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Backpacking the Livermore Loop

My boots hadn’t frozen overnight, which meant that my Sawyer water filter was probably still good (they’re wrecked if frozen.) Freezing rain had fallen overnight though and I knew I’d probably get soaked, brushing up against wet spruce on the side of the trail. With bright sunshine and temperatures in the low 60’s, I wasn’t that …

Neros and Heroes, but Never Zeros

Well hello there internet! It’s been a while! Last time you heard from me, I was seven days into my trip. I’ve made some progress since then, so here’s the run down on my second week. Day 8: Deep Gap to Dick’s Creek Gap, 3.6 miles First of all, I have settled into a little trail family. Show More Summary

Back on the Trail

Back to the Trail… the Hard Way I’m official!  Turns out the ATC office in Harpers Ferry is even open on Easter Sunday.  It took an almost herculean effort to get there.  On Thursday morning I drove Stella to cousin Stuart’s house where...Show More Summary

Storm Before the Calm

The preparations of one PCT thru hiking hopeful. The post Storm Before the Calm appeared first on The Trek.

Hiking the AT Sucks

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed (shelter) this morning. Particularly the side with the cold air blowing through. It poured again last night, the third night in a row, and just about everything I own falls somewhere on the scale between damp and completely soaked. Show More Summary

5 Books I’m taking on the Appalachian Trail

I grew up in a house filled with romance novels and self-help books. Consequently I harbor unrealistic expectations for how good my abs should look, a primal desire to own a broadsword, and a nagging voice in the back of my head that tells me, amongst the many things I should work on, that I should read more. Show More Summary

More Than A Hike

Hello, world. It’s been a minute since I’ve spoken with you all via The Trek, but I wanted to come at you with some motivation for this lovely Monday. Or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.. Whatever day you decide to read this. It’s been over 5 months since I returned home from my incredible journey on the Appalachian Trail. Show More Summary

Giving Back: Outdoor Organizations Worthy of Supporting

Want to make a difference this year, but don't know where to start? Check out these tips! The post Giving Back: Outdoor Organizations Worthy of Supporting appeared first on The Trek.

The Gremlin Days

I’ve been on the trail for two weeks exactly and i have become aware of a phenomenon I like to call “The Gremlin Days.” On these days, my gremlins come out. They crawl up my spine from the deep caverns  of my body where I  have tightly kept them shut for a long time. Show More Summary

Hot Springs to Spivey Gap

After staying at Elmers famous sunnybank Inn I finally had the motivation to leave the awesome trail town of Hot Springs behind and head toward my home state of Virginia. The night in Hot Springs Elmers was booked but I got a reservation for the second day and wow what a place. Show More Summary

Week 22 – Daleville to Newport, VA

The journey continues... A lot has happened since I had to take my leave from the trail.  In the three months that I was away from my forestry home, I managed to secure a full time position as a physical therapist, and my new position...Show More Summary

From Drugs & Alcohol to the PCT: Watch “A Single Step” Here

ast week, a different sort of PCT thru-hiking documentary quietly went live.  A Single Step follows the story of Colin Smith and Andrew Floor as they cross from Mexico to Canada in 2013. Colin and Andrew met in the drug and alcohol recovery...Show More Summary

The Beautiful Views are the People

Warm Morning Inside, Cold Rain Out I sit here leaning back in a kitchen chair so full my eyes are sleepy again.  This morning, one of twenty hikers zeroing for the second day together because of really cold rain, bought a breakfast spread. Show More Summary

Apparentlly You Need Both Feet To Move Forward

I will share with you a tale of woe and overcoming.  My husband and I are currently at mile marker 650ish.  It’s been raining for days, hopeful today will be the last of it.  While thunder rolls outside the window behind me, I conveniently have the first working computer I’ve seen on the trail here in Angel’s Rest living room. Show More Summary

Hike Sheltowee Trace: Kentucky’s 323-Mile Long Trail

Looking for a long trail that has great scenery, gorgeous waterfalls, stone arches, a moonbow and can be hiked in just a few weeks? Throw in a little southern hospitality and you have Sheltowee Trace, Kentucky’s Long Trail. It’s allShow More Summary

Yes I’m still alive and havent been eaten by a bear yet… Shutterbug’s Trail Update #2

I know, I know. I haven’t exactly been keeping up with the blog posts. But I promise I haven’t died! I’m still very alive! I’m trying to catch up on my journal writings and when I do I will post more detailed descriptions of how my days...Show More Summary

AWOL on the Appalachian Trail

17 hours agoFitness / Hiking :

I enjoyed this trip report. It’s basically his trail diary. In 2003, David Miller left his job, family, and friends to fulfill a dream and hike the Appalachian Trail. … While this book abounds with introspection and perseverance, it also provides … Continue reading ?

Getting Ready for My Hike, part 2

All packed up an ready to go!      Everything is loaded in my backpack. The supply boxes are packed and labeled for each section of the trail they are headed for. The piles are gone! My Virgo friends and family (especially my husband) are glad the piles are gone. Show More Summary

Backpack Light 50L Review

The Backpack Light 50L ($149) is a frameless ultralight style backpack weighing 34.5 oz (L) sold by My Trail Company, which has started manufacturing the same backpacks and tents that GoLite sold before it went bankrupt in 2014. The Backpack Light 50L reviewed here is virtually identical to the Golite Jam 50, which was a popular …

Don’t Jinx This

My First Hostel Our second zero day was going to see me staying in my first hostel.  I am pretty sure that Becky had stayed in a hostel before while doing a warmup hike late last year.  I was looking forward to the rest since  my body kept finding new ways to make me concerned about my physical well being. Show More Summary

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