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The Desert is blooming!

The desert has come alive with blooms, bugs, and babies. I spent some time the other day playing with my new camera that I will be testing out on my upcoming secret adventure in a few weeks. I spent some time playing with the features and found that the Flow Macro function is really neat […] The post The Desert is blooming! appeared first on Hiking The Trail.

My Gear List: 12 Pounds of Chewy Goodness

There are few things in life that I love more than backpacking gear. My cat Shelby, a good ABBA cover band, and my Aunt Maggie’s Jell-O salad on the 4th of July are about it. To say I have stressed over my thru hike gear selection is an understatement. I have logged hundreds of miles......

Eastward home

I warned Beat that Los Altos to Boulder is a really long drive. I explained that I genuinely enjoy sitting in a vehicle for hours on end, sipping gas station coffee and watching empty landscapes roll by, but I don't expect many people share my ability to do this and not become painfully bored. Show More Summary

#AdventureMonday 4/25/2016

“Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone.” – Wendell Berry We would love to see your adventures and share them. Tag...Show More Summary


The 3 were well inside a fire restricted area and were unaware of the danger.

T Minus 4 Days Till Mile 1

First off, let’s hope this works…I’ve been having some trouble sharing this blog with people. Let’s start at the beginning and maybe I can eliminate a few questions people ask me every single day. My name is Tim Sundquist and I am going to hike the Appalachian Trail beginning on 29, April 2016. I leave...

Kick Some Weight-Loss Butt (Literally) With This Move

5 days agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

The "under the fence" kick is a badass cardio move that brings some high intensity to your squats. And you're totally going to feel the BURN in your glutes and inner thighs. You also might feel like a ninja doing it, but that's another topic entirely. Here's how to do it: Start with your feet together. Show More Summary

120+ Vegan and Gluten-Free Recipes (That Don't Taste Like It!)

5 days agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

Maybe you overdid it a little on the pizza and beer this weekend or you're just making a point to eat healthier in general. If you're looking for some fresh-tasting, nutritious noshables that leave out the meat, dairy, eggs, and gluten, then try these simple and satisfying recipes. Skip Ahead: Breakfast Smoothies Snacks Lunch and Dinner Dessert

The desert hasn’t killed me yet!

I’m currently laying in my sleeping bag, all snug & nice and tight for the night as the wind howls around me. I, along with 8 other hikers, managed to find a decent camping spot just off trail with plenty of room for everyone to spread out. I’m really digging this whole trail-community that’s going...

PCT: Day 6 (Yeaterday)

515-8 am: 6 miles to water 10am-12pm: hiked another 4 miles 4pm-545pm: hiked final 5 miles to next water source to camp for the night! Total Mileage: 15 for the day, camping at Total time hiking: 6 hours 30 mins Today was a really good day. We got a jump start on hiking and got...

Approach Trail (-8.8) to Sam’s Gap TN (317.6)

Hey Guys- sorry for taking so long to update… First off, let me apologize for my horrendous delay in posts on here- I’m already 317.6 miles into my journey and still haven’t posted yet. I’ve found out that once you get to a town, there a million things that need to be done. Between being exhausted,......

Miles 200-300: Clingman’s/Mt Love to Jerry Cabin Shelter

Miles 200-300 were chocked full of unforgettable experiences!  Coming down from Clingman’s Dome, we met Andrew’s parents at Newfound Gap on the border on TN & NC in the Smokies.  Took a zero day at their home in Talbott.  Our first day back on the trail was the most scenic to date with 7 panoramic......

If You're at Chipotle, These Are the Leanest, Lightest Orders

Chipotle has had its fair share of bad press in the past year or so, that's for sure. But it still remains one of the most popular fast-casual restaurants in the United States. Clearly, people are still into it. If you're out with friends...Show More Summary

Wobble Yoga Game Is A Hilarious Practice In Humility

5 days agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

We’ve all had our wobbly moments at some point—and many of us still do on the regular. That’s why we got a kick out of this Wobble Yoga computer game from Jenny Jiao Hsia, which not only reminds you what it was like to try yoga for the first (or thousandth) time, but also that it’s […]

Added a bit to my distance for 1.64 miles

There is a bench that is 0.82 miles from the starting line, and I went to that bench and back, for a total distance of 1.64 miles. I didn't feel like jogging, so I walked the total distance. The sky was overcast when I started, but no...Show More Summary

Mandy Ingber’s Sequence to Heal Your Heart + Embrace Joy

5 days agoFitness / Yoga : Yoga Journal

Celebrity yoga teacher Mandy Ingber says healing grief starts by recognizing where you’re holding stress and emotions and breathing into that space to release the tension. Reset with her 20-minute sequence. The post Mandy Ingber’s Sequence to Heal Your Heart + Embrace Joy appeared first on Yoga Journal.

Prenatal Yoga: 5 Psoas-Releasing Poses to Relieve Low Back Pain

5 days agoFitness / Yoga : Yoga Journal

This sequence helps to diminish many of the common discomforts and imbalances experienced in the low back, pelvis, and hips during pregnancy. The post Prenatal Yoga: 5 Psoas-Releasing Poses to Relieve Low Back Pain appeared first on Yoga Journal.

2016 Six Hours in Frog Hollow, Part 2: The First Time Around

5 days agoHealth / Fitness : Fat Cyclist

A Note From Fatty: I’ve been a big fan and customer of The Feed for years, and am happy to welcome them as a sponsor. Right now, they’ve got a great “Free Snacks” promotion going on: get their April Fuel Kit free with all orders over $20. Check it out here or by clicking [...]

Gear Review: Native Eyewear Penrose Sunglasses

To all of my narrow-faced friends out there: tired of your sunglasses sticking out from your face like a cartoon character? The Penrose polarized sunglasses solve that problem, giving your skinny face that nice tight hug you want from an athletic pair of shades. The design is simple but flattering, with a classic square frame that isn’t......

Gear Guide 2016: Our Favorite Base Layers

Base layers: You sleep in them, you hike in them, you rarely wash them. These next-to-skin garments have the tremendously difficult job of keeping you either warm in the mountains, cool in the deserts, wicking profuse amounts of sweat, and surviving weeks between washing without turning into a biohazard. And we want them to be packable, fit well,......

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