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I Could Probably Use a Lazy Jar for My Lazy Jar

When I first heard about Lazy Jar, I thought it was an actual jar.  Like you know how some people have a swear jar in their house, and they drop money in it if they curse?  Or they make their kids drop money in it if they curse?  Or something like that?  Anyway, I thought […]

Comparative satisfaction of receiving medical abortion service from nurses and auxiliary nurse-midwives or doctors in Nepal: results of a randomized trial

Early first-trimester medical abortion (MA) service (? 63 days) has been provided by doctors and nurses under doctors’ supervision since 2009 in Nepal. This paper assesses whether MA services provided by speci...

673rd Friday Blog Roundup

As hard as it is to talk about my own books, I’m finding it ten times harder to talk about the twins’ book.  It is slowly making its way to people’s homes and bookstores, and we’ve been getting excited messages from people telling us that it arrived. It is a gorgeous book; thick pages and […]

BigH1: The key histone for male fertility

Researchers have unraveled the role of the histone BigH1 in the development of male sex cells from stem cells. Their study, which was performed in Drosophila melanogaster, paves the way to a greater understanding of male infertility. Published in Cell Reports, the work sheds light on the mechanisms through which histones regulate how stem cells give rise to differentiated cells.

Supply kits for antenatal and childbirth care: a systematic review

It is critical to increase the uptake of interventions proven to be effective to improve maternal and perinatal outcomes. Supply kits have been suggested to be a feasible strategy designed to ensure timely ava...

The global forum on bioethics in research meeting, “ethics of research in pregnancy”: emerging consensus themes and outputs

Research during pregnancy is affected by multiple ethical challenges which have not received sufficient international attention and consideration from the bioethics, clinical, and policymaking communities work...

The role of male partners in women’s participation in research during pregnancy: a case study from the partners demonstration project

The exclusion of pregnant women from health research remains a significant challenge globally. In settings where cultural traditions and gender norms support a more restricted decision-making role for women in...

Ethical issues related to consent for intrapartum trials

Informed consent is the heart of ethical research. For any consent to be ethically valid, it should meet certain critical criteria— disclosure and understanding of relevant information, decision making compete...

Ethics, regulation, and beyond: the landscape of research with pregnant women

Scarce research with pregnant women has led to a dearth of evidence to guide medical decisions about safe and effective treatment and preventive interventions for pregnant women and their potential offspring....

Research with pregnant women: a call to action

Despite a global need for the use of medication during pregnancy, the medical research community lacks robust evidence for safety and efficacy of treatments and preventives often taken by pregnant women. Given...

Food Hacks

The New Yorker had an article listing the worst food hacks of 2017.  I didn’t know the vast majority of them: Is your pot always boiling over? Place a wooden spoon across the top. Smelly sponge? Microwave it. Need to bring a stick of cold butter to room temperature quickly? Place it in a plastic […]

Estrogen discovery could shed new light on fertility problems

Estrogen produced in the brain is necessary for ovulation in monkeys, according to researchers who have upended the traditional understanding of the hormonal cascade that leads to release of an egg from the ovaries. Their findings may reveal the cause of some undiagnosed infertility problems and point the way to new methods of birth control.

Drift Bottles

I’ve never found a message in a bottle. Granted, I’m not going to the beach daily, and most of the time when I’m on the beach, other people are on the beach, too. So there may have been bottles and someone else grabbed it before I could see it. But… I’ve never found one and […]

#MicroblogMondays 172: Coolest Store Ever

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too. I have found my dream store. It’s an Alice in Wonderland-themed store aimed at giving you a very Alice-like experience from the moment you attempt to enter the building.  Yes, the Alice-themed store in Oxford […]


If you want a good cry (and I don’t know why the hell you wouldn’t want a good cry — I aim for several each day), try this article about a son immortalizing his father after his cancer diagnosis. I know I write about chatbots and immortality a lot, and I am clearly on the […]

‘We do not know’: a qualitative study exploring boys perceptions of menstruation in India

In low-middle income countries and other areas of poverty, menstrual hygiene management (MHM) can be problematic for women and girls. Issues include lack of knowledge about menstruation and MHM, and stigma aro...

The ‘heat’ goes away: sexual disorders of married women with female genital mutilation/cutting in Kenya

Female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) has been implicated in sexual complications among women, although there is paucity of research evidence on sexual experiences among married women who have undergone th...

672nd Friday Blog Roundup

I got a winter coat.  I’ve been getting by with a Polartec pullover for the last 20+ years.  When I say “getting by,” I mean, not going outside because it’s too cold.  But here’s the thing: I also didn’t believe that a coat would make a big difference.  You see those pictures of scientists working […]

Sexual harassment on the job still carries large impact, study shows

Researchers have revisited workplace sexual harassment issues after the initial study was done nearly 20 years ago.


I was recently in a sticky social situation, being asked to do something that I’m not comfortable doing or risk losing out on an opportunity.  (Think of it like being told you have to swim in a bathtub full of crickets or lose your spot in your weekly Bunco game, except there was no bathtub, […]

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