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How Not to Die in the Woods: 10 Essential Items for Backcountry Adventures

Whether you are going into the wilderness for a weekend or for 5 months, you should know the 10 essential items to bring for safety and survival! The post How Not to Die in the Woods: 10 Essential Items for Backcountry Adventures appeared first on The Trek.

Week two on the PCT: Switch backs & douche bags

Day 8: Scissors crossing Today is April 20th, and as a Colorado girl I am, I had intentions of celebrating. But first I needed to get to the next water source. I was not trying to deal with cotton mouth on limited resources. Brewhiker...Show More Summary

Not Broken, Just Wet: Learning to Love Again After the Rain

Spoiler alert: I do not quit. We were in the rain for a week. But I am not going to give up, I am not going to quit this hike because things got hard and difficult. NO SIR. No. Not even after the immense, consecutive, damp bologna that I experienced this week. Show More Summary

My 7 Tips for Blister Free Feet

My first exposure to long-distance hiking came abruptly and painfully in 2013, when I joined my girlfriend at the time for roughly 100 miles along the PCT. Doodles was thru-hiking the trail, and even though I was meeting up with herShow More Summary

Snickers Bars to the Rescue – Trail Magic Does the Trick

I’ve never cared for Snickers Bars. In fact, I doubt I’ve eaten more than a few of them in my entire life. But as odd as it may seem, some trail magic in the form of a Snickers bar might just have saved my hike. We left Delaware Water Gap on a drizzly day. Show More Summary

3 Steps to Jumpstart Thru-Hike Planning

Deciding to hike the Appalachian Trail is quite an undertaking. For those interested in thru-hike planning, there’s some basic logistics that have to be considered. Based on Leave No Trace, make a plan and preparing ahead is essential. Show More Summary

hike the Queen Charlotte Track, New Zealand

10 hours agoFitness / Hiking :

The Queen Charlotte Track is one of our best hikes in Australasia. Check the Department of Conservation home page.

Hiking the Cape Wrath Trail

15 hours agoFitness / Hiking : Section Hiker

The Cape Wrath Trail is considered the hardest hiking route in the United Kingdom. Located in Scotland, it runs from Fort William, through the Highlands and Western Scotland, to the lighthouse at Cape Wrath, the northwestern-most point of Scotland. Approximately 230 miles in length, most people take 2-3 weeks to backpack the trip. Technically, the Cape Wrath …

My Scariest Moment on the Appalachian Trail

A harrowing tale of getting caught alone in a midnight thunderstorm while camping on the exposed summit of Cheoah Bald, just south of the Smokies. The post My Scariest Moment on the Appalachian Trail appeared first on The Trek.

Saying Goodbye: How An Adventure Was Born

Saying Goodbye: How An Adventure Was Born Saying Goodbye I felt like I said goodbye to everyone a hundred times for a whole year leading up to the trail. Customers at the bars I worked at, family, friends, my cat and any random person I happened to strike up a conversation with. Show More Summary

Should Colorado Require Hiking Permits?

Feature Photo: Longs Peak by Yours Truly I realize I’m about to expound upon an inflammatory statement but here… The post Should Colorado Require Hiking Permits? appeared first on Just a Colorado Gal.

Gear Review: Osprey Ariel 65L

Osprey Ariel 65L Backpack Description: The Osprey Ariel 65L pack is for the adventure ladies taking on alpine terrain and carrying heavy loads. In addition, the pack is adaptable- with a removable top lid and sleeping pad straps andShow More Summary

The Road to Mountain Warrior Goddess

I got to Brown Gap and was feeling good.  I had planned to meet my friend Red Eye there for the night but I had a few more miles in me and the iconic Max Patch so close, it called me on. I knew I could make it before dark and I had dreams of cowboy camping on the bald and enjoying a sunset, sunrise and bright stars in a wide sky. Show More Summary

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About the Antiquities Act (But Didn’t Know Who To Ask)

OK, so what is the Antiquities Act? The Antiquities Act (Pub.L. 59–209, 34 Stat. 225, 54 U.S.C. § 320301–320303 for all you hardcore civics nerds) is a law passed by Congress and signed by Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. Generally, it gives...Show More Summary

Four Days from Springer….

A Plan Comes Together This is a summary of events that happened in the last few months that will put me on the AT April 29th at 9 am.  My wife is planning on doing a Facebook Live start of my AT hike.  But for now, let’s go back some...Show More Summary

PCT Thru-Hike Eve

I’m sitting on the plane in my hiking clothes and it STILL hasn’t quite hit me that tomorrow I’ll be embarking on my walk from Mexico to Canada.   Before I hit the trail I wanted to share some final details about what I’m doing and how...Show More Summary

Bye bye Georgia

New Beginnings Leaving the hostel we catch the second shuttle out that morning. It only has to take us the 1/2 mile to the trail where we left off two days ago. Before we load up Becky and I weigh our packs once again. Mine, with 2 liters of water, weighs in at 26 lbs. Show More Summary

Backpacking the Livermore Loop

My boots hadn’t frozen overnight, which meant that my Sawyer water filter was probably still good (they’re wrecked if frozen.) Freezing rain had fallen overnight though and I knew I’d probably get soaked, brushing up against wet spruce on the side of the trail. With bright sunshine and temperatures in the low 60’s, I wasn’t that …

Neros and Heroes, but Never Zeros

Well hello there internet! It’s been a while! Last time you heard from me, I was seven days into my trip. I’ve made some progress since then, so here’s the run down on my second week. Day 8: Deep Gap to Dick’s Creek Gap, 3.6 miles First of all, I have settled into a little trail family. Show More Summary

Back on the Trail

Back to the Trail… the Hard Way I’m official!  Turns out the ATC office in Harpers Ferry is even open on Easter Sunday.  It took an almost herculean effort to get there.  On Thursday morning I drove Stella to cousin Stuart’s house where...Show More Summary

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