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If You Stop Drinking Alcohol, Does It Make You a Better Runner? My 40-Day Test…

As an athlete who also enjoys an alcoholic beverage from time to time (okay, daily for the most part), I’ve often pondered if my love of a good IPA or classic Manhattan has been holding back my running potential. Formal studies on the...Show More Summary

Benefits of Running With Ankle Weights

The 8 Benefits of Running with Ankle WeightsSharesDo ankle weights work? What are the benefits of running with ankle weights? Can I burn calories while running with ankle weights? Do they help me run faster? These and many others are some of the great questions.  Let's start with the obvious... Show More Summary

Planning My 2017 Race Season

January 1st shouldn't be any more paramount than any other square on the calendar. Despite its binary pecularity, the day is, after all, just another day. The sun rises, the sun sets, and we play, work, and sleep within its comfortable circadian rhythm. Show More Summary

Should I Drink a Protein Shake After Running?

Should I drink a protein shake after running? SharesProtein is a hot topic in gyms and fitness circles everywhere, but what exactly is it about this nutrient that is so buzzworthy? Is it so important that I should be slurping it down...Show More Summary

2016...A Year of Reflection and Personal Growth

As the last few sunsets of 2016 take their final soaring plunge into the Pacific, I am humbled and grateful to look back on another crazy year. Epic running and career adventures, a happy and healthy family, stumbles in both running and my personal life, and more surprises than a schizophrenic magician. Show More Summary

The 5 Benefits of Good Running Socks

THE 5 BENEFITS OF GOOD RUNNING SOCKSSharesDoes changing your socks really matter when you are running? Do I need running socks?Great questions...  let me tackle them one at a time. Any runner with more than a handful of races under their...Show More Summary

Seven Reasons Why Running is Giving You a Headache (And What You Can Do About It)

Shares7 Reasons Why Running is Giving You a Headache (And What You Can Do About It)There’s nothing worse than coming home from solid run only to have an excruciating headache. From mild annoyances to full fledged migraines, headaches during and after exercise are a common complaint for runners everywhere. Show More Summary

Vivosmart HR vs Vivofit 3 : Side-by-Side Comparison

vivosmart hr vs vivofit 3 Sharesa side by side comparisonI spent the last three days trying to figure out which one of these new Garmin running watches I am going to upgrade to. So instead of keeping all my research to myself, here you go. Show More Summary

Scenes from the 2016 ITR Woodside Ramble (Trail Half Marathon, 35k, 50k)

Inside Trail Racing put on their annual winter version of the Woodside Ramble, and Quinn and I got a few pictures of runners braving the mid-30 degree cold on our morning hike. Enjoy!BTW, Inside Trail has an amazing roster of eventsShow More Summary

USATF MUT Council Announces 2017 National Championship Races

The USA Track & Field (USATF) Mountain/Ultra/Trail Council has announced the schedule for 2017 National Championship races. Looks like a few favorites, plus a couple of new races. These championship races have been great for pushing me to new personal bests, since I can count on lots of fast runners and a well-marked course. Show More Summary

The 10 Benefits of Fitness Trackers for Runners

The 10 Impressive Benefits of Fitness TrackersSharesOne of the things that motivate athletes to put more effort in their exercises is when they notice a good progress. When I started running years ago, it was difficult to keep records of my daily exercises. Show More Summary

The 12 Best Ankle Braces for Running

Got Ankle Pain? Here are The 12 Best Ankle Braces for Running SharesRunning can put a lot of stress on our legs since the shock between the feet, and the ground is absorbed by the legs. This occasionally leads to ankle and knee pain or even ligament tear. Show More Summary

Yoga vs Pilates – Which is Better for Runners?

Yoga vs Pilates – Which is Better for Runners?SharesIt’s recommended that every runner supplement their running routine with some form of additional practice that increases strength and flexibility. This not only increases your speed and endurance as a runner, but is great for preventing injuries. Show More Summary

What Are Some Good Recipes for Athletes (& us Non-Athletes) in Training

What Are Some Good Recipes for Athletes (& us Non-Athletes) in TrainingSharesSince I started running and training I have began to pay more attention to the type of food that I eat. What I learned in the very beginning is that what you...Show More Summary

Holiday Gift Guide for Trail Runners (2016)

Got some trail runners on your holiday gift list? Here are a few of my favorite gift suggestions to stick under the tree (or menorah, Festivus pole, etc) including a few new ones for 2016 and some classics that always seem to please....Show More Summary

What’s Better? Brooks Ghost 9 vs. Saucony Ride 9

BROOKS GHOST 9 VS SAUCONY RIDE 9SharesIf you love running as much as I do, then you know better than anyone else just how important your choice of footwear is as you work out. It has the potential to either make your experience fulfilling or absolutely dreadful. Show More Summary

Are We Trail Running, Or Are We "Forest Bathing"? Understanding the Japanese Practice of Shinrin-Yoku

Ever since I started trail running on a daily basis, I have felt a noticeable improvement in my well being. I feel less stressed, I get sick less often, and I've found a spiritual calm that keeps my optimism brimming through the seasons. Show More Summary

7 Helpful Tips for Staying Motivated for Your First 5K

Seven Tips for Staying Motivated for your First 5KSharesAnytime you begin a new habit or set a goal, there is one simple key to success: motivation. Anyone who has ever reached a goal did so because they were motivated to begin, and they stayed motivated until they achieved it. Show More Summary

How to Treat Ankle Joint Pain from Running

How to Treat Ankle Joint Pain from Running Quick Navigation What Causes Ankle Joint Pain While Running?Home Remedies for Ankle Joint Pain For RunnersMedications Commonly Used to Treat Ankle PainSurgery Treatment for Ankle Pain The hip, knee and ankle are the body parts that offer most of the energy required for running. Show More Summary

Playing in Purisima (First Video with Hover Camera Drone)

Took my new Hover Camera out for a spin to try the drone auto-follow capability. This thing is going to be a lot of fun! I'll give it a few more test drives and write up a review in the next few weeks. Pretty amazing how compact these are getting. Leave a comment and let me know what you'd like me to report!Thanks, SD

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