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What I Will Do Differently Next Time

I have now attempted to hike the PCT twice this year, but they say the third time is a charm. For my third attempt, I’ve decided to do things differently. I’ve been contemplating what it was about my experiences that made me give up....Show More Summary

10 things I learned in the first 10% of the Appalachian Trail

In honor of finishing my first 220 miles of the trail, I decided to share one thing I learned for each percentage of the trail I have finished so far! I have already learned so much in just the first couple hundred miles. 1) You will...Show More Summary

tramp the Cascade Saddle Route, New Zealand

9 hours agoFitness / Hiking :

The Cascade Saddle Route is one of our best hikes in Australasia. Check the Department of Conservation home page.

ENO SubLink Hammock Shelter System Review

15 hours agoFitness / Hiking : Section Hiker

The ENO SubLink Hammock Shelter System contains all of the components necessary for backpacking with a hammock, except foam padding or some other insulation to keep your back warm at night. If you’ve never hammocked or want to get into backpacking with a hammock, buying an integrated system like this is a good way to …

The Questions

Acronym Party Because there ain’t no party like an acronym party, the PCT is chock full of them. Let’s learn! The PCT is – yep, you guessed it – the Pacific Crest Trail. By far my favorite PCT acronym is HYOH: Hike Your Own Hike. The meaning of this one is twofold: both a state of mind and a state of being. Show More Summary

Best Thru Hiking Tents of 2017

hiker’s choice of shelter is an entirely personal decision. Solo hikers who value space over weight often opt for a two-person freestanding tent, which allows livable space for hiker-plus-gear. Some pairs of hikers size up to three-person shelters for the same reason. Show More Summary

The Zen of Hostels, Hotels, and Homes and the Power of Protein Bars

Besides shelters and the homes of friends and strangers, hostels and hotels form the trifecta of hiker refuges. Each hostel and hotel found along the Appalachian Trail is as different as the ingredients found in a protein bar. Some are basic, others more decadent. Show More Summary

7 Reasons to Try Hammock Camping Instead of Tents

I have a guilty secret to share with you: I hate tents. There, I’ve said it. My kudos as a trekker and lover of the outdoors may never recover but I can no longer live with the lie, the pretence, that camping in a tent is fun. Sleeping is one of life’s great pleasures, but […] The post 7 Reasons to Try Hammock Camping Instead of Tents appeared first on Hiking The Trail.

Ace: A Woman of Dogged Determination

"I'm glad we're made of the same stuff, because it makes me think I will finish this journey after all." The post Ace: A Woman of Dogged Determination appeared first on The Trek.

The push and pull of unrealized goals.

This is a stream of consciousness post (SoC), not a well thought out, edited and polished post. I have been off the AT now for about 2.5 weeks; my second time off the trail. The first time was a week at home to recuperate and take care of some necessities. Show More Summary

Waynesboro, So Fun It Had Me in Stitches (NSFW: Gore)

It has been a rough few days. I walked into Waynesboro at Mile 863 fatigued and ready for a break from the constant coating of rain and sweat, the bugs and the snakes. I’d overcome serious climbs, long miles, and a sore hip from my under-inflated mattress. Show More Summary

Camping Hammock Length and Comfort: How to Choose

If you’re thinking about buying a camping hammock or looking to upgrade, the length of a gathered-end hammock can make a big difference in your comfort. The 4 foot rule of thumb Most hammock experts recommend getting a hammock that is 4 feet longer than your height so you can lie nearly flat in it …

I am not a Mountaineer

Go to Oregon, they said. There's no snow for 400 miles they said! Trials and tribulation of finding snow where you don't expect it. The post I am not a Mountaineer appeared first on The Trek.

The Mountains on Their Own Terms: PCT Part 1

Coming to you from Winthrop, WA: My introduction to the Pacific Crest Trail has been so much more than I could have ever asked for.  It is so very different from my last hike, and I couldn’t be happier.  I had heard from the start that...Show More Summary

In the Grayson Highlands

Day 64: (June 16th) I woke up bright and early to the sounds of the birds. I grabbed the food bags, and headed to the shelter where Harambe was still asleep. I was all packed up and ready before he even woke up that morning. Finally,...Show More Summary

Facing my fears….trusting God’s timing

Before starting my hike on the AT, I thought my greatest fear was “being abandoned” or “being alone”…especially in the woods….in the dark with roaches and spiders…away from civilization. I found out that the trail was NOT a lonely place...Show More Summary

Getting stuck in the vortex of Damascus

Day 60: (June 12th) There were so many people at the Broken Fiddle that morning. Everyone for the most part was planning to take a zero day that day, so it wasn’t long before people started buying the cases of PBR. We were all hanging...Show More Summary

Water, Ice and Snow; Oh My!

It was February when it first started; reports of the epic snowfalls hitting the Sierra and Cascade ranges begin filling my social media pages along with the subsequent warnings of what this would mean for 2017 PCT hikers (the word “impassable”...Show More Summary

NSFW : Waynesboro, So Fun It Had Me in Stitches

It’s been a rough few days, but I walked into Waynesboro at Mile 863 fatigued and ready for a break. I’d overcome serious climbs, long miles, and a sore hip from my under-inflated mattress. Add the rains and I was just ready for a warm...Show More Summary

You Might Be a Thru-Hiker If…

You own one outfit, and you’re wearing it right now Your last shower was a week ago Jumping in a pond counts as a shower People smell you before they see you The bottoms of your feet are made of plastic Your shirt doubles as your towel,...Show More Summary

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