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Finding The Perfect DNF Cocktail at the 2017 Cascade Crest 100m

What is the recipe for a DNF cocktail? Is there a specific blend of physical and psychological ingredients, shaken or stirred, that guarantee an unforecasted “Do Not Finish” result? Ah, the contemplation that sets in with the post-drop reality of a cot that has become your personal finish line for the day. Show More Summary

Registration for the 2018 Boston Marathon Starts On Monday (9/11)

If you would like to be one of the 30,000 runners at the 122nd Boston Marathon on Monday, April 16, 2018, have your qualification times ready to register next week! The race will once again follow a rolling registration, based on a qualifying...Show More Summary

Smart Clothing Expected to Hit $4B by 2024

The era of smart clothing is about to break open, according to a new market study from Global Insights that says this industry will grow 50% annually to $4B+ in the next eight years. Sensors and haptic feedback are expected to move from...Show More Summary

New Skyline Trail In The Works for Woodside/San Mateo?

Good news! The San Francisco Planning Department is investigating the environmental impact of a new trail that would allow hikers/runners to run all the way from Huddart Park/Phleger Estate to Hwy 92 (and potentially beyond)! It's part of the Bay Area Trail initiative to make a 500-mile loop around the entire Bay Area. Show More Summary

The 2017 San Francisco Marathon 52.4 Mile Ultra - Two Sides Of A Great City

Have you ever been to the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco at 1am, weaving through the loud and crazy nightlife revelers, only to have those city vampires stare awestruck and say " THAT guy is strange!"?Ever run through...Show More Summary

10 Best Running Trails in San Diego – The Top Places to Run

The 10 Best Running Trails in San Diego   The choices for running routes are endless in the San Diego, CA area. I like to describe the San Diego area as a runner’s mecca. I had a hard time deciding which trails to run during a 3-day trip to San Diego. Show More Summary

The Butte to Butte 10k....Short Races Are Fun Too!

"I don't know what the Butt to Butt is, but it sounds amazing." - Guy In Line Behind Me At Starbucks Reading My Shirt Well, the race is actually called the Butte to Butte 10k, but I had to agree that it was amazing. This July 4th event...Show More Summary

Best Running Trails in Arkansas – The Natural States Most Scenic

The 10 Best Running Trails in Arkansas   The Natural State’s Most ScenicArkansas offers a variety of running trails for all levels of runners. The state of Arkansas contains approximately 70 trails totaling 205 miles. Some trails go through lush scenery, while others offer breath-taking views of major cities. Show More Summary

The 107th Dipsea Race - Lessons Learned

"Oh, you're fast just didn't want it enough." Such was the feedback given to me by a 24-time Dipsea runner at the finish line, soon after I gasped to a personally disappointing 126th place (1:00:51). This was just afterShow More Summary

Stealing Fire, Ultrarunning, and the Pursuit of Ecstatis

Fellow Prometheans...if you are reading this, then YOU ARE A RECEIVER. Have you ever reached a transcendent state by engrossing yourself in a passion? Immersing yourself so deeply that time and effort just slips away? Perhaps you know...Show More Summary

26 Experts Share Their Favorite Beginner Running Tips

26 Experts Share Their Favorite Beginner Running TipsSharesIf you are just getting into running and are looking for easy to understand beginner running tips, it's hard to find better advice than the first-hand experiences of the running experts below. Show More Summary

My New Race T Is Awesome! Almost...

When Rabbit and created a special edition Elite Race-Her-Back Ultrarunner tank top featuring top women trail runners, I knew I had to have one. Featuring amazing women athletes from our sport in a clever "in the...Show More Summary

The 3 Best Lights for Running at Night Or Early Morning

Here are the 3 Best Lights for Running at Night or Early MorningSharesLike many runners, I run in the early morning around 5-6AM. Some runners prefer to run at night or after work. For me, the mornings fit my schedule the best. For both...Show More Summary

How to Find Your Perfect 5k Race Pace

How to Find Your Perfect 5k Race PaceDid you know that finding out exactly how fast or how slow to go on a 5K makes every run much better? Unfortunately, many runners tend to look at their gps watch for their time and not focusing on what pace the are running.In an effort to improve […] The post How to Find Your Perfect 5k Race Pace appeared first on Train for a

Ten Great Chris Cornell Songs For Your Running Playlists

As a long time fan of Chris Cornell (lead singer and songwriter for Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog), I was devastated to hear of his sudden unexpected passing this last Wednesday. I'm normally not the kind of person who...Show More Summary

How to Run a 21 Minute 5K (or LESS!)

Ready to PR your Next 5K? Here’s How to Run any 5K in 21 Minutes or Faster.SharesNo matter how fit and in shape you think you are, running an entire 5K is always a grueling experience that will shake your confidence to the core. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Show More Summary

Communing in the Redwoods at The 2017 Avenue of the Giants Marathon

In the far reaches of the Northern California coastline lies a magical ancient forest, stunning in its revelatory power. Giant coastal redwoods, in one of their last native habitats on the planet, have stood here for millennia. Their...Show More Summary

Nike Sub-2 Hour Marathon Attempt Will Be Broadcast Live This Friday

If you're interested in watching the Nike Sub-2 Hour Marathon Attempt at the Formula 1 track in Monza, Italy, this Friday, it will be streamed live at Nike's Facebook page, Runners World, and at 11:45 p.m. Eastern/8:45 p.m. Show More Summary

How to Set Challenging But Attainable Running Goals

How to Set Challenging But Attainable Running Goals for Your Next 5KWhether you’re a new to running or a season 5K runner looking to tone up for the next race, setting tough but realistic running goals will be a major key to success....Show More Summary

The 5 Benefits of Running Intervals for 5K Runners

The Top 5 Benefits of Running Intervals for 5K RunnersDid you know that active recovery is actually 10 times better for runners than stopping to catch a break? That’s right, while it might be tempting to sit down or lie flat after an intense running regimen, it might actually do you more harm than good. Show More Summary

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