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Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry Rechargeable Lantern Review

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The Princeton Tex Helix Backcountry Rechargeable Lantern is an excellent luxury item for camping that’s lightweight enough for family or couples backpacking. It’s also a remarkably well-designed product that can be use in many ways: as a hanging lantern, a spotlight with its glow-in-the dark lampshade removed, propped up on two legs as a directional …

Unfinished Business 

Friday May 19 Yesterday, involved an afternoon flight into LAX then shuttling with a crew of four other PCT 2016 hikers over to I-10. Our mission was simple…hike the remaining 40+ Miles from Ziggy and The Bears up to Onyx Summit. The ONLY section of the Pacific Crest Trail that was left incomplete due to the previous Lake Fire Closure last year. Show More Summary

Smokies don’t want me to go!

23 May 2017 Mileage AT – 240.3 miles Today’s – 18.4 mikes (+3.6 miles for gear) Time – 9.5 hrs Speed – 1.93 mph (2.31 mph) The GSMNP trails have been awesome.  I’ve had my biggest mileage in them there hills.  And today was NO different. Today’s...Show More Summary

Tri-Corner Knob Shelter

22 May 2017 Mileage AT – 221.9 miles Today’s – 15.1 miles Time – 7.66 hrs Speed – 1.97 mph Gburg was nice in a weird sort of way.  The attractions were “carnival like” and I’m not sure why people go there?  But I was glad for the time...Show More Summary

Wrightwood to Agua Dulce and Hiker Heaven

84 Miles That’s how far it is from Wrightwood to Agua Dulce. I did this in 4 days, the last two of which were over 90 degrees and really tested my mental strength. Besides the heat, the last 4 days included summitting Mount Baden Powell...Show More Summary

Video Update – Mile 500 – 600

Hiker Town, kittens, late mornings, lunch breaks, Tehachapi, and so, so many windmills.... The post Video Update – Mile 500 – 600 appeared first on The Trek.

Feral Pony Ruthlessly Kicks Thru-Hiker in the Balls [Watch]

One of the many highlights of the Appalachian Trail is encountering the feral (commonly confused as “wild”) ponies in Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia.  Although it’s incredibly tempting to pet the ponies, we encourage hikers to follow the principles of Leave No Trace and to keep a distance from any wildlife. Show More Summary

It’s All About The “Side Quests”

Big revelations have occurred in my life along this Trail, and it’s changed my outlook on how this hike will continue. For anyone just reading this post, my trail name is Furiosa – or Fury for short. It comes from the main character in Mad Max: Fury Road. Show More Summary

5 Tips and Tricks for Hiking with your PIC (Partner in Crime)

Hiking with your PIC   In 2015, I caught the thru-hike bug. After graduating from college, my boyfriend Dave and I took off to hike Camino De Santiago. The following year, I hiked the Appalachian Trail with my childhood friend, Hannah aka Sunshine. Show More Summary

50 inner thoughts on my first 50 miles

the following is an assortment of my inner thoughts starting from the Mexican/American Border to the end of my first 50 miles on the PCT    Holy crap, Mexico! Why does Border Patrol keep looking at me like that… Good Lord the desertShow More Summary

Tips for Taking Care of Your Travel Gear This Summer

It’s finally summer time, so you’re probably planning on traveling a bit. Whether that’s local or long distance, travel can really wear you down. Have you ever considered what it does to your gear? Before you take off to explore newShow More Summary

Continuing After Trail Days

With the rains returned, the quiet of nature helps me adjust to the aftershock of Trail Days. The weekend was packed with amazing and wonderful reunions, bands, gear vendors, activities, and food. I’m thankful every day for the community...Show More Summary

Gear I’m Loving Lately: The Best Backpacks

It doesn’t matter whether you are trekking across town to get to class, cycling through the city to make… The post Gear I’m Loving Lately: The Best Backpacks appeared first on Just a Colorado Gal.

How to Attach a Trekking Umbrella to a Backpack

A trekking umbrella is a useful piece of backpacking gear for rain and sun protection. But an umbrella can be a real pain in the butt if you have to hold it up for hours at a time using one arm, especially if you use trekking poles to hike. Here’s a simple technique to attach …

2 days on Turkey’s Carian Trail

Trip report by site editor Rick McCharles day 1 – 8am Starbucks, Bodrum. 9:30am – ferry to Datça. You pass the Greek island of Kos en route. 11am – arrive at the new ferry terminal. Free shuttle bus to town. I … Continue reading ?

I Get by with a Little Help from my Friends

Friends When I left Port Clinton on May 5th, I planned to hoof it all the way to Bear Mountain and take a zero with friends who lived nearby.  New York had other plans.  There I was introduced to what has become both the most feared and anticipated words used in Guthook’s…Rocky Outcrop!  The trail simple beat me up. Show More Summary

Shutterbug’s Update #3

Before I started hiking the Appalachian Trail I had a plan to journal every night & to keep this blog updated weekly. Clearly my plan failed. That’s just something you deal with every day on the trail though. You make a plan to hike 15 miles but then at mile 11 your feet refuse to work anymore so you decide to set up camp. Show More Summary

A Tale Of Two Feet, Wind and Rain

This post contains a bonus day. Woo!! Hooray for bonus days!!! You’re welcome. Day 36: Overmountain Shelter to Mountaineer Falls Shelter, 17.9 miles We awoke this morning to the drizzle of rain on the roof of the barn that served as our shelter. Show More Summary

6 great mountain peaks you can hike

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Mount Rainier, Washington Mount Elbrus, Russia Cotopaxi, Ecuador Mount Fuji, Japan Mount Shasta, California 6 Iconic Hikes You Should Do Before You Die I believe Kili is the only one of those 6 that you MUST do with … Continue reading ?

Sierra Designs Divine Light 1P Tent Review

The Sierra Designs Divine Light 1 FL Tent is a trekking pole tent that weighs just 2 pounds and 7 ounces. It takes the best features of Sierra Designs’ groundbreaking Flashlight UL 1, Clip Flashlight and Tensegrity tents and combines them in a new solo shelter that’s roomy,  easy to set up and has great …

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