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Win a Free Trip to the UK For Some Crazy Fell Running!

Have you ever wanted to race in the historic Lake District of the UK, the true home of fell running? How about an all-expense-paid trip for FREE?!? Well, you are in luck... My shoe sponsor, inov-8, has recently launched the GET A GRIP COMPETITION where seven lucky winners will get a 5-day trip to the UK to race the 9-mile Skiddaw Fell Race. Show More Summary

Practicing Joy at the 2017 Marin Ultra Challenge 50k

"Practice joy" That was my goal at the 2017 Inside Trail Marin Ultra Challenge 50k last Saturday. No time goals, no sprints for podium finishes, not even a watch or headphones to distract me. Instead, focus on being in the moment, appreciating...Show More Summary

How To Be A Sponsored Athlete - Commentary on Ambassadors, Elite Athletes, and Professionals

Last week, a few people forward me a Trail Runner Magazine article entitled "Getting Sponsored Isn't Just About Being Fast (Pro Athletes Offer Their Advice)", and asked me "is that how you got your sponsors?". Ummm, sort of?!? The article...Show More Summary

Hungry After Workout? Here Are 3 Proven Tips To Avoid Overeating

Hungry After Workout? Here Are 3 Proven Tips To Avoid OvereatingSharesDo you worry about overeating after your workout? Can't control your urge to eat a cheeseburger or pancake? Don't worry, you are not alone. Read on to learn about why you go hungry after exercising and what to do about it. Show More Summary

Best Sellers & Running Deals -2/25 -3/7

Best Sellers & Running Deals - Week of 2/27-3/5 - 2017SharesIn my quest to continue to be extremely helpful and provide a ton of value to you, below are a five really good deals on running gear/related items we were able to find. If you find a deal that you think we should add, send […] The post Best Sellers & Running Deals -2/25 -3/7 appeared first on Train for a

How To Avoid Having To Poop While Running

How To Avoid Having To Poop While RunningShares?Ever felt the overwhelming urge to poop while running? You are not alone. Famed runners Utta Pippig, Tegla Loroupe, Steve Jones, Rosie Ruiz, and Paul Radcliffe have a?l?l had to take a sudden bathroom break while competing. Show More Summary

Muddy Mayhem at the FOURmidable 50k (2017 USATF 50k Trail National Championships)

Formidable (Fohr-med-a-bull) – Causing fear, dread, awe, or discouragement as a result of size, strength, or some other impressive feature; commanding respect; causing wonder or astonishment. Difficult to defeat or overcome. FOURmidable 50k – the above, plus 31 miles of mud and 6,000' of climbing. Show More Summary

What is a Virtual 5K & Top 10 Reasons to Run One This Year

The post What is a Virtual 5K & Top 10 Reasons to Run One This Year appeared first on Train for a

Top Runner’s Playlist for 2016

Our Favorite Running Songs - The Top Running's Playlist for 20166Shares512016 brought us some really good tunes. Throughout the year I added over 1000 songs to my running playlist. Below is the list of my favorite tunes in a simple to follow playlist. Show More Summary

What Makes a Good Meal Plan for Runners?

WHAT MAKES A GOOD MEAL PLAN FOR RUNNERS?SharesFrom experience, I can confidently say that some runners have some of the worst eating habits. Most athletes think that they can get away with eating anything. But that is far from the truth. Show More Summary

6 Best Stretches To Do After Running That Keep You Loose

SharesThe best stretches to do after running - the 6 most simple & effective Stretching after a workout has been proven to help prevent injuries, reduce soreness, help your muscles recover faster, and just feels good in general. Although...Show More Summary

The Eight Best Stretches to do Before Running

The best stretches to do before running - the 8 most simple & effective SharesWarming up is one of the most important steps for maintaining an injury-free training program - but many of wonder exactly what the perfect warm-up looks like. Show More Summary

How to Keep Running When you Want to Stop

How to keep running when you want to stop - 4 simple hacks to keep you goingSharesSo, it’s the start of a brand-new year and with that comes brand-new goals and aspirations. You figured what better time to start running to stay or get into shape. Show More Summary

The Benefits of Running on a Treadmill & How It Helps You

The 7 amazing Benefits of Running on a TreadmillSharesRunning on a treadmill is one of the modern methods used today by individuals who wish to shed some extra pounds, get in shape or walk. Considered mainly a moderate cardio exercise,...Show More Summary

Ultimate Guide to the Best Knee Support for Running

Guide to Choosing the Best Knee Support for Running.SharesAs a runner, you’ve likely heard the debate about the negative/positive effect of running on the knees. Since the jury is still undecided, we can safely say that running, on its...Show More Summary

How to Treat a Deep Heel Blister

What could be more irritating than a continuously nagging and painful blister getting into the groove and rhythm of your brisk run? Blisters are the most annoying enemy of hikers and runners. And though it is always best to prevent blisters...Show More Summary

You've Qualified for the Boston Marathon - What Corral Will You Be In?

You've done the hard part and qualified for Boston...but what wave and corral will you be in? Thanks to folks like Greg Maclin at who study the numbers religiously, you can get a pretty good idea with his chart. The...Show More Summary

The Major Causes of Tight Hamstrings for Runners & How to Overcome Them

The Major Causes of Tight Hamstrings for runners & How to Overcome ThemSharesWhere is the Hamstring LocatedThe hamstring are comprised of a gathering of three muscles; the Biceps Femoris, the Semitendinosus, and the Semimembranosus.Show More Summary

What are the Benefits of Running vs Elliptical?

What are the Benefits of Running vs EllipticalSharesElliptical machines are modern standard equipment found in the gym, specially designed for simulating the movement of running and walking, while at the same time minimizing the impact on the affected joints, according to the national Arthritis Foundation. Show More Summary

The Unbelievable Benefits of Running Stairs That Will Make You Great

The Unbelievable Benefits of Running Stairs SharesBeing fit and healthy is not a privilege everyone out there enjoys, but it’s a choice we can all make. Today there are several ways through which you can shed a few pounds naturally without necessarily accruing gym costs or walking long distances. Show More Summary

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