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After Happily Indulging at The Cheesecake Factory, Britney Spears Does This

40 minutes agoHealth / Fitness : PopSugar: Fitness

After Cheesecake Factory you do this... Treadmill and weights ???? A video posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on Jul 23, 2016 at 5:14pm PDT We've all been there! Whether you overdid it at a barbecue, had a little too much cake at...Show More Summary

Trail Update: Days 12-14

Day 12: July 26th Miles 114.5-126.5 We left out of Monson at a decent time, and the miles flew by. Before we knew it, we had reached the first shelter. We had originally planned on staying there for the night but it was early and we were feeling great so we moved on. We didn’t......

YJ Tried It: Leaf Urban Jewelry Helps Manage Your Stress Level

3 hours agoFitness / Yoga : Yoga Journal

New smart jewelry product Leaf Urban helps you predict your stress level by tracking your sleep, daily activity, menstrual cycle, and meditation practice—and looks pretty doing it. The post YJ Tried It: Leaf Urban Jewelry Helps Manage Your Stress Level appeared first on Yoga Journal.

11 Fun, Inspiring Graphic Tees That'll Make You More Even More Excited to Go to the Gym

5 hours agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

Need a little oomph to get you out of bed and to the studio or gym? The inspirational and quirky messages on these adorable tees will make getting dressed for your workout even better... and they might just carry you through your next...Show More Summary

Friday Funny 1130: 50 'Nerds' of Grey

Well, there's only 23 here (not 50), but these are pretty great: Lots more funny stuff on Steve in a Speedo

Enter to WIN a FREE Box of (9) Greenbelly Meal Bars!

12 hours agoFitness / Hiking : Section Hiker

Greenbelly Bars are a high calorie, super-convenient way to consume a lot of calories on hiking and backpacking trips. I eat a lot of them and they’re a good way to “slam down” a lot of nutritious calories without any food prep. Each packet contains two bars, with a crunchy rice-like texture that goes down […]            

More on being allergic to summer

12 hours agoHealth / Fitness : Jill Outside

Beat's hummingbirds. There's so many that we've been going through 1.5+ liters of sugar water per day. The asthma doctor had great reviews and seemed very nice, but I could tell that he wasn't necessarily going to be sympathetic to my cause. Show More Summary

Proof That a HIIT Workout Is Totally Possible in a Hotel Gym

We're big believers in keeping up with your fitness routine no matter where you are in the world. Just because you're not at your usual boot camp boutique with your familiar instructor or go-to machines doesn't mean you should skip the sweat session altogether. Show More Summary

Out of Retirement

Many of the retired hikers on the Appalachian Trail said they were jealous of me for getting to thru-hike so young. I was 22 years old,  just out of college, thru-hiking a trail so many people wait their entire lives to do. Their comments had me patting myself on the back too! Yep, I was putting off jobs and “real......

The Fishing Knife

I was hiking the Knobstone Trail in southern Indiana. I’d been out a day or two. I was trying to prepare for a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. The air was hot and humid, and my sweat coated me in a salty shellac. I was thirty five pounds heavier than I am today as......

If You're Obsessed With Mermaids, These Are THE Best Workout Clothes

If you're as obsessed with mermaids as I am, then you're about to lose your sht over some stupid-cute activewear. Without getting too bold, I'm pretty sure these are the best mermaid-inspired workout clothes the world has to offer at...Show More Summary

My zero day in Nevereverland

Let me start off by saying that fairytales really do exist. No, maybe not the kind you’re thinking of…the lovey dovey knight in shining armour kind. This will not be a story about that. This is a tale of a CDT hiker, her friend from the Lost Boys, and their trip to Nevereverland. Which in......

Get Your Tex-Mex Fix With This High-Protein Chicken Fajita Bowl

Chicken fajitas have long been my go-to order at Tex-Mex restaurants. The main components are relatively light (at least by Tex-Mex standards), and, since they're presented as an assemble-yourself sort of situation, I can choose to go heavy on the chicken, vegetables, guacamole, and salsa, for a high-protein and -fiber meal. Show More Summary

These 5 Simple Moves Combine Cardio, Core, and Booty Work

There are butt exercises, and then there are ab exercises, and then there are the exercises that waste no time and cut to the chase - they work the abs and butt all at once. Pressed for time and looking to shape up your rear and lean...Show More Summary

Guess Who’s Back… Back Again

Pringles is back.. Tell a friend. Gah, I’m so lame. After one month off trail, I feel recovered, confident, and able. I traveled to Hanover, NH, on Tuesday July 19 to begin my second leg of this journey. I am jumping ahead of The Whites until my knee feels stronger. I will go back......

A 100-Rep Bodyweight Workout That Can Be Done in Just 5 Minutes

18 hours agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

Don't think you have time to exercise? This 100-rep workout can be done in just under five minutes. And the best part is that you don't need any equipment - just your body. These moves combine cardio plus strength training, so you'll be huffing and puffing and will feel your muscles burning. Show More Summary

Hiking the Panorama Point Trail

18 hours agoFitness / Hiking : Modern Hiker

With the Rockies as Denver’s backyard playground, it feels like the mountains are constantly beckoning. Unfortunately we can’t always make time to get out into the the thick of the backcountry. Sometimes we just need a little micro adventure to satisfy our nature cravings. Luckily the Front Range has an extensive number of hikes just an hour away…

Chocolate Pudding Made With a Magical High-Protein Ingredient

19 hours agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

Smooth, chocolaty, melt-in-your mouth, decadent pudding. A traditional recipe is made with white sugar, whole milk, egg yolks, and butter - definitely not the healthiest dessert, but man, is it delicious! Here's a healthier version made...Show More Summary

Quiz: Have you become a Trail Snob?

Your loved ones are excited for your accomplishment but are they secretly hoping you'll stop telling them how to enjoy the outdoors? Do you need to connect better with hikers of other trails? Take this quiz and see if you've become a trail snob!...

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