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Is Bikram Choudhury Gone For Good? Reports Say He’s Packing Up And Going Back To India

2 days agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

Could this be? A news report out of India says hot yogapreneur Bikram Choudhury is closing up shop in the U.S. and is heading back to India. A series of lawsuits and allegations of sexual assault, rape, and abuse of power along with the subsequent major public fallout could be to blame. Or maybe it’s […]

Say "Accio Abs" at the Gym With These Harry Potter Workout Shirts

Is Quidditch your favorite sport? Do you lift Harry Potter books more than weights? Perhaps you've been casting "Accio abs" to no avail? We have some shirts for you that are right up your (Diagon) alley. Related: Disney Workout Shir...

Check Out The Falls

This is the first post of our newest Hiking Forward Correspondent Denise Archetto. Learn more about Denise on here Profile page. Between 1.5-2 hours from Boston, grab your swim suit, your hiking shoes, and get ready soak up the sun at Chapel Brook Falls. Show More Summary

This 1-Day Paleo Meal Plan Is Under 1600 Calories (Including Dessert!)

If you're a Paleo newbie, a vet looking for recipe ideas, or just trying to cut carbs and up protein, we have a day of deliciousness prepared for you. This Paleo-perfect diet is loaded with protein (nearly 100 grams!), low in carbohydrates (just over 100 grams!), and clocks in at just a bit past 1500 calories. Best part? You've got snacks and dessert included. Enjoy!

7 Minutes to Crop-Top Abs

We love Pilates. We love HIIT (that's high-intensity interval training). When Blogilates founder Cassey Ho put the two workouts together, she got an ab-centric PIIT workout. And it's awesome. You do each of the seven moves for 45 seconds, followed by a 15-second break. Show More Summary

Another 2 miles

I used the same route I've been using and did 2 miles, using my 50:60 (seconds) ratio of jogging:walking. Today was a pretty nice day, and quite a few people were on the path, including babies and grade-school children. The temperature was in the low 70s (F), and there was a slight breeze blowing from the north. I'm seeing mother ducks and her ducklings, but none yet for quail.

Miles 500-700: Massie Gap to Lost Spectacle Gap

After Massie Gap, we remained in the Grayson Highlands for a few more miles.  Wild ponies abound!  We visited the historic life stock corrals called the “Scales” and went up and down in hills and valleys.  Partnership Shelter at Mt Rogers Visitor Center was a highlight because they deliver pizza to the shelter!  From there,......

White blazes, And The Lack There Of

Sometimes its impossible to get turned around out here, and sometimes it's impossible not to....

3 Killer Moves Make For 1 Supershred Workout

21 hours agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

Listen up: a short workout is better than no workout at all. And if you add jumping into the mix, along with multitasking moves, you can actually shred serious calories. Here are trainer Christine Bullock's favorite moves for a short supershred workout. And be forewarned: her burpee variation is the hardest we've seen in a good long while.

300 Miles: A Little Rain. A Little Rocks. And Lots Of Myles.

2016 Flip Flop: SNP to ME/SNP to GA Soon after reaching the 200 milestone, I painstakingly picked my way through a flag-marked, lichen-encrusted boulder field that is the Appalachian Trail in this rocky section of Maryland. I am in awe of the AT speed record holders who had to navigate the same rocky obstacle course,......

season 1; episode 5 (we leave for maine in two days!)

I have been meaning to write a post for the past few weeks and should have done so sooner. You’ll quickly understand, though, that a major theme for me these days has been procrastination. It’s not that I haven’t been writing, but I have found it overwhelming to write about our preparation when we still...

Two Follow-Ups: Team Ortho and my Non-Stress Fracture

FIRST: TEAM ORTHO: Last Sunday, I posted a rant about Team Ortho. It brought up some issues from the past year, but it was mainly about issues with an upcoming race: the Minneapolis Marathon. Well, on Wednesday, the news came out that the race was cancelled. Show More Summary

Native Eyewear Giveaway

It is time for a giveaway! The awesome folks from Native Eyewear have partnered with us to give you a pair of awesome glasses from their new 2016 Sun Collection. With different size, frame and lens options available, seven new styles have been introduced for 2016. Enter to win today! The post Native Eyewear Giveaway appeared first on Hiking The Trail.

Weeks 6 and 7: I Walk the (State) Line

When we last checked in, I had just completed the Smokies, and dealing with some emotional roller coaster days that envied the pointless ups and downs of the Trail itself. I had ended my Smokies journey with a stay at Standing Bear Hostel before getting back on the road. I’ve started to notice a new......

Blog Reboot

It's been almost 2 months since my last post, and I must say that I was touched by the response. Thank you so much for your feedback, your comments, your attention. I've been sitting with your thoughts and mine for...

When it rains, it pours

Trail Days came at an interesting time on the trail. The trail was starting to wear on me and it was a good weekend off to spend with old and new friends. However, it wasn’t much of a break. There were so many giveaways, chores to do, and friends to see that the weekend passed......

Trail Days 2016: One Experience

Trail Days Festival is a magical time for thru hikers! For 30 years, Damascus has honored hikers with a weekend event. Current hikers get off the trail and congregate there and past hikers reunite. There were endless possibilities of things to do.  This blog is a chronicle of our experience at Trail Days 2016. Life......

Sponsors and Charities

There’s no getting around it. Thru hiking is expensive. Gear, food, and hostels can set you back thousands of dollars. Add those expenses up with your car insurance, bills, and rent/mortgage while you’re away and a 6 month adventure can end up costing a small fortune. You can attempt to alleviate some of the financial......

Friday Funny 1105: SEXpectations vs Reality

More funny stuff all week long on HAPPY WEEKEND! Steve in a Speedo

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