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Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle Review

The Grayl Ultralight Purifer Bottle is an innovative water treatment solution designed to remove viruses, bacteria, protozoa, chemicals and heavy metals from backcountry water sources. Unlike other water filters and treatment methods,...Show More Summary

The “Night-Before” Feels

“One day or day one. You decide” March 2016: I was sitting in my 250 person auditorium classroom  watching 2016 AT Tru Hikers depart from Springer Mountain in hopes to become part of the 25%. Days/ weeks go by and I remember watching...Show More Summary

I almost quit today.

Hey, I’m laid up in bed, enjoying a nice zero at St. Luke’s Hostel in Virginia, when it dawned on me: “I almost quit today.” That phrase. That simple little, four-worded sentence was my first journal entry on the AT. Now, I think back to that day and laugh, but it was anything but funny at the time. You see, it was February 1st, 2017. Show More Summary

Last Minute Advice for PCT Thru Hikers

A thru hike is a once in a lifetime experience. It’s special. It’s a break from the normalcy of city life – an opportunity to find your soul and enjoy a 6 month love affair with Nature. Start Slow If you blitz through the trail you will go back to ‘normal life’ sooner. Show More Summary

Q&A with DoubleTap

I thought I’d do something a little different for this blog post and do a Q & A with Matt Parker, aka DoubleTap, one of the many PCT Trail Angels. For those that don’t know, a Trail Angel is a volunteer who supports hikers on their journey,...Show More Summary

How to Crowdfund Your Hike

10 tips for launching a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund your long-distance hike AND inspire your community to pursue their dreams! The post How to Crowdfund Your Hike appeared first on The Trek.

The Never Ending Zero Day (Weeks Four and Five)

A LOT has happened since my last blog post, so much that it would take way too long to go day by day with the events, so I’m going to try and group days together into similar categories. Let me know which blog style you prefer! WeekShow More Summary

hiking shoe tips

The site posted advice and a list of recommended hiking shoes for men and women. Here are their 6 most important considerations.

On a Midnight Plane to Georgia

Well, today was my last day at work, tonight was my goodbye party and tomorrow I get on a plane to Georgia. I have had so much going through my mind. I think back to all the experiences that culminated in this moment. The one I am in right now, the night before I leave for my thru hike. Show More Summary

Greetings from Campo!

The emotions one experiences when leaving home for Campo. The post Greetings from Campo! appeared first on The Trek.

Countdown for 2017 NorthBound AT Thru-Hike

Countdown: T-2 Weeks The time seems to be flying now. I continually find myself running through mental checklists to ensure that I have everything I need for the hike. This is tempered with the realization that if I need something I will be able to purchase it along the trail. Show More Summary

Reacting to Unexpected Situations: Surprise First Aid!

Thru hikers all carry their own tool kits.  Physical tools make up an important part of these kits, but they mean nothing without a carefully selected set of mental and emotional tools as companions.  For much of the time, these tools can feel kind of like dead weight. Show More Summary

I walk a lonely road

I have now been on the Benton MacKaye Trail for 50 miles, and one thing is certain: this is not the AT. I saw more hikers during the.9 mile walk on the AT to the top of Springer Mountain than I have in the 50 miles since I veered off the AT to travel the BMT. Show More Summary

PCT Gear Essentials (According To Kids)

In less than one month I’ll be flying from Boston to San Diego to begin my hike north from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. My gear setup is finally coming together, but regardless, I keep checking  the PCT Class of 2017 Facebook group like a mad woman trying to find something I could have missed, where I could go lighter, etc. Show More Summary

Go West Young Man: An Introduction

Trail ethos and the Pacific Crest Trail 2017, my life as a hiker. The post Go West Young Man: An Introduction appeared first on The Trek.

Are You a Voyager?

Could she see that I in fact was asking those same questions of myself? Still looking intently in my eyes she said "I not go on Blood Mountain". I quietly responded with a mischievous lilt "I am". The post Are You a Voyager? appeared first on The Trek.

The A.T: A Life Long Love Affair

Wake up, breakfast, meditation, reiki, purify my water, pack up my backpack, disassemble my tent, hike 11-16 miles: left-right-left-right, purify my water, assemble my tent, make dinner, do reiki on my campsite and myself, meditation/ stretching, blow up my air mattress, cuddle into my sleeping bag, put in ear plugs and fall asleep. Show More Summary

Bored-nothing to do: So you’re hiking the AT… now what?

Digital media on the trail, part 1 So you’ve made the leap – you’re thru-hiking (or maybe you’re hiking a section). The call of the wild and the woods was strong. You packed your bag and hit the trail, seeking that peace in nature. However,...Show More Summary

Week 19 – Snickers Gap to Elkton, VA

The temperatures are still plummeting and we are starting to struggle our way through the woods.  Our little hiking family may soon part ways, but until then, our adventures will continue together, for a short ways at least.  For now,...Show More Summary

Gear Review: Dr. Cool

During the end of my 2015 hike I started to have knee pain and really start to feel run down. After pushing to the finish and making it home, I did the necessary and put aside my favorite activity, running, and focused and recovering from my adventure. Show More Summary

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