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ULA Photon Daypack Review

The ULA Photon is a 35L frameless ultralight-style daypack that weighs between 22-27 ounces, depending on how the pack is configured and whether you keep all of the optional components.  It’s basically a lower volume version of ULA’s...Show More Summary

Episode #64 – Gear Forward (Our 5th Anniversary Show)

What’s this? Pox & Puss are putting out an episode on their 5th Anniversary? Damn Skippy we are! Did we record parts of this episode in April and August, but are just now getting around to releasing it in October? Damn Skippy we are! Happy...Show More Summary

In Hindsight

In our last post we gave our excuses why our blog fell off while we were hiking, our future plans for upcoming blog posts, and our initial feelings on finishing the Appalachian Trail. The more we keep talking, and it’s usually about the trail, the more we keep thinking of the mistakes we made along the way. Show More Summary

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl

And just like that, our lives are changed forever. Liliana Catherine Renee joined our family on October 8 and… The post Welcome to the World, Baby Girl appeared first on Just a Colorado Gal.

Congratulations to these Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers!

Congratulations, you made it! Pacific Crest Trail and Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers are crossing the finish line, and we cannot wait to hear your stories! Whether you are a NOBO, SOBO, or a Flip-Flopper, you traveled over 2,000 miles and this is your time to shine. Show More Summary

Journals From The Hundred Mile Wilderness – Night Three

The following are excerpts straight from my journal as Shaaades and I, two run down North Bounders, trudged through the last Hundred Mile section before Mt. Katahdin. In these journals you will encounter desperation, determination, rain, rivers, hope, and a profound longing to stay in the woods forever.  September 7th, 2:30pm NOPE. Show More Summary

besthike photos

23 hours agoFitness / Hiking :

Best hike editor Rick McCharles posts his photos on flickr. Explore those hikes (since 2006). Advertisements

NEMO GoGo Elite 1-Person Inflatable Bivy Tent Review

The NEMO GoGo Elite Inflatable Bivy Tent is a 1-person minimalist shelter that’s more spacious and comfortable than a bivy sack, but far more compact than most 1-person tents making it ideal for trips that require carrying a low volume load like adventure racing, fast and light backpacking, or bikepacking. Show More Summary

“Overloaded” Backpack, Outdated Gear and Trail Names

As I rolled into Mollies Ridge Shelter in the Great Smoky Mountains on the evening of Saturday, April 12, 2014, I was pleasantly greeted by a bunch of NOBO thru-hikers all chatting, cooking dinner and getting their gear set up in the...Show More Summary

Rodriguez Road and the Milky Way

I’ve always wanted to see the Milky Way. Over the years I’ve seen all the photos, the same ones you’ve seen – the cloud of stars like a necklace, flung on the carpet, breaking into a million pieces and prettier for it. The photos are edited for sure. Show More Summary

Let Me Go Where I Feel Most Alive!

Hey ya’ll!  My name is Carol, or more commonly known as “Overload” on the trail.  I’m from South Carolina and I just can’t get enough of the mountains, so much so that it’s about time to make that trek (pilgrammage, really!) from Georgia...Show More Summary

The Family That Successfully Thru-Hiked the AT With Their Baby

In case you missed it, the Quirin trio—aka the Coolest Family Ever—completed their flip-flop AT thru-hike on September 30th—195 days after their start date of March 20th. In case you can’t wrap your mind around this, it means Bekah and Derrick successfully hiked 2,190 miles with baby Ellie. Show More Summary

The Dirt on the Trail: Chapter 18

The eighteenth part of my journey after returning to the trail for my second attempt at a thru hike. The post The Dirt on the Trail: Chapter 18 appeared first on The Trek.

The Basic Bro’s Big Three

Being Basic According to the Urban Dictionary, a Basic Bro is an “exceedingly ordinary male”, which is the counterpart to a “Basic Bitch“. Going “basic” includes things like wearing boat shoes, drinking fireball whisky, and playing Fantasy Football (admittedly, I am guilty of at least two of those). Show More Summary

The Hunt for Gear at the REI Garage Sale

We get there at five a.m. with a lawn chair, and we wait at the front of the ever-growing line with our canteen of coffee.   The post The Hunt for Gear at the REI Garage Sale appeared first on The Trek.

My Food Bag Shakedown

My 5 day meal plan and nutritional strategy for 2018 AT thru-hike The post My Food Bag Shakedown appeared first on The Trek.

Ecco Biom Venture GTX – Gear Review

I took the shoes out of the box and gave them a quick look. Flexing them side to side forward and back. They seemed pretty sturdy but I am always skeptical about trail shoes. I have forever been a boot guy. My favorite pair of boots is an old heavily used pair of ECCO Ulterra […] The post Ecco Biom Venture GTX – Gear Review appeared first on Hiking The Trail.

Let the Countdown Commence!

Counting down to my AT thru hike from the other side of the globe. The post Let the Countdown Commence! appeared first on The Trek.

Because when you’re making huge life decisions, why not make another one?

My name is Rachel and I am thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail solo northbound in 2018. I am a 22 year old recent college graduate with no idea what the future holds. Although I’ve hiked a lot, I’ve never been a thru-hiker before. I can’t...Show More Summary

Journals from the Hundred Mile Wilderness – Night Two

The following are excerpts straight from my journal as Shaaades and I, two run down North Bounders, trudged through the last Hundred Mile section before Mt. Katahdin. In these journals you will encounter desperation, determination, rain,...Show More Summary

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