our basement is called the asscracker.  It’s a sectional, but we’ve put together unrelated sections, which means that there is a strange metal bar that runs down one of the grooves between cushions.  People who do not know about our affectionate nickname for the sofa have plopped down on said metal bar […]

Medical termination of pregnancy in general practice in Australia: a descriptive-interpretive qualitative study

Australian Government approval in 2012 for the use of mifepristone and misoprostol for medical termination of pregnancy (MTOP) allows general practitioners (GPs) to provide early gestation abortion in primary...

Injured bodies, damaged lives: experiences and narratives of Kenyan women with obstetric fistula and Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

It is well acknowledged that Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C/C) leads to medical, psychological and sociocultural sequels. Over 200 million cases of FGM/C exist globally, and in Kenya alone, a total o...

#MicroblogMondays 133: iPhone or Health Care

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too. Chaffetz said this week that people will need to choose between getting a new iPhone and health care.  Let’s set aside for a moment that the cost of the two items are not comparable; that […]

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