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Trust Your Vagina: Making a Case for the Compass Between Your Thighs

7 hours agoFitness / Yoga : Yoga Journal

Author LiYana Silver explains why she thinks Cate Blanchett got it right and women ought to begin trusting their innate feminine genius and looking to their yonis for guidance. The post Trust Your Vagina: Making a Case for the Compass Between Your Thighs appeared first on Yoga Journal.

Swole Grandma Shows You How She Gets "Dem Abs"

So like... Debbie here has 17 bodybuilding titles. Who is Debbie, you might ask? Debbie Crall, the 61-year-old woman behind "Muscles & Mascara," is an NASM-certified personal trainer. "Started working out in 1981 and I haven't stopped!" she says in her Facebook bio - and she's really sticking to that statement. Show More Summary

Watch This Woman Viciously Destroy the Phrase "Body Goals"

last weekHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

We need to talk about the phrase "body goals." More specifically, what does it even mean? In a recent impassioned rant, video blogger Tova Leigh completely eviscerated the frequently used term. Her refreshing video analyzed the pressure...Show More Summary

Thirsty (for knowledge) Thursday: Five Endurance Links

Here are 5 short articles I found interesting: • 6 "pro tips" on how to make treadmill running more bearable. I know winter is almost over, but here are some treadmill tips if your still running indoors. • A core routine for runners that doesn't require a gym. Show More Summary

Lock Laces for your hiking shoes

2 weeks agoFitness / Hiking :

I just bought a pair of these from Amazon. So far, so good. I’m planning to change over all my footwear. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Is This "Shocking" Workout the Next Fitness Craze?

2 weeks agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

s Can you imagine getting the effects of a three-hour workout in only 20 minutes? It very well might be possible. A new wave of fitness is making its way west from London, and it's called EMS training. Have you heard of it? Seen it on Instagram? It's still so new in the States that not many people in the US have tried it yet. Show More Summary

So This Is How Chris Hemsworth Gets Those Hard Rock Abs to Play Thor

2 weeks agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

A post shared by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on Mar 11, 2017 at 12:30am PST In case you needed some motivation to work up a sweat today, this video of Chris Hemsworth exercising should do the trick. On Saturday, the Thor actor uploaded a 1-minute video on his Instagram page featuring an intense work out session with his trainer. Show More Summary

6th annual Ladakh Marathon (India)

2 weeks agoFitness / Hiking :

Sunday 10 September 2017. 7 KM RUN LADAKH FOR FUN HALF MARATHON MARATHON KHARDUNG LA CHALLENGE  Check out the scenery. Click PLAY or watch it on Vimeo.   The Khardung La Challenge (72 km) is the Highest Ultra Marathon in … Continue reading ?

Hungry After Workout? Here Are 3 Proven Tips To Avoid Overeating

Hungry After Workout? Here Are 3 Proven Tips To Avoid OvereatingSharesDo you worry about overeating after your workout? Can't control your urge to eat a cheeseburger or pancake? Don't worry, you are not alone. Read on to learn about why you go hungry after exercising and what to do about it. Show More Summary

How To Avoid Having To Poop While Running

How To Avoid Having To Poop While RunningShares?Ever felt the overwhelming urge to poop while running? You are not alone. Famed runners Utta Pippig, Tegla Loroupe, Steve Jones, Rosie Ruiz, and Paul Radcliffe have a?l?l had to take a sudden bathroom break while competing. Show More Summary

man and dog 60 days off-trail

Ace Kvale turned 60 last fall, and to celebrate, he planned a 60-day, off-trail backpacking trip around Utah’s Canyon Country, leaving from his front door. He had a dozen friends join him for different sections of the trip, and one … Continue reading ?

In This Powerful Video About Body Image, 2 Friends Share Their Greatest Insecurities

As terrible as it is, we all have some things we hate about our bodies. In the movie Mean Girls, queen bee Regina George complained about her huge pores, but was grossed out when the only negative thought Cady Heron had about herself was her morning breath. Show More Summary

girl hikes the GR20 in Corsica

Hopes to raise about $12,000 in order to make a documentary movie of the adventure. indiegogo Click PLAY or watch it on Vimeo. AT A GLANCE  one of the best treks in the world 180km 19,000m of ascent and descent sleep in … Continue reading ?

8 Exercises to Give You the Perfect Booty

last monthHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

The following post was originally featured on Fit Bottomed Girls and written by Karen, who is part of Collective Fitness. Image Source: Fit Bottomed Girls There is a lot to be gained from daily exercise that goes well beyond a good physique. Show More Summary

John Muir Trail

Aug 24 to Sept 12, 2016. Solo hike from Yosemite Valley to Whitney Portal. A personal, well-edited trip report. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

4 Body-Positive Celeb Yogis Who Inspire Self-Love (All Hail Queen Bey)

last monthFitness / Yoga : Yoga Journal

The poise with which Beyoncé displayed her pregnant-with-twins body in that gorgeous gold gown for her stunning Grammy performance was remarkable. Here, 4 celeb yogis who inspire us by rocking what they got. The post 4 Body-Positive Celeb Yogis Who Inspire Self-Love (All Hail Queen Bey) appeared first on Yoga Journal.

WHITE OutDry Extreme ECO jacket

2 months agoFitness / Hiking :

I had a chance to try one on. And was impressed. But who’d want to hike in a white jacket? A polar bear researcher? Those who HATE PFCs? 21 recycled plastic bottles are used in manufacture. Click PLAY or watch … Continue reading ?

Epic Grand Canyon Hike

2 months agoFitness / Hiking :

Have you been following Peter McBride & Kevin Fedarko? Epic Grand Canyon Hike: A 650-Mile Challenge (Part 1) Epic Grand Canyon Hike: Frozen Shoes and Low on Food (Part 2) I liked the 3rd and final instalment best. Click PLAY … Continue reading ?

Top Runner’s Playlist for 2016

Our Favorite Running Songs - The Top Running's Playlist for 20166Shares512016 brought us some really good tunes. Throughout the year I added over 1000 songs to my running playlist. Below is the list of my favorite tunes in a simple to follow playlist. Show More Summary

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