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The Science-Backed Fat-Burning, Muscle-Building Regimen

Scientists have discovered the exercise and diet sweet spot for gaining muscle while simultaneously losing fat.

Use Up That Huge Tub of Protein Powder With These Smoothie Recipes

You splurged on an enormous tub of protein powder, because you know getting enough protein will help you build muscle and keep you full longer to help you lose weight. But now you need some amazing smoothie recipes to help you use it up. Here you go!

Cold? So What! Out We Go!

With temperatures climbing into the 40's here in Wisconsin, it was either time to hit the beach or trek the trail. We opted for the latter.Heading out to one of our favorite area segments, Loew Lake, our daughter started the hike a bit whiny and requesting to be held. Show More Summary

With Just 5 Minutes of Prep, You Can Enjoy Apple Pie Quinoa All Week Long

5 hours agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

Want to go wake up to the smell of an apple pie that's actually healthy enough to eat for breakfast? If you love oatmeal, but are also kind of sick of having it so much, you'll love this hot breakfast made with quinoa instead. SinceShow More Summary

Circumnavigating Rainier: 9 Reasons to Hike The Wonderland Trail

The first time I heard of the Wonderland Trail was on a Dirtbag Diaries podcast. It was a story about a trail runner and a mountain lion encounter on this wild, epic trail in Washington. The trail sounded badass: dramatic elevation changes, sweeping landscapes, and the occasional mountain lion. Then I moved to Washington and got the......

Grab a Block! 5 Genius Ways to Use Silken Tofu

7 hours agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

As a vegetarian who eats her fair share of tofu, I'm the first to admit that I am not a fan of silken tofu. That is, when it's used in dishes like stir-fries. That silky, slimy texture totally grosses me out when it's paired with crunchy veggies or soft grains. Show More Summary

Namaste Away Your Heartbreak

Breaking up is hard and can even be physically debilitating. If you are suffering from a broken heart, unroll your mat and give your body and mind the love it deserves. This yoga sequence is designed to open the heart and release any tension you may be holding on to. Show More Summary

hiking Cochamó valley, Chile – NOT recommended

12 hours agoFitness / Hiking :

trip report by besthike editor Rick McCharles  Not being a rock climber, I’d never heard of Cochamó before this trip. But the photos were intriguing. … The valley has a striking similarity to Yosemite Valley, due to its granite domes and old-growth … Continue reading ?

I'm following the sun that's setting in the west

16 hours agoHealth / Fitness : Jill Outside

In my dream the world looks like the inside of television screen static, black and gray raging with the white noise turned up to 11. It's a night blizzard and for some reason I don't have a headlamp, but when I look down I can't see my legs because they're buried in a snow drift, and when I look up I can hear this ragged Darth Vader breathing. Show More Summary

Ran/walked for 20 minutes

I drove to the South Jordan rec center and ran/walked for 20 minutes, about 7 laps. I went to the rec center, because the Salt Lake valley has had an inversion for the past week, and the air outside isn't healthy. I don't know if the...Show More Summary

Winter Gear Testing 

20 hours agoFitness / Hiking : Hiking Forward

It's the dead of winter here on the East Coast, and we are spending a lot of time planning and daydreaming about our upcoming backpacking season. With so much down time, we have had the opportunity to test some items to see if they will make it into our packs this year. Show More Summary

Half Marathon Garmin Data

I finally got around to downloading my Garmin data (first time since the TC 10 Mile over 4 months ago). Here's what the Securian Run Half Marathon looked like 2 weeks ago: I don't know WHAT that spike is around mile 0.5 - my Garmin has been giving me false bursts of speed near the beginning of my runs lately. Show More Summary

Why Should You Hike the A.T.?

Having trouble explaining your upcoming adventure to incredulous friends and family? Perhaps some insights and motivations from my own thru-hike can help....

Satisfy Valentine's Candy Cravings For Under 100 Calories

Chocolate-covered strawberries are one of life's sweetest gifts, but let me tell you - these are even better. Biting into the velvety smooth, chocolate mousse filling will defintely get you in the mood for love, or in the mood to reach for another! And no one will guess that the mousse is made without milk or eggs. Show More Summary

3 Holy-Crap Moves from Nigel Barker and the DogPound Crew

Until a few years ago, Nigel Barker, fashion photographer and former judge on America’s Next Top Model, was just your average gym-goer.

Dear Outdoor Apparel Companies

Dear Outdoor Apparel Companies: I like colors besides purple and teal, and I don't have a special affinity with flowers. Sincerely, Zoë....

The Most Intense 3-Minute Ab Workout

No need to spend 20 minutes on your ab workout. These three moves are intense and target the abs so well, you'll be feeling the burn in just three minutes. Directions: Do all three moves, 20 seconds each, totalling one minute. Then repeat the circuit twice more for a total of three minutes.

Love: Feeling or Choice?

I didn't realize that it would take me this long to compose my very first post of 2016. Then again, that is the joy of life -- it's filled with surprises. Happy belated 2016! For me, the past two months...

How Does Creatine Work Inside Our Body Video

    Creatine is a chemical that is normally found in the body, mostly in muscles. It is made by the body and can also be obtained from certain foods. Fish and meats are good sources of creatine. Creatine can also be made in the laboratory. Show More Summary

Top 25 Hiking Blogs

Check out some of these. I probably link most to The Hiking Life. The top sites that made this list are ranked according to Alexa (33.3%), Domain Authority (33.3%), Page Authority (33.3%) indicators. … The Adventure Junkies Modern Hiker Section … Continue reading ?

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